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Monetization Overview

So this is one of my favorite segments, I know so many people always ask that question, but a lot of guests talk about that where people have questions about how to monetize their podcast. So before we go in with our gas with john, when I want to talk about is there's a lot of different ways that you could use your podcast him monetize your ideas and your message, so we're going to be going through seven specific strategies and what I want to do right now because this is the final segment, and I want to make sure you get all of your question answered in this important segment for yourself, for your business. So you do this the right way to that from the start. So there's seven different strategies, the first one we're going to go through is affiliate marketing. So what I want you to dio right now write on a piece of paper, I'm gonna go through these seven that we're going to go through them are going to go through in detail, and I want you to think, circle and write down the top one or...

two that interests you the most and start to write down the questions that you may be having already so we can make sure we get them answered live so the first we're gonna go through his affiliate. Marketing what that means is when you're actually promoting somebody else's products or programs as an affiliate for them, so you don't have to be the expert, you don't have to figure out how to put that all together, but you could still promote them and monetize your efforts through your content. The second way that we're going to go through is then through lists building so that's, what a lot of the experts we've talked about over the past three days about putting epic content out there to grow your email list, take the relationship off is a listener into your email list, and you can communicate with communicate with them there so you can start to monetize through different programs and services. We'll talk about that the third one we're going to talk about that is personal coaching, so I work with a lot of experts, a lot of speakers, coaches, authors, experts that already have coaching programs where I'm going to show you how to drive traffic from what you're talking about on your podcast to engage them and invite them into wanting to learn more about how to coach with you specifically, then we're going to go into speaking gigs, and this is a big one that a lot of people want to get more exposure through public speaking, whether that's locally or that's on bigger stages or even with the bigger now look, if you want to be on tv or radio, I'm gonna show you how to do that as well, then we're going to go into my favorite section, which is into joint ventures. This is the number one way that I've monetized my business in my message, and it happened the quickest through this strategy, so I'm going to show you how you can use your podcast, and they're specifically for interviews, how to get those backdoor opportunities in decreeing joint ventures for your business and how to do it the right way. Then we're going to talk about sponsorship and advertising and that's what I'm so excited about have john come on to really talk about because he's really taken that bull by the horns and really figured out the schematics and how to do that the right way. Then we're going to talk about membership sites. Lastly, and how you can use that in your business. We've talked a lot of bit lot about count nudie programs where you can bring people back over, not give all the content away and have that archives back where you can create a membership site. So right now I want you to put in the chap or tweet us, let me know which one which number. Interests you the most whether that's affiliate marketing number one list building number two personal co teen number three speaking eggs number four joint ventures, number five seed a lot of ways to bada ties, your podcast sponsorships, our advertisers and then also from membership programs for your business. So if we've got some coming and you can let me know ahead, advance, but think about those questions as we start to talk about that and start to engage on how to monetize your podcast. Now another thing I want you to think about remember the first day day one where we talked about what's your number one goal for your business? Now not all of these are going to make sense for you, and you don't want to implement all of this out once, so I want you to go back and think, what is the main goal and the main purpose of why you're launching your podcast? It may just be to get expert positioning and that's what we're john and I are going to talk about a lot about how long it takes you to actually build your positioning where then you can start to monetize your efforts because we don't want to just jump in like all the experts have said and start selling, you know, that's, not the goal of the podcast it's really about content creation and building a community a community that's around your ideas, your thoughts, your cause. But you're bringing people together. So that's, where we talked about the last three days of structuring your podcast so you really couldn't create that epic connection and that community involvement for what you're looking to dio so these will just support that. But, no, this is a long term strategy. Okay, this isn't something that you go and monetize all of a sudden tomorrow when you launch an itunes it's about growing that community, having fun with it and having epic engagement. So I just yeah, comments coming in already with risk saying which one speak to them, and mr bill says sponsorship and advertising, and jonah says, I really like affiliate marketing and want to know when I can start implementing it. Love it, and we're going to go right into those details on specifically where you can find the right affiliate programs for yourself. What makes the most sense with your audience? Because remember what? Rob was talking about this? Applies to sponsorship or any other programs you promote. You wanted tow line up with what your listeners are looking for, and also what you're talking about on your podcast member when he was talking about some sponsors will approach your advertisers were approach you, or even people to be on your podcast. That may not be the right fit for promoting their product if it doesn't line up with your audience, and you want to respect your listeners and give them what they're looking for, because if you're just filling that with content, that isn't what they're interested in, you're not going to be growing your tribe that way, so well, yeah, did you have morning show, had another had a question actually for you, just can you combine these? I was thinking of lists, building and affiliate marketing because they don't have my own products yet, but I'd like to. Build my list and promote other products and then launch my own coaching products in the future absolutely so a lot of like remember on day one we went through all the different benefits of podcasting a lot of my students are like well can incorporate all of them and absolutely so you could start you're going to be obviously what I like to have my students focus on the number one goal is to grow their email list, create that connection and then get them to sign up to want to learn more about you so it's a really qualified lied but you could bring an affiliate offers joint ventures and I'm gonna show you howto we've that in for your business and what you're looking to deal to really set yourself up for success teo be able to achieve those goals that you're looking for with your podcast. So do we have any questions right now that you have on monetizing? I love to hear each one of you what number you're interested in learning about oh yeah I'm really interested in list building okay and I had a question what were your lessons learned or mistakes when you tried to monetize? I think the biggest thing is not trying like rob said not trying to monetize right out of the gate that was never my goal it happened organically because my number one goal and I launched my podcast was to create connections with the experts. Remember, I was moving in from a completely different field. No list, no contact, no understanding of internet or online marketing. So no, in my experience from real estate, always told me it's about who you know and those connections you created. So I was really focused on creating epic connections and understanding how it could serve them. That then opened up the door later for joint ventures. So we'll talk a little bit about that. But my goal was creating the connections, and unless building as well, that was my ah holland of what really happened, where my email started to grow because of my podcast. Great question.

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Millions of people listen to podcasts every day. Get ready to learn everything you need to know to create engaging podcasts that will reach your ideal audience. Kris Gilbertson shows you how to launch your own world-class podcast, starting from scratch and taking you all the way through marketing and monetizing a compelling, successful show.

Throughout this course, Kris guides you through the effective strategies and insider tips needed for navigating podcasting and iTunes successfully. You'll learn how to come up with epic interviews, repurpose content, launch and edit your show with ease and position it for financial success. Kris outlines the process of marketing your podcast and covers surefire monetization techniques.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a longtime podcaster ready to take your work to the next level, this course will give you the skills you need to create and grow a thriving show.