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9 Steps to a Successful Launch

So let's, go into your launch plan then, and how we're actually gonna launch your podcast and focus on that. New and noteworthy. Were that organic traffic sources and free in your blueprint for your success. So if we go in here, this is what I'm talking about, what the new and nowhere there were. You get featured, like what rob was talking about for eight weeks in itunes. So what's, really powerful about this. If you see, this is just, I mean, of couple snapshots. I mean, we have students in there right now that are launching a new, a noteworthy and showing up, and their brand new pod casters and brand new business owners with no following, no list. So what's great about this is we're going to talk about how to actually do this and toe leverage that so the first thing that, like what we're always talking about as well, is the way to position this is what the algorithm now it's not a scientific but this is pretty much the general rule of thumb it's based on your number of downloads the ...

number of dallas in the last twenty four hours like what he's talking about it's a seven day window but typically it's in that twenty four hour range when everybody subscribe so we're going to talk about how to set up that strategy for you whether or not you have a big following the number of subscribers that's actually people clicking on and subscribing into your show and then your number of five stars and reviews that's that's mohr for credibility when people see it it's the subscriptions and the downloads that matter the most I am going to share though with that review and those stars that's important though because when people go in and see that you've got credibility and clout there but also that does help a little bit but the majority is what happens in that short window of time frame that's why rob's talking about a lot of people well it's kind of drip out their podcast and then they don't actually go heavy in the beginning there like oh well I've got time you want to really focus in and you want to do that over that first week and even throughout the week so in some strategies and this is where my students I mean some of them have had massive success with traffic, and, again, these are brand new students that, you know, brand new business owners as well with their podcast. So what we want to talk about here is the ninth saps to a successful launch, so what we want to do is you want to start your show with at least three podcast in the can, as we call it, so they're actually in lipson you've host, you submitted them to lips, and they've been added on there, okay? And then what you want to do is that's, where you're going to actually take that feed with the three shows already live, and when you put that in the itunes, which I'm going to show you in a minute, those three will already show up so it's already night. And so what happens is when somebody subscribes to the show, you've got one, two, three, you've got three downloads already from that actual subscription from one person is going to help wait that, but more importantly, what you want to do that, as you want to get incentivize people to start sharing that out. So that's, where the content strategy were talking about yesterday, is having you're content already figured out, because you could start to launch, and I've seen this people will have, like, by great shows, and they they launch with five and then all of a sudden they're like two weeks later, they put a show on and you have a really two months is a great time to make it impact for your brand, so really had that set up and know what the rest of your shows are, so I suggest to already have that produced for the first two months, at least the first month. So you have that set ups here, no freaking out about content or where it's gonna come from are getting it all set up and done. So then what you want to do is this we were talking about earlier is you wanna have a plan for consistently producing your show, especially for the first eight weeks? So what happens here? This is where when we talked about having that that systematize ing with your business is that's where you want to set this up. So have your plan set up for what you're going to be doing when you actually sit down in front of the mic, maybe you're ten step checklist. Okay, then what you want to do is you want to have a plan for when you're going to produce and market your show, so what day of the month is there going to be every sunday or every monday are you goingto have your interview and record or do your solo show. Have that all set up? Have your intro outro already done what rob was talking about us. Well, okay, and then you can use that template were like he's talking about you. Just reopen up the last one and cut out the content. Then make sure that you have when you're going to market your show because just cause it up on itunes. You have that traffic. But now we want to talk about creating a review blitz, a downloading bloods, and we're gonna talk about that in a second. But make sure you've got your plans in place because this makes your life so much easier when you're not having to try to figure figure it out every week. You remember what it was, especially if you're going to do it once a month, even though it's were very habitual that you get this done. But you want to make sure that you already have that there. Okay then what we want to do this this is where once you've launched in itunes is the next step that has submitted to the podcast directories and this is what what roberts talking about stitch your radio itunes and then we're gonna have blackberry and then we'll have a bunch of other ones we gonna talk about a couple more in here and then I've got more in the bonuses as well where you can go direction then we'll add rob's lincoln there he's got all of the total ones now they come and go but those are the most active ones right now so that actually will help you with your downloads and no it's not it may not be like thousand it could be a couple hundred though because what happens is that's what people are like what what he's talking about their different networks for downloading and where people like to connect and what they already like for how there were so particular with their phones like what we like what we don't like you know, some new abs and like oh, I don't want to look at that I got to re learn it so people already have that network so it actually makes it easier for you so then have people lined up to subscribe and reviewed your show prior to launch so I like to get two to three weeks beforehand I mean if you're just getting started friends family, you know, if dogs could put reviews and itunes, I'd ask them to do that. But, you know, get that lined up already have at least ten in the can, so you can actually get that going. I don't suggest to buy these. You could get thes bought on itunes. I just I think it's not good karma, so I don't do that, but what I would suggest is to have people already that, you know, if you have a list already, we're gonna talk about that strategy a little bit currently, but the reason that's going to help you is sometimes, who wants to leave the first review? Some people are just kind of weird about that, so it'll help you actually get that set up now understand, with reviews and itunes, it takes twenty for up to seventy two hours for them to show up. So we're gonna go through howto actually submit a review, how to subscribe to the show, how to do all that. But if you're seeing that that your reviews aren't showing up right away, that's, why so just just note that so again, have your people lined up for your show that you want that, you know, like you could email right now and say, hey, so and so my show is going live well, you subscribe and then leave a review in a five star with it and you want them to subscribe. A lot of people would just go leave a review and then leave the title in the review in the five star we want them to actually subscribe to that just because that is what indicates the download and that's what bumps you up through the rankings. Okay, on dh, what rob talked about. I mean, I know five thousand sounds like a lot, but even just getting ranked in new and no worthy in the main in your main categories. Number one that's still great, so make sure you're checking new one know where they make sure you're going in looking at your show, because once it's live, I'll show you this in a socket. You'll actually get the lengths you actually see that your show's live. It actually creates a web page first, says preview and itunes, and that that takes you into itunes, so you'll know when you're shows live and everything's populated sometimes. When you submit your link, it'll take a couple days for it to populate the whole showed a pop up once it's all popped up, that's popped up, populated, meeting the album art all the images, everything is showing up correctly because sometimes it it updates one and then the other later, so want that's all live that's when you go and have people that you're on your mailing. Lester having your big blood if it's not live yet and it's still populating, you can still have friends go and leave reviews as you're going, but once it's all put together that's when you want it really want to get out their marketing, the show? Okay, so let's see here, so people lined up to subscribe asked friends and failing to share with their friend. So this is where we talked about that pre buzz that pre marketing I'm having, like your album art out there and then having, you know, the title of your show, getting questions a, b and c which one do you like the best now, once you're shows live, this is when you want to actually have your plan to share. So I like to create reality is click to tweet dot com it's awesome! You could use this on all the different social networks, or you can use it on your block post as well. Tohave people share that out and have them click on that opens up in twitter and then they could go share. That makes it very, very simple and easy to use. But what also you want to do here is think about other ways that you could get them to engage and share getting them involved in the process. What I like to do is give away freebies, give away a gift card, giveaway books, giveaway coaching time. Maybe you want to set that up with if your audience is open to that, whatever you could do to get them inspired to want to go lever review and check it out and lesson because, you know, today in today's age, we gotta be incentivized, you know, incentivize people who want to help you with that to boost that show, all right? Do you have any questions so far on anything? You're okay? Like taking it all in? Ok? So then, well, this is what I'm talking about. Create a contest for your list to hit number one on itunes this, pete, you're your environment, your community will rally behind you. You want to help with this? So if you can say, hey, and if you could make a competitive like, hey, there's, this person and itunes, you know, a lot of people, all the fitness guys were like, I want to be jillian michaels. Sounds like always there number one go looks just number one and fitness all the time. So if you could do that with your community and let them know it's a twenty four to forty eight hour window, go in there today, you know, you have to let people know when the deadline is if you don't, you just say, hey, just go leave me a review. My shows up, they're they're not mean. They may never do it, so let them know it's for three days. It's monday, wednesday, friday. This week I'm gonna be giving away. You know, if you want to give, you know, technology, piece away an ipod, a gift card, free coaching, something like that to really inspire them to help you get that launch up, that will help. So the contests are always great again we want him to see subscribed on the lever review. Now, I say the three days, but the reviews may come in afterwards, so if you're doing a contest, let them know it's within a week later because they won't all populate now. I mean, there is a tool that actually you can see all the reviews in all the different countries. So when actually what happens when people leave a review? It's the country that they actually subscribe to itunes? Teo so you may not see it, but there is at the bottom. If you scroll to the bottom of itunes there's a little tab that says change country, and you can go see in other countries what the reviews are for your podcast. So there's a great tool that just shows him also makes it really easy for you, so you don't have to go in and try to look at all the countries and see who's reviewing or where it's at but it's a great way for you to actually be able to see that, and so you'll notice here that other countries will pop up other shows will pop up from other countries that's because they're getting so many downloads. So it's actually really powerful that's? Why, I say, with different multiple languages, different ways to podcast you have that out there on giving shout outs for podcasts reviews this is really, really powerful again we talked about recognition, we talked about giving credit toe listeners and what had brought talk about engagement how do you get people to put you sending questions, give you tweets all that type of stuff, so if you wanna let them know for tweets or shout outs or anything like that that's a great way to get that started right away to great engagement right from the start to get your community going so god I love click to tweet I think it's a really cool feature, anything else that you could make it simple for them to share? Create an image with the facebook just asked him to share that email to share that with with the opening. So what I like to do is have a grand opening email that sent out to your list even if your last only has a couple hundred that's okay, you're getting started, you're getting movie important, you're getting the word out there, but ask them to share that with their community or share with one person that you think it could benefit them who would fit in with and help them okay, because if you think about if you ask people to share with everybody, they don't do it but just one person like, oh yeah, you know, suzy would reaction really like this? That could be really ical so given give him a reason to do that and share that and then you can make I like to think now with the google are like temple and google hangouts now, because that's such live engagement for people as well, you can talk about the show what's going on, get your community involved with it and then have the called action go leave a rave, you sign up for that, okay, I'm so, um and then a gun so one step ahead of me. Here it is said that grand launch email with all the contest details and here you want to have a couple e mails, so I would say, like, three, make sure you have one set up with what it's about what the show's about why you started the show what's your number one reason for, you know, launching your podcast why do you want to do this? How is it going to benefit your audience? Your community? What? How can you get them involved in it? With actually sharing contact and helping them with what they need? Great time as well toe asked for questions to get them involved with with engagement. What I do suggest those don't have three called actions and your email have one per email have him doing one thing. About that so you can get them to start thinking about what the podcast is about, but asking them to sign, subscribe and leave a review and then have a second one the next day. So in that first week, you could have a couple of e mails go out that center around you watching your podcast and really the y you know it's about the story that's what? You know, great emails are about having great subject lines that people want to open don't be afraid to go a little a little crazy with them because that's, what makes you stand out of the pack as well? Ok, so and then in that you can include a treatable facebook lincoln, you know, message I don't something that simple for someone in the email to may be able to share that's why just say, share that actual email over to a friend? Let him know about the show time so here's, how you actually leave a review? So this is what I'm talking about this itunes preview what happens? And this is why I love this is this is even more ceo for you, okay? Is what happens when you get your show link, it'll be a long link for my tunes it'll just be this long are going like, so what you want to do it is, I like to make a pretty like so I would take my my, uh, domain name and then add I'd slash itunes podcast. You could even make a bentley link if you want whatever is easiest for you, but remember how when he was talking about having that on the front of your youtube or when you tweet so then it's not taking up the whole thing? So this is now another thing that you could do is you're going to trade a front little promo video for the launch of your podcast, thirty seconds on what it's about how it's gonna help people, we're going to use it for have that lincoln there, and then you're called action. Go sign up for the podcast subscribing leave a review, tell me what you think in your review, who do you want to hear from? Add add commentary in like that, but so when they click on in view and itunes, I don't. If you can see it, it will save you and itunes thats going to that open up the itunes window about not the window, the application. Okay, so what happens here? That's on the web browser first, so that when they open up, it will actually have the whole itunes image like we have before, so you'll see the album art now if you see this is how you teach them how to subscribe, I would have this be like email number two for those of them that don't know how or you could have it as email number one, walking them step by step and it's so simple you take a screen shot of this and then you see the subscribe button tell them to click on the subscribe button. Okay, then they're going to subscribe to the podcast that what'll happen is a window will pop up and say, do you want to subscribe to this? You click okay and then you'll see it start downloading onto your computer if that's where you're subscribing, then the next window is going to be right below. It'll say customer reviews so you want to click, write a review and what'll pop up is then going to be either it's going to make you log in tow itunes so if you aren't logged into itunes, you can't actually leave a review, so you do have tto have some sort of iphone or some sort of device war from a friend to leave a review that way so that I'll pop up, then you leave a title clique five stars and then you put your river review there so you'll see it will be the apple id and then your password and if you don't remember it they've got the little forgot there to make it really simple okay but that's how you leave the review so what'll happen is that I'll take twenty four to seventy two hours to show up actually on itunes so if you're not seeing reviews pop up and people are asking you questions about it like hey my review's not out people ask you that what they all they have to do is they go into their account in itunes it says account they open that up and they can click but I think it's I don't know what lincoln is but it says reviews they can see all the reviews they've left so if that did show up on the inside of theirs they know they didn't leave a review but for the most part that hardly ever happens I just want to let you know so if you need to let people know that's how they do it but that's how that's how that's how simple it isthe click subscribe and review yes a pretty link yeah lifestyle academy slash itunes if if I went there it would take me to that the previous screen you had yeah it's goingto actual yeah it would take me there yeah and you were able teo do that by taking the long link from that page and how did you make it into that little okay great question so what you do here so on your blogged you can actually create at a new page on your block. Yeah, yeah, and then you'll have, you know, had the start of a blogger you like start to write the title of the block, put whatever you want that end part to be, like let's, say it's, itunes or podcast, and then they'll be a little tab on the perma link and you just change that. Shorten it up because it might be long, yeah, it should be if your title short, but just in case. So then you edit that save it, and then they'll be a redirect on your block when you could go to it's a redirect three or one or whatever it'll say every block is a little bit different. Sorry, I don't have a screen shot of this but it's actually pretty you khun, go go to google goto youtube. How doe I redirect the link on my block? Very, very summits, like three stops. So then what'll happen is and you'll put that long link you got from itunes is in there and then published that page. Okay, so then what will happen is when someone types and lifestyle academy dot com and you could do this for sasha itunes, it takes you right over to that preview page. Instead of trying to send that long link that could get caught up or it's going to get short on any of the networks or anything like that, okay, I like it when you have your domain, though, because build your branding at the same time and you can create a bit lee link for that if you want is well, if you even want a shorter and you could track on your website who's clicking on this as well, we're press allows you to do we could add things, and we won't go to any of that. But that's it's very, very simple. So just google how to redirect the link? Okay, so once so then that they get it. Click on the outside on the preview so again, see your key word, your main rookie word that you saved it for that's like a click every time that someone's going onto this that's how you start to raise that and your podcast so click preview takes you into itunes click subscribe that's how you download onto your your device, your computer okay? Or where you're at now the app you actually can't on the phone review a podcast, but you can't what's the podcast is in the app so if people are asking you questions like I want to leave review but I can and when I've subscribed to it it's because it's only when they actually search for the show on the app and it pops up in on the inside of that makes sense okay trying help you answer any questions that might come your way so literally the best places just having goto a desktop and log onto itunes best way to lead a review so we've got some you guys look at you like you're a little overwhelmed right now so what can I help you with what is this scent you're pretty link I'm sorry I don't understand hopes I'm sorry I know you asked that question and I listened and I know to google how doe I redirect a link I I'm caught up on this pretty link I that's okay I'm I'm sorry no ok ok so a few hours we're going to get this long link and then I'm going to go what do I do now? So when you submit your feed toe itunes which we're going to go over in a second I want to have the pre marketing set up so you know how to do that but when you're ready to go and submit your feet itunes you got all this work done what itunes is going to let you know as hey we've received your feet it's under revue and we'll let you know if we approve it then within a couple of days two, two, three, four sometimes longer you'll get away email from itunes is as congratulations your feed's been approved we've accepted it as long as everything that you followed what we've talked about here and then we'll have a big long link that'll be your show so it's going to be itunes for it slashed like and then your whole title is really, really long that is your preview link that's what takes you to this web page so it doesn't take you into itunes because itunes is an app so you have to go in so it gives you a web page so they're going to click and it says of you and itunes so that's a web page click on view and itunes that takes you then in tow itunes your itunes up pops up on your computer and then at that point that's when people can actually leave a review subscribed to the show because your whole page like I had in the previous lives before we saw my hole that channel your podcast channel then they'll push subscribe they'll write a um you know review and do that so that's what you would have a pretty length to make it really short and easy for you okay, that makes sense okay okay, perfect yes theo form the words even um so when they click on and they get to the web page then they click on and they get tau itunes are they getting right to your I tunes? Um place that you said or did they have to then search your show to get it? Yep so I got it it's gonna take you to this web page kym you're gonna click on view and I too will take you right to the right of your okay, so now you're channel will pop up just like that us here and if you see it's going toe you're only gonna have three shows showing up and this will say now subscribe perfect it takes you ready? Channel exactly. Great exactly. Okay, but before they write a review they have to subscribe you want them tio your type so that's the guy yeah, people can't just go in and write a review, but what really what I want you to do is coach them tell them to subscribe you want them to subscribe give them understanding of why that works like I need to just describe because that gives me juice to actually move up the rankings. Okay, otherwise people will just go and I know it's three steps that's why you incentivize them to do something taxi lever of you so the next question I like the idea of a of a contest seven how do you actually for choose for the contest winner or how do you actually do that piece? Well, I I literally my raffle I literally it's so old school I have like a hat where any time a review goes in my girl's a team they just put it in the thing and then we just pull it out I mean it's so simple so that's up to you and you can have all the reviews there's ah I don't have it on the web on the pages will have it on the inside the docks but there's a link that you can go that pulls up all the reviews and you can use hava that puts those all together and then just pick some throw it put him on the wall after a dark I mean you'll have you might have a lot of there but you know, just keep it just what however you want to do that you can, you know, have fun with that, but um did I just simply picking a review is fine too, especially if you're just doing it for the launch that'll be great because you'll see all the reviews up there and then you could do that or there's other ways to incentivize people, but I think that's really fun to get that community involvement with it and then you could have a google hangout to talk about it things like that just get people involved around him but you want to rally like that's what rob's talking about like really put some time and energy into getting this setup because that's where you khun right now we have a community especially that's why I put the facebook group together as well. So when you guys are launching, go in there and start reviewing and helping each other out that's what my community does with a lot of my programs, they help each other out and we're karina review your community to make it really easy so you can get a lot of reviews because I know in the beginning, especially when you're getting started you're like, well, who am I gonna have review my pock asked, so just just understand that be a part of the community, get involved with it and help each other out because just a few reviews and subscriptions can help help offset that and it may not be into number one and all anew and noteworthy just understand that if you don't have an email last, but I have students that have no less and are getting up in their main categories and really shining so you know at least having that feature and then take screenshots so make sure you're checking in itunes going into the categories that you know you're subscribed in and then it will take about a week weeks sometimes sometimes it's faster but if you did get a lot of reviews and subscriptions right away, keep checking the main new and noteworthy because it changes every day that's what's so cool about this that robs talking about anybody could come in and still dominate that's why right now the window of time the next you know, eight, twelve, fifteen months you could really stake your claim and get your audience into your content so that when we have so much more population of podcasters you can still have that ranking so you've got that tribe built okay, so um let's see here. So the next thing that send up law post out you confirm press releases out I really like you know the block post to get people to share show that on twitter on the networks because of the block post then you can actually have all different types of content tweet abel's things that you're sharing with it you know definitely the called action though don't leave a comment, go to itunes so have a couple links in there to get them off over in the itunes and subscribing consistently sharing the social networks. Schedule your tweets facebook groups google plus linked in post keep the exposure shot strong on dh then take you know quotes from your best content that's a great way to link back over into what you're doing no crime from your experts is it good to tell your readers why like why it's important that they subscribe in writing things like hey I'll be in the new new noteworthy or does that look like a desperate no number no that's what I mean by telling the story you launched a podcast what's in it for them it's always that factor nobody cares about I mean yeah okay that's great whatever they're doing that you want them involved that's what people want today they want engagement they want to be a part of it people want to help so let them know why you launched at what's in it for your reader for your listener and then how how helping you is going to help them if that makes more sense we're gonna give more exposure for the community and then you could win an ipod you could win a kindle or or something whatever you want to give away okay so it creates that engagement all right have a good gift e I like twenty people e I think there is a balance weight got a great face book community starting and you do a lot of people here so actually you know a lot more people twenty people you know frankly I want yeah yeah my official actin news yeah every twenty yeah but I think you know if you think we all know hundreds of people I mean now if you think back to all you people the people that you've known growing up and think of sharing that with them don't be afraid to say have just launches this will really help me because I already know you so they already know who you are and that I mean that's why I'm talking your mom your dad your brother your sister or help them get that going so you can get get some um mentum the whole key to marketing is getting that momentum and then being able to carry that out and be consistent with him all right so and then you get tweets and that's why I know I keep referencing twitter I love it with podcasting because it is pcp and it's so short I love ho simple and quick it is people tell you what episodes they like who they want to hear from or if twitter isn't your platform no problem find something else that will help you with that okay so this is how we do this this is how we submit to itunes so you're gonna take your your feed your you are your rcs feed okay which will show up either if you did the custom domain or it's going to be your key word dot lipson dot com forward slash our ss that is thie only feed you want to take you don't want to take just your website it won't work anyway but you don't want to submit something that looks similar or something where it could mess that up so just take that copy that length so you go with something just go back for one second you under destinations at it in view existing and then you copy that feed then what you want to do is you want to verify your feed address? This is just to check. Remember I talked about if you say anything funky or anything is acting up just to make sure everything's all set up you want to validate that and you should get a congratulations. Okay should be congratulations. You're good if not, it will list any areas in your fee that you might have some weird little edits or anything you need to do now if you are not sure what any of that is, you can check over and lips and check on their help desk help on their support asking the community sometimes most often than not it's something a little that you missed or you save something funke and it's it's making it I messed up okay, now there will be other little things that might pop up majority of those of you if it says congratulations you're not going to need to worry about it's only when the red flag is no this feed does not validate that you really need to go back because you can't submit that done it won't actually work so and I've had people submitted itunes and then they realized they did something wrong and the audio wasn't playing so just make sure you don't save any were characters those are the big red flakes okay? So once you've checked that now what you want to dio is you want to open up itunes so if you'll see here this isn't the full shot up itunes but you saw the menu at the top click on podcasts then what you want to do remember were we checked for the categories where all that was down below it says podcast quick clinks now this may change out every once in a while they changed that about a year ago some of the little links in there but submitted podcast is always usually at the bottom so click on submit a podcast I think I need to see it right here then what's going to pop up is this blue window and it's literally three simple steps so all of your big work comes down to three little simple steps okay so what you do is you paste your feed you all are you are all they're okay that's the rcs feed click continue what's going to pop up then is I'll ask you to enter your itunes log in if you haven't already so then you just enter in your user name and password if you don't have an itunes account, you don't have anything on there you khun smit with somebody else's that's not a problem because you all of your hosting that you haven't lipson you'll have your email where you get notification back and then the persons whose itunes you're submitting through will also get an e mail to let you know it was approved so you'll have to e mails to back that up so you put the feed put continue now this khun take two to seven days to fully populate typically they're up in two days I mean I've scott scott colby though when I was showing you the other day was up in four hours in a new nor the so it just it just depends whose launching when they're launching how many podcasts are going on what's going on okay because I actually have a team on the back and there's two people on itunes that actually going review without they look at different things so just to check with your album art to make sure it's all set up ok so once that's done push continue then they're going to get an email in the next couple of days it's going to say hey congratulations your feed's been approved here's your lego share it out you know go go have fun now so what'll happen is again you'll get that big long e mail create that pretty link and then by by this point you should have already had your plan in place to really go gung ho now with your marketing and with your launch okay and just following that simple few supple simple steps is what a lot of mysteries have have massive success with so just having a plan because if you don't plan you plan to fail so just having something whatever you have, whatever audience eyes you are at you could do this and still have success with it and then I just you know, get involved in the community and reviewing other people because the more you give you'll get back then when it's your turn go launch as well so it really helps you out on dh so that you know, have your redirect up with that and then stay consistent and then next episode we're going to go into really how to do continuous marketing for your show and then howto use some fun monetizing strategies as well. So let's take some questions on anything that we're at right now with well he just went over all right? We've got a question here from I plod and this is regarding your email list and trying to get people to sign up so they say that I feel like my current email list as it is may not be very itune savvy it could be a problem when launching my podcast with a bang any suggestions to help your email list if they're not tech savvy if they haven't use itunes before yes. Take what you want to do is create a simple little video. Simple thirty second video. What? I just showed you do that with your show. So the minute you get your show, like open up, you can use jing, which is just, um I think it allows ten minutes that you can actually cord that's all you need, even like, a five minute. It doesn't even have to be that long, so open that up, you can easily lose screen floor camped asia, or if you have jing on your computer on dh, you could download I think it's a free up to ten minutes, and then what you want to do is just walk them through the steps. Okay, here's the link click on the link opens up in itunes preview when I just went over, click on the preview night ian's subscribe and do actually leave a review for your show and actually show them how it happens and what they need to dio because a lot of people, they some of them will not know how to do that and just make it really simple for them. And then you're called, action is go do this and you could enter into the raffle, and then you've got a great engagement piece there and really something simple, and then your email could be why you want where you're launching the podcast and then why you want them to help you get your message out there more and help them with better guests on your show? Do you have any questions? Um so in terms of making that little short video to walk him through, so I have my movie. Yeah, but but I'm just curious the slides that you're using to show us and walk us through where those made with campaign jin is that one of the features that that does cause I don't know how to do that on I'm what? Ideo I'm really make it simple. I use keynote our power point yep. And then to take a screenshot you can use jing or on a mac it's gotta think here command shift for yeah, but its command alta I forget what I got. I actually need to see if you can get to know what it is out there. Anybody notice it's foreign man, shift command ship for comanche for and then it will create a little plus sign, and then you just go on, pull it with your mouth. Yeah, okay. And if you need to just get jane it's a really simple tool to be able to do that to take st because of pc, you actually need a tool to actually do that. But and then what I do is I put that onto the slide and then have your brandy and your logo on it and then say, step one, step two, step three really simple, but have your voice walking them through that and then telling them what they can get. You know what? The prize is there when you're done and let them know when you're going to announce the winner, so say left him no. Hey, the review takes a couple days to show up it's during thes three days when you leave your review or give a week whatever you want and then say, I will announce the winner next monday and I'll send an e mail out to let you know, because you wanna let them know how they're going to find out and make it really simple and for them to actually do that to walk him through it. Great questions. Yeah, we have a question here on the lead up to the launch of the podcast I know you had said before two months and author angie here wants to know should you be doing two months leading up to this initial launch, or should you have two months worth of podcast? Sort of ready to go out the door? Is there a good timeline for people were just getting started? I've really like for people tohave podcast already set up because as we've all talked about life, life comes up and things get going, you get started and you've got your three great shows and then all of a sudden look all fast. Look how fast he's three days have gone by that's how fast time goes by so I like for you to be set up and have at least a month of your show. So if you're going to do once a week show, have at least four of them done, because then you can focus on creating marketing for each of those interviews with those pieces to help people have send that out, and you to be working on that as well, but then also to be working on your business and all the other stuff that going on in your life. So try to systematize as much as possible and have that set up so that you can actually keep moving forward with your podcast and stay consistent with it and so that's having a month. When you launch plus the first three. Yes, so that might be six or seven. So I say, tak I just a general rule of thumb ten most people are launching about once a week. You get your three in the can, you can start with five if you want. I don't suggest any more than that. It's a little too overwhelming, I think for some of the listeners but having a couple in the can and then already knowing when you're publishing date, our date is when you go launched and you could have that already all set up as well. So you could be pre launching, you know, a month before and then have it all ready to go because then it takes the pressure off of you. You can focus on just getting people going in subscribing lever review is getting the buzz going and really promoting it out there. Um, if when you're talking about the solo and expert shows, could she do three shows a week? And then one is an interview that's longer and two are just solo. Is that okay? I'm she's thinking like ten minutes shows as long as it's consistent. Absolutely so just like what robinson, the other experts mentioned having your solo show but having that expert interview to bring another traffic, and also to give you great content as well the share so you can profits that maybe monday wednesday are going to be your solo shows. And then every friday you're gonna have your expert interview show based on maybe what you talked about that week or specifically just on that episode so that's the beauty you can create whatever you want, whatever style a show you want, and you could switch it up and change it up for a variety, for you and for your listener. What I do like to let people know he's, just let them know what that structure is when you're first getting started so that you have a structure to your podcast, you could make it random and have variety. But if you really want to create a loyal listener base, make sure that they know what's going to be going on because of their tuning in and wanting to listen to you on friday and now it's an expert, they threw him off a little bit. Just let him know. Hey, here's, what my show is about and you can change that up in your intro. Oh, later, on down the road to if you want to change up the style, to listen to your feedback, like all of the experts have been saying, listen to what your listeners want because that's who's tuning in and listening to you so taken their feedback as well from that but great, great way too. You could launch your podcast with that. Absolutely, I know this might be a stupid question, but what is the best way to get the feedback? Is there one? You know? I mean, some of my list is via email. Some of some of that feedback is via twitter, but is there a use it all? Use it also, everybody interacts different ways, different platforms, different ways. Remember we talked about earlier finding really where your audience is that where they're hanging out and then ask them questions are yeah, and just staying here on your say on your podcast hate, you know, shoot me over a tweet, let me know what you like. Did you like this episode? Who do you want to have on the show? Sent an email out that's what alicia just did, and she just launched her podcasters them emailed her list, yeah, exactly like what who do you want to hear from have a little survey now in the beginning if you don't have that big of audience you're not you may not get responses and so just know keep keep growing your audience and putting it out there but you could ask you know, friends and family personal people asking the king munity that's a great way if you don't have an audience yet to get feedback on different ways for your show different concepts ok but again it's just taking that action getting out there and then creating that engagement that's why I like google plus and some other platforms where you can actually have engagement where you could bring people and if you if you have an audience there okay did you have another question about the launching? So when you're with lipson is that hate lives listen and so you've got it to launch on a certain date on dh that's the date that it will show up on itunes if you say you you you stack up all your interview on a monday and you want them you want one of them you know they want them to drip out on fridays they so lipson will make sure that it's up on itunes on friday for your audience actually know it may not know you set it for eight a m it could possibly show up a little bit later just how I actions pulls a debt, but that is when it will release the episode. Okay, so typically it's about twenty minutes for it to show up. So if you really want it released so that you can put in a few minutes before it's a little bit everyone's off it's a little bit different, but typically that's what? This little shop pretty quickly. Yeah, a little off topic, but I have a list of a bunch of emails from people that I haven't really talked to in years and years and years. Yeah, is there a suggestion that you would have to maybe the first line or two to just raise their awareness? And, I mean, I know if I got an email from somebody you know, that I haven't seen or heard from in a while be like, uh, delete next. Yes, we're just like a subject line or somethingto let them know, hey, I'm getting some good content out there, you know, check it out. I would warm the list up and maybe you could start with can I get your opinion or I mean, is that war market, or is it like an email list that's cold market that you just haven't been for its people that I've that I've worked with in the past, but just a long, long time ago, I would just do a check and email and say, hey, it's, nathan, can I ask you a question or I don't know something to get? I don't know exactly what how warm that market is it what your subject line is? You know the best on that, but then let them know what you been up to. You like an update, like christmas letter that you get once a year and updating them on what's going on not super long, though, because that's going to go right out the trash, but just short and then if you if you could help promote them, let them know ham watching this podcast there's a billion subscribers and itunes give him some stats and say, I want to promote and share your expertise, get them to be involved because everybody likes to be asked that that's a huge compliment, so that would be a great way to open that up, yeah.

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