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Lesson 6 from: Learn to Draw: Interiors

Amy Wynne

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6. Outro

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Now that you've taken this course about drawing interiors, it's your turn to practice. And I really encourage you to find a space to work with. Apply the concepts that we learned. We took it down, we broke it down into simple steps, the one-point perspective, maybe grab a piece of acetate or clear plastic. Do some tracings. Really build gradually. And over time with one-point and two-point perspective, it will allow to take those concepts and allow your interiors to really develop in a way that has incredible depth and where the perspective feels really believable. Perspective and drawing interiors can sometimes put people in sort of a tight state of mind, like it feels academic or too architectural. But I'd encourage you to approach it in more of a personal way and really be easy on yourself and do multiple drawings. And keep a small sketchbook with you. Keep it in your bag, take it wherever you go, and just practice. It's really practice and process that really will help you develop ...

these skills. So I'm so happy that you joined me here for this course and I really hope that you continue to practice and just keep on drawing.

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Nora Masters

Inspiring and fresh. Amy does a wonderful job of teaching me information efficiently, showing the beginning of processes and the more finished process, as well as lots of alternative ways of approaching the practice. i love the student work shown as well to reinforce the lessons.


A miraculous teacher, with very refreshing talk. But to me has not become clear completely as with the Perspex disc functions practically without achieving absolutely shaky results. Could one not have shown this still briefly?

Student Work