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So I'm really excited about this exercise because this is the number one thing that shifted my business it really took it from from being able to work with entrepreneurs were really getting laser focused and how to help them achieve what they're looking for and create a following of entrepreneurs I want to keep coming back and working with me so the ideal avatar exercise and if they all have access to it so it's actually just this guide over here and the clip what I wanted what I want you to think about is I want you to get clear on who you want to reach inspire and move into action so this that it might be a little bit hard to do a visual ization exercise here live but I really want you guys to take a second and in the audience as well I want you to think about in front of you who is your ideal listener put yourself in their shoes so think about when they wake up in the morning what's their day like did they have kids? Do they have they have a job? Are they starting their own business...

for the first time? What struggles are they going through? Think about what where they live, what what's their house like are they an apartment? Are they are they commuting in the car? Think about all the different aspects that your avatar is going through because when you start to think about that and really understand who they are, you're content will really start to cater towards them and to bring them in so also I want you to think about the demographic you know, obviously their interests are the into sports is it music? What what's unique to them? What kind of makes them stand out in your mind set for who you want to work with? Because I also want you to think about the ideal people thatyou wantto have in your business so it doesn't have to be, you know, just for example, so a lot of times clients will tell me. Well, chris, my client is a woman and she's has, you know, a couple kids and she's having trouble in our business that's way too generic we want to get really laser focus and don't be afraid to go super sir super niche, you know is you know, a woman that's, thirty five years old she's struggling her business. She has x y and z and get get laser focus that this guide is meant to really help you with that to walk you to stop by stop through it let me let's go over here, okay? The next thing I want you to think about is what do they worry about? What are their biggest concerns? What keeps them tossing and turning at night or what is it that when they go to sleep but they can't stop thinking about there's some great things that will actually tap in for your listener tto help them really to help you figure out what that key content is to help them in in with their business and then see here what are the biggest concerns or problems that you can help them solve? Like we talked about earlier, what is that you're so excited and passionate about but that's going to help you think about all these different topics and ideas you can bring into your podcast? So and this is what happens you'll start to get these are just a few schnapps snapshots I like twitter a lot when I started giving my twitter handle out I mean, it's great people want to connect with you, they want to share their ideas they want to share with their audience I've gotten letters, e mails I've gotten strategy sessions from clients coming in. So this is what happens when you really get laser focus with your listeners who you can start to bring into your business that way. So again, what I would love to dio is are you guys open to sharing who your ideal listener is like as target doing a little work on that like okay, okay, so how about who for those of you because I know some of you are in different stages if you're really clear on your avatar, if you'd want to share it, I'd love to hear because I think the audience can really benefit from getting laser focused on this. Yeah, well, what's he going this is great because I actually, um I've been through one your programs before and so I've had the benefit of filling this out earlier, so I'm cheating a little bit now, I guess, but I've actually named her her name is kristen and she's thirty eight she's got two kids, and the biggest thing about her is that she she's taking care of the kids for such a long time and her husband and she does have to go to work and it's she's reached that point in her life where she realizes, you know, this is my time, this is this is the time where I want to make changes for myself and so she's motivated, so she really wants teo to get in there and, you know, her health has started to deteriorate and really she's she's noticed just changes in her body the way things are starting to happen and, you know, people always say, oh, it's, because you're getting older and it's not true it's just because of everything you've been doing for the past twenty thirty years and everything so she's at that point where she's ready to change and that's what who it is for me and love so what? What was your experience going through this exercise? Did it wasn't the same or did it shift this's a difficult exam first you start thinking what gender are they? Well I want both what's your age thirty to sixty and it's really hard to narrow it down and going through it you know, I did have that mentality before I went through it up I want everybody and then I really started focusing on well in person told me a story about how in order to start getting people you know, think about magnifying glass with the sun in order to burn he's a known newspaper you have to magnify the sun's rays right started small and it will spread and grow so I was like, okay, I can do this now so I'm starting small. I focus on exactly who I wanted and eventually you start getting more and more people so it's difficult and it really helped me to focus in on who I want to start catering too and it's it's different because if I do cater to a forty fifty year old male it's going to be different than posts or blog's or podcasts catering to other thirty eight ticketing to christine yeah and I love that and it really the one thing I can suggest with this exercise is do it because this is the one area where people want to skip over this like oh yeah, I know who it is I've done a million of those because I have done quite a few of these myself but what happened is when you really sit down and fill this out, have fun with it and just let it flow don't judge anything that you're putting known because that part of that is part of that process for you and yeah, I might flow a little bit but you're going to start to realize the wording that comes out of this experience is how you'll start to communicate on your show what you'll use in your titles and your descriptions and those are the key words those air the buzz words for you your avatar not for anybody else's but for the person that says oh my gosh yes you know cates the person that I really want to work with that's what's going to start to happen so don't judge this have fun with it and just let it flow and and work through it because it really really will make a difference for you in your business anybody have any? Yeah well I have christians twin sister on her name is kelly just thirty eight she's got a couple of kids too she lies in bed night and she can't fall asleep because she has so much on her mind and she is so stressed out and she cannot figure how she out how she's going to get it all done she feels like the weight of the world is on her shoulders trying to serve herself her family her partner um so she has a lot of trouble going to sleep yeah and that's very powerful because that's where all that worry and that's where they make decisions from when they're listening and they're tuning into who they want to tune into and who actually has the perspective that could help them because there is so much out there today so how do you make that different and this this is the key this is the exercise that will really bring in your listeners to help you with that yeah in regards to their ideal listener is and noodle on it that's someone who wants to start an online business but is intimidated by technology and overwhelmed with all the different paths some one who kind of wants their handheld baby steps to build a business but when we asked for a little bit more age gender they said I'm still still trying to work put it out yeah and then that's that's a work in progress don't I mean just work through this as best you can and it will start to shift the best thing especially if you're starting your business go through the exercise but then take note of who starts to come into your business and who are our listeners that are connecting with you and that's why I like to refer them over to twitter or facebook because then I can learn more about them I can see what they're into what they're tweeting about what they're talking about going to their website checking out and seeing more about their lifestyle that's going to help you then to better cater and just like what she says you just keep tweaking it just keep tweaking it as you go to give that more of that experience for that listener that you're looking to attract okay so my um target avatar this is an interesting exercise um it's she is female she she is forty five s o it forty five this woman that this is where I get a little confused she could be married or not because she's at the pinnacle point in her career she's successful she's either an entrepreneur ceo vour own business or ceo of a company in corporate she likes to listen to intelligent conversation and she values her time so if she's going on a ski weekend up to tahoe she wants to listen to her two favorite podcasts in the car um high level exec she travels a lot time is her most valuable I said that already on dh for hobbies I mean she likes to listen to good content you know, and, um, I don't know is that two broad or a good point? No, I think it's a great starting the woman's, looking to brand herself to get to the next level and s o she wants that, you know, style, teo kind of take her there. She might have just had kids and wants to re imagine where she is in her life. I mean, it's a critical time. There's there's three components to this exercise. It's what we think our client is r prospect and kind of our visual asian, but I'm a big visualize er I liketo helps me experience more of who I'm thinking about then there's, you know, khanna just who they are demographic wise, but then it's the behind the curtain person, the stuff that people don't reveal in public, that they don't talk about, that they don't share, and that's the biggest part of this exercise, that why there's a lot of questions on here to go through it, but it's not until the later part where you really start to tap in to that psyche that you know that under under, you know, that veil. That you want to get behind because that's where your prospects then open that up. So you're on a perfect path. Just keep going and just keep asking why? Why? Why? Why do they think like that? Why did they? Why is where they at this point in their life? What's held them back to this point. How can I help them break through what's the rial reason? That's what people are really looking for today and help to help them move forward. Because we all have anybody could go find the how I mean it's. Very easy to go search on google. Find how teo. But it's what gets them to take the action toe? Actually, go implement that. So if you can kind of get behind that veil that's why this exercise is so unique. And why it's difficult and and part of it just just go with it. Go with the flow with it and try to answer as deep as possible. And if you think that it's not that deep try to go a little bit more because it really will serve you well about your ideal. Yeah, absolutely so for me s o with podcasting. For my ideal listener, I have both split male and female. Female but what happens is a lot of them are at a point where they've been successful in a traditional brick and mortar business but they want to come in on line and actually start their business for the first time with actually information products and how to actually turn their ideas into an online business so they're very much like me they're overwhelmed their frustrated they've been buying product after product they've been going to different event and they're still haven't figured out what that key component is to getting started so a lot of my show is based on how to you about interviewing other experts that have built their dream lifestyle my my the listeners they want to have their own lifestyle they want to be able live and travel where they want to go and be able teo you know peter with their business however they want too so that's where my show basis is is based on that type of format and then the how to use to really take them step by step but it's not even just how to it's the why of how to use that in their business and how to actually leverage that and actually implemented to make it help them um do we have any other ones that you wanna share? Perfect? Okay actually so keep working on this oh, I'm sorry yes and question you have male and female, huh a particular age group, well, typically my age group, is about thirty eight, about forty forty eight in that in that demographic. It's gonna be hard. Well, what what do you mean, I? Because some of the people that I've already been talking to about this project's been male and female. But the age I've talked to people in their late twenties, thirties and forties. Okay, listeners, you're going to be having a bigger cast net for me. What I'm just describing morris, who comes in tow, work with me in business, so I should have been a little bit more clear on that, but but your listeners for you're still going to cast a bigger net. You're still gonna have blisters that are going. I mean, I've had twenty year olds, I've had, you know, sixty year old. I've had corporate vps of corporate companies be tuning in and different. Listening and different things so you will have a bigger audience. But part of this is to tractor ideal listener. But I want youto start to hold this in for more who you want to help and actually leverage, because what happens that as we get clear on who that is, the listener comes in, starts to, like, know and trust you. And then later on we're going to talk about how to drive that traffic into your business and start to be able to. If you want to sell your own products coaching high and coaching, like what stephanie did. Maybe sponsorship is an area that you want to get into a lot of different ways to monetize it. But it starts here and then to keep getting more focused for your listener crime. All right, so let's go into searching tonight. So you know I choose is very simple. That's. The one thing I really like about the interface, but also it's, how you actually get found. So these air, this is. A lot of these air new podcast that have just launched here up the new, noteworthy sally brown, you see pat flynn, brennan bouchard, all business based podcast. So if you notice the arrows, the first way to go search and make it really simple is if you just go up to the top and click on podcast that takes you into the whole podcast directory, then on the right hand side, where you see the search in the store. That's, my favorite area makes it really simple. You gonna state the expert name and then put podcast behind it. So it takes you right into that directory. Or what happens then? When you're in podcasts, you'll see this new section that's called new and noteworthy. This is the area where teams will feature you for eight weeks with your podcast. So just like if you're going to go buy an mp three are, you know, music the same thing that they do for for itunes for your podcast so you have your album art that's how people find you so that's why this theme is really important because it's all boiling down to how we're going to help you create your album art and your title and then your theme in your show format so the first thing people do is they look into itunes and they see if you have to have an image that grabs their attention the title then needs to resonate with them and then when they click and listen to your podcast, we're going to talk about how to set your image ing up so they're going to want to tune into your podcast and understand what the benefits are what's in it for them okay? So it's actually really very simple on dh then also, if you'll notice here on the right hand corner there's a category and there's there's all different types of categories what I did is I just showed the inside of business but you can look up comedy, spirituality, fitness like all different types of categories so they also have subcategories, though for each main category s o that's at the bottom of itunes but here you'll see there's business news, there's career investing management and marketing or shopping so you can even sub niche a little bit tighter for yourself for your podcast so this is just so waiting just a few a handful of the students that I've worked with that have launched and been able to rank in new and noteworthy right away and be able to get great results with air pockets. So I've got a formula later on to show you how to use this to leverage your podcast. It's really exciting and that's where a lot of my students have been able to, like, see up there in the corner, liz, live your life now, now, this is great because she didn't have a business. She just launched her business and her podcast at the same time last year I was in the summer, and so her shows live your life now it's about taking action now on living, you're living your life to the fullest and she's the coach. And so she used her pa cow she actually in the first eight weeks less than eight weeks, she had a sponsor approach her to sponsor her podcast, and then she brought on her first to coaching clients from her podcast. They found her in itunes and they emailed her she had speak I think it's speak pipe. I could be wrong, not sure, liz, but I think I speak pipe that she had on her website, they left messages. Or center and emails and that's how she obtained our clients we reversed and if I could talk she went through the same exact process you're going through now, so we reverse engineered and that's how she put her podcast together to attract the ideal listener and then how she drove traffic back. So then after you're out of new and noteworthy than you actually get put into the area of called what's hot, so they're still ways to be showcased in itunes and we're going to go over how to market to keep yourself there into show showcase your podcast but it's a great way to get featured right out of the gate by using itunes so okay here's a better description of the categories if you notice here this is the audio podcast now you khun search by audio and video podcast on itunes make it really easy and then here's all the different pods are excuse me categories that you could be and so there's art there's business education games and hobby health kids and family news and politics, science and medicine society and culture has quite a few different john rose for you to actually position your podcast so as we're building this up and we're going to be talking about this a little bit later as you're getting your theme together, you're going to be able to rank in three main categories, and then one main category that you'll be listed in. So I want you to give thought to that we're going to go through that a little bit more. But then also east. Most of them have subcategories is while the you khun sub niche down.

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