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Maybe we can start here in the audience about what, what things are that you've learned you're going to take, I'm going to do in your own lives to implement what you've learned, you're going to find a kind of anybody's, are you goingto you start developing developing your your portfolio website in in ways that that we talked about here? What are some of those steps that you guys are planning on taking? Yeah, I think that something that took me said, like, even a time in school and in a situation I don't particularly like I feel strongly about and, like, figuring out the three year, three to five things that I'm like, really, I couldn't get out of that experience in this kind of own own, where I'm at that point, and then just like, work on things when that, and you have to have any more clarity. I mean, you came in this making weekend saying, you know, I'm not sure whether I'm going toe can continue or for their school or not thirty on that? Well, I don't know, because I still giving of...

f camera, I'm like parties will likely only six months, like you're so close, and everyone still saying, like, you're so close, and I don't know it's just taken or everyone and just stop or until it's still a conversation it's definitely still gray area but this is giving me my clarity. Hopefully we can we can we can close you on that deal like that today anyone else? You know I'll say that, you know, I came into it from a little bit different angle, you know, not looking teo further my career, but, um the one thing that I have, you know, kind of the one overriding thing that I've come up with is, you know, being able to look at it from the other side, you know, happy and everybody's um, opinions allen's on, you know, from the higher inside and, you know, in days from the mentor side, you know, and being able t use those things and what everybody you know and recognize what the mentees and the employees and everybody else are going through and, you know, and being able to really help champion that and you know, that was really helpful to make awesome two things that are definitely related is how we talked about the elevator speech. Now we only have a certain amount of time toe express who we are to someone I think that definitely relates to what we learned today with alan about six seconds that someone gets to know who we are, something definitely take a look at what the way I think of myself and how I can define myself uh someone when I first met him and there you go synthesizing knowledge and making connections anything for you jordan that you're funding on there's a huge list but you came in lourdes nothing there nothing you know like um yeah it's a pretty big list but um just yeah more or just the fact like I've learned a lot um just about everything like and you know, everyone's been watching they kind of see what we've been learning but um yeah, I just I would say the next steps is to put it into action and to do it and teo execute it do we have comments from online? Of course we dio let's hop on over. Um well, first even ah whitmore says I haven't learned anything I have gained wisdom this weekend interesting interesting of let's see yes it's sterling are steve whitmore says let the revolution begin um where did they go? Yeah, someone else's starling so when choosing something to throw yourself into to learn she's making like a really great cohesive learning plan based on everything that we learned this weekend making those elections way and guess who says reframe your current situation in the six word memoir and create your own story squares each of us has positive outcomes even when life appears negative at times awesome it's fantastic to hear such positive feedback and the people are really taking taking what we talked about this weekend and implementing it in their own lives on speaking of implementation here's another one from susie sunshine who thank you to those folks who have been so active steve and susie sunshine and there's a whole bunch of you starling laure maybe that's right who said I called up a local group to learn to grow my own food first meeting next week I was always waiting for a bigger garden but aiken start small and grow on my apartment balcony for now which I love like don't wait till someday when something else is gonna happen because it's not necessarily today it is yeah and also thank you read this one here yet from from ravens win on that of the forty niners do uh ravenswin says this weekend was the perfect comprehensive roadmap to take him education into my own hands thank you and kelly j has been another active I've been I've been a hack a dem iq for years but I have always felt apologetic and that eventually I should go finish my degree now I feel confident to keep learning all the time everywhere and frame it better to communicate toe others love it we've got fantastic yeah jordan you wanted dotson lee you kind of spoke about it but I was just going to say like everyone out there everyone here um advocate this idea and this you know, tell everyone you know so that everyone can be learning everything you know I mean like it's not just us that should benefit from this um like I'm gonna go home and tell my friends all this stuff and I mean, I think ultimately what I learned in the process of writing my book is that everyone who has ever been successful it is a academic that's how they've approached their education, they've take it into their own hands even if they're on a college campus they've used the resources that are available instead of just going to class and turning in the homework because that's not going to get you there so absolutely yeah it's ah, we're like like the commoner said we're at the start of a revolution that sword going to be talking about this afternoon it's really exciting to see like we're out of we're at an inflection point where everyone here can have an impact and be part of that change have another comment here from you guessed it says I was exposed to a tool that I can use for two projects one of which I was really agonizing over how to manifest it and I'm over sixty years old that's as really cool life long learning another one from who me for me I never knew quite how to progress in my job related skills without going back to school but now I have access to how to be responsible for my own education. Great! Then posted.

Class Description

For most of us, getting a good education that prepares us for a satisfying, successful life and career means going to school and attending college. We pay our dues by sitting for hours in a classroom, doing the prescribed homework, and often paying tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of getting a degree from an institution of higher learning.

But that’s not the case for Dale Stephens, who decided at a young age that school and college weren’t for him. Instead, he embraced “unschooling,” which is self-directed learning based on curiosity, confidence and grit. Instead of blindly following what society and institutions say we must learn and how we should learn it, Stephens offers an alternative approach that is richer, more dynamic and geared to our unique interests.

Stephens is the author of “Hacking Your Education,” founder of, a highly sought-after speaker, and a successful investor and advisor. He and his special guest speakers will help you devise your own personal learning path, figure out your dreams and how to pursue them, learn to embrace your outsider status, and discover how to find meaning and purpose while also making a living.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a personal learning plan that defines what you want to learn, why you want to learn it, and how you will learn it.
  • Keep yourself motivated when you don’t have the structures of school.
  • Identify what your goals and dreams are and what you need to learn to realize them.
  • Connect with mentors and advisors who can help you on your educational journey.
  • Build a community with other “hackademics” to help you learn anything you want.
  • Create a portfolio to communicate your talents rather than a traditional resume.
  • Find a well-paying, satisfying job using subversive job search techniques.


a Creativelive Student

I'm not able to afford this class now but I saw the live view on CL and want to thank you! So many things I have experienced recently it was nice to learn that I am not about filters, time managing as innovators, taking smaller steps instead of reaching for long goals...chunking. Great course!