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Launch a Successful Podcast

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Why Podcasting

Kris Gilbertson

Launch a Successful Podcast

Kris Gilbertson

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1. Why Podcasting

Lesson Info

Why Podcasting

I'm so honored and excited to be here on creative live, and I'm excited for the live studio audience here. We have a content pack three days, so I hope you're ready to really dive in deep to understand how you can use a podcast for your business, for your hobbies, whatever you're looking to understand more about podcasting and how it could help you take your message to them. Masses on a global scale but have a blast doing it so we really have a lot of information so I just want to make sure that you guys are already with your notes I'm so excited about that and then at home I'm in a really inner interact with you so we've got the chat and then if you want to tweet us than any questions but it's gonna be really live and engaging so I just want to go over exactly what we're going to be going over for the day one to help you really get set up so this course will be for whether you're a brand new person looking to understand more about podcasting or you already have a podcast and you want ...

to take it to the next level or you've already started to put a podcast together but you want to know the exact step by step process is to really launch your podcast for success so day one what we're going to be covering is why podcasting I know a lot of people still are like yeah, I've heard the term but you're not quite sure how you can use in your business or really how to actually use it practically to get leads traffic and sales for your message and for your business and product. So we're going to go over that they were going to go into making of a world class podcast now what I'm really honored and excited about is I have a stellar cast of gas that will be coming in that are all top podcast experts or expert position positioning so they'll be coming in live some in live to teach and then also we're gonna have some skype interview, so make sure to stay tuned for those as we prepare for that on, but so were the making of the world class podcast. I'm going to go into the foundation really what to set your podcast up for success so that when you want you actually can really set your podcast up for what your results are that you're looking to achieve and then we're gonna go into contact curation and creation. So the first thing that I want to go over let me just jump over here is this is some contact information we creative life has been so wonderful to work with, we're actually putting together open facebook groups so after this going on forward for continuing support you can always join ask questions if you goto lifestyle academy dot com for its slash facebook group it's an open group, you can add yourself in and have that going forward, but the best way also to connect with me is at chris gilbertson to tweet any questions and now through the event on then obviously our chat rooms that we have available and set up for you so let's get going here so why podcasting? I think that's when a big questions. So right now I want to ask for some participation. So what? I love to understands where the audience members are at, so we've got three different categories here. One you already have a podcast and you want expert tips from where you're at or you. What number two you want to know what all this podcast talk is about? Just in the past twelve months, there's been a massive shift in people launching podcast, so if you're one of those people that's like, okay, what's going on, how does this work? I want to know if that's you and then three you already know you want to get started with your podcast and you just wanna launch, so we're ready to go so you guys can type in the chat and let even chris knew what number you are that's going to help me really help you throughout this three day course. So the next thing that I want to ask you is also what is your industry? Obviously here in the live studio audience, we have people in all different backgrounds different interest is that you're in, so I'd loved in now. Which one of these you fit in now? Obviously there's a ton of industries out there, so try to pick the best one that makes the most sense for you. But that's also going to help me steer the continent, help each and every one of you at home help to help you position your podcast for success. So the big question that is out there is really so what's happened with podcasting. Why is podcasting all of a sudden on every topic, every expert, you know, you have difranza suzie orman that have had podcast for years. But now experts all over the world are launching podcast and having great success. Well, the question kind of stems backto what shifted as consumers of in our buying behaviors and how we live today because of the birth of all this amazing technology. So the question is, why did blockbuster does appear? And the rial reason is because there's become a new form of distribution today. So what's happened instead of going out and having to go into a store for per se with blockbuster weaken get content on demand when we want, where we want and how we want. And that's one of the biggest shifts that's happened. For podcast explosion and the opportunity for each and every one of us to launch a podcast and have success. So the first thing that's happened is the mobile revolution, where we're actually able to take content on the go we look at it, we have a new cell phone that comes out, what every two weeks now I can't keep up, so what happens is that enables now us to tap into so many more what's the word I'm looking for, people that are on the go looking for content. The other thing that shifted too is that people are looking to connect with brands I truly feel today, people don't want to be on the outside pushed the marketing, not anymore we want to be a part of it, we want to experience it, we want to be able to understand what's going on and be able to feel like we're part of that brand and that they really are listening to us. That's another reason why this shift a new form of distribution has happened, and then also we're in a multi media revolution there's so many more products out there that have gamification and waste to engage, and so the beauty of a podcast is that you're able to take this content with you on the go. When you want where you want, so I want you to do is write down there's a lot of benefits to podcasting that I think a lot of people don't understand or don't know. So I wanted to mystify that because before meat, for me to do any strategy, you have to know why, why you want to do it. And so I want to make sure you're clear on that and what can happen for a podcast. So also inside the course we we've got a guide. It's. Actually, I just want to reference that really quick it's actually set up tow, walk you step by step through everything in the course to make it really simple. S o that you could actually take notes on all of this as we go. So the first thing is you could be discovered there's over one billion plus podcast subscribers just in the itunes marketplace. So this is where a lot of my students have been ableto launch their podcast. And within just a few short weeks, be able to get discovered, get book for talks, start to grow their email us so a lot of a lot of opportunity can happen. They're the one thing that's really great. I'm going to go into this in a second with I teams, though, is that since there are so many amazing experts, you know, dave ramsey, suzie orman and a lot of other celebrities what happens is itunes already has kind of a natural talent scout search within itunes, so other people are looking for content and that's how they can tap into finding you for the first time. I'm gonna go over some really unique strategies that only itunes can provide for you to really stand out and be noticed right away. So the next thing is be heard. How many times have we tried to put marketing out there as business owners and we feel it's just not getting heard it's not being listened, tio we're pushing it out there, pushing it. We're doing everything that we think we can, and we're just not feeling that we're getting the results that we deserve. So what's great about a podcast in this sense is that people are tuning into you when they want. So they are now volunteers of your message which is the coolest thing because when do we want somebody to tune in to what our messages well they want to listen to us not when we're trying to like force it on them so that's the beauty I mean you can listen to it here on your ipad on the go or your phone you could be ready walking the dog going to the gym you know taking a hike in tibet wherever you're at and you could be tuning in and really being able to connect with the person behind the mic all around the world now the other thing is that itunes perm moz you and this is what's really really powerful is that itunes will be able to showcase your podcast upon launch and they showcase it for eight weeks in front of their entire audience so a billion podcast subscribers you could be discovered and be found right away upon launching and I'm gonna go over those uh strategies and tactics on day three but what's really great about that as often times when we launch a blogged we launch you know youtube channel other things sometimes it takes awhile to get found discovered this is a natural joint venture partnership right from the beginning where you could get phone and discovered right away other thing that this is what my clients really love is the instant experts status that itunes gives you there's something magical and, you know, everybody's laughing here, but it's so true, because there's something unique about itunes. So we've all been trained, if you know, somebody's on tv, if somebody's on radio somebody's out print there an expert, and so what happens is when you're in itunes, and now you say, I've got a night to show, go check it out, we'll be like, why you're on itunes? How'd you do that what's going on? So they want to actually know more about you, and it actually gives you that expert status that you're looking for. So I've had clients that actually, I think if on the enrollment, we have one of my clients, stephanie, who actually doubled her rates because of the positioning that our clients told her that happened from itunes. So how many of you want to double your rates? Just because of exactly just because of a simple, expert positioning strategy? That's really, really powerful? The only thing that I love is a free traffic source, so podcasting really doesn't have to be that expensive. I'm going to go over a lot of different strategies to help you get up and launched a matter what budget you're on, but what's great about it is that it means, doesn't cost you anything, now there is a little cost of hosting that will go over but it's not anything that's going to break the bake so what's great is that this is a great source where you could get position and start to get traffic for free essentially for just getting on a mic and sharing your message in a fun, engaging way on the other one is you gotta create a huge loyal following I truly believe the brand's today that are really going to stand out of the ones that are making communities making a you know based on what you know your cause whatever that may be but you're building immunity around that today people want toe belong with all of this technology that we have today we do feel a little bit more separated sometimes so that's where if you can create that community it's really gonna serve you going forward and that's what itunes enables people to do is to really create a community around their ideas and their causes. I like to call you know we're kind of in the age of epic connection marketing and what I mean by that is what people really want to know who you are they don't just want to be told what you dio they want to get to really you know jill, who really are you? What do you really about that's what they're looking for and a podcast is one of the best ways to be able to do that because the earbuds it's like right by our brain something can next there and really allows people to really gets no like and trust you so that leads me into shortening your sale cycle so who do we buy from people that we like and trust exactly? You're not gonna buy from somebody that you don't like that you don't want to listen to you know what helped them so that's where a podcast can really allow you to show your true power and well, you should say power but your personality you know how you connect, how you talk I know for me launching a podcast was the best thing what enabled me to actually be founded discover but where people could get to know my personality not the best writer so sometimes it takes awhile to get blog's out, so when I launched a podcast, people were like, oh my gosh, you know, chris, I feel like I'm best friends with you same thing will happen for each and every one of you when you launch your podcast because people connect with you on who you really are and feel like they're right they're right across the table having a cup of tea or whatever with you on your podcast so the other thing that is really it's easy to create content that's on the go again obviously the blockbuster it's a big indication that people want tohave content when they want you know obviously with the birth of netflix they want content when they want where they want and then whichever device that they want to take it with them so go where the trends already are I forget the expert that says oh is wayne gretzky I love this quote go where the hockey pucks going to be yeah so go where it's already going to be we're already all mobile it's just going more and more towards that so have your message in a format that people can digest and take with them on dh then oh backdoor to joint venture partners this is probably one of my favorite things about having a podcast is where you can really connect if you're gonna have I know you talked about it having expert show where you interview other experts it's one of the best ways to really create connections in your business we all know it's not what we know it's who we know and so I'm going to show you some really incredible strategies how to actually turn some of those interviews around in your business to help serve yourself in the experts that you bring on to really help you grow your business and then last is just plain fun I mean who doesn't like to talk and we do that all the time no matter what business were in and the better communicators we are the better we have results for in our business so it's I truly believe podcasting is one of the best ways tohave out there anyway just to help you become a better communicator if that so with the all those top benefits I'd love to know in the audience which in those resonates the most what's the number one thing that you're looking for um if jill, if you wanna start and just kind of go around, I'd love to hear it creating content on the go okay um I used to have a job where I would have a long commute and the only thing that kept me sane was listening too interesting content in the car so and in my area fashion I don't feel there's a there's a huge opportunity there's not enough people talking about the intelligence side of fashion and style, so I can't wait to contribute to that and um I think content on the go is amazing, you know, it's just such a huge opportunity that excites me, it really is well, joel stole mine so I had that for a while that z I love listening to content a cz well, but for me it's it's really about creating that tribe you and you and you had mentioned just getting a group of people together that have that same and tell you that you vibe with and that vibe with you it it's really important to meet up with new and different people that are well the same kind of an oxymoron there but yeah, you know it's it's great to get different ideas from different people and so it's going to be really nice too be able to get that word out and two here who wants to join up with with different people with different I mean it's it's a sneak being here all these different people have different backgrounds and all sense this really cool yeah, absolutely I'm really looking forward to the connection part of it um so part of what I'm going to be exploring my blog's is creating authentic relation in ships with others and being thoughtful of others and so I think it's really important to create that connection with the audience that I'm really looking forward to that aspect where if you just typing words on a page you don't get that authenticity graham yeah, absolutely yeah yeah likewise I'm really interested in creating community for moms and content on the go since we're always on the go and we have to listen whenever and wherever on the fly and maybe in five minute increments and then bringing experts in the field of parenting for for uh mom's yeah yeah all in one place yeah exactly make it convenient that's what we're also looking for us you know mine is big on community building and that aspect of it at the helm is a conference that I started and it turned into, like a national event. Siri's and I was looking for a way to, you know, grow the attention for at the helm, but also connect people between events since, you know, rather than waiting once a year to hear from each other. You know, I interview experts, and I do solo shows and it's a way to build a community and keep it going throughout the year. Exactly. I love it. Fantastic on the go content wanna build a community? Uh, been talking to some experts already that I want to interview and the back door j v thing. Fantastic. Well, good. Well, we got a good mix in here, and I knew in the audience, I'm sure there's a lot of things that you're looking at as well. So we're gonna cover all of that to make sure you really have a solid foundation and can be able to set up your podcast for the results you're looking to achieve with your business. I know a lot of the top podcast is that I'm gonna bring be bringing on today on later, actually, over the next two days, a lot of them will tell you the majority of their leads and traffic comes from their podcast. So it's, it's, all about setting it up right for your success. So the top three reasons that I really like about podcasting is really that you could be discovered that you could take anybody average every day, not average. But everyday entrepreneurs put them in itunes and really helped then explode their business right from the start. And I've got some students, I'm gonna share some of their success and how they did that as well. But the other thing, too, is that you're her. But then that epic connection that we're talking about really, truly believe that so powerful today. And this allows you to really connect on a global scale, but have them feel like they're right next to you. Coaching and it's going to shorten that sale cycle, because people are going to get to know, like, trust you, whether it's on the first, listen to a podcast or maybe you know, a little bit longer, but they're really going to connect and tap into you and, like we're talking about bringing your words to life. That was a big thing for me, because it's, so funny, I just got an email from a gentleman that that listens to my podcast, and I replied back to when he goes, you know you're a little different in your tax, then versus on your podcast. I know and that's why I thought, god, because, you know, your personality or flavor comes toh life, your uniqueness comes to life, so it's, nothing against blogging. They go together, and we're gonna talk about that. But today, people there's so many different learning styles out there. So we want to be able to make sure we're tapping into whether it's, the readers, or the people that want to listen on the go to make sure that we engage the mariner community, how they want to be engaged with so the other thing then lastly, is that it's, you know, creates a solid sales funnel for your business? I'm all about getting results for the people I work with. I want to be able to use this strategy, but using it in a way that's going to get you their results that you want. So that's what's really exciting. So let's go into so you know, the statement a lot of people talked about contact, you know, we've all heard content, marketing, you know, the for about the past ten years now and it's still just kind of in a its infancy right now with all the great things that are happening with google glass and all the different things that are out there for technology. But the one thing that is probably still always going to remain is that connection plus engagement, where people get a connect and connect in with your brand and that's, one of the ways that you can use that podcast to use that. So the three golden w's that we've already talked about people want contact when we want, where we want and whichever device we want, so it really enables people to connect with you on the go.

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Millions of people listen to podcasts every day. Get ready to learn everything you need to know to create engaging podcasts that will reach your ideal audience. Kris Gilbertson shows you how to launch your own world-class podcast, starting from scratch and taking you all the way through marketing and monetizing a compelling, successful show.

Throughout this course, Kris guides you through the effective strategies and insider tips needed for navigating podcasting and iTunes successfully. You'll learn how to come up with epic interviews, repurpose content, launch and edit your show with ease and position it for financial success. Kris outlines the process of marketing your podcast and covers surefire monetization techniques.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a longtime podcaster ready to take your work to the next level, this course will give you the skills you need to create and grow a thriving show.

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a Creativelive Student

This is the best $149 I've spent on my blogging/podcasting journey so far. The course was so rich, so jam-packed with information and ideas. I am on fire with ideas (couldn't get to sleep last night because so many ideas were rattling around my brain!) and truly inspired to go out there and do it. I'll be posting my podcast launch on the Facebook Group when the time comes. Thank you, Kris!