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Spinner Shots

One of the other moves that we'll do are spinners, and admittedly it's maybe not the most creative title. Makes me think of like, what you put on your low rider. But, it's basically just that you're above the subject, and you do a nice slow spin. I mean, I suppose you could do any of these moves faster, but, typically, since we are doing sort of, aerial first-person view kind of shots, a lot of the times, first-person view, you don't wanna give the person watching the video motion sickness. So especially with spinners, as you're looking down, you're really changing somebody's perspective, 360 degrees. So, to go really fast is just super disorienting, and it's also not very cinematic. I mean, if you look at higher production valued type shots, like, if you watch a movie, you want an aerial shot, from a full-scale helicopter even these days with drones, they're doing less, they're applying less is more to just about everything, all the shots. So, I mean, I might be moving ever so slightl...

y, just to get a nice, smooth, spinner shot. So, let's go ahead and take a look how we do this. You know what, I'm gonna let, not let the surfers be so much the subject anymore, as is the location, So, I'm gonna try and get up a little higher. So, right now, I'm at 150 feet. I'm gonna go up higher, and see what we can do here. Yeah, I think that challenge is, with using that move these days too, is if you're not right on top of the subject, I think it's very, like with a lot of framing, you know, typically, it just feels right to use a roll of thirds on a lot of framing, you know, when you're framing up your subjects. With spinners, if you're working with talent, and being closer to them, I don't know, there's just something about it that feels like, right to have them in the center, you know. 'Cause you're spinning around, 'cause otherwise it just, it kinda shifts, it shifts the framing around the whole time. Whereas, if you have them in the center, they're still framed in the center, The only thing moving is everything else. To me, that was, used to be sort of like, the money shot when it came to spinners. I use them very seldomly, and a matter of fact, I don't know that I love this setting for that particular shot. But, again it is a go-to move, and the idea that you have these, sort of like, these safe top five, or as you develop your own sort of style, you might have your top 10. You wanna cycle through them, you wanna even keep like, a little check list, just to not get yourself, kind of stuck into one move.

"To everyone out there wanting to learn how to fly a Drone and take incredible images and videos; I promise Blayne Chastain is your guy!" -Brooke, CreativeLive Student

Drones can be an expensive purchase, and without the proper knowledge, they can be dangerous and difficult to fly.Capturing the view from above can show perspective, creativity, and just look cool! But getting your camera into the air isn’t as simple as just grabbing a remote control. It takes knowledge, practice and patience to master your camera in the sky. In this class, Blayne Chastain will give you the tools you need to fly any drone and the techniques you’ll need to capture beautiful images and videos every time you go out.  After taking this class, you’ll feel confident in your purchase and in your footage. You’ll learn:

  • The basic components of a drone 
  • The safety tips and regulations everyone must follow when flying 
  • What to consider when flying in different weather conditions 
  • Simple flying techniques and advanced maneuvers to master 
  • How to capture beautiful media that you’re excited to share! 
 Blayne Chastain has over three decades of practice flying RC aircrafts. He is the co-founder of Cloudgate, a film company specializing in cinematic aerials. He's captured aerial footage everywhere, from the seat of a kayak in Iceland to chasing snowboarders down a mountain with his drone. With the teachings in this class, you’ll have the ability to maximize your flight hobby, and turn your images into a part of your business. 

Don’t know which drone to buy? Be sure to download Blayne’s “Drone Buyer’s Guide” to find out which gear is right for you!  



  • First, I wanna start off by saying thank you to Creative Live TEAM for giving me the opportunity to attend this class LIVE in-studio! The experience was everything and MORE I could have hoped for. The TEAM really makes you feel apart of the family and I can't wait to come back! As Far as the class goes: To everyone out there wanting to learn how to fly a Drone and feel confident in flying, take incredible images and videos and everything that comes with it; I promise Blayne Chastain is your guy! He covers all your questions and teaches you how to get started from Learning to actually fly and how to practice, to what would be the best drone for you, FAA regulations and certification, to editing and your finished product. AND MUCH MORE But in order to fully grasp all of this knowledge you must get this class! I promise you won't regret it and will only grow! Thank you Blayne, for opening this door for us and teach us that THE SKIES THE LIMIT!
  • The class was excellent in the information offered. Real info that can help someone starting out to get a feel for what they need to learn and practice. While the info was great, the presenter was not to the level of other professional speakers I've seen on CreativeLive. He didn't seem confident in the information he delivered, stuttered quite a bit and lost his train of thought quite often. The video cuts were poorly produced for the most part. Showing us how to fly a drone that is represented by a tiny speck on the screen was not all that helpful. It kind of felt like there was little planning in the production more of a "seat of the pants" lesson plan. However, with all of these presentation flaws, the content was great info, so I would recommend the class with the warning to be very patient with the presenter and the production quality - not normal for a CreativeLive class.
  • This course was amazing. Made me actually want to go out and buy my first drone. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn the ins-and-outs of operating a drone for aerial photos and video.