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Layer Style: Drop Shadow

And of course the ubiquitous drop shadow because nothing really makes anything feel right until you actually give it some dimension right? Because once you give it some dimension all of a sudden it's like now that looks really good. So there's your drop shadow you go in you cast her drop shot off the side and that looks terrible on this when we can't do the trap shadow on that okay, we're going to do the drop shadow back on this one right here drop shadow there we go. So the drop shadow back on this one here the distance is just how far the drop shot was going cast basically implying that the object is higher off page size so it's going to kind of soften that close the distance is really going to come off there so we can make that really float and again we also have the different contours for a drop shadow so it could create some type of really cool crop circle you know under there I know yeah, it does hip and that's basically our drop shadows. So now we have all these different effect...

s that we have gone through and applied to our objects but I can very easily go in and turn those effects off get right back to my original objects here and no harm, no foul there they are but that's only just beginning so now we know how to apply them and kind of have some idea what it is that they do how do we use these or how do we get other layer effects in here to actually make them useful? So he's going to increase my canvas size here and I'm going to give us a little bit more space we want to do is I'm just going to create a new layer and I'm just going to create some kind of cool object and I'm actually going to for just the sake of time I'm going to use one of our pre made shapes right here for our shape players ok, I could go in and I could draw shape or paint something on a layer layer effect you're going to work best when you have a hard edge object softer edge objects you're going to have a real problem with the definition of a lot of these effects so I'm just going to go in and going to make this heart on there we go and now I would like to see just how this effect that I've done here is going to work on my heart because of course I have a stroke on here yes of course has got to work with the heart so I go back into that shape right there and I've got to go in and re create all this stuff and figure out what I've done never gonna happen. I'm not going to I'm just going to copy these effects from one layer to another so I can do this and if I just take my word effects here and grab it and I drag it to a different layer I'm gonna take it from one layer and apply it to a different layer. But if I would like to copy those effects I go in to click on this word effect right here I'm gonna hold down by option key I'm gonna option click and drag that entire group of effects by clicking on the word effects or if I want just the devil in the boss or just a stroke, I'm goingto option click and drag on whatever it is that I want and you can see what I do that I get my little fx nugget right there and I drop it onto that layer and that's now going to transfer all of those settings to that specific layer pretty cool to do one more layer here so I'm gonna go in here and I'm going to try something else and I'm going to go in and I'm going todo se the grass here, I'm going to have a problem with this, I just know it when we do this on purpose and we're going to show you said the other issues that we have okay, so there's the green green grass of home, which for those of you that don't live in seattle, you already know that we've already motor lawns, then I'm sure everybody else like back in new york, they're like, yeah, whatever you have four feet to shovel to get to your lawns. I understand so here's the green grass of home, and I would like to apply this horrendous effect on this like, moment mosaic tile thing to this green grass. So I'm gonna go to where that one is, which is going to be right there, and I'm gonna grab this effect option, click and drag and drag it on there and realized, you know, it kind of looks a little bit different. I get that effect right there, and depending on the size of my objects, my effects can really change quite a lot. So when I dragon effect onto an object, I may not get the same thing depending on how much of a shape I actually have. If I were to go in and create just a very basic shape here, go in and just create a little teeny shape right there, and I were to apply a layer effect two that would actually do that had that can apply a layer effect to that and apply something like this to that layer I wouldn't see as much of it I get the border around there but sometimes I don't see the full effect simply because like the devil that ideo requires a certain amount of distance around there so I've got all my layer effects everything is looking really good but how do we capture these how do we use these how do we send these to somebody else how do I make everything this deliciously awful? Well that's where because these air layer stiles I'm gonna go up to my window menu and I'm gonna grab my style's panel ok so my style's panel is where I can actually save all of these layer effects in there for future use so I don't have to remember any of these will not be able to remember any of these there's no way I could recreate these so I call it my style's panel and I realized with my style's panel oh my gosh they've already go into town with all these awesome things and so I can go in here with my objects elected and I can click on this and they get all these like totally awesome things she probably makes it a little bit bigger so we can see that and now I can go in and I can click on all these and these are all styles that somebody has put together with all these mix of items that we have in a psycho mike kash this is cool is there more of course there's more drop down menu which I call the cheese grater doesn't look like a cheese grater of course it does. These are all the different styles that are already built into photoshopped readily available for you to use so if I tried like the glass button ones I want to click upend so it adds to my existing list of it and now I got all these different glass buttons that's like you know, those don't look very interesting but the thing is they are very interesting if we go in and we begin to, like, change the size of our objects or change the orientation of our objects and we can do some cool stuff with these you know I can make those buttons look kind of cool to see all these things it's like wow, you know? So I want to know how they actually go in and they do something like this okay, well, every time I click on this style it puts everything right over here and my effects that's right there. So it's got this double in boston it's got this greedy int o k devlin boss grady and over well let's see how they do that double click on doubling in boston's like ok in her bevel chisel hard it's got a depth of that let's say ok, so we know what is the depth d'oh okay, well, the depth changes that oh, I could make that look like kind of you know gemlike and say, well, that's kind of cool I like that, you know, chisel hard chisel soft, smooth edge oh, that kind of round it out to do the size of that cool okay and the other one's grady in't overlaying this cycle they used that color what happens if I use that color? This is how you kind of figure it out and you see because any style that you click on right here is going to then go in and just apply it all right in your layers panel now if I have a style right here and I really like this kind of heart that I've done, I want to take that and I want to say that or I want to share that sure you can I'm going all the way to do is going to click on that layer why have applied all my layer effects and I'm going to go under my styles here and I'm just going to say new style so I just select my layer I've got everything on there I don't even have to remember what I've done because I can't so I choose new style and it comes up as the style that I have affected and it's going to have later effects and this is going to say and I click ok and now my style has been saved in there and it's like well that looks nothing like it will let's actually see if it does work I'm gonna go back here to this layer on the turn this back on I'm going to click on this layer and it's like it works no way is that simple so any layer effects that you apply in there just select that layer and just take that like this one so like that layer selected choose new style can't type either there's that one and if I try that on my layer and I try my new style that's how it looks it's got the borders it's got that little crispy jim please there and taught works tell you savor styles hundreds of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds you know all these different one buttons abstract styles you know textures there you go here you go now we got textures who metallic chunky you know earth ethereal oh wood grain oh yeah from like way go that's layer styles however now we're stuck with the styles we're stuck with the shapes and when I try to go in here and edit them I know that by editing the styles I lose the style when I edit them and that's kind of a pain because it's like you know what? I kind of like this shape right here I really like this shape, but I know that if I go in and this is a pixel based shape, if I go into my eraser and erase those areas, I can create some cool stuff, but there are times where I don't want certain portions of this border or the drop shadow of evelyn boss to imply the problem is it's a layer effects what applies to the entire layer so that's not very fun at all, but what I'd like to do is I'd like to now go in here and I really like this drop shadow that I've done this little dotted, crispy drop shadow around there, and I just want to get rid of it on one side. Well, there's no amount of erasing cause I can't just go to this and say, ok, the babylon in boston a stroke here, I can't click on the stroke and say, ok, erase the stroke, it doesn't erase it's based on the pixels there, so this is where I'm gonna blow your mind, okay? I'm gonna right click on my effects and I'm gonna go into the bottom when I right click on my effects and I'm going to create layers out of my effects because right now they're just kind of effects, they're not really layers, so I can't edit them, they're all based on my shape I'm going to go in and I'm going to create layers from these effects so each and every effect that I don't have on here is now going to become its own separate layer so if I go in and they create layers here and I'm actually going to turn all of these off so I see just this right there and I'm a turn on this white layer at the bottom so we can see just what's going on so what he did is they broke this out so now what I have is I broke this out and this particular layer which is my shape right here is no longer has any layer effects on it, okay, I have my layer right here that's my layer I have my outer stroke, which is actually now justice dotted border around there, which is now fully editable, and then I also have my inner bevel highlights and then by inter bevel shadows and it's like this is really weird because I see all this really freaky stuff. If you watched last show that I just did, you'll notice here that these little things are layer clipping, so I'm gonna unclip these from the layer and this kind of gets confusing, but the reality of it is is that this is what it looks like is how photoshopped puts it together and then and you're like what? Yeah, the texture goes the whole and devil in bosco's, and these literally clip I'm option clicking there literally clipped to this layer now, because these are all separate pixel based layers, if I would like to go in and get rid of my outer stroke and is now a layer that is editable and I can go into my paintbrush and I can actually get rid of a portion of that there, I could go in and I could get rid of that or if I use avery soft brush at a very light opacity eraser, I could actually go in and kind of the race portions of that texture or that highlight because they are physically turned into pixel based players, unlike my heart, if I were to go in todo my heart right here than I would have this heart, and I can't do that, because my heart is a layer with all of these other things based on the pixels that air there on that layer. So with this, I can't go in and erase anything because they are not physically pixel based. So going in and breaking news out can be really helpful, and they can be really helpful for doing drop shadows on objects, which we're going to get to.

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You might know how to add a drop shadow to a layer or add a bevel and emboss to type, but what about more complex layer effects? Join Jason Hoppe for Layer Effects and advance your Photoshop layering skills.

The tips, tricks, and tools you learn in this course will help you create water droplets, gold embossed type, and ghost drop shadows. You’ll also explore troubleshooting strategies for removing background from logos and scaling layer effects when images change size. By the end of this course, you’ll be layering like a pro.

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nancy marckus

Jason's teaching style is staight forward and easy to understand. My first, but not going to be my last, course with Jason.