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Layer Masks for Beginners

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Class Introduction

Dave Cross

Layer Masks for Beginners

Dave Cross

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

thank you so much for joining us. This course right now is Layer Masks for beginners with Mr Dave Cross for not familiar with Dave. He's the Onley instructor to be at all five Photoshopped weeks. That's how much we like him. He's in the photo shop. Hall of Fame has been in the industry more than 25 years. He's written books, taught tens of thousands of people, probably all over the world, and we're excited to welcome him back. So would you help me? Welcome back to the creative life stage, Mr Dave Cross. Thank you very much. It's, ah, a lot of fun to be back and and see how Photoshopped Week has grown from the first week where there was a little bit of a feeling of duct tape and band aids and string holding everything together for the first time. But now this is fantastic. In fact, the very first photo shop week I taught the first class and I remember very clearly because I was just starting to say and whatever the topic was and the most important thing. And as I said that someone ran a...

nd said, Can you hold that thought? Because We just crashed the Internet. So like and and the whole people sitting there were like You can tell us I'm like, really I can't because you know so So it's great to be back, Astrue said. My name is Dave Cross, and basically since two weeks after a photo shop came out, that's what I've done for a living is teach photo shop on one level or another, and back in 1990 there was, you know, 10 tools and one undo and no layers. So it's kind of like So you want talk about now? Because it was like a photo shop class back then was like, Here's how you scan crop Brighton and Save That was basically the so layers came along and Photoshopped three and everything changed. It was one of those moments where you're like, Wow, this is such a big difference And it's such a fundamental function of Photoshopped as our layer masks. So the purpose of this class it's called layer mask for beginners because it's for one of those things. If you've heard of layer Mass and you have played around little bit haven't quite grasped, why would you want to use them like, and I just erase things and, you know, stick everything and merge them at the end. All that kind of stuff. You may have heard people talk about working non destructively in Photoshop, and I'm a huge proponent of that because a. I'm lazy and B I don't want to work so hard. I want to be able to reuse and repurpose what I've already done. So the purpose of this class is talk about what a layer mask is, why it's better than just simply erasing or deleting, or these Mary destructive ways of doing things and the various methods we can use and create layer mask is it could be made in several ways, from just adding a layer mask and painting to starting with the selection to some functions, which are kind of automatic. And then along the way, we'll talk about something another interesting ultra. That kind of isn't really a layer mask, but it sort of is called a clipping mask. And then we'll wind up using some some key techniques and shortcuts with lots of examples along the way. So that's kind of the idea here, and anyone here ever watched any of the HD TV shows where they're they're doing like remodeling of things and they like repurpose. They take like a wooden pallet and turn into a chair and all those things. And whenever I watch those, I'm always thinking, Boy, that guy doesn't cut that piece of wood exactly the right way. He's gonna be toast because once you cut it so I kind of think of layer mask in a similar way is if you take part of the layers go. I'll just delete this at that moment in time, it might make perfect sense to delete it, but then it might come back to haunt you later where you look at it, a different fresh set of eyes. Or maybe your client says, Oh, can you just move that you're like, Oh, I don't really have that anymore cause I threw it away. So that's really the whole idea of this is why it's so important to use layer Mass because it just gives us more long term control

Class Description

Using Layer Masks is one of the keys to success in Adobe® Photoshop®. We’ll start at square one and work through all the key aspects of creating, editing and using Layer Masks.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

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Dave Cross is a superb teacher and this is a superb class. Very clear explanations, well organized, and the demonstrations are spot on. I thought that I already understood masking but really I had just scratched the surface of the topic. Learned a lot of useful techniques. Thanks Dave!

a Creativelive Student

Dave is an amazing instructor and even though this is for beginners he takes you to intermediate. Amazing class learned and learned. Thank you!!!

Tony Walker

Enjoyed the course. Now that I am of an age where I tend to forget more than I remember having this course will help when I want to mask something. I can always come back to a specific video for a reminder. How many folks out there follow a tutorial and think great, then a week later you go back and say how on earth did I do that. Having access to this course is great especially if you are not photoshopping everyday.