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Learn Anything: Hacking Your Education


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How to Communicate Your Talents

Six word memoirs were challenge that were put out by a magazine called smith magazine oh back I guess in the nineties sometime I'm not really sure I think early nineties to try and challenge people tio tell a life story in just six words I was sort of inspired by ernest anyway who is of course a master of being concise famously published this story for sale baby shoes never warned for sale baby shoes never warn what do we know about like what is the story based on these six words you could have been a father was it's really sad? Yes it is really scary just baby never got to wear the shoes which is heartbreaking any other interpretations of the story? Well, I kind of think that you know, it kind of never needed the baby shoes in terms of you know, person being beyond that you never knew you needed to take the baby steps and just kind of dove in deeper or the person saying it with someone who works at a shoe store. Okay? Yeah that's possible or maybe creative live was designing a set tha...

t involved baby shoes and no one ever actually wore them and they had like a yard sale yeah, I think one of the one of the really fun things about this is that you can communicate so much in six words get you can still leave a lot open to interpretation andi it it's a challenge to see how much meaning you can convey just using six words and the answer is of course that you can you can convey a lot of meaning um so they started doing this in in the early nineties I think and um and published a whole bunch of anthologies of six word memoirs on dh will be giving away one of those anthologies at the next break I believe right um but what I wanted to do now is the start and take a few minutes to see if we could tell our own life stories and just six words on believe this leave this challenge up in ah for you guys in the audience and for the internet tio right six word memoirs and while you're doing this and thinking about this for a few minutes I'm in a minister read and scroll through ten or fifteen different six word memoir is for inspiration is cool e I need a minute to do this to I don't know a freestyle six words you ready ready I am awesome so are you holler no life story I am I really think that's a memoir so are you I just empowered the world that's freestyle deal we got a free stuff I don't know about that being a memoir but good meghan jenna moors are about looking back not looking forward I was awesome they think thanks for playing along everybody all right I'm going to scroll through and read some of these just like ten or fifteen of them to think about for inspiration as you're writing your own it's the first one from chuck klosterman is nobody cared then they did I if anyone knows who david eggers as they appreciate this fifteen years since last professional haircut I feel like thing needed a picture of him two years with that this one's fun too well I thought it was funny steve nicol there sounds nice as well started small grew peaked shrunk finished its next one's family one of my favorites liars his directly didn't improve sex life rivers I love what I'm seeing coming in and chat rooms there's always such a funny actually I really as a swells on twitter again we're using the hash tag dale alive people extremely creative six words tough right it isthe let us know when you want us to start reading them out sure I just wanted to share to that two that have we've done this exercise at the battle that academic camps that we've done I mean I just wanted to share too that have stuck with me that people wrote before one was born on earth died on mars but that was fun um and the other was two careers thirty countries still restless I liked that one yeah so let's let's start reading about and I'll write down all right down anyone's that seem particularly interesting we have one from charles that never stopped learning became a successful entrepreneur thanks. Yeah that's a big words never stop learning we can't cool we have roger dennis took time but finally woke up that's life yeah and let us know if you want somebody else to write these on the board we can do that too okay way could get one of our studio audience members volunteer okay, you guys done writing them when they're done writing okay and maybe a reminder to write large please like this as you can tell I never write on the whiteboards learn something new every day yeah uh I like this one. Uh wait and I lost it cook esquire I was alone I found myself joy I was allowed I found myself I was alone I found myself joy got another right here coming from kelly j that is felt abandoned braved ahead authentically arrived felt abandoned braved ahead authentically arrived do you have any in this video that we're gonna sure sure here's one that I came up with asked why then gave my opinion that's good we've got some coming up coming in via twitter so using the hash tag dale alive and e w underscore phillips says energizing freedom learning comma grow in oneself from simply yell met expectations now setting my own like that met expectations now sitting my own that's good I like that too actually you had uh no idea what's next that's okay benji photo lost a mind gained a life lost a mind gained a life yeah it's nice too another one from cook esquire traveled the world found home within yesterday I didn't understand that the contest was supposed to be quoting me on you kept reading I was like wait that's why we kept saying yeah you said that yeah this one's kind of inspired by this weekend but no education great job project lerner you guys have any others that you want to share? Yeah I said never not good enough to quit I like that never not been enough to quit I like that a lot gordon h says figured it out comma then knew nothing that's handy might change that figured it out I know nothing there's that teo and they go on and on and on you default action never stop moving is it another one from twitter monk five one two nine five says was quiet enough to hear it yeah because they're good coffee this morning like a haiku it isthe but different that's quite enough and just a comment from p j chipman who says this exercise is very liberating glad to hear it this is really beautiful you think it's it's a fun challenge to try and express yourself ins in so few words um and it's where did likely um I think it's a good exercise to start thinking about um how to communicate what it is about yourself that you want to communicate as a self directed lerner we talked a little bit about this yesterday in terms of you know, needing to be able to communicators skills in our talents particularly when um you know we don't have college degrees or credentials to fall back upon um so I wanted to take some time to think about how the elevator pitch can relate to your six word memoir and one of the one of the values behind what you wrote in the six word memoir that that you feel like our are true and honest to yourself and might be worth communicating what are the what some of the values and what you guys wrote there's a sense of vulnerability you're simply it has like a sense of like bullishness for something a little bit I'm actually that the first half of it you know that asking why is kind of the analytical part of me um you know, I want to understand the reasoning behind things and ah and then yeah there is kind of ah bullishness or or kind of the presence and taking charge of the second half you know, like agency or something maybe like I think more kind of like a commands you know, man kind of presence which kind of relates so what ideo true? Actually you said vulnerability can you read yours again ashleigh ah yeah no idea what's next that's ok I'm not running no idea what's next and that's okay it was like a certain like sense evict like acceptance with uncertainty um change like not changed but no education successful career project lerner and one of the one of the values that you're trying to communicate about just again like in college you don't need you know there's people out there that can be successful you know sort of like something sufficient yeah I am really terrible this block letters mine was never not good enough to quit and I think that lets people know that uh I don't think I'm better than someone else or feel that I've achieved something yet so I'm more open to continue learning about it I think it also says something about like dedicated and willing to persevere um determination so leave um and I want to talk a little bit about go more in depth about about elevator pitches and see you know what it is that you say if someone says hey you know tell me about yourself so ashen like if someone were to say that you what do you do who are you what would you say I would say that I'm interested in learning more about any field that I'm in and currently that's the energy field on that I enjoy working with people who can teach me as much as they know what would you say? Um I'd probably say just like really passionate person um who like love still like work really hard um and likes to inspire people I would say that I'm in school right now, but I'm always working on other a bunch of different products to fill my time like my trailer idea and working at the newspaper and being a volunteer coordinator and all these other things just kind of keep me busy I imagine that you have a slightly more refined answer actually I don't on dh that's interesting because I tend to be long winded and I don't have a good elevator pick so uh, you know, I kind of end up getting into this long dialogue with people about you know, what I do what they do and everything else, and so I honestly don't have a good elevator big go like us this will be useful for everyone going back to what we talked about yesterday, which is that when you're communicating with someone, you have to communicate that you have value right and usually that value is communicated by talking about the things that you've done on one one useful exercise tio to think about that is to use something called a story square on jordan what you come up here just like all the terror of something and we can build the stories where for you based on based on the things that you've done is that sounds more impressive so the idea behind this is you write your name in the middle and around each of the four corner or each of the four sides each each side is a component of something that you've done that you want to communicate in your elevator pitch so you know, one thing I heard you talk about yesterday was the business the business that you're starting so that seems like something that should go up here on one side it's not big enough I'm warning tio evaluate myself now what are some other things that are impressive about yourself that you've done that you might want to communicate produce an album that's definitely impressive what what kind of album? It was a hip hop album cool um can it be like professional stuff like a rational it could be personally could be like, you know, I lived in x place for six months and learned this language you know, um I'm really tallinn first feel superior to you I got traveled pretty extensively got something and I don't know I like the sales position very year kind of another thing travel sales what is there anything else that you've done that I think it might be worth mentioning? Mm not that I can think of right now I'm sure there was some are those is the where where's the traveling that you've done um china, tibet, japan, ireland like most of europe uh, africa um, you know, us mexico most of the places is that something that he feels like relates back to this value of, like, self sufficiency? Yeah, and it's just like, yeah, I'm independent, it gave me a lot independence to travel. Um, and this educated me a lot of, like, what else is going on in the world instead of just canada? Sounds like something that's worth worth, including we'll talk more about what part of that to include and what was the sales division that you mentioned? Like what exactly was it? Yeah, is that sales it's called wass future shopping canada best buy here? Um, but selling like laptops, apple products, that kind of stuff is that something that you feel like is important or worthwhile to mention or not unlike we don't have to fill up like the fourth side if you want to butt in, like when you maybe it's a good question for everyone like yeah, totally, uh, you guys think, do you like, do you want jobs you want, like instances of our lives are like, what should be jobs that couldn't things that you've done, it could be like awards that you've gotten it could be, I mean, that the entire point is too you know you're trying to impress someone, right? You're trying to convince someone that what you do is valuable of the world we're trying to think about anything that would be impressive to them yeah like and it's kind of funny now that I you know, I don't want to go to university, but I was drafted to play at university calgary basketball it's kind of impressive for me at least um yeah, I know athletics was like a big part of it I'm not sure that relates back to like if we're trying to communicate self sufficiency um it could and it definitely could like depending on the context, right? Right? Anything that that's one of those things where you know if you if you meet someone who like goes the university of calgary or something that might be something to mention to give yourself more credibility, right? I mean again and I don't think it's stupid, but I've lived away from home since like probably grade ten onwards till now yeah, I think that's because they went to boarding school for three years and then just moved out right away that's how many years now her home since like age sixteen or something? Yeah, since about sixty yeah, that definitely community it's self sufficiency for sure cool so if you were to try and take a first stab at weaving these into into one one breath, what would obey I guess you would probably start with the stuff that's like older um so I'd say maybe like um I've lived away from home since I was sixteen which led me to kind of become very self sufficient er or maybe maybe a better more positive with this said it would be like I've lived independently since I was sixteen like lived in the family since I was sixteen um traveled a lot which again kind of gave me that independence um which led me kind of into music which led me teo producing their own album um and that kind of gave me the basis on how to create an executed project which led me to creating my own business so I think way want to get a little bit more detailed here, right? So um you know, is there just traveled a lot it's like hi, I'm jordan I have lived independently for my parents since I was sixteen and during the time of traveled extensively in asia and europe you know I'm going to make shit up here I don't know if it's true or not so correctly just totally making something off it's complete erroneous um you know, using that basis and knowledge of the world produced a produced a hip hop album and and now I find myself returning returning, you know, returning tio north shore van to start my own business well, you try saying it in your own words I'm not you okay um yeah so my name is jordan uh I lived away from home. I was e lived independently um since I was about sixteen uh traveled extensively through europe in asia which kind of gave me a basis for um my album which I produced which is a hip hop album uh yeah now I've returned to vancouver to start my first business on the north shore do we have feedback from online? Er in the audience I think actually I think that was awesome and being able to use that to put that together and we worked really well actually I think that that was much more impressive for sure I went for an interview like it's crazy like relatively recently before I came here and the last question that I said was like why should I hire you kind of question like elevator pitch and I did a horrible job and uh yeah that's just kind of opened it up for me awesome in someone else mentioned how this important of course to taylor who you're speaking to a cz well, I guess in different audiences but you say maybe a little bit different yeah for sure me starling says I'd hire him so there you go thanks to e wonder get for people online if we could just review again again the for themselves while they're doing this exercise what it is exactly they're looking for to put around the story square you're looking to find experiences or jobs that you've had or things that you've done or awards that you've gotten that are generally going to be impressive right that the point here is to be it's narcissistic and egotistical aunt to brag about yourself which is which we're told is not usually a good thing but in this case it really is on t write those things around this where and to think about what they're communicating about yourself the reason I asked about these values over here on the right is that you know you people aren't people people are listening to the content of what you're saying but they're really looking for the underlying meaning of what you're saying what it is that you're communicating about yourself because people aren't going to hire you just based upon what you've done they're going to hire you based on what type of person you are on that means that you can if you actively think about what it is that you're communicating you can tweak and change what it is that you're saying about yourself right you know I could I could you know tweak and change my language of how I describe you know hey I left school when I was twelve sort of unconscious don't organize publishing a book I could tweak and change that to make it sound completely different if I wanted to write, I would attempt to make myself sound like a narcissistic genius, like I could use different language, I could do it use different burbage um, but that's that's not my point, so I've chosen those words and those were very specifically thank you for the question in the audience. Yeah, do you play at your age ever like department? And when you just like when I have done a lot being so young, but I never notice to say like I did, we could plan a nationwide tour when I was nineteen like, I don't know if saying that is even necessary or if it's something I mean, it depends. I mean, I think it's za question of whether or not the age makes you sound more impressive or whether the age is something that sounds less impressive or the extent to which, uh, you know, the age is a factor that could get you into trouble. I don't think they're any environments anymore worry downplaying wage if anything, I play it up because it sounds more impressive. Um, there's definitely been times in the past where I have wanted to conceal my age because I knew the goal like wouldn't take a phone call if they necessarily had known how old I wass, um but I think you know, once you've gotten to the point of if you having an interview with someone or something like that um you know, they have once they once they've taken the leap of faith to let you in the door it's generally more impressive to talk about what you've done at a certain age and you know, the force the the only reason it's unprecedented because it's not standard cool a question for you um where do you draw the line between over selling a certain qualification and giving it an appropriate value? I think the key question here is whether it's something that other people think are is impressive, right? So if you're like, you know hi, I'm dale and like my mommy gave me five gold stars on my art assignments this week like that's overselling yourself right leg is it is it is it that the world thinks that you're an amazing artist or just your mom on? I think I think that's the the dividing line, the people that I meet that talk about themselves too much on dh and since then like they're over selling themselves people who brag about things that only they think our accomplishments right? I think generally the metric is if other people think what you're talking about is impressive like other people would think like traveling extensively is impressive for like producing your own alan this impressive like those would be things that you like you could hold a conversation about right where if you were like oh yeah like you know or or like, you know if instead of instead of being drafted by university of calgary to play basketball like you're like oh yeah I found my own basketball team like aiken dunk like ten in a row or something fixed that's ridiculous right the first noel like no one would want to talk about that and no one would think it would be impressive so you probably shouldn't mention it I think that's the metric can say like what helped me with with this like even during it was going back to the self sufficient going back to the underlying meaning and relating those things um through that I kind of find it because again I started it like you're saying I thought, ambassador, I thought of sales I was like that's doesn't embody self sufficient this yeah, I mean, I think the same thing is sort of thing about, like when you're writing a resident right? Like the first thing to do is to go look at the job description, look att the values of what they want a person to do and then write the resume for that and if there's something that you've done that sounds impressive but isn't at all relevant like don't include they don't they don't care right cool I saw you were drawing your your own square on your paper do you want to come up and do this with us before we get up that way? Okay, so things that I have done tonight um let's see, like I said before I managed a nationwide tour for a non profit in thirty three cities and to and I months yeah so that is something um I organized and hired an intern class and managed them throughout their semester that that nonprofit in los angeles ship over on people was that it was nine but we had over eighty applicants that I had to sift through um and then I'm currently the features editor at my school's newspaper over the bi weekly newspaper um and see what else the volunteer coordinator for an all ages venue and gallery space in bellingham and I traveled europe by myself for two months last fall. Let's not and then I was thinking about how my six word memoir I really related to that cause like saying they want a fuller ability and acceptance I was kind of don't think that the those could apply, but then I was thinking like that those core values kind of help maybe better and and managing people and in being able tio to connect with people like when I'm on the road so I didn't feel like it directly related but I think that there's a correlation and maybe it's more about like a willingness a willingness to be proven wrong and a willingness to learn and an ability to do things that you haven't done before right like these both sound like things that you came in and hadn't done all right yeah so and an ability to take on projects that you've never done before and execute them successfully sounds like maybe a key talent that you should mention is there anything else you know that anything else impressive that might fit in here? I think I think moving just taking that leap of faith and moving down teo and taking an internship right right after high school instead of going to college all right, nothing that talent that's a big one I say that's more impressive than this actually yeah, across that went out. And how long did you even oh, I love the initially for three months and then I went to school in utah for semester and realized it was a terrible decision and went back to be the internship coordinator at the nonprofit and then I was the tour manager so kind of like visit a year and a half period so you want to you want to take a stab it leaving these together? Yeah, I'll try I actually after graduating high school and moved on to los angeles for an internship at a non profit ah and when I was there I like that position turned into a job and I manage and hired an intern class of nine people, and then after that, I was asked to run a nationwide tour where we did thirty three cities in two a half months and now I'm back in school as public relations major, and I'm in the editor at the school newspaper, I think there's a there's, a couple key words to add and things to change. So one is saying, hi, I'm actually after high school, I moved to l a by myself, I think that's particularly impressive, right? Thank you moved to a new city by yourself in a different state. Um, I think that's interesting, I honestly, I think you could drop the whole like intern class because it makes it sound less impressive, but the process of hiring someone is the same as when you're hiring interns is when you're hiring anyone else right now. So I think hi, I'm actually I moved tio after high school, I moved it l a by myself for a year and a half while there I worked for was a cult following whistles I wish for following whistles, managed and hired nine people as well as develops a nationwide thirty city, two month tour to promote peace in the congo I'm now finishing, you know, finishing up my master's degree and split my time between editing uh, my school newspaper and managing the volunteers at the nonprofit that I forget the name of that you mentioned. Cool, you want to try it again? Yeah, I I just stand up if you want to make sure is, like terrible incident, isn't it? You could be sitting in that, uh, I'm actually after I got in in high school, I moved to l a by myself to do your job with falling whistles, which is campaign for peace in congo. I hired nine people and then went on a nationwide tour manage that tour was a thirty three cities in two and a half months, and now I'm back in school game, public relations major, and split my time between being an editor at the newspaper and being a volunteer coordinator at a local gallery I might mention be like, I mean, jelly by myself for a year and a half on, maybe even at the end, you don't even have to mention the school bit, right? You just be like, now, I'm like, now I'm editing the paper at my school and managing, you know, managing this local gallery because saying that you have the paper at your school sort of implies that you're in school, right? Andi think ultimately people are far more interested in like people are going to ask you questions about this and this and this might not be like so tell me about like, the feature that you edited last week like what was your favorite sentence and no one's going to say that right? You're going to be like, oh, what was the tour like? Where did you go? What were you working on? Um I think those were that because that's the most interesting and the most impressive I think that's probably what you want, what you want to focus on, right? Cool, that was really helpful don't try to go okay, okay, I'm actually, uh after getting from high school, I moved down to l a by myself for a year and a half working for falling whistles, which is a nonprofit running piece of the congo. When I was there, I managed and hired nine people and was the tour manager for n h my toilet one on thirty three cities in two and a half months and now I'm working at I'm working with features other for the newspaper and in volunteer coordinator for a nonprofit gallery space downtown yeah, by the way, kudos from everyone online who for both of you, I was very impressed and grateful that you got up there and he did that very impressive do we wanna do some questions online, but yeah, I'd love to come in question the one first a comment from steve whitmore eighty one this is interesting, he says now that her pitch is kind of like a verbal business card in many ways with a business card is kind of in size to the point so it's kind of a horrible business card like so here's a question uh, dale from susie sunshine what if you're really unimpressive? First, I don't believe you're an impressive season sunshine and what if you're really an impressive d just do some impressive stuff or play up stuff you don't find all that impressive about yourself? Well, I think the whole point is that it's not what you find impressive it's about what other people find impressive right? There may be things that you don't think are impressive, but everyone else was like, wow, that's interesting really cool and the second thing is that there are like you khun if there's if there's nothing that you find impressive about yourself, then I think we've got some deeper self esteem issues to talk about, right? I think we need to go back to what we're talking about yesterday and self worth and success and think about how you define success for yourself, right? Absolutely I mean, I think that's what's very hard for most people well including myself is to actually acknowledge it's very easy to acknowledge the things we failed out there, that we didn't do well at rum, but to acknowledge the things that we did succeed at is not comfortable for so many people, which is why I love this exercise. Lord nugget has a question that says, how would you how would you script an elevator pitch over email? Is it the same when you're doing an elevator pitch over email? You have the opportunity to taylor um, what you're talking about mme or the other thing that you can do is that you can provide links in your email to very specific thing, so I'm running an elevator pitch in an email I'm going to say hi, I'm dale, I found it on college dot org's I'm twenty eleven thiel, fellow, and have a book coming out from penguin and there's going to be a linked on college. That order is going to be a link to my thiel fellowship website and there's going to be linked to amazon for my book. Um, and then, you know, if I continue on of, like, you know, my work has been featured in, you know, the new york times and the washington post and so on and so forth and spoken it, you know? You know this event in that event and as nbc universal tatter like whatever it is, I can also add links like the video from that event and like that article that I wrote a wish which essentially increases your credibility as you're able to show those things, not just talk about them I'm curious deal for you before you had a book coming out before a ncaa college existed and you didn't have to see all these really impressive credentials how did you communicate your elevator pitch and what you were all about? So two years ago when I started on college dot org's if I go back and look at my e mails, I said things like hi, I'm dale I left school when I was twelve and didn't go to middle school or high school um got into college, which established that I was, uh, able to educate myself outside school and and then continued like and I now run an organization on college, that order that promotes self directed learning and the fact that I had not gone to middle school or high school basically served his credibility and of itself that I was credible to talk about self directed morning because I had done it for six years, right? More questions in the audience we can take more from on line p j thing in the audience, you're quiet day pj chipman says so is this a resume summary with fun bits that wouldn't fit on a traditional resume? I mean I guess you could think of it as a resume summary it depends um I don't know that there's necessarily that you didn't necessarily include something that wouldn't necessarily go on traditional resume you know jordan if you're writing a resume and you're trying to prove that your self sufficient um you know talking about like talking about traveling for it by yourself may well be a very good way to communicate that and really should go on the resident even if it's not what someone might typically put this kind of seems like deal that the elevator pitch this is a great opportunity one to kind of just get that that nut graph out as he called in journalism or that quick feeling what you do but from correct the whole goal is after you share your elevator pitch is to get someone to say oh cool tell me more about that seven hundred surely learning right definitely yeah I would say to like I'm just going to use this to refine my resume because my resume is not like that interesting yeah I mean I think it's definitely it's definitely the case that you want to you want to say interesting things that promote people ask questions right whether it's like oh what was that tour about? What was the non profit? What does it do you do you really want to leave it open ended toe to start a conversation? You don't want to brag about yourself so much of someone's like well, yeah it's nothing to talk about meant to be a you know, a quick sixty ninety seven ninety second introduction to who you are another great question from benedict allen who says should you taylor elevator pitches for different people in advance to focus on a specific skill areas? It depends I mean, I think if you're think if you're telling tailoring your elevator pitch too much, you might be broadening the scope of what you do a little bit too much um, I mean, I think ultimately people have people have fairly fairly narrow core competences it's really better to focus on developing what one or two values that you have are rather than trying to trying to be like the social media expert and a coder and the designer and everything all right, well, here's a gun right here from apprentice dale, how can you demonstrate your skill despite not having the experience desire to kind of goes back to question answered earlier except you're just not there yet in terms of what you want to pursue, it is just ah matter of pursuing your interest in that hears them trying here's I'm looking to do right now in the life it depends on on what you're trying to pursue mean, often I think there are ways that you can take you can take a small project and do something that demonstrates a small part of that, right? So maybe if you're you know that maybe you could, um, you know, if you're interested in, like, architecture something maybe you aren't going to build a building that would seem a little bit unrealistic, but maybe you could make a model of one. Maybe you could cure ian exhibit, maybe you could, like, curate a panel and invite a couple architect friends to be on a panel about something to show that you ableto that you're interested in the separation ableto to bring people together on that topic, I think I think that there are small ways that you can show that you're taking steps in that direction without actually necessarily, you know, building an entire building, right? So we have time, maybe it's just a few minutes before break. Not maybe we can ask you one more question here for sure from finger guns nano, who says I have trouble riding the wave of my last success for too long. I feel like it's bragging if I talk about it for a very long, how long is too long? And how does one get over this so that you can build off of your successes and achievements? And that really resonated with me? Because I traveled around the world for a full year, you're bringing, I'm not bragging, but that was now five over five years ago, and I feel like it's, a really big part of who I am in my life. But I and I was talking about it a lot when I came back, but I feel like now when I talk about it's like collars, that same story about traveling around the world, I mean, I so I don't have a lot of personal experience with this, since most of what I've done has been fairly recent, and before that, I was kind of a kid, um, but I imagine in ten or fifteen years when someone's like, oh, what did you d'oh or like, you know, who are you? Maybe I'll mention that, like I wrote a book at some point, but I won't mention what the book was about or like, who published it, or when it came out, right? Because those will be less relevant details, and I'll probably be doing something more relevant than I want to talk about them, um, I think the answer is that you want o I mean, you should. You should. You should emphasize and talk more about the things that you want to be asked more about, right? If I go into more detail about my book, it's, because I want someone to ask him about that good since coming out next month, and I'm being self interested, right? Or if you are talking more about, you know, you're nationwide tour and hiring, managing nine people, that's because that's something that you are proud of and want people to ask you that, but you can, you confined tune. You know what? You give more information on what you are provoking questions about, based on what you want to talk about, I think.

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For most of us, getting a good education that prepares us for a satisfying, successful life and career means going to school and attending college. We pay our dues by sitting for hours in a classroom, doing the prescribed homework, and often paying tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of getting a degree from an institution of higher learning.

But that’s not the case for Dale Stephens, who decided at a young age that school and college weren’t for him. Instead, he embraced “unschooling,” which is self-directed learning based on curiosity, confidence and grit. Instead of blindly following what society and institutions say we must learn and how we should learn it, Stephens offers an alternative approach that is richer, more dynamic and geared to our unique interests.

Stephens is the author of “Hacking Your Education,” founder of Uncollege.org, a highly sought-after speaker, and a successful investor and advisor. He and his special guest speakers will help you devise your own personal learning path, figure out your dreams and how to pursue them, learn to embrace your outsider status, and discover how to find meaning and purpose while also making a living.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a personal learning plan that defines what you want to learn, why you want to learn it, and how you will learn it.
  • Keep yourself motivated when you don’t have the structures of school.
  • Identify what your goals and dreams are and what you need to learn to realize them.
  • Connect with mentors and advisors who can help you on your educational journey.
  • Build a community with other “hackademics” to help you learn anything you want.
  • Create a portfolio to communicate your talents rather than a traditional resume.
  • Find a well-paying, satisfying job using subversive job search techniques.