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Assets and Libraries in Adobe® Photoshop®

I think less is more, but since this says inspire create play we need to add more to this photo right it's just a photo oh yeah I just you know mari yeah great she's beautiful but we want to have some add some fun aspects I'm thinking about having some graphics. Okay, so what would you normally do? I know you got a google images you goto google images you gotta do your search and you're sitting there and you're taking no I'm just kidding but what do you do your legitimately getting this is really a serious thing like where are you getting your assets from and are they is it legit for you to actually have to have an asset right um I honestly use I stock photo I did for a long time but with creative cloud I actually have access access to a ton of assets that I can use royalty free right in fact it's just right up here check this out right up here creative cloud so waken ad fonz from type kit as a creative cloud member of congratulations you don't have to pay for those individual those en...

tire font libraries and all that those foundries check this out we go over to market look, we have all of these assets available to us for free, right? You need a bike, you got a bike right you can click right here and you can see some of the different types so if you're doing a user interface you're gonna have and trust me like let me select user interfaces just kind of show you some of these for instance, I've seen like I mean, this is like complex stuff that I don't have to make because it's built right in I've seen entire like I'll s interfaces in here that I didn't have to make but that's how I get a hold of it now you don't have to scroll ad infinitum like forever you can jump out you could do your search because I think for her this is what I want to do I want to get a couple things, so I want to get I want to get music like some music notes I'm just typing in music yeah, like this I'll take this what do I do? I click what's going on here interesting ad to libraries this is brand spanking new guys and this is your best friend and photoshopped ok, check this out ad to libraries you're not gonna have all these, but I'll show you how it works literally you can create your own library, but I'm just going to click play project I'll show you how to create more of these but it's sinking to my play library right now, okay in fact I'll do that a couple more times because I want to grab some more notes but what do we do? We go into photo shop, we go to libraries open that up oh there's my library will expand that out there is my notes that I just added and let's just do that a couple more times mabel who I like that that one as well let's go with let's go with this guy right here ad that's a play project right in photo sha it's gonna had it right in here oh, thank you very much have you guys even seen my desktop? You guys have no idea what my desktop looks like, right? It's there's nothing wrong with it I'm just saying you have seen but overall that's what I do I'll jump in here violin violent you do have to make sure you have the spelling correct but you know sinking that up you look at this look complete set that's that's that's largely what I want as well so sinking that as well uh it it was teo you know, microphone microphone we have microphones and then ice cream cones looks like eyes an ice cream cone on the stand what is that a nice group going on the stand I kind of like it though let's sink that bad boy as well so again, I don't have to pay well azad creative cloud member I have access to these for free to use in any one of my projects obviously I can't download them and, like distribute like resell them but you know they're they are available to me so I could take that music note and I can drop it on you know, I can take this one as well and start to use them in my project, right? That's what I'll do jump in start to kind of have some fun with it take those two let's, shrink them down using some quick short cookies it's like, you know, it might be fun just to have some nice music notes kind of happening right in here, okay, so that's, what I'm doing, I may or may not make these smart object, but just kind of get that going like that stupid kate it that's all I'm doing duplicate it, okay, so I traditionally and ah layers layers panel guy like I click on these layers and then I'll like move, you know, that's what I'll do and then I'll click on this layer, then I'll move that guy um some people use the auto select, so with my selection tool selected use auto select will automatically select that layer as I click on him I can move them around ok and that's largely thing for people that are sane, newer to photo shop I kind of do it the old school way, but in general this is a better way to do it I will tell you this is this is how I typically work now though, so I'll still use layers I'll turn off auto select but I can turn it on at any time by holding down the command key so that will temporarily turn on auto select so I can move that guy over here and then you know, hold it down again to move him here and I could always jump in and select things by layers to right so get those in there like that let's get to that is that like that? Look there, right command key move things around you know, I could scale these different ways it looks kind of lame right now, right? Don't I mean it's the truth, right? It's kind of lame, but overall this is a case where I take all of these I hate that there's all these layers. This is another case where if I convert these all to a smart object and makes it nice and easy and manageable because it makes it one layer another way to do that is to do new group from layers put it all on its own little layer folder, but I'll just convert them all to one smart object I am done notes there we are hey let's change that again layer modes change that toe overlay and it makes it kind of soft or even soft light it just makes it really kind of soft and blends with the background because I think it was getting a little distracting but I'm trying to add enough play to this photo to make it interesting right so what did we do we use creative cloud market were able tio you know, have access to any of these files right? I know we're talking about photo shop but what about illustrator? I'm gonna I'm gonna diverge for a second cause check this out let's go into illustrator into libraries right let's go to that play project and there they are so check this out there's my note guys this was a raster file in photo shop in illustrator its vector so it knows which one to use what what file type to use depending on the program I don't know it's kind of blew my mind did that just happen? I don't even know you're so you're telling me yes I am telling you that's an awesome but I can start to use this any way I want and add more to it and this is where I kind of get lost in some of the details but overall we could take this shrink that down why not put that right there you know, just for fun, but the point is is this is all always available to me in illustrator in photo shop even on the mobile labs so there's adobe aps that you can get for your ipad that has access to your libraries okay? And I'm building a quite a nice library here I want to do something I'm gonna I'm actually it's clip back to my design because I want to do something else now I'm a nice library here I want to get into colors fact let me do this really fast since I have this set up this play project looks great, right? I could be working with a developer on this same project or another designer and I want to give them access to this in fact you know what else I want to do I want to take this play logo right that I just made it is like so sweet let's drop it, take that one guy and I couldn't drop him right into that library panel as well and there we have the play logo right play logo and all these different assets and named them whatever I want okay even for this text inspire create play I love that font and really I want this to be like the headline font for this entire project so I can take that and even right down here I could add that text style to that library dam there it is textiles less script we want this to be the headline you know font obviously right done and done so I'm starting to build this nice library that I can pull from for all my pages but again back to my situation you're using you're working with the disease junior design remember your senior in this scenario you're the senior designer but check this out I can collaborate with someone else on this library so yes I can make new ones and whatever that's what you see in here with this drop down I have many going on but here collaborate thank you uh uh and then all I need tio do is really honestly send them an email that's what this is going to do it's going to ping them hey you know what sir paul shared this library with you and they will then have access to it right in fact as soon as I share it let's just you know collaborate uh so this is the product you know, the design assets for the project since I'm sending it to myself invite they get an invite I just sent it to myself so what's actually gonna happen is it will pop up here in this home street stream in fact it might give you a notification so we'll give them a notification on their computer saying hey you know what somebody just shared this library with you and yeah that should happen I just shared it with myself, so I don't know if it knows that it's me so it might not give me that pop up, but you guys get the idea right? So there's no like hey, did you get I'm sending you the assets and email id zipped up everything and here it is and so you didn't get the fuck you don't get the email because it's like it was a zip file, it was too big and you go through the whole rigmarole and not only that's like what if your assets are out of sync here, they're going to be in sync, right? So I could even be working the branding person they make the logo it's going to be sync up right there, I can pull from that. Okay? All right, any questions around that? Yeah, question in the back story so far, I haven't ever seen my own market or libraries quite yet, and I have the photographer photoshopped light room membership is that a separate membership? You purchase or is it you have to buy the whole thing, or how does that work you? That is a good question. I want to say that you'll have access to the assets I'm just not one hundred percent sure, because I haven't seen it, but you should have access to it like you as the if you have the photography plan you have a light room you have photo shop and then the services and this is one of the services just like type kid is so you should have access to it but what we should double check that which is wonderful yeah and honestly guys they'll be we just uh just purchased photo leah photo has a huge stock photography library if you will it's like your eye stock photo largely based in europe huge and adobe has just purchased them so I'm not saying anything but like that's good news right that's good news so I don't know guys is going to be awesome so again having that at my fingertips being able to do something like this is something that's been needed for a while now to be honest with you oh and by the way like just I just did that I did the headline oh, look textiles over here play inspire I have that textile boom I just added it sorry it is white text but look I just jumped into illustrator and I applied that text style to text in illustrator so definitely really cool what you can do and again brand new this whole collaborate feature his brand new as well nice everybody's pulling from one area the thing is this is another this is something I want maybe the question you guys might have is like what happens when you change you know the microphone like if I drag out this microphone and I somehow change it right you change it all you want it's not linked. I got two layers selected it's not at all linked to the library, by the way. So just put a copy in my file. I think next step might be where the case where that play logo might be linked to your library and then a few update that library asset it updates in all your ps steve a cz well ok, okay, so that's looking good I I want to do something about somebody died into color real fast as well. A color again there's a zillion different options of things that we can do and just kind of toe really show you what it can do. I typically like going out to color dot adobe dot com it was once known as cooler kul e r, right, so here it is. This is all kind of works together. So as I dragged that out, I just get to have fun, which I like how it keeps that consistency because anytime we want, when you pick a color, we want to have the same intensity of the other color. You guys know this like as designers and photographers what's it's doing an analogous or I could do monochromatic, so when I dragged this over it's gonna give me the monochromatic but this is again your color is your color theory class you know, on a site typically what I'll do is I'll do complementary colors so this is how I'll pick the color there's a couple different ways but companies logo's blue I drag it over here to blue what's the opposite color is going to be that sort of that orange our gold so it's like denver broncos right there go broncos no, I know I'm depressed why, hon? I'm depressed but that's what? I think I think denver broncos because I'm from denver christmas l a lakers you guys get the idea but that's why those colors that have been picked for those various teams and christmas and holidays eyes based on those complementary colors right it's like you pick one color you want to take the opposite to use with it the next situation is color intensity which this does not tell you right yellow is such an intense color you don't want to use a lot of it it's like nine nine parts you know nine parts blue toe one part yellow is the situation there so color intensity needs to be taken into account right there's if you're interested in a great book it's called itn's elements of color and it's like this just this thick it's like super thin but in some color here you go itn's elements of color just punching that in if you want a quick synopsis of color theory and all that I highly recommend that book it's been around for years because honestly it's not like we're inventing any new colors right? So it's okay that the books twenty years old, right? Okay, so in general this is how I dive in and sort of deal with color theory pick colors that way that's one way to do it let's check this out but what's this little create from image this is interesting clicking there let's try that what I mentioned I pick well let's jump out there I'm using this mari photo loading that in bam it picks the colors from that image I just load it in right and I could start to tweak it a little more actually let's get a little like that but I can obviously start to drag this around and get different colors like that. Okay, I get saved this now right? It's called mari I can call it something else play campaign whatever saving that right I've saved that color palette right? And now when I go into it will it should be sinking it let's make sure well private yeah it's right I might have to download it, but let me show you something even better than this guys, by the way oh, I think it put it in my color palette. All right, so let me show you something cool a cz well, let me show you something even more awesome there's a lot of my colors let me show you something else by the way, something even even hotter right now so the short of it is is I might potentially be out and about and I might want to capture colors wherever I am ok? And uh that's why I use something like adobe color which is what I have right now just launched it and at this point you guys concede here and I'll show you the camera in a second but see how it's already moving on my shirt probably selecting some blacks right? So we'll just focus that thank you and again it's picking the desk colors and different things but I also picked up this cool business card look at that shameless self promotion my business card but I could jump in and sort of grab all of those colors hopefully you could see that let me just reposition my finger. But again, this could be anything if you're in a cool place you got to, you know, find some cool wallpaper whatever aiken snag that color theme and we'll just call it theme tio I'll click done right and that's going to sink you guessed it to my library right capture colors anywhere and I didn't even get into shape adobe shape is another amazing app that will allow me to grab a shape of anything and it will get the vectors of it as well. So look boom, there it is you could see on my desktop I didn't call it anything I just called it theme too, but those were the colors that I just took and now I can go ahead and use that right and, uh yes, super powerful same thing for shape if you ever have a chance to check out shape, please do but shape allows you to if you're even doing a drawing and you want to capture the vectors of that drawing like I did on paper now what I have to, you have got to scan it in and trace it in illustrator you don't have to do that, you literally use shape to jump in and, uh, grab a vector version of that, which is what I would I like to show you right now if you guys don't mind. There is also another app called brush and I know we're not dealing with sort of illustrating or anything like that, but I can it's amazing I can pretty much take a photo of anything and I can turn it into a brush, so I've been working on this project around candy and everything so I'm taking pictures of like candy corn and I can make that and I've made it into a brush but at this point and again we'll just do this really fast just to show you if you don't mind because I think it's really interesting to look at but even right now those green lines it's grabbing the vectors right it's grabbing the vectors of of whatever I'm pointing the camera at so again let's just jump over here well, he has shameless self promotion but I need to grab something let's just do the signing like even if I wanted to grab that or this I don't know if it'll grab it but I can obviously grab that outline right? So that's that's the vector asset that I've just snagged I'm not saying it's pretty but we're gonna go ahead and use it I can remove some line so I can easily just draw with my finger but essentially I mean to say that has shaped too and we'll see that also on my desktop so you have a lot of flexibility uh well let's call this paul save and that's going to sink to my library as well but this is the whole idea guys like I don't want to deal with a t f I like a font file even my own files even brushes and all the stuff I just want my assets available whenever I need them right and that would be in your libraries panel and that will sync up here in a second we'll get that it's actually sinking right now we can see that little progress bar right there and uh yeah, it will appear in here but well this way for that so unless I want to jump in and I might want to use some of these colors okay so I can start to pick them actually in illustrator doesn't matter guys that's the tricky part since it's all sink top I forgot what program or what what happened I was in but I'm gonna jump in here and I'm going to create a new layer here's the colors so whether I'm using colors of mark these mari colors or color from these themes that I've grabbed I can jump in and start to select maybe just a couple of colors and start to use this and this could really be the you know, the color swatch for the campaign but that's what I do I would typically when it comes to picking colors I'll pick from the logo and I'll pick from the photo itself just like our loaded it up I would pick colors from this photo if I wanted to use those colors elsewhere because it's going to tie it all in nice and neat in this case I'm gonna pick something a little bit different I can again just pick up a couple different colors I'll just jump in and use the grady and tool and you know I can do sort of you know do a quick you know a grady in't like that right? Whatever we could make it just nice and warm okay and at this point aiken change the layer mode here a cz well to say for instance overlay it's a little hot or soft light so that already kind of I love how it kind of blows right but this is where I'd start to have fun with it you know and maybe even create a new layer and start to add like seriously I've looked at some of this stuff before him like when am I ever going to use this spectrum grady in't I'm like never in a million years I am I going to use the spectrum graded but I actually do because it's I just change the say that the mode and you get that nice sort of burst and I could start to play around with this like all I want in that that starts to say that starts to say play to me just by adding that splash of color it's not just your standard photo and uh again all it is on a new layer which one you guys like you like this one or this one he has like this one better is this one a little much so much uh I agree dumb idea sorry I don't know what I was thinking I was bragging bragging about the spectrum radiant but play with these different layer modes even as I change it to darken but that's how you get those various looks that she will see around and typically I'll see people use dark and then maybe multiply and then we'll jump down tto overlay and soft light overland soft light I use plenty more than anything as you as you may or may not be doing as well all right so let's move on I could do a couple other things because they're also I'm noticing for this background check this out it's still a complex design and I really want to focus your eye and I want to simplify this a little more right because that background maybe it's a little too it's still a little too much detail well I can jump in and I can add gaussian blur to that which is what I do and now we start to push that back further if you will and now it focuses more on her right so that's what I do add that guess what, guys that was a smart object remember how I made it a smart object said hey I'm gonna be my own little file you know it's going to like hey unprotected pixels you could apply uh you know any one of these blurs you could see it right over here by the way kind of small, but all in all that's, that smart filter, always editable, so I could always double click on that, jump back in, make it more, make it less, and I have that sort of control, right. I need to clean this up a little bit, jumping here, even just grab this brush and kind of make that a little more tight. So, yeah, cool. Ok, not bad. I might play with this more, but this is essentially what I want, okay? And I have access to those colors, and I can start to use those colors for this particular design.

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Adobe® Photoshop® is a powerful graphic design tool. You can use it to layout websites, make posters, and produce design elements. Learn all about the features tailored for graphic design and how to use them in Learning Design in Adobe® Photoshop®.

Paul Trani will cover setting up files, creating graphics, adding fonts, and managing all your layers and assets so making updates is easy. Paul will demonstrate pro tips that will help you make great designs and feel like an expert.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2