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Launch a Successful Podcast

Lesson 9 of 37

Interview with Guest Bridget Chambers

Kris Gilbertson

Launch a Successful Podcast

Kris Gilbertson

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Lesson Info

9. Interview with Guest Bridget Chambers

Lesson Info

Interview with Guest Bridget Chambers

Well, I'm so excited and honored. We have ah, really special guest that's joining us live today that I can't wait to introduce your names Bridget Chambers. And she brings us over 20 years of experience in taking businesses and corporations and helping them get to the next level in their business and really systematized and scale. And when I'm excited to bring her on to talk about today is how you could take your brands with your podcast and use that to scale your business. So we're gonna we've got a lot of great questions, and I'm gonna go into more about her story and bring around. But, Bridget, I'd love to have you. Come on, live now the well go Great to have you join. This is great. Yeah. Yeah, well, I'm really excited. Let's let's get right into it. So I'd love for you to share your story in your background of what you've been able to dio. Because you're you have such an exceptional turnaround with companies and what you've been able to accomplish and the special with a sex. I love...

you to start with your background on what you've been able to dio to launch the turnaround with the company? Yeah, definitely. Well, a sub the Americas s a P users group is the largest trade association focused on S A P Customers and Trade Association means that there's a lot of people they need that content and they need that direction to be good at what they do during the day. So a side was struggling both financially from an operations perspective, from a brand perspective. And I was able to come in, assemble a team and over the course of a year, put together what today is really quite a remarkable turnaround. The organization today is vibrant. We've reimagined the brand and they are operating full steam ahead. It was a great experience. It's amazing if you don't know Bridget from what she did with this company. Uh, she earned six Stevie Awards from doing this, but four personally for her for market of the year. A woman of the year. I know I'm missing a couple of them, but then also for turnaround Company of the Year, which is absolutely phenomenal to able to do that in less than four years span of time. So I left you talk about what are the key principles to help pod casters be able to take their brand to the next level and scale it through what their ideas are with their podcast. Yeah, definitely. Well, you don't. Look, here's the thing. Podcast is a business, right? So you've got to run it like a business. And in order to take your brand to the next level, you've got to really think about What's your vision? Where you going? How you gonna put it together? How are you gonna implement and operate? And then how you gonna scale it? How you gonna make it sustain? Yeah. What are your best tips and techniques for helping people do that? Like what you've done with other big corporations. How everyday entrepreneurs could use that in their businesses. Sure. Well, not only with large corporations, but I do a lot of coaching with CEOs of small businesses, midsize kind of rest of 2000 segment. And with each organization that we've dealt with either a turnaround or some type of transformative initiative, I can tell you without exception and you peel back that onion. The thing that really suffering is the brand, and it's not that they had a bad brand. It's that they didn't really nurture or stay true to their brand. And so when they started to recognize some sales when they started to recognize some success, it got away from them, and thus it's not sustainable. And so they find themselves your later scratching their heads. And, hey, why isn't this continuing to work the way it used to? And it's exactly that that brand is missing. So the tip is Understand who you are. You know, get your brand. You know, really stay core to what that brand is and what that message is. If you're focusing on health, you're focusing on healing. If you're focusing on helping people optimize their income, stay true to that. Build your products and services and offering around that and then deliver value associated with that. And your brand will continue to become more credible and more credible, and you can always tie that back. Teoh increased revenue from your podcast. Exactly, exactly. So what are some of the tips that you can share with being able to do that with Brandy? Were Let's let's just back up. How do you start with a good brand like what goes into a good, solid brand that people can use and then use that for their podcasts? Sure. Well, I think if you're gonna talk about the basics and typically from a podcast respect, we're talking about you, right? And you got a great brand, Chris. So you know, that's a great example. We can think about other experts out there that we know, like Wendy Stevens, for example, who I think is the expert when it comes to creative marketing and strategy and Internet marketing. If you think about that brand, Wendy really took all of the success that she had as a coach as a competitive ER, and she parlayed that into a really exciting story about a tenacious businesswoman who could help organizations and people you know, really take it to the next level. That's not confusing, right? You understand when Wendy steps out on stage what she's gonna do, Chris, when you talk on your podcast, people understand what they expect, and that means that your brand, you're staying true to it. So definitely understand who you are and take advantage of your achievements, your accomplishments, that you've got to make those things work for it seems shameless, right? People are sometimes afraid to self promote, but you really need to. And I think that people are often able. If they can get past the feeling that their self promoting too much, I think they can put it together an intelligence story and really make it a brand, not a commercial. And let's says that we're talking about earlier with storytelling, having that come into their podcasts and how to really use that to engage their audiences. I'd love for you to share about storytelling side of branding and how just really important, that is, and how to do that effectively definitely is. People won't listen to you pontificate, but people listen to a story all day long, right? Me stories, air so important it's how lessons have been passed down from time to time. If you think about tribes, you know, in some of the great stories that our dear friend Seth has told, it's, you know, it's really how people communicate, so why not take advantage of that in your podcast? Tell a story. You know, my people engage me. People like you will remember it, and it will help your brand as Well, Oh, definitely. You always remember a good story. And so that always associates back to your brand. So I want to talk about what you've done with Empowered W and the community that you've built. If this is a, this is a sneak peek into something that Bridget's been working on that is really exciting. Well, thanks for the opportunity to have the sneak teeth. So Constellation. By the way, this is an organization that's based right here in the Bay Area. It's ah, it's a leading technology research firm, And what's different from, say, a forced or a gardener that you might be familiar with is that Constellation really focuses on emerging and disruptive technologies. And we help those organizations that embrace those technologies transform their business models so they can continue to be market leaders. But we thought, you know what? As perfect as this is from a business model, in our perspective, it's not enough. We need to really grow into other segments and user segments. And so, based on my background in community building, we decided to launch a community, and you know what? It's been so successful that we've decided it's bigger than Constellation So the sneak peek is that we are in the late stages of beginning to separate that from consolation and launch an independent community in power. W. And this organization is definitely something that will help people because we're focusing on female innovators, really focusing on how to help them take their brand, take their strengths and take it to the next level. And you know what? We're not just including professionals that established today. We're working with millennials as well. We're working with universities and helping them to bring millennials into the picture so that we nurture those skills early on. And I'm so excited about that because the first segment we were talking about How do you use your podcast to build a community? And that's what people are so looking for today to have that, especially with millennials and, you know, a lot of the younger generations coming in to build that. So I'd love for you to share tips on what goes into How do you create a community? I mean, what that was one of the biggest questions we had today was really How do you foster that community, even though their listeners how do you bring them in toe. Wanna connect with you more and take it to the next level? Sure. Well, let's let's back up and talk about community at a at a very basic foundational level community is comprised of, in my opinion, three things. One. You have to have a cohesive belief that everyone can get behind. Maybe it's a cause. Maybe it's a common need for content for education would have you. But there needs to be this spirit that everybody binds through. Once you have that, you've got to the opportunity to move into the next piece that you need, which is the opportunity to agitate and engage and by agitate I don't mean agitate them. I mean, stir it up right, make them think, disrupt them because community offers you a way forward. And if you're staying where you are, you're not disruptive. So people in the community can share content, ideas, insight, and that creates that engagement. And then and I think through podcast, this is what people are really interested in. If you've got those two things, you recognize this cohesive group, you found a way to keep them engaged. How then do you monetize it. Yeah, So you have to be able to create a consumption model on the end of that. Are you creating a subscription model? Are you selling products and services to a free base? You'll find the thing that's right for you. But do not miss the importance of community because people by from people that they like. They stay with people that they feel connected to. And they feel that they're an incredible place where they can take what they here to, you know their job to their friends and share that information and get that scale when it comes from a community. Yeah, and it's so exciting, Especially the world 11 today of how community just grows and grows and it starts, starts with that community. But then that elevates and takes your brand of the next level without you having to do anything because you found the theme, that common thing to really help take people that next level. So I love to end up and and just chat about what you've accomplishes this so incredible in the different levels have been able to scale and turn companies around. So what about those entrepreneurs that are looking to start a brandy pockets and turn their whole business around. What are some key takeaways you can help with them in actually scaling the launching and actually doing that turnaround? Sure. Well, I think one of the challenges and as I said, I coached a number of individuals that do this, and what I see them doing is for every unit of activity they have a unit of income on and and that's great. That's great, except that what they find is they constantly have to have this unit of activity to create this unit of income. And that, after a while, is not sustainable. So what I recommend is that they put together some goals and they find some content, some offering some product. You'll know what's right for you that could be repurposed and scaled. And that helps you, Teoh. That helps you to really grow your business when you're not necessarily having to put all of your activity in it. Instead, you can focus on refining the brand. You can focus on bringing an affiliate's that will help you grow because it complements their brand, and you can find other ways through a community to continue to really make that grow. It's It's definitely important to work smarter rather than harder. Exactly. Yeah, the one thing we love about podcast, the leverage that we can have for businesses. So this has been absolutely phenomenal. And I just want to thank you for serving in the reserves as well, and the leadership that you took from that and what you've been able to scale with the businesses that you work with in all the executive. So thank you again for joining us alive. Is there a way we could pop in? One question for Bridget from the chapter. Absolutely great. Great. All right, we have one here from IPod, and they want to know. Wondering how Bridget explains the concept of brand to people, I find it's hard for people to wrap their brains around. Yeah, it's a great question. Uh, here's Here's what I think happens. I think people confuse the difference in branding and marketing number one, so people tend to think that branding is about advertising, and it's really it's it's related, and you can't have one without the other, or you should not have one without the other, but they're different. The brand is really who you or your organization is. Perhaps it's a representation representation of your poor values. Perhaps it's, you know, it's a very, um, efficient way to talk about your cause or about your product. But you've got to put your brand together in such a way that people can identify you through your your value proposition through your mission. Perhaps you come up with some type of way to visualize that through an icon or through a logo. But brand really creates the identity. And then the marketing is really Now that you know who I am, how can I create value for you? Why would you want to buy for me? Why would you want to listen to May? And so I think the first thing that you have to do when you talk about brand is really create that distinction between branding and marketing. Very, very powerful. Yeah. Thank you so much. This hasn't been using anybody Have any other questions for Richard right now, where we have our, um could you suggest different ways to repurpose content? And what? What do you mean by that? Yeah, absolutely. So when you're thinking of what What is your area. Focus style. Okay, cool. So and that's a great business to be in, right? Yes. So when you think about how your content works, you're probably talking. You're probably introducing people toe what style is really giving them tips on. You know how to acquire this, How to make it, how to make it work for them. How to keep up with the changes, right? And so, you know, strategize. Yeah, exactly. You got a lot of different steps that you're putting in place. So if you look at it as a vault, a za library, you're able as you continue to grow your business to say, you know what in this podcast in this segment or in this offering, however you package it, I want to cover these three t things. And this is really part of how you brand, right? You come up with the approach and you'll find that you've already done this. And so what you're doing is you're really refining that content. You will change the way that that you read into it. You will change the way that is packaged. But the contents already in many cases, even pre recorded eso Why do it again. Why recreate the wheel? It's definitely something that makes you more efficient and saves you money. If you're doing those two things you're usually making more money on, I bet that's the whole purpose of what you're doing. Okay? Yes, that's good. Thank you. And you'll be surprised with just what she's talking about, where you're gonna pull out things that you totally forgot about in your vaults that we have for over all the years of experience. And then the stories like to talk about bringing those to come out and play within your content. So again, thank you so much for joining us on Krafl. I promise. Thanks again. We have nominal. Yeah, thank you. Definitely.

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This is the best $149 I've spent on my blogging/podcasting journey so far. The course was so rich, so jam-packed with information and ideas. I am on fire with ideas (couldn't get to sleep last night because so many ideas were rattling around my brain!) and truly inspired to go out there and do it. I'll be posting my podcast launch on the Facebook Group when the time comes. Thank you, Kris!