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Intro to Sam

Lesson 1 from: Launch, Market and Monetize a Podcast

Sam Laliberte

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1. Intro to Sam

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Intro to Sam

Welcome, you're in, you did it. You took the first step to launching your podcast on a budget. Thank you for trusting me with this journey. I'm so excited to work with you. So I'm the founder of the freedom lifestyle. It's now a movement. It's a lot more than just a podcast, but it really started modestly. I started the show with just a five episode season, I did this November 2017 and since then so many amazing opportunities have come from it. I have since been able to attract paying sponsors. I've been able to position myself as an expert on topics and I've been able to book freelance work and even paid speaking gigs, which was so awesome. I've taken my podcast and brought it offline. I've hosted about 10 live events, including workshops just like this as well as live podcast tapings. It was a great way for me to meet my fans in person, attract new sponsors and just have a lot of fun. I've also been able to generate a few new revenue streams for myself. Make that money. One of them h...

as been one on one podcast consulting. So I work with aspiring podcasters who you know, maybe this course is for you and you're going to have everything you need, but maybe you're somebody who wants to like actually have a conversation and want some help inserting everything. I can also help you with that two, prior to launching my own show, I was the CMO and co founder of a retail startup. It was easy lin. I am so proud of that time. I ran that business for three years And before that I've worked in sales and marketing for a number of startups. I've been the first employee. I've been the 10th employee and I learned a lot of skills through those experiences. Value you get from this course. Okay. I've done the work. I've taken podcast master classes. I've read hundreds and hundreds of articles from experts on the topic. I am on point with the latest data with the latest trends with everything that works. I have done this work and I've put it into this course for you. Are you ready to launch a podcast on a budget? Okay, let's do it.

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Armando Cartaya

Big Up's to Sam Laliberte, awesome course. I have been podcasting since 2020 and I took the course to improve my podcast structure along with my marketing skills and for sure it paid off. I learned so much in this course that I have been applying it to my podcast and how I promote the show. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is podcasting or thinking about it. Thank You Sam putting on the right track. Great tip on Instagram, thanks.

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