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Layer Style: Outer Glow

Outer glow well that's pretty much the same thing it doesn't seem like anything is happening because inner and outer glow both have defaults that don't seem to have anything going on and right now our outer glow was set to white belt on a white background okay and not only that it set the screen so white on white with white highlight literally shows up white so you know when you see this people like uh don't worry about it click on this little button here and I'm gonna give it some type of highlight there and I'm gonna choose the normal mode so I can actually see something come up now we're dealing with a colored background you know this notice this right away but in this case now so I'm gonna just my size here so I can do that and I can adjust my spread which is going to be kind of like to choke because we have choking spread and so that goes in and makes it softer harder and that's going to be my outer globe unlike a drop shadow which is going to cast it off to one side and outer glo...

w like an inner glow is going to cast it around the entire parameter and then if you wanted to be like this I got points so it's going to kind of softly round the edge if I do precise it's going to very clearly define those points and those edges and then, of course, you have your entire quality here, where you can go in, and you can adjust that stuff and get really psychedelic mosaic tiles. And this is great stuff to do when you're just enjoying a bottle of wine, because two glasses into this, if everything looks awesome, it looks incredible. And so you can mess with the little profiles right here, the range and the jitter. Sure, with the jeter is doing with this, but the ranger makes it fun. Yeah.

Class Description

You might know how to add a drop shadow to a layer or add a bevel and emboss to type, but what about more complex layer effects? Join Jason Hoppe for Layer Effects and advance your Photoshop layering skills.

The tips, tricks, and tools you learn in this course will help you create water droplets, gold embossed type, and ghost drop shadows. You’ll also explore troubleshooting strategies for removing background from logos and scaling layer effects when images change size. By the end of this course, you’ll be layering like a pro.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


nancy marckus

Jason's teaching style is staight forward and easy to understand. My first, but not going to be my last, course with Jason.