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Building Your Portfolio

So we're talking about portfolios how they're replacing resumes and how you can create them effectively to communicate your talents so you can not only have an effective elevator pitches we talked about earlier but have ways to really show what you've done not just talk about it um the first the first question I want tio posed evil or what are the what are the three talents that you're most proud of and we can start off started in the studio audience with that question but what are the what are your three special talents that you're but you're most proud of just shut them out as they come to you uh communication what what about it? I think that I and talented and kind of communicating when when there's an issue like these like a jar how if a lot of people around me are having an issue I can communicate it to someone um higher up and create change from it ok just like clear and clear ineffective communication okay actually it is your name is full of two years or a war you want anywhere ...

else offering a different perspective special talents uh just like independent independence of her um and we wanted three each so we only have one so far I just said musical and creative for my other two musical cree it's a teaching I think enough for management maybe like general like management managing multiple multiple moving parts presenting if they're really mean by projects building something that's just a theory into something presentable that people can actually critique that's sort of more like it's like like execution or something it was their responsibility and in that mean, you know, seeing things through till the end stuff like diligence or like perseverance and uh yeah follow through yeah, that followed those are a good way to put that one more I've been going back to the whole analytical thing that cool we have some people who are trying in on line if that's cool yeah for sure. All right, so we have steve whitmore anyone who has been very active here is that who says connecting with people able to take complex things and communicate them simply and designing systems very specific I love it. Yes, we also have organics l whose three are questioning helping and finding resource is questioning helping and finding resources I like it awesome. We have kelly j who says three talents writing clearly and creatively teaching effectively and organizing and she even broke it down further. Yeah, they won more here. Ah regina george has writing reading people and offering advice reading people there's an art to reading people awesome does all sound like great talents. I want to keep those in mind as we go through and think about building portfolios and then, um look at some different portfolios so first, the first perfectly we haven't example is a friend of mind alex mccaw, who actually interviewed for the book on he dropped out of high school, didn't finish his a levels at a school in the uk and decided to move to the u s spending your traveling wrote a book about javascript development I got a job a twitter worked there for a while he now works at a company called stripe um just a great guy and has a great story in the book but he has a really great example of a portfolio as a site andi wanted tio before right before I point out what I think makes us a good portfolio site, I wanted to ask you guys what you think makes this an effective profile site can we just can I just jump in? I know we talked about it before we came into this seven or before lunch, but can you define again what we're talking about here with regard to portfolio who when people who might not be familiar but we're talking about, uh creating a portfolio to show off what you've done, whether that's writing that you've done places that you worked code that you've written projects that you've worked on a place that you can display photos or videos or links to the project that you've worked on to communicate more effectively what you've done as a self directed lerner then just turning in a resume thank you so much. Yeah for short yeah that's the thing that jumps out at me uh with this we have the feel of it to me is that there's a book and you know and you're kind of, you know, going to be reading his story like a book yeah it's definitely very text heavy and there's this picture up in the corner but and I'm not saying that that's a bad thing I mean, it was actually something that kind of pulled me into looking at it and reading each one of us you know, it's almost like it's the table of contents for a book. Yeah, sure, I mean, different people take different approaches and I alex is someone who thinks very consciously about how he designs things. I'm sure that I'm sure that she took that into account and I wantto communicate that feel definitely is it like can you click on like the blawg like are they are those block posts? Yeah right side those roadblocks and on the left is that the short little bio links to twitter get hub skype linked in delicious um and below that are some links to open source projects that he's worked on seeking good to check out the code on get hub and then below that is you can't see it but those books sites aps that's created flush written um it links to other links to other projects that he's created s that you can see for yourself, the value issues added to the world, he could have written all that information into two paragraphs, like a biography of who he was, but instead he just has it in bullet points, which makes it a lot more presentable. Yeah, for sure, and it makes it clickable, right? So you can, you know, if you want to go see what he's like on a day to day basis going, click and open his twitter stream and see his tweets. If you want to get a look at the open source projects, you can go and click on each of those and open a new tab and see see what other people have, you know, have have contributed with him. What will help, you know, build his credibility. See who's who's used them. Um, you know, the below that there's like reviews of the books and sites and absolute he's worked on. And if it's, you know, it's things that you've heard of, like he worked at twitter or so on and so forth that all that also again lends credibility to to his talent um, anything else that you guys know this, I like that on the left. There's a lot of people maybe not may not have time to go on like freedom sift through his block post to determine who he is but on the left it's basically everything you could know you need to know and like a thirty second time frame yeah uh well, the other thing that I noticed is that you know the last thing on theirs from over a year ago and but then he's got the highlighting that is now blogging it I can't even read it from here but blogged on yahoo dot com yeah, but you know, obviously there's that time factor where you know somebody may look at that and say, well, you know, ok, so he did this from october of, you know, twenty ten you know, a year later what what's he been doing the past year so de for sure I mean, that definitely could be better for him to update update the site and just have the new block post link or something like that and I don't know for how long ago this you know, screen shots for me they're saying that this was his recent so it's a deal? Yeah, just for folks we dropped the link tio his sight in the chat rooms for folks we're not in the chat rooms were looking at alex macaw dot com that's a l e x and a c, c a w dot com I think from my perspective a couple things I think could be improved I think it be good if his his bio could be a little bit longer, I think, um ruby javascript, developer, entrepreneur rightly writer open source developer doesn't really give me much perspective on who he is. Um, you know, saying dropped out of college in the u k and would give me a little bit more color as to who he is as a person and something that as we talked about yesterday making making those things that make you different, like in his case, he lives in this happened he's tradition is a dropout like those could be things that could work to his advantage. You're gonna have something it's like, I'm like a visual more visual guy so like for me like pictures or like even his picture bigger because, like, I'm sure it looks well and I probably would look small even on the web page, but yeah, can you, like click on his picture to see him? Um, I don't know that just cause it'd be nice to be like, oh that's who? Alex? Because, yeah, for sure me do we have any other comments online about the side our before we go to the next, most people say that lobby we're saying that it's really clean and easy to look at and others say it's give them opportunity to click and learn more in different areas but the next site that I wanted to look at is actually lisa's which is much more visual um has a much larger picture on and it's just a different approach to take this is an approach that I have seen the number of people taken in fact my new my new site which I have to bug my developer about actually um is taking us having a bunch of a bunch of labels things that you identify us in this case is I'm a maker and a breaker a helper a yelp around a lover too on then there are links to each of those things explaining how the person is each one of those things yeah, and once again I know for the people who weren't there earlier today lisa's website is lisa bl dot com is what we're looking at now um the person who inspired this website from it is again in mick hagen you can check his side out of mick hagen dot com and his portfolio site has always been you know I'm a father I'm I'm an entrepreneur I think I'm a mormon I'm like a bunch of a bunch of different things and then with links to explain how he is each one of those things or the examples of the companies that he started or things like that um I like this because it's a it's a really easy way to t get the things out there about yourself that you want known um and give people a little bit of a hook and then be ableto draw them into that pretty is like what you guys think of this format? I like it I like how at the bottom all of her social media outlets are there easy because it could be in the contact as well but just having on every page is nice yeah, yeah, I feel like I would make the little those little things slightly bigger but yeah, I love that they're like right below the picture I think the picture of her is like awesome so that just makes you feel positive when you like look at her site and that's I think obviously what she's kind of embodies and all that um and then just very like simple, elegant kind of titles on the top you can easily click on I mean even put the social media links like on the top up on the top and take one of the take one of the menu items away perhaps um I nto I think I'd probably just do linked in and twitter and facebook probably depending on where you want people to connect with and depending on what you use maybe even do away with the contact just have your email down at the bottom of the site yeah, maybe we'll get into this later but a question that I have you know, seeing these first two is you do you have a call to action on here? Uh you know, I mean you're displaying your brand here and you you know, you want people to contact you for for whatever reason you know, other than drilling down to the contact page you know, do you you know what? Your feedback on this look to have some kind of called action you know, right there on the front that you know, not all you know that I mean you're expecting them based on what you have there to be drawn into it but do you put something on there that actually, you know where you are the driving force on that actually draws them into yeah for sure that's definitely something that you can add to this that you could and on the site, right? So like at least that had a newsletter that she wanted people to sign up for, right? Yeah, it doesn't have to be a newsletter, but that's the kind of ideas we're writing a short um or like if she's like really wanting like more speaking gigs, maybe she could add a lot of texas like and I'm a speaker tour something like that I'm actually that's a good segue late is the next site is mine on guy do have like called it actually like senate for a newsletter and like speaking engagements on the side right there um mine is a little bit more text heavy on the front um I've got a new site that's supposed to be out very soon that I'm paying a friend of mine to develop but his friend and well I am paying him I'm I'm the project that gets pushed behind way when uh when he's busy so it should be out soon but a couple of um a couple things that I've done on my site I should have taken screenshots of the ship um I have ah mentions page which includes both press mentions eso mentions of any sort of press that I've ever had from you know, my hometown newspaper too you know, the new york times as well as both good things and bad things that people have said about me so there's like things that people have like very nice things that people have tweeted where I've grabbed the tweet and like save that for posterity if people have tweeted like ridiculous terrible things have also done the same thing there was one time my wikipedia page was vandalized and like it was hilarious and awful and so I have saved that for posterity to visit that's awesome um but it's a it's a fun sort of living collection that is constantly updated of like mentions of me both good and bad that's a good reminder just to myself even of um you know the reactions that that I've gotten um and then another cool thing is that people page where the analyst to probably about seventy five or one hundred people all of whom are people who who are friends of mine or I've learned from or they've inspired me in some way uh oh they've given me something on what they may be part of their life that I've gotten something from and so there's a link, a link to their site and a little sentence or two description about who they are and why I think they're important like a list of people that that I've float learn from it and have been helpful in my life which I think is a really cool thing I'm something else that I've seen people do is having their own reading list look what they found most useful or recommended I wish I think is really need to get a get insight into what someone finds inspirational or useful in their life. Um I think the thing that's important here is that, uh like portfolio states don't have to be complicated is not like you need to develop your entire own site doesn't have to be from scratch doesn't have to be custom designed I'm a ward press works just fine or press is very customizable you congee oh and you know register domain for ten dollars and get hosting for a couple of bucks a month and then bye bye could find find find a free theme or by a theme for twenty or thirty bucks and you're up and running for you know less than fifty bucks for the entire year right and that gives you access tio to communicate your talents in a way that you never have been able to before um thing is uh a really valuable things do as a self directed lerner if you want to be able to prove to the world that you're valuable right anyway I think um actually in jordan you both have portfolio sites that we were going to look at so I think it is time to do that now yes we have we have a couple of questions if you don't mind before this um let's say susie sunshine says what do you think about domain names if your name and the variations of it or gone what do you recommend or does it matter so for your if this is just a personal portfolio site uh consider adding a middle initial for example you one good thing to dio um I've seen people add the name of the town that they live in like you know dale in san francisco dot com or something like that um I don't think that's that exists. I just made that up. Um, well, I know yeah, we will find out. I'm sure, um, I've seen people, uh, use use different domain. Uh, use different top level domains if their name ends in something like that s t or something like that, but they can make make the make their entire name be part of right field e um there's still d that is called dot name, and I've seen that we'll do like raj is my dot name as portfolio sites. Um, I've also seen and I've seen creative uses of other tilden's as well, like, uh, dot I s for example, um, what do you think about about me? About about me, it's a it's? A good way to get a little bit of a social media presence. It doesn't it's not terribly customizable, and it doesn't allow you to to show off your projects in the way that you could before, right? And you can you can put up a little bit of a bio about yourself and links to your social sites, but you can't really you can't put up videos or photos about the projects that you're working on all the products that you've done in the same way that you could on your own site. Another question for you there's a lot of people here talking about they don't have much designing skills which you don't need with some of these platform you're talking about but charles cannon says he definitely wants his website to be top notch when it launches he doesn't want to appear cheese before you're going to improve it those people are worried about that first impression is just important dale to get something out there and you khun change it as you go oh for sure yeah, I mean it's it's definitely important to get it out there and to take the initiative to do it I mean, I think the thing that's important is that you know, lisa who had been in herself that she doesn't know how to code and it's not a designer at all like built that site entirely by herself, right? Uh and it looks pretty damn good, doesn't it? You know, the entire system is built with people who don't have designed or development skills can create their own sites. I think that in many ways in many ways uh, this is one way to prove that you have the medal winning skills of self advocacy, right? I mean it's not just that you can create your own about dot me page, but you can create your own portfolio to show off what you have anything else from online think ok let's get moving with the examination cool. Which one of you wants to go first I'll go first go all right so if we're going to switch to the computer I guess so just about two um called you all right? So maybe we can start by shouting out to your site that we're going to be looking at you know it's just ashley hogue rib dot com he's s h l e y h o g r e b you could even like read it on the board could do that thank you big it started as a school project if it was our class assignment so it's relatively new so open to feedback which class were you assigned to? It was a very advanced public relations writing and techniques and so what was the what was the goal like what? What what what were you trying to communicate in telling us? I'm building this well now, like now that I'm think all the stuff that we've been talking about today I was thinking about in terms of this site and how using that elevator pitch would be really good for like a section like that um but I really wanted to just create something that was simple and communicated that I'm not a boring person and I kind of have I like have a witty personality and I think that's a really important aspect of myself um, so I wanted to make sure that that was kind of betrayed andan also just has, like some of my background it's, nice to meet you in journalism major, with an emphasis in public relations, like writing letters and working with nonprofits and crafting what does this les let's be friends, but do it opens to an email? God, corn is that that email have a pre filled out the subject line, and I think it did. I can't remember exactly, but it definitely go straight to so it's only about marriage. There we go, that's that ron, I'm going down there and cover so a little bio here experiences got links to different projects that you've worked on, and so thinking about what we've talked about today and before, um, what are you thinking that you would want to change or improve about this? Yeah, I think back when going to the experience, having kind of building that out with, um, with things that I've done in terms of and having, like, visuals and having like videos of tour or having having images to kind of build that out and show, um, show what john rather than this is almost this looks like pretty similar to resume, and I think that having having a site like they're saying has you have the opportunities to expand and display which I think could be it might be worthwhile to take the time to separate between past projects and current projects. I may be put those put those up here in the, um in the main navigation bar to what you guys think. Now I'd love to see like a picture of you right on the front like you though, you know, I mean, maybe the front pension just me that's bio page yeah that this is more like it that's your brand right it's everything yeah, I mean, you need people to be able to identify your absolutely right, but I love the like drawing too like I think that's like super unique, you know, I just had a lot to see a picture of you on the front too, so we have some people commenting online who say that they love how it's the clean look so on roe says on euro says very clean aesthetics with lots of white space allow google and gotten in susie sunshine is like so great you actually did this was looking you go girl and also uh come in normandy says she loves the illustration organic so well and I'm not sure what you think of this, dale says, I suggest making the social media icons bigger so that they're more noticeable I think it's probably a decent idea I mean I'm I'm less concerned about that and more concerned about uh the actual content of what we're communicating to be honest, I think definitely putting the putting the experience is to have right up here on the main bar would be would be helpful so the people have a very concrete idea of what it is that you know that they're looking at and make um what is this that they're trying to get to know I mean I think another thing to think about is you know, incentive uh depending on what you're looking for for this like if you're if you're looking for a job or something like that you know put that on the front page is if instead of having them from age say nice to meet you like say like please hire me or I'm looking for a job so often people you know that's that's why I started putting like, you know, sign up for my newsletter and like hire me for a speaking engagement right on the front page of my sight because people people don't realize that that's a possibility they wouldn't even offer you're not something uh not well I I agree with jordan I have after the illustrations really cool and people online and said that too you know I mean that's it's unique you know that's not something you see every day and I also like where you're going with having the the elevator pitch on there and even adding on to that you know, when we talked about the elevator pitch and you know the four different sides and each one was an experience or something you did and you know, with each of those in there having that be the link directly to your to the project but also you know, the question that I had earlier when we first started this was about that call to action and you know, I think that that let's be friends you know is that teo and having that on there and like dale is saying maybe you know, if you're looking at going from the angle, hire me kind of thing, you know, maybe it's not let's be friends maybe that's, you know, you know, tell me what you want you know, whatever that issue yeah, totally the internet has something a question from online maybe to clarify again for folks for doris granade, what is the goal of your website? The goal right now are it will get started as a class project and because I'm in school right now and I'm pretty local like I'm not really looking at the moment to go and get a job, but I want to know like I wanna have an online presence of some sort, so I just it was created to kind of have that just to create that base and then when I do want to start seeking goal are seeking jobs it would be a lot easier to customize it then rather than create it created from scratch joining did you think of what you're going to add her that you wanted to do the vintage nothing right yeah I dio but it's nowhere near like a I don't think it's going really well publishing brad well I mean I just saw him broadcasting but I got to be cool toe like just be like my dream are like my something I don't know is I think I think it's a really cool idea that you have and like kind of like another side to you like that fashion and the same thing this year like if no one knows about it they can't help you right right and even beyond that you know it's you know maybe that's also the catalyst for you you know is like dale mentioning tio new york times or whatever that he was thinking about writing a book and the next thing you know he's writing a book you know maybe maybe that is you know your catalyst to get it going I think you can get the discussion started and moving in that direction it's really interesting one of the one of the forms of accountability we can talk about tomorrow is not just having an accountability buddy which will go in more in depth into but also having public accountability so stating publicly that you're going to start in the bull vintage clothing store or that you're going to write a book or what well whatever it is and that can keep you on track yeah a question or an online is with websites a d recommend using endorsements or testimonials yeah for sure um that's what I that's what I do on the mentions page of my side and that might be a page that you might consider adding you know either with you know endorsements from people that you worked with in a way or from your professors a college or whatever it may be you'll see it on my side but really cool testimonials thing cool maybe that's a good segue way to go looking for insight on very close I just want to give a shout out to steve whitmore eighty one who said he just went and snapped up the domain for steve whitmore eighty one dot com so love to see people acting immediately awesome no time like the present cool all right thank you thank you and feel so funny in the clock and we have five people here coming up jordan and this is like my business site right? But yeah right so this is the site for your in home training um group for north and yeah what's the social pigeon dot com yes that's the name of the business it is why is it called social pigeon I thought of that name like a couple of years ago I think and it I was the mindset was more social networking on teaching people how to use facebook and twitter um so like what the pigeons I think all pigeons I think this is a really smart and then just social getting social and I just thought it had kind of a ring to it but um yeah and then I like thought of this idea and then revisited and was like, well why don't I use it? It kind of fits and I like the like the logo up on top one thing that stands out to me is that the texas kind of hard to read it could be that I've been a baby that could be bolder in a darker font um maybe something that's a little bit thicker totally um I and the purpose of this site is to get people to buy your services presumably yeah I mean this is basically where all of our advertising and are um you know, flyers all that kind of stuff will direct people and then like the things I'm going to be changing is definitely the front because the the response was a lot of old people older people I should say will want to do this potentially therefore it should be a very readable easy text right? And you should make it about, you know, font size forty yeah well and then like for like services to I'm going to be changing that uh soon yeah well you know the services tab basically right now you can click on the one hour in home thing and purchase it um and it takes you to like the next page I mean that smells over um I want it like I've just found this really cool side another good sight for people that air that one he's forms on their website so if anyone needs forms or filling out forms or you can do payments through but form stack dot com um and then you khun get credit card information you can get people's information and then you can use it for email lists all that kind of stuff so I'm gonna be putting a form in that section is just my little blurb then this is the cool part I think testimonials but should load this's a cycle bravo um basically what they do is called bravo user generated content and so it's encouraging the user at home to go onto your cider to deal stephen dot com or whatever and tell them with their own webcam from their computer their ipad what they thought of like you or your service or whatever so that you can not only be kind of updating those all the time with new ones you can just a lot of companies have been using it to leverage the brand validity or whatever with with like piers or when I mean go on everywhere resources tableaus resource is yeah it's just the nettle again add lots to that. So do we have feedback from aren't in studio audience first I like the idea of the free resource is because I think if you you kind of showing them what you can offer but not you're not giving like your main service away so that they I mean is they like what they see in the few resources they kind of know that what they'd be getting. One thing I might suggest is on the main logo social pigeon is the biggest bit and I think like in home, tech training should be larger because that's what you actually do on day that you know in three words describes exactly what it is that you do it right it's perfect guys, another come answer should I keep me would just say that each section under each tab looks very similar and I would maybe very that up a bit have some clickable icons that we have more information totally when um yeah, I mean again, I think it's the fallen but there is links within like, do you know anything? But I think it's hard to see, so yeah, I think I need to change that kind of make it we have a couple over here, dale as well I think you should add an email sign up form if you don't have one on their already and a question I have that it says why us in terms of the descriptor of about us is there an s or is it just you? It is just me but it's I mean, I think I've kind of battled with that question right of of whether I'm approaching it is why me versus the palin here in your opinion what's the opportunity has is that maybe better have brand himself as who he is or is the us stronger? I know it depends there's definitely times when it makes sense to sound bigger um because you're working with sort of elderly individuals here I would think that maybe branding yourself as yourself might might make people more comfortable and trust you more as an individual and pressure potentially larger company. But it might make sense to do just a little bit of informal market research in asking, you know, when I think the one ten e mails in the ask you ask your past stores well, I think I like the west like I was thinking more like last the company and then as you can see when you click on it's like it's a bio about myself, you know what I mean? So it is kind of like yeah, I would recommend making it a little more personal because you're gonna be going inside their homes so they might want to know what you look like a little bit about you well, I think yeah that's the other thing is there's going to be a nice picture? Like I said to you wake up in my face and stuff, right? Yeah and then yeah that's the other thing I want to get those testimonials going that they have something to really know that it's like safe I think would be good tio have even more information about about you and your background just in this in the same way that, uh, actually site has has, like, an experience those page till there's not more about just you personally and, you know, the stuff that we talked about in your pitch earlier um if people want to get a get to know you as a as a person, I got a question for you to you joining your I'm yeah, I mean, you have the very clean white look throughout the tabs in the, um in the text, but you have a pretty heavy logo up there with the big dark background. Have you thought about reversing that? I mean, you could still keep the pigeon to say, you know, the blues and and all that but switching the the the social pigeon dot com tio black or a darker color and not having that big, heavy black background there's nothing like again like I struggled with um they want buddy sent me both white and black and yeah, I mean it's just these decisions that you're kind of like analyzing and you kind of go it just the black popped more I felt but I agree that like over time you get used to it or you don't get used to it and then that's that's that's definitely something I mean and for my opinion I think that it kind of and I haven't seen the other one I'm just kind of visualizing the other one but I think that it may fit together better with the overall page on you know I said having that this big when there's there's a whole bunch of neighborspace yeah yeah that's not used all I think one thing you might consider is, you know, maybe not having full logo having the logo this with sort of strains the page to that with yeah there's a whole bunch more space over here that could be being is well yeah, anything else? Cool awesome. Thanks for sharing actually got one of the questions sorry premature clap with I just thought of this with the portfolios and you know, with everybody using mobile devices now what are your thoughts on having it optimized for a mobile device, especially when you're on and I'm not necessarily just this one, but yeah, um when you say they ever seen someone who's optimize their portfolios site for a moment for a noble device, I would imagine that we'll see that soon. Um, I think generally when people are that's all I can think of a couple that are optimized term mobile, I think if your if you try if you're looking someone upon the go really more apt to look them up on facebook or twitter arlington um then this is really on their own site um but I would imagine that that will be something that people do more of yeah, no, I agree, I think it's like your business site, I totally wanna have for, like, mobile and because maybe you'll have advertising up or something. Um, yeah, I see that a lot more now, like a lot of like again, I used it, I don't know coding I didn't get a web designer um again that's like a site that basically puts it all in for you. Um I mean really, really the only the only like websites that I really visit on my mobile phone are like websites for restaurants or bars, but I want to be mobile optimized or like maybe transit websites something like that you think that I think the number of actual strict website so they go to my phone is pretty small cool can we switch back to the keynote? Yeah can we give jordan his applause that I interrupted? Oh yeah and then you had a yeah I just wanted to ask a quick question on the portfolios and that is from susie sunshine who says if you have a traditional design photography or art etcetera portfolio should we blend them with this type of portfolio or double up those projects with or learning a portfolio separately? I think that those they can definitely be combined ardor, photography or something that's just, you know, one type of experience and I would hope that you know on on your experience page you can add the photos of the toilet you organized and like, you know, maybe a screenshot of the magazine that you're working I think those khun yeah, they should you should definitely be combined absolutely these air cemento tio tell people's full story is right. Thank you. Yes. So I wanted to jump in to look a little bit more at some of the sights that I mentioned that I mentioned earlier this is get help for example the site that alex linked to and get out is a community site or people come together and build software together and contribute open source projects what's neat about this is they can give you exposure to projects that you wouldn't really work on by yourself uh can you can you can store your code there on dh it means that it's a place where collaboration can start you can contribute to the community even you can get answers andi you could get um you can get a score and feedback from the community and basically be able toe to develop a reputation and signal in a way that's different from having a college degree so this is one example of the site that would be a good place to toe to go start looking and linked to from your portfolio if you're interested in development. One thing that made people who are in the in the photography and were art kicky might be familiar with is ba hance which is theis equivalent of get hub for the creative community basically, um stack overflow has taken this a step farther and gone beyond um just contributing uh and being a place to store your code to actually be a vibrant community that asks and answers questions so that if you have a question on coding of implementing jobless scripture or maybe your your bootstraps implementation isn't working you go there and try and figure out what's what's not working and then you'll you'll get kudos and points in exchange for helping like unity on dh people can you can get a score based on how helpful your toe other people and informs potential employers more as to the type of person you might be are you someone who is willing to help others when they need help? Do you give helpful answers and the way stuck overflow supports itself is by having careers two point oh, as a portal, what you see a very top there and on the side just that they sell their lists of who are good programmers to companies and they're willing to pay for those to recruit people on dsec overflow store a couple years ago and what's really amazing is that they've expanded to be part of the entire stock exchange network there they now run ninety six different q and a sites everything from bicycles to geographic information systems, two questions and answers for the user of text la tex and context which I have no idea what they are currently there typesetting systems but they have human aid sites for all these different specific niche markets and it's just one example of how this knowledge is being expanded and the same model can be applied to things that are outside of the traditional you know, just technology or design perspective maybe one day we're going to be hiring our bicycle mechanics off of whatever their bike site is um so that we can see that you know our mechanics are are are knowledgeable and valuable two other sites for their emerging in this in this process of, uh of like of a portfolio creation curation are degree dot com on path bite dot com um and these air sites that they're trying to uh unable to build to build one place where they can people can cure ate all of their learning online to show off what they've done. I'm not sure whether or not we'll ever get to a point where everyone is using one of these sites in some ways I think the creation of your own portfolio site is sort of like the proof of self advocacy and that you'll still have to create one of those just to prove that you can do it um but it uh it may not be that everyone has the time or energy or willingness to do that and might want to take it a little bit easier using degree dot com or path bright mozilla also has an entire um project called the badges projects and they're trying to develop an issue badges based upon different knowledge people have and then create little badge backpacks so the person who issues the badge can go through this streamlined system and then I have bad just displayed on your portfolio sites if you have like the I can I have the html five badger I have to like metal learning badra, whatever it is um I'm not entirely convinced that this is going to be the system that that you know, breaks the signaling hold that college degrees have I'm not entirely convinced that that system will be broken down by something that's designed from the top, but we will we will see and it's a it's a good project number one a lot of these codes sites they're like, bad sites have been seeing and they're more about like programming and everything is there? Is this a bad sight? That's more broadly, eyes is working with the state department to design badges for everything from the warning how to knit to coding to cooking tio like geography and history. Yeah, it's it's for everything in anything. So the last thing I wanted to touch on was the pieces of what it makes sense to include in the portfolio of sight way talked about these old it earlier, but I have them listed out here. You need to have your biography, your elevator pitch here explaining who you are, what you do and what you want out of people visiting your site, having that called action second thing is the projects that you've completed, what it is that you can brag it up pictures or videos or links to those projects that people can see that what you've done is really much of something that you made up right if you say that you were like president of the united states, people are going to know that that wasn't the case um but it's great to have to be able to link to show that to show that you've actually done what you say that you've done um what you're working on currently is the next thing tish so that people know what you're working on, what you're looking for on maybe that's even a place to to include those dreams and aspirations so that maybe someone you know has an extra airstream sitting in their backyard that they just don't know what to do and it's burning a hole in their pocket and then the biggest thing is how to contact you need people to be able to get to get in contact with you to be able to offer their offer their help or support our mentorship in pursuit of your goals um as I said, uh, step number one is by domain they cost seven dollars they're not expensive uh twenty dollars is more than enough to get you started find a host for it I use dream host it's fantastic there are tons of other sites you shouldn't need to spend more than a couple of dollars a month toe host your domain you can install wordpress, choose a theme right the content create those different pages anything else whether that's a peel page or a mentions page or ah, page, with a reading list on dh. Then you should definitely get, uh, get get feedback from from your friends, like we're doing right now. S so that you can, you can improve upon it, and it'll rate before you send it off to, um, potential employers or anyone else that you're trying to convince that you're totally awesome.

Class Description

For most of us, getting a good education that prepares us for a satisfying, successful life and career means going to school and attending college. We pay our dues by sitting for hours in a classroom, doing the prescribed homework, and often paying tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of getting a degree from an institution of higher learning.

But that’s not the case for Dale Stephens, who decided at a young age that school and college weren’t for him. Instead, he embraced “unschooling,” which is self-directed learning based on curiosity, confidence and grit. Instead of blindly following what society and institutions say we must learn and how we should learn it, Stephens offers an alternative approach that is richer, more dynamic and geared to our unique interests.

Stephens is the author of “Hacking Your Education,” founder of, a highly sought-after speaker, and a successful investor and advisor. He and his special guest speakers will help you devise your own personal learning path, figure out your dreams and how to pursue them, learn to embrace your outsider status, and discover how to find meaning and purpose while also making a living.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a personal learning plan that defines what you want to learn, why you want to learn it, and how you will learn it.
  • Keep yourself motivated when you don’t have the structures of school.
  • Identify what your goals and dreams are and what you need to learn to realize them.
  • Connect with mentors and advisors who can help you on your educational journey.
  • Build a community with other “hackademics” to help you learn anything you want.
  • Create a portfolio to communicate your talents rather than a traditional resume.
  • Find a well-paying, satisfying job using subversive job search techniques.


a Creativelive Student

I'm not able to afford this class now but I saw the live view on CL and want to thank you! So many things I have experienced recently it was nice to learn that I am not about filters, time managing as innovators, taking smaller steps instead of reaching for long goals...chunking. Great course!