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7 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

Let's, get right into it right now so let's, talk about some other areas, and we talked a lot about sponsorships, and I wanted john to come on and give you those numbers, so you really have a clear perspective of that, but there's so many other ways to monetize your podcast, it doesn't have to be based on just sponsorships. So the first one that I talked about earlier is affiliate marketing. This is a great way, because what happens when you're interviewing gas on your podcast? Most of them will have their own programs, their own products that you could become affiliates for. And then what happens is when you have that interview and you haven't engaging interview, you can drive traffic back to your blawg or your website to find to learn more about that dust. And then what happens when you become an affiliate? When they click on your link that's it creates a cookie, which actually tracks when someone makes that sale. So then you actually get the credit for that for doing the work of cre...

ating that epic interview that great content sharing that out there that person's going to reward you for being affiliate and pay you typically it's fifty percent. Of those commissions all my programs are set up that way where you actually get a commission ah fifty percent based on promoting that program and it's a great way to help you actually become the expert by bringing the right experts to the table by sharing great content and programs so some great ways to go about this and again, like what john's talking about create that win win win that should be number one golden rule in anything you do in business it should always be about the wind for you, for the expert and for your audience and everything else that you do in your business that's just a golden rule to live by. So with affiliate marketing you can go to click bank dot com that's going to be a great place where you can actually research well, you know what else I love about this is you can see what products people are buying. So what happens is there's actually a way to see in click bank where you can see which ones are its called the gravity. So when the gravity is high like over one percent, you know people are buying that and a lot of people are promoting that so then you can see which programs are the best for you to promote but also to see what other people's programs are promoting so when you're ready to create our own product. You've got a great resource to check out. So another one that we talked about earlier. Amazon dot com using amazon has a way to be an affiliate, so if you're talking about so, jill, if you're talking about style and tips and things on your podcast, you say, go back to the block post, go backto x, y, z and let's, talk about and show the different things you're talking about. You can have links overto amazon. Now, then, you have to check and make sure your state. I can actually do that with amazon, but that's really simple you just create the embed code from that that goes onto your website and it's already tracked, you don't have to do anything else, and you could get checks sent to you by just referring products on dh so I want to talk about that a lot with women too, because that's what? We're great our great at telling stories and creating it in a way where it's going to show the benefits for the listener, so don't be afraid to do that. I know a lot of women are afraid about sales, but we're so natural about just communicating anyway, so that's ok, so this is what's great about this also is that you don't have to be the expert to figure out all the technical stuff on the background. I know we had viewers in the home money, and so we're excited about affiliate marketing and that's one of the first ways that I started monetizing my podcast, I would interview great experts, and I would drive traffic back to the tune of thousands of dollars that would be coming back to me because of the referrals that I had four that program so what's great is they have converting sales pages. What I mean by that that's where it actually has copy or a video sales letter so when you drive traffic back they click on it your expert is going to do all the selling for you all the telling everything about that program you don't have to worry about anything so when they click on that and they do purchase it's already done for you it's tracked and it's easy to use so these air great because they're already down there already tested you have to try to figure that all out yourself and then you can actually learn from who you're promoting as well. You start to learn about this to use this in your business so what I highly suggest is create either a domain name for that referral if you find really good affiliate programs that you want or you could just use your website dot com forward slash something really, really, really simple that they'll remember so that when they go back and search for it, you get the credit for that. Okay, so the second one I remember think about which ones make the most sense for you I want to come back any questions that we have here at the end to answer those so the next one this is what knows people really excited about his lists building and being able to promote your own products or affiliate products to your list so remember the podcast image ing that we've gone through that's really important, like rob was talking about have that can so that when people tune in and listen to your show, they know where to go back there, you can use thes throughout your podcast as well to refer people back. Hey, you know, we talked about this principle today with x y z gassed or on your own solo show? Then we remind people to softly, gently go back to your website to find out more information. You've got more videos, they're more training, more content, more ways they can engage and that's where then they consign it for your email list, make sure you've got a free freemium offer, something that they're going to be really excited about that they're going to want to tune in force. So whether that's ah, blueprint, whether that's, a video training siri's ah, free downloadable book of free report and the other thing that you could do is you can take some of your show is your solo shows that you've done? If it's been content, have that transcribed. Remember what wendy taught us, rev dot com you know super super cheap toe have that as a transcript that can now become your downloadable pdf that they opt in to receive. No kind so that's a great way to start building your list and creating that engagement and be amenable to get to grow your email list so special episodes remember when we're always talking about having that premium content that's one of the best ways with this as well to get them over onto your list you could be giving that away for free by offering up their name and email to sign up on their list so if you like this come on over to the website come on over to our community and join here so you could get you know an extra mp three another movie file additional training on that type of topic okay number three I love this one this is personal coaching so like I said before I work with a lot of experts a lot of speakers that we got a lot of since I have volts of content and I know a lot of you do already have that here so what's great is that this is a great way where you can have your content set up where you're dripping that out giving great valuable content but then you can re referring back if hey if you want to deep dive into this and if you're a personal coach or you do group coaching this is where you can refer clients to come into your business to invite them to either have a strategy call with you or a discovery call so I'd like to call discovery cole's like fifteen minute calls that they get on the phone with, you have a clarity session, and then you can if it's a fit, you can share the different programs that makes sense for them to help for you to help them. Or you could do a strategy call where it's a gn our where you actually go into more of a really deep clarity session, and then you could sell into high in group coaching programs and this work's very effectively. This is what stephanie, this is what liz is, what a lot of my clients have used and been ableto have this happen for them right away with our podcast. So the best way to do this so what I want to suggest is you can have a siri's of content so you could have maybe a seven step process like we talked about before, and you turn that into an episode each episode, right? So we've got one episode number two you could have a syriza podcast that going to train that you're teaching on you could drive traffic back to website to sign up fort for them to fill out information. So remember, we talked about this for you, goto, wufu dot com. W u f o dot com that's where you can create that form that they can feel information out, and this is another great way to find out about your audience what they're struggling with, what they're having questions on what they need help with and what they're really interested in, so you could find out who your listeners are that really want to take that to the next level so you can promote this in your imaging or you can promote this at the end of your episodes when you do your training. All right, so again, exclusivity people want in, and they want him because of the way that you connected with him on the podcast. So the one thing that's important about this is you have to have a level you have to make them jump through who? Oops. And I mean that in the best way possible, because if you're doing this strategy where you're going to get on the phone with them and talk to him, you want to make sure you have qualified people that you're talking to so you don't want to just give this out to anybody. That's, what you want to make sure they fill that out and then you can decide who you want to talk with? I uses a lot of a lot of you've talked to me this way and been able to use this in your business and that's where what happens is you can have a disclaimer at the top, letting them know that filled this out. If it makes a good fit, then we'll get on the phone and then you can have someone follow up with them and talk with him. All right, any questions so far in any of these? All right, okay, so the next one, we want to go into that a speaking gigs, and I referenced this a little bit before where we talked about when you're when you're looking tio, what was your number? Goal number one goal with your podcast, and the one thing that happens is, again, we have to remind and let people know what we want them tio to book us for what we want to be standing out there for. So was speaking gigs, if you're looking to get out more stages, I know almost everybody raise their hand that they wanted to be more on stage is out there being in front of people because I know how many of you I could just help you get in front of more people, your business could go to the next level. And everybody that should be a yes for so what happens here? What you want to do is you want to let people know that you're available for speaking. So you want to have a media kit on your website, you wantto have different talks that you talk about, and then you also want to have a way they can contact you. How many websites have you gone to? Where there's, not even a phone number or a way to reach that person? Make sure you have that on your web site if this is your strategy so what's going on, then is on your podcast you could be demonstrating your value how you speak, how you communicate, how you train and then let them know if you'd like to book me as your next keynote speaker. Email me over and then sent you no, say your email or go to the content form on my website. Also, you could have a video on your main website, that's your signature story. Now we've talked about that a lot where you actually have a signature story based on your story, your aha moment why you speak what you speak on and then if you can have any publicity and they're like you're about a, b, c and a tv shows anything like that have those little clips on there. And then that's going to give even more credibility so when they come to the website they already see hey this person's a speaker okay I go here fill that out and then you simply have to say it's really simple just let him know hey if you're looking for your next speaker let them know and where to find out more about you to use that strategy now this can be great now I understand when you start speaking a lot of times it may be free opportunity that you're speaking with for exposure so having your mind when you're going to do this speaking events what your goal is that you want the viewers how they want how you want them to engage with you you can go your email us that way get more credibility some people just do it to get more credibility and exposure okay so that's a great way to use that but you have to let people know what what you want from kind gotta tell him that so I want to spend a little more time on this one this is my favorite one this is the number one number one way that I monetize my business when I first started out and I still do so it's joint ventures so most people are like chris what is a joint venture? So a joint venture it's simply your expertise or someone else's expertise and you're pairing up with what somebody else has that maybe you don't have or partnering with them so what I mean by that for example so when unite our joint venture we work together and we do joint ventures with other experts so we have a couple different programs together and we connect with other experts that have a tribe have a community have a following and we do free webinars or free tele seminars and then we give great valuable content and information and then at the end we share our programs and products and then we do a fifty fifty split that's what a joint venture is so in traditional business a lot of people consider that a partnership but this is where you actually find anybody read thinking grow rich you know other people's money so I call this o p p other people's people and I mean that in the best way possible. So what I mean by that again, like what john was talking about your creating a win win win so the joint find your partners I work with typically have less that air speakers, coaches, authors, experts, people that want to get their message out with a podcast or create their signature product. So what happens is we find the wind find if it makes sense for each of us to promote each other's products to our lest and then we create that joint venture we set the date and how that then, then that that's how we do that? So what happens with a podcast is that this enables you to connect with possible joint venture partners that you might not have had the opportunity. So that's, why? I like what I was saying and what john saying is go to those events that are in your industry and outside of your industry, you can start to bump shoulders with people, connect with them, and then see if there's fits for the interview and you're starting to build that relationship it's like dating you don't just go and, like, you know, just try to move forward super fast it's according thing you get to know that they get toe like you get to trust, I know that your products are good, so the reason I teach this with podcasting is this is the first step to creating that relationship. So what happens here? You could interview your your experts, and then you could open the door up to asking for possibilities for other areas in your business. Now what I really suggest is I always overdeliver and find creative ways that I can serve that expert now, every interview or any opportunity is always going to turn into a joint venture, sometimes it doesn't fit, sometimes it doesn't make sense, but this is a great way. To be able to open that door up to see how you conserve them and you never know when that relationship is going to turn back around and what could happen for the door cause remember it's not about what we know it's about who we now and how we take care and nurture that relationship. So be smart, be professional, be respectful about it and make sure it makes sense for it's a win win win for all three of you. So what I like to say remember when we talked about interviewing and we talked about creating that list a list b list, the list of all the different people that you can interview and rob, you know, he says a lot of people get scared of of going after the a list we gave you great resource is to bring on celebrities that gives you more credibility, more clout. That's why going to events where you know that those hit list are going to be yet so you can start to network with them and serve that? So be strategic about who you want to interview on your show what's going to make sense for your podcast what's going to create great content and then what's gonna be in it for your listeners that they're gonna want to tune in for all right? So like we talked about before also do your research do your research find out about them about what they're working on what programs with products what books they're launching fundings that going that's going on about them so you khun open that door up for them to talk about that and then seed in how you can help them as well all right so and then also be nice to the gatekeeper ah lot of times you know a lot of these top experts they're gonna be working with their administrative assistant there va be nice to them and build that relationship that can open the door up because they're really the ones that tell you hey this person was you know don't talk to them or this one's really nice so build that relationship it's all about it's all about relationship building when it comes to joint ventures on dh then like I said interview other podcasters are asked to be interviewed by other pod casters as you get growing to get your community going you can start to ask other podcasters and start to connect and open those doors up and then make introductions for your interviewees this is the number one tip for me that has helped me land incredible joint venture partnerships to the tune of two hundred plus thousand people on their list and they want to promote me and what happened is it's because when I got in the conversation with them I showed up and served I opened up my roll index of all my joint venture partners, and I share it with them toe helped build that trust and that likability. So it's not about competition. It's about competition. How could you serve and work together? And when they see that you're that open to share that they wanted to everything in their power teo to provide that back for you, okay, but also I want to remind you, don't do that and expected back. Okay, that's, the number one thing I think a lot of newbies make a mistake of is they they serve. And then they expected immediately back and that's not how it works. So a lot of times putting it out there, you never know where it's going to come back to you. And sometimes you're not ready for yet, so just keep serving, and it will come back to you in your business. Ok, so, any questions on the joint venture? Because I know that's a big question for a lot of people, if that's for there in their business, how much of a, uh, I mean, I know it depends on who you talk with and what the plan is, but how much do you have kind of in place already set as far as what? You want to get out of it in terms of the contract, I guess is what I'm asking about. You know, um, how much do you already know that you wanted to do with going into it? Or is it just completely hey, what should we do with this? Well, there's, a lot of art to that depends on who you're talking. Tio what level there at I mean, if it's someone more in your level, a lot of that's just communicating to figuring how you can work together, eh? So what I suggest is and I don't mean, like, target interview people to be like, this is exactly what I want to have come out of this it's just have the door open toe ideas of how you conserve and different possibilities of how you could work together. So if you know, for example, that I'm someone that you're working with is promoting something and you want to help them share that. Get them on the interview, you know, because you can share that with him, and then you can ask him about what's going on with their launch. Find out. More about who their listeners are, who their tribe is, and then see if it's if it's a fit because a lot of joint venture partners are gonna want to know what your numbers are, what your conversions are. So and that is so important because that's really what they're looking for, but also this is a great way to see how you can show up and really be of service first and understand if it's a fit and then know down the road, you can always circle back into that for a meet. People that you already know it's. A fit it's, really finding out about what what's in it for them. You know what your numbers are, what amount of money they can make from conversions and then also understanding really, what your products are and really fit with the bits together with that. All right, okay, so then this is with sponsors and advertisers, and john did awesome on that. So I just have a few little tips on here because he really has the numbers. He gave you everything that you need to know again. Focus on creating epic content. Growing your foundation, growing, your community, growing your audience. I love his tip about the niche podcast, because if you think about it, when, if there's nobody else out there right now, because there's so much opportunity for podcasters, you get really specific and narrow there's so many other brands that could be specific for that podcast for the win win win for what's in it for your listener. So that's, what you can think about that and you could start to create a dream board or a vision board based on those sponsors that you want to attract into there. So that kind of khun go into your vision of what you're looking to create a swell. So, yeah, I got a question coming in regards to sponsors, how much control they have over your content, or if they have control it all. That's, a great question. So the one thing I don't do a lot with sponsorships for my podcast, I do. Live of that's a ton of sponsorship there and again it's the win win win for that sponsors so what you can have is you can either have, like what john's talking about what podcast sponsors are really excited about today is because it's your voice speaking their content so he has a very structured fifteen seconds, sixty seconds on what they do, but they're going to let you know what they want you to promote and if it fits for your audience, they're also going to be open to understanding though what's going on with your audience what they respond to you that's, why he had certain packages put together that's what we do certain packages that are live events with different sponsors and how we can showcase that so again it comes out of that win win win and, you know, having that that relationship about talking through what makes the most sense of time so again, these are just the point that really john went over, you know, consistent cashflow want to help you grow they really do that's what's so exciting about the podcast audience right now is they see it is such a great return on investment and then work with him europe dear that's, one of the biggest things with sponsorship that you can use this as a bigger, um, monetization strategy for your brand a lot of sponsors still the day like to meet in person at live events, so you could have different delivery ble so you can have it with your podcast with you youtube channel email list in different delivery ble is that your sponsor and connect with your tribe any way you could help serve them to get their message out there. So it comes down to the demographic, deliver bols and then what's in it for them. So this is a lot of the same things, you know, compact with your brand, with your listeners it's all about your proposal and approach. And I know we don't get into that with john, but he has a specific proposal that he has for the sponsors and a way that they could go and connect with him on his web site to do that. So again, it's all about their needs and like he said, having a mentor and having a strategy for your sponsorships and then lastly membership. And this is this is a really exciting one. And I love this because a lot of my students and been able to implement this right from the start and be ableto have incredible content that they were for back over into their membership programs, so there's a lot of different ways to do this, and I know we've really talked about this a lot with continuity, so really this khun b premium interviews like what rob's talking about where you have great contact, great interviews and then you drive traffic back over to get more that contact more those premium interviews for price so maybe nine dollars a month, fifteen dollars about twenty dollars a month. Whatever the case may be, that makes a fit for your audience premium training this is another great one that you can have, so hey, we've gone over this x y z on the podcast you can haven't come over you, khun repurpose your webinars, your tele summits and then have a called action if you want more information, you can drive back into group coaching program strategy calls same type of content they're masterminds have been really, really big. A lot of podcasters been able to use this to create their mastermind groups because once they're involved in your community and they're you know they're listening to your podcast there, taking you with on the go, they're going to want to find out how they could get in touch with you more so, that's that's another opportunity for you as well, and then group coaching programs absolutely love group coaching programs. Why? Because it creates leverage for you as the business owner, but also all of my group coaching students, they get so much more out of listening to the other people's questions, because that actually helped some understand questions that they want to ask themselves that now they now they're getting the answers to so it's a great way to be a be able to drive traffic back into more group coaching programs as well. So those air a lot of different ways to monetize, but what I really suggest is focusing in on one main thing that you want a focal point to grow your show, but you don't actually have I mean, you want to grow your content, but you don't have to worry so much about monetizing from the start, but have it in the back of your mind of what your goal is and how you want to incorporate that in your podcast. So let's, take any questions that we have right now on any, and then we can dive deep mourn any other questions without sure we've got a question here in the chat for mr iowa, and this is regarding speaking engagement, so when you promote yourself as a speaker, how do you know when to charge and how much to charge should you be doing a lot of pro bono work to start off? I always suggest that start, you know, start free and start by giving, giving, giving I'm get out because the level of speaking you don't just get booked on the big stages right away and you don't actually want to be booked on the big stage is because just like when you start podcasting, you're gonna fumble it's going to be nerve wracking you're goingto you've got there is an art to speak came from the stage. So what I suggest is go to your local chamber, go to your being I groups start speaking locally and providing content there and there's so many conventions networks are networks, events that are out there today where you can actually become speakers for their free for, based on your expertise, but it starts locally, get good and start building your signature talk, and then you can actually take that to the next level, but that is a level of start, so definitely start locally, we have another question here from travel blogger this is regarding affiliate marketing. I know that you said with the amazon affiliate program you want to make sure that your your readers your listeners are well aware that you're a member of this how do you do that in a podcast say if you have a link that people click on and you get money from that do you need to be completely open and how do you do that to your list? Yeah and that's a great point so a lot lots changed with affiliate marketing online that you have to give disclaimers of your income word that's an affiliate link so you could easily do that on the podcast say hey you know because a lot of the percentages are they all have that listed with amazon it's not that you're going to make a ton of money unless you have a ton of people going there but so that's where you khun rougher insight that you make some income off of it it's an affiliate link but hey this is why I support this product this is why it's great for you and your business I use it in my business that's what you'd want to do and have disclosure with it but it doesn't have to be where it's going to be negative it's actually spin it towards the positive definite also asked what do you think about membership programs that have a yearly cost? Is the post to that monthly payment will that be effective I absolutely so membership what's. Great about that is you could have a monthly just realized with monthly cotton annuity programs. There is a drop off where people actually will fall off it's. Kind of like a gym membership. People go to get all excited. They go for a certain amount of time and then there will be fall off. So if you have a yearly like you get a discount you by twelve months up in advance, you get a big discount. Make sure you let them know what the contents in it, though. What's going on now what I like to suggest to start with your signature product. First, get known in the market. Get a hooks that people are. No. Hey, nathan's known for this jill's known for this. You have your signature brandy, and then you can create a membership program for those really loyal people that want to keep pain over and over again. Based on the content you provide, we have some questions here about good conferences for people who are just getting started with podcasters. Mr bill wanted to know. Do you have any that you suggest for somebody is just getting started? Are there any conferences where you can go and make some connection? You're networking, even absolutely so one research your niche. I want you to start there, too. For podcast new media expo thatjust happened this last january was blawg world now it's new media axel, incredible event. You'll have tons of top podcasters bloggers, video bloggers all meeting they're in all different industries. They have podcast awards, like with john and able winning awards that you can actually get to know the top park out of podcasters as well as other bloggers. Another one that there's a podcast movement that's happening here in august, the first time we're seeing events are starting to happen around podcasting, which is so incredible also, then goto other content content marketing institute that's, another great about that's in I'm gonna mess the dates up, joe, I think it's in october it's in cleveland, so just go to contact marketing institute to find out more about that, and then research things that are in your industry social media, marketing world that's, another great one that's actually, at the end of this month, it's going to be it's, always in san diego on dh, then there's also a ton of other events for your industry, so checked, check out what's local for your industry, what events are going on, what other bloggers have met up there's also podcast groups that you can actually connect with in different communities. So get out two events to network that's like the number one thing I can tell you because when you meet that face to face, you have a great connection, they'll remember you from eating and asking them for interviews. And like I said, most people will say yes to you as you've built your audience. Okay, in terms of of those premium interviews, would you suggest doing an interview and then saying to hear the rest of the story, go teo the website and sign up? Yeah, what I like to do now, this is my personal preference. I don't like to be, you know, give most of it and then have, like, oh, but now you gotta go pay for it, you know, and some people can do that really well if they've got a bigger audience sieved, and they've given a lot of great value. What I like to do is where that joint venture strategy comes in. We're okay. You gave a great interview, a dizzy, they get all the content. And then if you want to do a joint venture with that, where you can actually be an affiliate for their program, have that on their website. Hey, if you want to learn more about so and so's program, then go over to this web site, you can get a free webinar, you can watch the free robin are listen to the tele summit that's how I've been able to monetize that type of strategy. Yeah, good uh, no one social network that hasn't come up much throughout this course has been linked in way had a question here about marketing your podcast on lincoln. Is this a good idea, especially if you're in the business category? Or will this seem out of place if it shows up on your lincoln actually it's a brilliant strategy, and I'm so glad that you brought that up because I really haven't talked about lincoln as much. I really what I love, what lincoln is that it's such a great platform because the average income on that is one hundred and six thousand above for the users so what's great is you can have your linked an update. So what? I suggest tohave is on your profile if you haven't started incorporating media on your linked in profile. You have to do it like I put the creative live video up on their people can see that I've put up other videos training videos, my signature story things that are on there so that people can connect with that that'll get make sure your profile is filled out like everything is filled out don't just just don't put your title or anything and then be able to incorporate having your links for your podcast but then your your status updates you can actually of course put out there on your episodes and again it comes back toe having an engaging title for that episode that people are going to want to click on for the interviews but yes definitely linked and is a great place because people are hungry for content there they're looking for experts to help them great great do we have any anymore questions from right here live in the studio I have a questions a little off topic but do when you're looking to bring in people for interviews stew people expect to be paid do you ever run into that and how does that work no it's no um that's a great question so I think what what the biggest thing is your exposure based on who you're going after for your target audience so if you're going after those a listers you want to have more of an audience of one they won't say yes necessarily all the time unless they're doing promotions and things but you wanna have an audience billed him for them so they know that it's valuable for their time but it's not about pay me for this at all so that's why you want to grow your audience, go to your network first, go to events and then start to grow that grow that as you as you grow your numbers. Okay, yeah, great question chris, do you have any advice for those of us? They're out there, we've taken this three day course we've gone through everything, we've gotten all the info and now we're going to go out there and do it. Is there any any last piece of advice you give everybody watching? Yeah, so the biggest piece of advice that I can share with you right now is go back to day one where I said the five tips for world class podcast and just get those done take action on it and move forward, get your recording done, get your intro, your outro done and your album art and then launched like john like rob, like every single one of the experts we've talked with this weekend have told you how their brands evolved, how their podcast has evolved, and it only happens when you start taking that action, so what I want you to dio is when you get home and there's no other audience around there's no way to ask questions, although there's plenty of community is that you can come and join for a facebook and ask questions there, but when you're in the comfort of your own home doing this, just take a deep breath, relax and just step into it fear happened when we sit back and we let our mind keep going like, oh, I got to do this, you do that, you know, you get the big eyeballs and you're like, stop you like, stay frozen when I want you to do is take a breath, let it go and move into action due the next easiest thing to get you moving forward in your business so whatever that isthe if it needs to be, send the email to the designer right now to get it done send the you know, go into audio jungle and pick your music. Go sit down, set your time and record your intro record your outro, send the email to get the interview set up, send ten of them, get that set up whatever it need, wherever you're having the apprehension, go do that and move forward with that. If that's finding attack team of its buying your microphone, take that action because it's going to inspire you more and then get connected in the community just like john, a lot of experts are talking about have that support system because that's, so powerful to helping you and keeping you moving forward, we all the coaches in her life to keep pushing us forward. Great, great. Well, thank you so much. I know that we we did have some resource is for everybody to go to to reach you further. Yes, yes. So the best way to reach me is over. At lifestyle academy dot com, we also set up a great facebook group. Could you go to a lifestyle academy? Dot com four slash f b a group. This is for the creative live community, where you can join it's, free to join, and then, obviously, inside the course will have a lot of great research is for you there. But any questions you have joined in the facebook group, this is, if it's a week. A month on the road. Any questions that you have in the process where you're at this community is there to support you and to help you. And I want you guys engaging with each other, connecting with each other for interviews, for questions, for affiliate ideas, ways to monetize content ideas. Throw your album art up in there, it's a safe community. No one's going to judge you. I really keep a good hold on that all my communities so it's about positive engagement to help support you to grow. And don't be afraid to come and say, hi, it's, really fun, awesome, awesome. Oh, yeah, great. So do you have, like, a big mistake that you wish that you were, what would you do over start sooner? Yeah, I think. I think the biggest thing that all of us see is we steal these great experts and we sit there and think, who am I to think that I could do that? Yeah. Who am I to think I could get on the microphone? Who might I think I can see it up here and talk about this that's what happens with all of us? And so what I really want encourage you to do is that know that you are an expert to someone there is somebody out there and we've been talking about that with a lot of guests here and your next expert to someone no matter where you're at and what's really interesting and this is why I love this is because most people relate when you're say the experts here when you're right super close next to that person that's when you can move those people in the action the most sometimes when it's two or three degrees separation apart that's where things happen where it's not as let me just pull us up percy, you guys have it so it's it's it has too big of a jump so that's, why I'm saying you guys have some of the biggest advantages right now by getting out there and getting started and moving forward and taking action there are people out there that are hungry that are waiting for you to step up and own that space today people are looking for leaders it's really, really crucial people are just hungry for leadership and as soon as you take that leadership you even realize how big your audience. Khun b back there, that's waiting for you to step up, that's going to move them into action. So just have fun with it. Be inspired being engaged and take action.

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