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The Subversive Job Search (with guest Alan Corey)

I'm excited to have alan cory joining me on and he's gonna be telling us about the subversive, subversive job search and ways and techniques that you can find ways to prove yourself. Uh, present yourself and get jobs without relying on your credentials. So I'll let you take it away. Still, said my name's, alan, cory, and the author of the book the subversive job search and basically what I want to teach you today is how to find a job. Hopefully is not just a job, but a career. How to find that career quickly. And then once you find it, accelerate your income and get you paid top dollar a little backstory they just thirty one. I found myself on the job hunt for the first time in ten years, the same down economy we have now. Our unemployment skyrocketing is really hard to get noticed. But why such subversive jobs techniques that I wanna teach you like the loopholes to exploit and some backdoor. Uh, you know, slight techniques. I was able to actually find a job. I went from unemployment t...

oe forty thousand dollars, starting salary age of thirty one. But justcause I landed a job to me and I stopped job honey, and I just kept searching and job hunting, negotiated salaries from networking. And over a course of two years away from a forty thousand dollars salary to one hundred eighty thousand dollars salary and I had the exact same resume problems that probably all of you guys had when I started my job search which was you know, no career progression and a lot of gaps a lot of question marks on it so I want to focus specifically today on just your resume because that's your first step on starting your job I started my job probably the same way you might have done your job hundred currently doing your job hunt and that what every novice job hundred does mean that rusty rusty resume for you know, ten years I looked at my resume so it needed a lot of work and the way I started my job on is I went on those mont stir jobless in sites like monster dot com and yahoo jobs and things like that search job titles my hometown and I don't even start to read the descriptions of requirements just send, you know, apply apply apply just mass resume bombing my resume everywhere and after a couple months of doing that, I'm not getting anywhere I thought I just wasn't doing it enough so I use some software tools to aid me there's like robo filler, dot com and there's last past I comma basically pre populates the application form for me that allowed me to basically double and triple my production of my job application a couple more months after that and I still didn't have any human response I finally you know realize that I'm doing something wrong and doing mohr of something wrong it's not going to help s oh that's that's where I sat down and decided I really needed to break down the job hunt from a to z I want to know the basics you know and then maybe once I knew the basics and just uh where it begins every step of the way then maybe I can start looking for ways to stand out to get noticed and really kind of improve my chances on the on the job market so very step one seems very basic but it's very important is who's on the other side of the computer I'm sitting out hundreds thousands of resumes who's actually going to be reading the resume and you know, it seems like such a simple question what's really you really got understand who your audience is going to be your son in this this your resume you're basically your bio out to all these people and you want to get notice you didn't understand the audience so you know I even broke it down a little bit more okay who's going to write a resume? It probably depends on who I'm uh sending my resume to right if it's a small company uh it's probably the boss that I'm going to be working for he's going to be reading my resume maybe he's so busy that's why they're hiring he passes it off to his assistant or administrative assistant in the office or someone in secretary role someone he says put up a job listening get me ten resumes booking interviews I need someone quick so that was step one er is a small company of your assistant uh it's probably going to read it or your potential boss um said that that was very clear to me now and kind of picturing my audience who's receiving the other side of the computer I may be at my desk in my pajamas with a bag of doritos but someone is in someone's on the other side in an office environment um and then take the next step of medium size company they probably can't afford a human resource is department what's called the h r department and and they're probably in the same capacity as a small company and assistant where they screen it maybe they have some sort of protocols on how to list ah job listing and how many they're going to get in and how how long it has to stay online before they hire someone to supply some sort of protocol but regardless it's going to go through an h r department and then it's going to go teo probably my potential boss third large company so they have hundreds and thousands of resumes and they also have a larger budget so they can afford like a software filter that basically narrows this down. It makes more manageable. Maybe they're looking for certain key words maybe some uh, you know, a certain level of education and experience then they take this down, pull it down to an h r department who screens it and then brings it to potential boss. So the things that you want to think about it basically your audience is always going to be someone in human resources or someone acting in the capacity of human resource is where they're going to look at this, I have a vague idea of the skill set. Maybe they and then maybe no try to judge who would be good and then they pass it on to someone who really kind of judge you. So now that I know my audience a cz human resource is the question is what? What is hr one? What is the one is your one if that is my audience and so I started really kind of putting myself in the shoes of human resource is if I worked in human resource is what would my daily job he really wanted to understand my audience if I was going to reach out to him and really kind of speak to them now so I pictured if I worked in the human resources my name's alan I'm in human resource is my daily job job hiring probably someone from another department comes to me says alan fill this job this is skill said I need bring me some resumes and so I would do that I would screen and I would find maybe ten, fifteen resumes bring him to the boss maybe I'd start the ones that I would recommend or maybe a pre screened or something like that now if I did that and did my job well and I you know god led him to hire someone who's a rock star you know she comes in early stays late never complains working we'll blow her salary grade everyone loves working with they're just totally changes environment department that way more productive um what would probably happen to me in hr you know, do you think that that boss will probably come over to me every week and say, alan, I'm so glad you you hired her she was so great and recommended to me you don't tell your boss you need to raise uh before so that's probably never going to happen in my lifetime probably the next time I ever talked to that department has what next time when he needs to fill the job now if we reverse that and put it on said and I recommended someone to him that it was, you know, needed six weeks more training than necessary or he quit after two months on the job and we have to this whole process all over again or he rubs everyone the wrong way and he doesn't want to work then what would probably happen probably all of a sudden I become the scapegoat that department head's going to say, well, alan keeps hiring me these people who can't do any work that's the reason why we're projects over budget doesn't come in on time uh every single problem is going to be my fault everyone's going to notice and these were my boss alan doesn't know how to hire white what give me someone who knows that a high ranking screen these people I don't have time for this so so that's my day as a human resources person not very funny I either have toe provide rock star employees and no one notices me I'm doing what's expected of me or if I do anything less than that then everyone notices they're angry at me so s o as h u r percent if that was what my daily life was like, I would basically need to just build this database of ways to cover my ass right? Uh oh how do I protect myself from beginning fire to looking bad? I have to have a reason why I'm recommending these people so that sort of thinking through this whole process my audience is hr is probably the person who needs to cover ass or his ass to really do a good job. And the way that h r person would would cover his or her ass would be first have someone that is low risk, right? Uh, you know, I don't want anyone that that could possibly make me nervous or have to worry about I want to put him in there, never think about it. So employees, that would be little risk is someone who stays for a long time. Training's expensive hiring takes a lot of time, so I want someone who baby has longevity a future, you know, previous careers, things like that also low risk of someone is a cultural fit. Maybe I know the personalities of that department does have hired before. I would know someone who would fit in well, mesh. Well, maybe that had previous jobs that are high stress. I know there's a high stress position. They've had no work weekends before. This is a working weekend, so if something right now, we'll fit in and not not be too difficult to kind of just keep the wheels in motion. So obviously I'm covering my ass first I want someone whose low risk so don't worry about it because that's when calls me stress secondly obviously need someone who's highly qualified and highly qualified seems quite obvious when you break it down that really means two things person is someone with relevant experience sure I could be you know, be hiring someone or interviewing someone who has a doctorate from geology and harvard but if this is a makeup artist position doesn't really go well could be the smartest guy in the room but it's not relevant educated relevant I'm sorry experience I did education first the other things that probably has you get it so that was appropriate educated needs to fit relevant experience means someone who maybe works in the same industry the same company vertical or they we have similar clients we share clients maybe uh they work for my rival you know? Maybe they're this is I'm interviewing for the senior position and they've done the junior position before so there's two things that I need for highly qualified as relevant experience and appropriate and educated um these if you have these things and elsewhere to cover my ass in hr and if you have those these things the third thing that's key is to be highly recommended what highly recommended means is that maybe someone I've hired before that worked out really well they pass on my resume to me and I trust you and you're a judge you know you're judging characters playoff spot on you're highly recommended maybe your linked in page is a lot of recommendations on it that could do that or maybe when I call for your references you get glowing reviews from your references all those things help put you in this category of low risk and highly qualified so you want to be these three things so now I know my audience and I know what they want you know my audience is h r and I won't know that they want someone's little risk highly qualified and highly recommended. So the next question let's take this one step further. Now we know where this how long do you think they look at my resume? Right? I know my audience and know what they want. They're probably getting thousands resumes a day hundreds, you know that they have to comb through. And so um I had to figure out what are they looking for, what they want when they when when I have their attention so to decide how long that they looked at, I was looking at studies that the latter's excuse me did letters is up jobless inside for one hundred thousand dollars plus jobs but then did this eye tracking study for recruiters who use their software on their web site to look at resumes and what they found is that the scan your resume, decide whether you're a fit or no fit within six seconds. S o six seconds that's how long they decide whether you're fit or no fit? And then once you make that fit pile, then they go back and look at your resume a little bit more through, so you have six seconds to really, you know, make an impact now I just want to, you know, stress how fast six seconds is ok, six seconds is averagely the time of the non storm ocean wave? I googled things that are six seconds just so hammering the point six seconds is really fast, so when you drink your beer on the beach by the time you put your beer back down on the sip, a new waves probably coming, that goes really fast maximum length of time that etiquette experts recommend for a hug, so it doesn't take long for a hug to go from normal to be in a little awkward, right? It's a quick about the time uh, if you're a gamer time the attack move in the game of war, war, world war class of your sports fan, the average life span of a playing volleyball I know was watching olympics the ball would only go over the net one or two times in the play's over six seconds goes really really quick and to really hammer the point if you've ever had a relationship with a guy or you are a guy it's also the average length of time of mill orgasm and so way all know how fast that can be so well come on comic relief but it's important to understand that six seconds is going too fast right and that's when they're going to judge whether you're fit or no fit. So the question is if we know now audiences what they're looking for and it's where they looking at on your resume to judge you within six seconds s o that same eye tracking study found that what they're looking at on your resume is the letter f so uh if you really want to know what people are judging you on in the span six eggs and take this letter f and throw it on top of your resume and it's quite obvious if you think about it what this f really what they're looking at at the very top is going to be your name because the name is probably in bold at the top left they're going so going across the branch on the fda resume you have your current title and company and your current position started in dick it's usually makes the top branch of the f that's what they're gonna look at first on dh then the second branch of the f is your previous title and company previous position starting in date? So they wanted to see where you are now, where you were before to get there and then at the bottom it's your education. So these six bullet points is what they look at in six seconds to see if you're fit or no fit. You want to show up in that six seconds and making impact, because if you don't, you're never going to get higher. So when I was mass spamming and resume bombing everyone, my letter f was all over the place and had too many questions. So now that kind of explain who my audiences and who your audience is when your job owning one ask everyone to play the role of human resource is tio, I want you to pretend like you're hr put your hr had on I want to show your resume, get your feedback on it, okay, little exercise real quick. You guys ready? Okay, so I'll give you a minute to review this resume. All right? Those six seconds, uh, would you guys hire that guy? I don't know I know all right you guys remember that you guys pick up on anything on that resume it was all over the place giving some was the first thing that was listed was education on dh then there was a ceo which I didn't even get to see what the ceo was and there was a bartender under that ok but but I could see what you're saying about the f and being able tio you put those important things like ceo in up in those branches of the fnb people are going to be looking at you just pick up on anything else anything just any red werder the only thing I remember is joo be useless university ok that's good that time guys catching a long yeah that's the only part I saw two is that just like a random useless university so it doesn't really matter ok all right well yes oh, appetite was in j we caught that marketing degree if you saw that but yeah what was useless university from working in agree uh ceo for the past three months uh bartender for ah two years you spotted the bartender think lifeguard actually was on there too and then he was also a soccer player here that listen to so this is jay and this is the job you got this resume in hr so it's quite nice questions what job do you think he applied for now that you know this about jack and he guesses marketing job yeah marking market I think there's a lot of questions but it's not that we don't know uh yeah he has a marketing degrees experience doesn't really match on and you know why would you go from ceo marketing there's a lot of questions so we break it down what's wrong with jay's literary first he's high risk right that's if I'm covering my ass and hr anyone that's a risk his high rest because he's jumping all over the place you know, it's no career progression he jumps every two years basically a brand new job a brand new career he also has no qualifications in terms of yeah he's marking agree which says I have a broad knowledge of marketing the very rarely is there a job that says I want you to do everything in marketing it's not relevant education on dh I'm still not sure what what yeah, if this market he wants a market angry it just wasn't clear on his resume um other problems he needs more experience and whatever it is he wants to be maybe was the bartender he should have more vartanian experience if you want the lifeguard whatever to ceo, he needs more education uh that's relevant he needs career progressions kind of there's a lot of problems where he's not going to pass my six second tests in hr most important thing in this world with a hammer and you a lot during my talk is that he needs to know what he wants it's not my job to think if it's if it's within six seconds you don't want to make me think because I want to look at it and no uh, who you want to be and what job you're applying for and where you've been and what I know this within six seconds five any questions or any doubts? I don't have time for that because of applicants where I have no doubts. So if I if I had any question about a resume instantly dismiss it that's probably the role of in hr person so you want to have no question marks don't make me think on your resume and we'll get into that in a bit. So this is his resume and full and what I what we're going to do, we're going to eat exercise on deconstruct jay's resume, break it down one point everything that's wrong about it and they're going to build it back up and make it a very powerful resume. So let's start with the first branch of the top f right marketing green from useless university you know, I say that there's a lot of people's refer the degrees is being useless because maybe they majored in the wrong thing or they're working where they weren't career wise is a match the degree that's fine, you know it's great to have a degree if you couldn't get it and that's not an option for everyone now I always say that uh, experience actually trump's education because uh basically what if you're coming out of college and you're playing for the job? Most likely I'm looking at two applicants that have no experience, so the only thing I can judge them on is their education, so probably whoever has a better education or better school are probably gonna pick that african because I don't have anything else to go on, but if there's a you know, saying if there's two people exact same experience up to ten years everything's equal probably with education that's but that a lot you know, it's not up to you to determine whether you get in school or you can afford the right schools or whatever. So I say experience trumps education try to earn your own experience and we've learned things that you can have alternative education and we'll get to that now to put that on your resume, but so we're going to get show you how he cannot experience to kind of stand out and make his mark in degree uh seem like asset rather than a detriment is right now he's always lead with your leading foot and he sinks his margin breezes leading foot and I'm going to tell him, it's not you need to move that to the bottom of your resume and I'm going we're going to do with experience, so there we go now. It's his resume is a ceo up top and we're going to break down the, uh the new, uh, top branch of the letter. So the ceo jamie taking officer obie enterprises so I look at o b on dh already have questions. Um, ok, first of all, if he's a three been the ceo for three months, why is he looking for a job? Now seems quite odd. We'll be enterprises never heard of it. It's also his last name, maybe it's a family run business and they put him in charge. Uh, maybe he's freelancing and he's building company by himself he's a one man shop and he doesn't, but everything has to do the invoices, find his clients and book of and everything like that. Now I know j and that is exactly what's going on because he's taken my class before and I told him, that's, what you need to do is you need to build experience. And the way that I told him goes experience is to go on web sites like elance, dot com, o desk, dot com ninety nine designs dot com what these are these are web sites in the global marketplace and they post jobs that need to get done on basically the outsourcing it so they'll say I want uh someone who can blogged on my company blogged for three months straight and then everyone wants that job applies and says this my credentials and I'll do it for x amount of dollars where they say I want o press really sent out because they would help me write a press release and then send it out and then everyone applies and says, well, I have a marketing agree and I want to break it down and and I'll apply for and I'll do it for a dollar dollars can you repeat those just strokes and I'll be seeing a lot of it oh desk dot com elance dot com ninety nine designs dot com there's a few and depending on your on your career and your job maybe it doesn't fit uh but you confined to work for free maybe ask someone say I'm just looking for experience and do it now the thing is you're going on these web sites not to replace your income you're not going to become a millionaire because you're competing on a global marketplace there's people overseas that could do it for the third of the price that you're doing it but that's not the reason you're going on this web sites for not doing it replace your income you're doing that to further your experience just like if you're in education if you feel like you're lacking education, you could do some things they'll talked about or you would go a nightclub passes to get a master's degree or you take weekend courses why are you doing those things because you want because you feel like you're lacking education one more education this is if you're lacking experience he went further experience so you're doing it for for that those reasons and so jane did that and he wanted marketing job and he did it and what's great about it he also got to test for on a bunch of marketing careers you have to apply for everything under market he didn't really working job before he didn't know what he liked so I asked jay what do you like what you know you had three or four gigs on these websites l'anse aux dad's ninety nine designs whatever on dh he's he said, well I really like search engine optimization and if you don't know what that is that's the science of trying to break the google algorithm when you type in a keyword education online education learning if you have good you know creative life has great yes, you know they'll probably come up towards one the front you know, front pages of google things like that is this science you know, google doesn't announcer just reveal what the code is on the changes frequently, so you're always trying to, you know, hack your way into higher ranking and so he liked that he's really enjoyed that and I said, okay, okay, that's good. So so I know you test run and watch a market greer is not someone you like the best. So why don't we say that's your title? Change it from cheese cio, cio engineer because that's, the job you're looking for, you're not looking for a ceo and no one wants to hire someone that's in a downward progression from their career right and was hired, someone was the ceo and now there s a guy just seems like a weird moved. So now I know what job you're looking for, a job you really enjoyed because you have to test run it and then let's, another thing I want talk about his ex ceo on it's relevant is you want tio your resume. So think about what recruiters and hiring people may type in to a resident of your resumes public our way up to allude to a database on linked in where they're going to search for do you think someone's going to search and type in in the search box search engine optimization, engineer know because everyone knows it is s e o so you type in s e o engineer but just in case I want to put both, so if someone searches as ceo, my resume comes up or james residents come up if that someone writes out the word searches and observation that comes up, uh, if you have clients at all within one vertical education than you would want, put maybe led searches, opposition education websites because it may be I'm looking at education, etc over insurance, that's, you know, things like that think of the keywords people might want to search for it and try to have as many as you can populated throughout your resume. So he's, good marketing guy, he knows that you like sexy o j's done this on his resume, and then I want I want I kind of hammer jay and said, tell me everything you did this issue related and specifically, if you have any measurable results and so he did this. We went through this together, and first thing we have is a search engine optimization engine on three international web sites that sounds great, you know, he's, not just helping. So mom, on top of that there's anyone about it? Three international web sites, the only reason they're internationals because he went on this web of these websites have told you about that a global marketplace and maybe all the clients are in canada and the united states, but still, you could say it's international and I look at him as a go getter and that he is, you know, making waves all across the world looks pretty impressive. And then this is results that could actually track our next ballpoint increased google ranking for startup company from fourth page, the first page in three weeks, that's impressive because they're now I know that you are you deliver results, and I know when you're wearing work for my company, you're going give results and that your type of person that thinks of actionable things that you've done that that could be recorded and so on you, it serves in more ways than one, it makes you more hirable. But then when you go in for that six month review, twelve month review, you could say I did x, y z these air, all the data points that I raise, that I've done that accomplished and you can get a salary raise or maybe extra vacation days weren't use it to your advantage, so always be thinking of measurable results that you're doing within a job. Um, so ask them, you know, tell me a little bit more about that, and he told me. Well, alan, I don't feel so great putting them resume because it was actually just a thirty second job I found him a spelling in their code on I fixed it and all of a sudden they're page one from fourth to one once the google robots cashed it, I said, well, you can't sell yourself short on your resume I don't care if it took thirty seconds this client hired you to improve the rating you had the knowledge to know to look at the code and I don't care if it took you thirty seconds where it took you three weeks or it took you six months thing is that you accomplished it and what it does is gives you a bullet point on your resume and then when I, uh bringing in for an interview, you have a story behind it and the story you're going to tell you have to phrase it in a way that's impressive you're not going to say oh, I looked at it for thirty seconds I fixed a typo that was it you're going to say, well, I knew a lot about a ceo because I've read these books his blog's has always been an interest of mine and I applied it the client had these needs, I consulted him, we found the problem and we had results fairly quickly three weeks later we showed up and so if you got to kind of always add these bullet points and then think about how you're going to sell on top of those bullet points on it and kind of make it seem like you're doing great things, I mean, because he definitely is doing great things, but he thinks of himself as not doing great things. And so it's kind of get that mindset that you're a rock star. So you, the other person could think you're a rock star and then lastly, consultant, page layout, text designs, new launch design, those were some of the other jobs and responsibilities he had additional market responsibly is included. Reading press releases, enhancement brandon so those were the other test jobs that he or jobs, any test ran on these web sites to see what he liked, what it was natural fit for, and you put it down on the bottom because it's great. Now it shows that he's, an ex ceo engineer, and maybe he was so good people who asked him to do these other things, or that maybe he stepped up and he can, you know, it shows that there's a little bit more about marketing, but the moat maine, this first three bullet points are really all about issue because that's, the job he wants so in a matter of seconds we changed jay's first top branch of the left to be way more impressive and so we're going to the same exercise for the bartender the second one now one of preface this and say that I wanted for the sake of the workshop this is going to be a very extreme example and you guys going to roll your eyes you know, really stretching the truth here I get that I know but I just want you to kind of understand the way to think okay to really make you stand out and try to find things in your current job but you can do so that you can add him to your resume so bartender he served drinks worked night shift started wet t shirt contests now I don't know how appropriate is but what t shirt contests in your resume but I you look at it and it's kind of a marketing event you know he's in a college town and maybe you don't phrase it that you're sorry what t shirt contest may be recognized the target demographic of your bar maybe you do annual events to reach and raise awareness of your bar that's how I would phrase it you know, maybe you know I recognize the target demographic and I planned events for them but I asked jay you know, what else did you do at marking relate and he couldn't really think of anything was like it's a small college boy we does not like they have a marketing department and I say I know another one working body but I bet you that you did marketing related things and he couldn't think of anything and so I started peppering him I was like I bet did you maybe tweet that every time you're bartending so your friends would know to come and he said, oh yeah I did that they didn't do that in your account or the bar's accounting well the bar account and have one so I started one and you know is great and we all shared it there's a one of kind of effects that you have with a I don't know I think ten friends joined what was you had a hundred followers added ten more maybe as okay we'll put that on your resume is like no there's no way I'm gonna put added ten, twitter followers on my resume I was like no that's crazy what you're gonna put I increase my twitter following by ten percent you know it is you do you should you have to sell yourself especially if you're marketing like jay is he's gonna learn that market himself so there's things that he's going to think of and I said, I know we're stretching the truth here and kind of pushing things but I'm like that in single tamayo you put a corona bar you know, sign up in the window of st patrick's day guinness and for the july maybe bud light wow your beverage marketer of domestic and international products you know, there's things like that you can think of trying to always think of everything marketing related that you did at your job I said, well tell me what did you have all these things that we kind of hashed out probably did it your job whether someone asked you to do it or you just did it without realizing would you like the best is like well, I probably like the twitter and the facebook I've always put up photos and also made me the most money because most people know about it they would come in it was like great well that's going to be a marketing job your social media manager that's what you were before and he rolls your eyes and say I don't feel comfortable doing that I was a bartender I said ok well that's and that's going to be in your resume it's at the top here original position of bartender expanded include marketing duties so there you have it it's just not in bolt because the ball you want to get past that first six seconds it's in the f you're not lying it's in the truth you know it's it's in it's in there if you look close he's like, well, I can't do that because the owners whose my references, my last two jobs when using for a reference, I said, well, ok, this is what you've got to do, you've got to call up your boss and say, hey, I'm going to use you for a reference, but I know it was just a bartender, I wantto I want to make you aware of his marketing things that I did. You probably not aware ofthe I tweeted every time I worked, I increase your twitter followers, I've made up drink specials in college football days, whatever for the local team who was visiting, I changed the happy hour drinks and you provide him peppering with lists of marketing, you let him know hey, I I have a market angry, I'm looking for marketing jobs. Would you feel comfortable recommending me now that you know all this marketing stuff? Would you recommend me for a marketing job nine times out of ten? He says yes, and then if he doesn't, then no, you know, maybe don't put on your resume, maybe no use him as a reference, but most likely he's going to do it. And then when your job hunt, what I would do is reach out to him maybe every four months, six months and cinnamon email say hey, I'm still looking for marketing jobs just want remind you of all the marketing things that did for you I did it on my own and this is why I really took away from the job what I enjoyed the most and then when he gets that phone call he would be like, oh yeah the bartender did all this marketing stuff we don't have marketing department, you know? And then so it looks really good so it's kind of a stretch, but I just wanted the mind the mind set that you need when you're kind of ready to resume, maybe you're working now and you're a bartender and you want a marketing job then you can start going out and trying to do these market things try to have something you can measure on data you can provide in your resume so that's jay's second half and then that brings us down to this next branch lifeguard hobbies and interests so we could kind of do the same exercise maybe pulled his things out maybe there's nothing you can pull out and that's fine if you can't pull anything out that's relevant that's all marketing related in this example that we just get rid of it and there you have it this is his resume is half the size of his previous resume but this is way more impressive this will probably pass at six second test and it's all relevant and I can see he wants to be marketing but we would take a step father james not happy is like now now I feel like I've got the experience I was like an experience before now we got the spirits now I'm like an education what kind of do about that and so I told ok well what you should always be doing that kind of what deal talked about four is always kind of further in your education on your own find something that you can do education wise that is three months down the road six months down the road something that you could hold yourself too on whether it's online mba maybe khun go to that that ivy league school you couldn't test into didn't have that safety scores but they offer certificates and was six week class is where you go online you watch things and then you have to take a big test and so he did that he found that cornell offered marketing strategy for business leaders certificate but it completes in june and it's february right now so he was excited they signed up for that is that I'm not going put on my resume until they complete it was like no no no no no you gotta put on your resume right now because I can't put on my resume because I'm not done it yet you know all I've done is the down payment and I say well, this is why you have to put it on your resume now one you don't know when someone looking to resume you send it off it might be said on someone's desk for six months before they look at it when they look at it they want to you want them to see the most relevant resume possible we're are up to date one secondly thiss kind of holds you teo committing to this because the worst thing would be if you got pulled into an interview and they ask you about this and you said I didn't follow through with it I know I didn't do it was you know I was too hard I'm not going to hire you you're someone who doesn't follow through someone who quits things like that but if you're someone who comes in and say yes I'm working hard towards this I can't start work I can start work tomorrow but I'm gonna have to take two weeks often made a study for this big test that's gonna look impressive I'm a go getter I'm not someone who's just sitting at home looking for a job when someone is always further in my education I want some of that good work for me and I don't care if you have to take two weeks off to study for a test that's great that shows me what kind of employee you're probably going to be too so that looks good compared to someone who can just jump enough street and he's not doing anything on his own so always have future education goals and hold yourself to it because you'll be called on it and you never want to do that because then no one's going to hire you another education thing always be looking for things that you can add as a title to your name so certain law degrees I think you can add esquire then in your name or or something like that maybe you looking through jobless scenes and there's little acronym that says I prefer if your x y z certified or microsoft certified or whatever dot net engineer things like that if you see those things coming up that's great, anything you can add is a tile your name is important and so he found it and sometimes it's ah big test you have take sometimes you have to join a group that has like a one hundred dollars fee of page year and you get some e mails here and there was all these different sort of acronyms and certificates you can earn and he found one from the american market association called the professional certified marker pcm that's like the industry lingo he found it and the best thing about it is now he's not just jay's j p c m we've changed his name in his title and why is that important? Because that's what they look at and your your branch he's now you know most of us are not companies where individuals so your name is your logo it's your slogan it's you know their brand and now he's branding his name with marketing so I think this guy lives and breathes marketing right it's going to stand out when I look through resumes really quickly name name name name title okay, well let's maybe spent seven seconds on this resume you know it's going to help him let's make him stand out and then maybe people are also s e s ceo in your resume maybe if you were going to search pcs pcm on that resume is going to come up and rise to the top all right? And then so the last thing we haven't talked about is the objective at the top of your resume his vague looking for employment in marketing and bubble bubble ah, I get it you want a marketing job but you're making me think what marketing job does he want? What market job is he qualified for? If I have any question mark, I'm just going to dismiss you right away so what you use in the space is what I call the unique selling point for the u s p on what you want to do is within the hopefully hundred characters or less sell yourself and you want to say where you want to go in your career and where you've been? You have to convey that really quickly. Because that's, what people are going to look at to judge you within six seconds? So what's a little help. I helped him out. His usb now ceo expert am a which is american market association cornell certified marketer bam! Right away. I know where he wants to be. Is that ceo expert that's? What he's doing right now? Probably sort of job he wants right now. I know where he's been. He's been am a and cornell certified marketer. So that's jay's new resume is pretty impressive as much different resume than he was before. And so we look at the letter f what do we see? We'll probably see within six seconds. We see that j now is the title engineer for the last three months as ceo international clients. That was in the f social media manager for two years. Marketing degree pcm emma cornel marketing certified that's. Pretty impressive. Now I don't have those question where's, what job does he want? And things like that? I compare this to the original applicant named j who's all over the place, and I have one simple question that we all know the answer to, and that is which one is low risk and highly qualified with great experience and education quite clear, we know which one is going to jump out at us, right? Um so, um so I want to cover a couple other things that I was just jay's resume and some examples concert think of your resume ah, we'll have a few bullet points of things that we didn't cover yet other resume problems you may have and then hopefully if we have time, we'll have some questions and online and in the house here okay, so there were other problems you don't want to be a jack of all trade that is a cardinal sin uh, you always want to be the jill of one trade because you're going to go on the moral plot employable if you're a guild one trade and you're going to get a higher salary, what does that exactly mean? I learned this because I had a job when I was job hopping went from, you know, forty to sixty and I was looking for more jobs thousand dollars a year and when I was sixteen thousand dollars job was a title called application manager I don't know what that meant on dso I took the job because I was paying twenty grand more than my previous job and it was within the same industry and things like that I got there and I realized basically, uh, I had these clients that I had to sell custom software to step one. I had to build a wire frame of a software that I would try to sell. So that was basically a product owner. Uh, product manager is what it's called, and then I had to sell it to him. So I became a software sales person once I sold it to him, I had a project managed. This software that I built, right, sketched out and ideo manage resource is and development the graphic designers, everyone had to come in place and on budget and on time, so as a project manager, and then after that they sent it back to me. I became q a quality assurance, testing it for all the bugs. Make sure it's all right. And then I had to go back to the client, train them on. It was a software trainer. And of course, after this air, using it, who they call, they call me, I've become tech support hotline, and so I had, like six different jobs that was a jack of all trades, and I had more than one client of six or seven clients was doing all these things every single day. The good news is that I got to test run a bunch of different careers right, I got to see what I liked and what I didn't like, but so when I look went online and I couldn't find application manager because no one else has that title, but I saw product manager and they're making eighty, eight hundred grand project manager with the right certificates. You could make over one hundred thousand dollars, you know, software trainer and sales all those things were making eighty, ninety, one hundred thousand dollars. I was making sixty thousand dollars. I was doing all the jobs. So that's what? I realized I had to focus after just one thing. I like the best, and I became my niche, and I became a jill of one trade and expert I got paid like an expert rather than paid like someone who could do everything well, but not one thing exceptionally well, you don't want to have that on your resume second thing, poor brand you assume that they're going to get google. I'm going to google your name on google. Your email address, we will find everything about you before I hire you. I want low risk, right? Um, so if I go to joo bee's web site and it says j o b uh, ceo engineer ah, slash actor slash writer. Now I have questions that models your brand medals, his brand, because now I'm saying is you're in calling six wingo auditions, is he going to? Maybe, you know, work here until his directing career takes off. So yes, it's important to have skills, but when I look at your resume, I want to go to a website or linked in page that only shows what's on your resume marking related stuff, the same title. So he has his interest that's fine, he needs to do it under a different brand. Maybe j michael o p j, m o b and it should mention nothing about marketing. So when I hit that website, maybe the different fought different colors I say, oh, that's a different person with the same name. I don't have any question marks, so I want to be sure about your brandon last thing unknown salary requirements. You want to make sure that we'll go to payscale. Dot com go to salary dot com know what you're worth in your marketplace in your town and that it's a resume bombing you can now resume snipe way more expect way more effective when you're shooting within your range, I know you want to cast this big net like, well, they're going to pay me a hundred okay, I might as well go for it, but no, because you're probably going to be set up to fail, and I'm going to feel comfortable, so start at that job once you land that job, always look for fifteen thousand dollars more higher, then what you're making so you start thinking about making fifty thousand dollars now, start thinking about what would a sixty five thousand dollars person dressed like what would a sixty five thousand person skills? What does he need to be paid? Six, five thousand? What one education was sixty five thousand dollars person? What would a sixty five thousand dollars person answer? How would they answer this email? And then was your legacy is five thousand dollars one hundred eighty thousand dollars person's? You know what skills is? He need a work up on fifteen thousand dollars increments. You feel good about yourself and kind of work your way up the ladder that way, so I know I'm throwing a lot about you will see what sticks what we learned. Experience trumps education, rebrand you experience to match your career, expectations and goals. That's what we did with the resume exercise, uh, expedite your experience by freelancing online or working for free with those websites that I mentioned we have, ok, you can expect your education sorry I proving yourself continually seeking relevant education always six months in advance be three months and that's what are you working towards put that on your resume now on the most important thing don't make people think question mark is the cardinal sin and I have questions you know so thank you, alan cory my books verse of job search is coming out in april and I just aren't that resume the book it's in the networking salary negotiations and things like that, I love to take questions no ice set a lot and I talk fast, so hopefully, you know, if you guys have anything, I'm happy to answer. Yeah, fantastic work there is yeah, the chat room has blown up a lot of questions in there, but let's start here with their studio audience. You guys have any questions for our I got a question for you, alan e, I'm you know, I've spent time you're in business, but also for my time in government and, you know, and being in a bureaucratic environment where you have, you know, legislatures or congress defining salaries for people that are, you know, way down here, you know, any thoughts on on salary negotiation, that type of thing when you're in, you know, when you when you're going for a job that has a very specific salary ranges that might be tough because a number of jobs that says this jobs from the paint this no negotiation right that's a good question I think at that point you should maybe try to build yourself as a consultant maybe you can console to that industry there's a private version of that industry rise so maybe you can say this what I know that's what I've learned maybe you can see it's online with the next pay grade is on you probably know who your boss is whatever what skills they have and maybe like dale talked about finding asking them to be your mentor how do I work up here and then maybe in those recommendations highly qualified helps a lot um you know things like that would suggest but consulting is a great way to make money sure. Um what would you recommend for like people that are kind of more entrepreneurial maybe that are less interested in like, not jobs necessarily but I mean certain types of jobs sure I kind of feel that category two it was very much uh that was my resume and um and you can transfer those skills I mean, if you're an entrepreneur, you're that ceo that jay was right you did invoices you find clients you sell you uh probably sweeping the floors or whatever it is find that one thing you like put that on your resume or home that and then you become known as that's the business that has the strength this is what they're good at and then play to that strength and people going to come to you for that strength of your business that does everything it's hard to build a brand it's hard to get people to talk about you it's like it's almost like, um if you go to mechanic, you could go the guy down the street that'll fix any car for cheap. I know my car is going to run well, but if I take it and it's going to blow this price possible if I take it to the dealership they are going to charge an arm and leg but this could be a better product. They know. At fifty thousand miles this car is going to have problems. They know the linemen should be specifically this way. They can look ahead and say, well, if the tires are wearing out, we should fix that because the seventy five thousand dollars miles x y z is going to happen so you pay top dollar for that expertise. So make your company have an expert uh, you know, focus that you are known for and that's what people pay top dollar for let's get a couple questions for you real quick coming from online and this is what a lot of people ask all the time and that is what are the words I should avoid on a resume your resumes on here about acts in burbs you hear about companies have algorithms that are searching for certain key words when it comes the words do's and don'ts I mean you can put on your resume proficient in power point proficient exile excel it's assumed you know that that's why it's on your resume so what I like to do is just put a skill box maybe at the bottom for those s e o purposes that says skills and skills that you see on jobless insights maybe but powerpoint excel everything you don't have to say I'm an expert you don't have to say you know, uh that I've done this once or twice just know that you may be asked about it and have stories about it say I do this in my personal life I'm really familiar with excel oh our say I've done it twice for a client or something like that and so it comes up in the power point and it also comes up you know, it's just a skill box and me, I think that goes a long way in s e o and a great way to figure out what skills you need is like there's online word cloud generators like word aled dot com I think or maybes world dot net but you did you take ten ten different jobless scenes that are very similar that you like throw them all in this word cloud generator and what it does it makes the bold and big the largest fought the word that occurs most often there might might pop out at you pcm I need to get that or might pop out of you like needs power point skills or microsoft office and you know I must hold on that and then you know what? What is universally needed in that position we have another question coming in from our line this one right here is from in why jeff and I think that's a question that probably a lot of people are thinking about maybe some academics and what if you didn't finish college you finished three years and have one year to go on this this particular case he's been at school for ten years how do you listen on your resume? Do you put that I attended x y z university for three years but didn't get my degree or certificate or social one leave that off I think it's partly depends on the case if you can compliment if it says two years that's fine I would say maybe two years uh university of x and then you put throw on top of these certificates that you've earned that's very specific maybe you put your future learning things and something has a title I think that's fine as long as you have a story you know you got to sell yourself so they say, why don't you finish college? Uh don't say I hated it the teacher was boring, you say? Well, you know what I found? I had a very narrow focus and interest and I really wanted to learn more about that I wanted to spend my money and my time focused on something that I really, really enjoyed and was passionate about then then you're someone who I want to hire it just don't you know you want to sell yourself if you if you feel like you've a black eye or black mark on your resume spend it, sell it in a way that's really positive I have another question you're going please thanks I have a question from susie sunshine who said how do you switch careers without getting accidentally hired for your degree skills? I have a degree and then a master's in a different subject that I would prefer to work in but I find internships, see my degree and want me to do that work for them instead should I leave the degree off? Yes so uh it that could be thing. So what I was doing my job on I had my first title, my first book of my resume million bucks by thirty that was the time of my first book and I had that I'm resume I'm like well of course everyone wants to hire me who was one of millionaire by thirty you know they obviously he knows what he's doing is very entrepreneurial things like that but then no one replied to any of my resumes and so I started a b testing my resume which is a marketing term where you have a control probably resume and you change one thing and maybe you change your education may be removed that master's degree and then you send it out and so what I would do is I would have a control group of fifty cent fifty resumes with my control how many replies that I get usually zero change one thing I removed million bucks by thirty author from my resume and all of a sudden I got four replies was I okay that became a new control group all right now have a new control resume with no book on it let me say maybe I put my education in the top may be part of the bottom you know, I so that's how I learned all these things it was a b testing my resume see what works so yeah, what you may think is a plus may hold you back and that'd be a great wow factor if I call you in and be like oh you also did this masters you know uh maybe that shows that you're you go above and beyond what it like I said, what matters is relevant education and so yeah, it may be distracting you may want to move that what has one more question here from online? They won't take it back to the studio audience so thank you guys have a few here and this is a little bit relevant to what you just mentioned a b testing and for those of you may not be familiar with the lean startup method, maybe you khun briefly exp explain what that is with this question right here and this from steve whitmore how often should you revisit and refresh your resume? I think a b testing can come into play with that. I mean, if you're unemployed in, you're desperate and I had two hundred different versions of my resume and I was, you know, I've tried them all I wanted to try things, but if I'm employed you know, I would say, wait, you know how gainfully employed are you? Do you? Is it something you have to get out of now and then maybe you kind of pick it up and go on a faster clip to me it's always great to be employed when your job honey it's kind of like, uh, you're in a bar and you meet a girl and she found out she has a boyfriend it actually makes it more attractive to her right she's in demand she's wanted since everything has a job again if I have a job I'm in more demand on so that part of my salary negotiation techniques is always pretend like you have another job that pays ten thousand dollars more and then so then are that you're interviewing I should say for another job that's ten thousand dollars more and then so now you're in demand and I got to get him now I got to get quick and then you hook line sinker so a little off track what was the question again? Oh, well a little off track but I like how you think man there's a bar like oh she's more attractive the question was in terms of like if in terms of testing your resume hook often you should a refreshing um I mean, if you're getting replies back that's great, you know, maybe you have two versions but if no one's replying no one's noticing you then you know, accelerate that process it's always inside that yeah, great questions here in the audience yep well, someone who's like been terminated no cause for like company restructuring. Yeah s o that I mean that's you know things like that happen to me I've been laid off because company got bought out they didn't need me anymore but that's, when you jump online news websites to continue working and now you have, why why did you quit and do this? Oh, I wanted to be a consultant when you work for myself really wanted to hone my skills in one area. My job was making me do a million different things, and I really wanted to focus, so, you know, you want to bring up, I got far and it doesn't make you look bad, but, you know, I would say try to keep any negative things out of an interview off the resume and just say, give me an opportunity to really private, pursue and find my passion now that I found it that's what I'm looking for a day job again, and I think that do you think it looks negative on your resume if the end date of that job is like the month that you're going for that new job? Um, it could be it could be, and then they just beat up front and honest when all else fails be is honest, responsible and say, uh, you know, I left this company, but maybe before you get laid off that's, when you go to your previous boss to problems, also laid off say you have any leads communities, me, someone in france, maybe a rival company could you serve as a maybe mentioned help me keep going or reference and you probably have this whole bacon people who are also looking for you know jobs too so try to leverage that uh yeah so in some cases like that that maybe you just have to be upfront bonus and it wasn't your fault you could say I was one of one hundred people who got you know, for whatever that's fine that happens industry so maybe we can ask you one more question before you go and the question is from sam cox who is a regular do you think that the words academic or hacked hack education hatch education thank you hack education will ever be acceptable on a resume I think that's probably really popular startups there's that's probably their mindset I think is a younger movement startups probably usually one by younger people and that's a family new word on I'm going to think dale right maybe yeah so uh yeah I would love that's going great to see that on resumes hacking also can have a negative definition if like I'm thinking of like some older people who aren't familiar than sounds like you're doing something illegal on fbi's gonna be mad at you things like that so I think if if if if you can kind of concrete examples like I went to this three day boot camp achieved x y z that's great shows you're doing your you have initiative and your yourself learning, and you're you're on your own so what's. One of the other things you, a b testing resume, see that works and see if it doesn't work all right, allan. Well, I think, unfortunately, our time is up, thank you so much. Once again, let everyone know where they can get a hold of your books and there's a. Yeah, that's coming out. Yeah, it's coming out. It should be in every story we could get on amazon. Barnes. No, we can pre order it. Now you go on my website, you, khun, look in review both books, right there. So, uh, they give you listening. Thank you for having me helped. Thank you so much.

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But that’s not the case for Dale Stephens, who decided at a young age that school and college weren’t for him. Instead, he embraced “unschooling,” which is self-directed learning based on curiosity, confidence and grit. Instead of blindly following what society and institutions say we must learn and how we should learn it, Stephens offers an alternative approach that is richer, more dynamic and geared to our unique interests.

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I'm not able to afford this class now but I saw the live view on CL and want to thank you! So many things I have experienced recently it was nice to learn that I am not about filters, time managing as innovators, taking smaller steps instead of reaching for long goals...chunking. Great course!