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Editing Select Footage

Okay, so we'll just get the shot. (beachy guitar music) And I think I'm gonna get the shot right before he catches the wave so I'll shuttle through this by hitting the L key repeatedly. Until we go here. And let's just make that our point right there. So hit the C key to cut that. Delete it. Still don't know what it was. Normally, I'd ripple delete everything. I think right now I'm gonna cut the audio just because we're just trying to get that eight minutes down to one minute. So we'll just kinda get... Figure out this shot. I almost kinda like this shot just stayin' kind of slow. So let's do that. Maybe... Yeah, maybe we'll just start there. I'll cut that a little bit more or trim it maybe. We'll end it at about just after he's got the wave a little bit. He's kind of cruisin'. Not that far. Maybe to there. Drag that over. Gosh ripple deleting is so much a part of how I edit so I'm not sure what's... Could it be because you're on the music timeline? No I've got the video track here...

enabled. I just meant the time signature at the top. Yes, maybe. Yes, maybe that's it. Thank you. Nope, still not doin' it. Oh well. It's not the end of the world. Just know ripple delete, it's a very good thing. Okay so I like this orbit shot. So we'll cut to that. Another thing I like about this shot, it's a different kind of shot. So we're going from a tracking shot to an orbit shot. So we'll keep that in there. Maybe not so long so maybe just... Just feel it, so. So right now I'm not editing to the music, but I still have sense in the back of my mind what it's like and I kind of keep the edit just as long as I'm interested in it. So that's about long enough for me. So as you can see, that was from 23 seconds to 28. So that's probably gettin' a little too long, but we're gettin' it shortened down. Now here, there's a cool wave shot which I definitely wanna use as just some texture. And here's some of our bird's-eye shots. I think I've got a bunch of these. I'm just gonna pick one. That one was kind of cool. I don't know if he... Let's see if we can keep him in frame. I think we can. So here you can see he's out of frame because of that high aspect ratio so let's go back to Effects Controls, Motion, and I don't know, see if we like that. And then to toggle up and down, just arrow keys again. I don't like how on the edge of the frame he was. Maybe we could do... That's kind of cool. I can dig that. So let's take it from when he's finally framed up. (laughs) He's goin' backwards. I don't know. I kinda like that. I like that kind of like angular... Let's keep that one. So I'm just gonna use my C then delete this stuff. Can't remember what... I think that's just another one of those top down. I'm gonna delete that. Bring that over. Normally, again, I would ripple delete that. Cycle through. I've got enough of those shots. Let's see here. We'll keep that one in the running. I mean, that's kind of what you're doing right? You're kind of in your mind you're like rating the shots and whether or not they're gonna make the cut. Whether or not they're gonna make the 60 seconds. Alright so toggle through. What do we got here? So now we're gonna have a ton of tracking shots. And so what I wanna do is pick the best ones. And for me, what's best is the ones where I'm a little closer. You get a little bit more of the drama of the shot. Also depending upon if like the guy got a good ride out of the wave so I'm just kind of preview this. I like the waves crashin' like that, matter of fact. So that would be a cool way to speed ramp. We could start real-time and then just slow mo that. And then have 'em keep going, and then when he does that little move there... That's not actually that big of a move. I mean, this is coming from a non-surfer. (laughs) It would be a big move for me. But I think in terms of the motion on the screen I mean, that's the impact right there. This is where it would've been nice to maybe shoot 4K or whatever. You know, if we could shoot 4K because then we could maybe crop in, get a little tighter. But, yeah, is there anything else we want outta that? I think that just initial spot. Cool. Cool, so I'll zoom... I just clicked there. I could've hit Shift, oops. My quickie deals are gonna be in trouble here. Okay. So we'll start real-time right there. I'll trim the beginning of that. Scroll 'til that gets there. Get 'em goin'. I like the motion on the right side of the frame, too, against the rocks. We'll get him doin' his thing there. And then there was kind of a weird, see how there's kind of a bump in the pan? Wasn't very smooth. So I might not show my hand there for my edit. Showin' it to y'all, but I mean no reason to... I mean, it's okay. The thing is we're really focused on the surfer. We're not so worried about the motion of the camera. It's not too jarring, but I don't know. Let's cut it right there for now. Again, this has gotta be down to 60 seconds so we got a lot of footage to work with. Oh, yeah. This is the ending. This would be would be a cool ending shot, right? So maybe we'll use that later. That last bit. So I think I want to maybe start here for the ending shot. I'll cut out the middle stuff and I will put this at the end so we'll remember that for later. I'm sure somebody at home is like, "I know exactly why your ripple delete's not working." I just can't see it right now, but anyways. Alright, let's take a look at some of these tracking shots. Cool. I think... I might be ruthless on that one and say no. Another thing you could do, I mean if you... I mean we have it saved on another sequence, but we might just drag those as like kind of as our B-grade shots. (laughs) And see. Okay, I like this shot. This is kind of cool. I got a little closer. I think he... Yeah. Cool. I mean you can tell the waves were a little on the low side for I think what these guys are used to. You can tell he was pumpin'. He was trying to get the most out of that wave. Sometimes you also need to just kind of be patient. Watch the shot, like, watch it in real time. Just see... Yeah, I'm gonna move that to the right. I don't know if we use that. We'll see. And then... 'Cause this. Let's see... Where is that one? So as you can see, we're just lining up the shots that we like. We're almost through the rest of this stuff. What did I do to that shot? That's the beginning of it, is it? Okay. Okay. That one's kind of cool. He goes on top of the wave like that. Let's keep that one. I'll drag that over. Then maybe find our in and out point. Think let's see where that starts. So I'm just fast forwarding. Oh, I see. I cut into... 'Cause it's just, I don't know, it just seemed like I was too far from him. I was wondering why I cut so far into his ride. Yeah, okay. Let's back that up. Yeah, as you can see when you go in reverse, just my fan on my computer's like turning on. It's like, "Oh." Yeah, we'll just trim it to there. And I'll show you real quick. So the, or not real quick but just I'll show you kinda how you can speed ramp this stuff. So this is all playing at that slow mo speed. So what I wanna do is, let's see how far this goes. Ah, yeah. This is the longer... Yeah, cool. So I think this is a long shot. But this is a good take. We've tracked him all the way from back there to by the rocks to the end. And so to speed up this shot let's do this. We'll zoom in a little bit. I'm actually gonna move this over. Cool, so right there, gonna kinda do that all in real time. And then right there when he goes up on top of the wave, let's slow that down. So right about, right there. So what you can do is you could simply cut the clip there and then just use the rate stretch tool and play with the time. If you do it that way then it goes from whatever speed to whatever speed. If you wanna be able to progressively go in and out of the speed of the clip then the way to do that is control+click or right-click on the clip and Show Clip Keyframes at the very bottom there. Can you see that? Yeah. And then Time Remapping. And then Speed. So right now this little line right here is showing you the speed of the clip. So that's the point in which I wanted to kind of slow it down. So what I'm gonna do is command+click right on that point. And so that's gonna give us a little marker. A little keyframe marker. And then before that, I'm gonna speed it up to say, maybe not full speed, natural speed, but maybe we'll go to like, say 200 percent? And we'll just kinda see what that looks like. Preview it. So now it looks like more like he's goin' real time and then he slows down and then maybe right there we'll go back into regular speed again. So I'll go ahead and command+click. You guys do much speed ramping in your editing? This is just a pretty quick way to do that. So command+click and then you can see that it has that new little icon, that up and down arrow. So then you can bring that back up to, say we'll bring it back up to 200 percent. So now we can kinda preview that and see if we like that. Slows down and then when he's back then he's back to speed again. And that's good because right there he's kind of pumpin', but I don't wanna cut outta that clip. So what I'd like to do. I don't know, maybe I will. I don't know. I'm on the fence right now. I'd kinda like to keep this continuous just 'cause it shows a nice continuous track. So let's keep that. I don't know. I changed my mind. I think right there we'll keep it. And then right there when he starts pumpin' maybe we'll just cut it. And then I'll cycle through. Get it back to where he's goin' again. And then he's doin' that again. So maybe there. Cut that. And join this. We won't join this together in the edit. We'll put something in between. There we go. Regular speed. And then right there again command+click. And then what we'll do is bring that back down. 'Cause I think right now it's at like 200 percent. If you just kind of like hover your mouse over it for a little bit, it'll show you what speed. So then yeah, bring that back down to 100 percent. And then once he's done with that little move. Back there. Command+click again. Bring it back up to 200 percent. Did I get it? Yeah. Yeah there we go. 200 percent. So that's how you speed ramp. And that's something that you would do a lot if you're shooting 60p and also if you wanted to ramp in and out of that and kind of not make it so abrasive. So right now it just goes straight. Let me back up. Let's see. Let's see. Where are we? Okay, let's back up to here. So now he's kind of going close to regular speed, then he slows down, then he's back again. And you can see it's like a definite... It's an obvious edit point so what you can do is you can ramp into that by, I'll zoom into this so you can see it a little bit better. So you see there you can drag those handles. And then that'll smooth those transitions out. Here we go. And you can drag 'em out. The tail end of that seemed like a little slow. So you can really kind of... You know, it just depends on the feel of what you're after. Cool. Alright. It's kind of nice that the Phantom doesn't include the audio from the... Our first drones is just like you have to like make sure that your volume was all the way down 'cause it'd be like... (makes buzzing sound) You know, it's just you're hearin' the drone so you delete all the audio, but now, with this one anyways, you don't have to do that. Alright. Maybe another kinda chill shot of him out in the water. We'll keep that in there for now just in case we wanna use that. I like, this is turnin' out pretty cool right here. (laughs) Alright so he abandoned... Abandoned ship, but that's still kind of a cool... So backing up with the J key. Yeah. So yeah, right there. I'll cut the beginning of that out. Delete that. And I know we'll do some ramping on that later, but I'm just gonna find out where. So I'm gonna get him right when he goes back in. Cut that. Go to the next clip. This was a pretty short-lived ride. Let's see. I can't remember what he does. That was pretty good actually. Oh yeah. He bail, but... He bails. I'm already using surf terminology. Cool. I like it though. So let's do that. Let's just pick up that one little move. Right there. And maybe like just right around... There. Trim that out. And you can just be ruthless. You're trying to get it down to 60 seconds. So I've always got my pinky on the tilde key just going, especially on a laptop. That was kinda cool. He did that 360. So that'd be a cool thing to ramp on. Sometimes you just gotta see it full screen. So let's, uh, I just wanna get maybe the beginning of that. Where the water kicks up off his board. Trim to that. I'm just quickly rockin' through. There we go. And he does that little 360. (laughs) He falls. Nice. My timeline's a mess right now, but it doesn't matter. We're just gonna put it all together in a sec. Ah, yeah. There's our little orbit. Him kind of going through the seaweed. And right here it just depends on what we like the lighting of. How do we, you know... I'm just gonna scroll through it. I kinda like how he's lookin' over at the other surfer. That's kinda cool. Yeah so let's maybe back that up just a little bit. Although I did like this initial... Yeah I think I'm just gonna... What do you think? The front end or the tail end? Front end? Yeah I kinda like that. It's a different kinda shot. Yeah, I'm gonna just cut that much. Oops. Cool. Wish my ripple delete was working. Well I could even see using the tail end just as a little bit as a lead into one of the other surfers comin' away from the wall. You know, that's a good point. Let me move that off to the side. Just in case there's time for that. I suspect 'cause we're doin' 60 seconds there might not be but... You know what? Everything's honestly, everything's a little under to me. Underexposed by maybe a third or two-thirds of a stop. I tend to expose a little dark.

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"To everyone out there wanting to learn how to fly a Drone and take incredible images and videos; I promise Blayne Chastain is your guy!" -Brooke, CreativeLive Student

Drones can be an expensive purchase, and without the proper knowledge, they can be dangerous and difficult to fly.Capturing the view from above can show perspective, creativity, and just look cool! But getting your camera into the air isn’t as simple as just grabbing a remote control. It takes knowledge, practice and patience to master your camera in the sky. In this class, Blayne Chastain will give you the tools you need to fly any drone and the techniques you’ll need to capture beautiful images and videos every time you go out.  After taking this class, you’ll feel confident in your purchase and in your footage. You’ll learn:

  • The basic components of a drone 
  • The safety tips and regulations everyone must follow when flying 
  • What to consider when flying in different weather conditions 
  • Simple flying techniques and advanced maneuvers to master 
  • How to capture beautiful media that you’re excited to share! 
 Blayne Chastain has over three decades of practice flying RC aircrafts. He is the co-founder of Cloudgate, a film company specializing in cinematic aerials. He's captured aerial footage everywhere, from the seat of a kayak in Iceland to chasing snowboarders down a mountain with his drone. With the teachings in this class, you’ll have the ability to maximize your flight hobby, and turn your images into a part of your business. 

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