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Creating a Website Layout Design in Adobe® Photoshop® Part 1

We're doing this play campaign first thing I need is the logo somebody goto file and I can easily just drop in any asset in the photo shop basically you're embedding it so check this out place embedded wanna place a linked file okay and uh it started kind of explanatory what it does but I'm gonna jump out to my desktop and I'm going to grab that logo right there placing it right in there that's my linked asset place that in here this I'm going to save this this is going to go right here this is going to be my home home page this could be anything could be a poster anything I'm saving this as home psd now if I happen to make again a new file and I placed that same linked file like I'm doing right now there it is I can put that right in here for my about paige ok so now we have our home and we have are about I'm going to set these side by side now let's check this out really doesn't matter which one I'm on but here's my home page as I select this logo I could see that little link right t...

here but I'm going to go up to the property's panel says this is a link smart object and actually is pointing to that path right there okay that illustrator file like it edit the contents I can click that button or I could just even double click on the layer and it will open that up but the short of it is I can jump in here it's actually manipulating this I can manipulate this asset maybe changed this letter to a different color let's make it white okay, just saving that you know closing it it's going to change here right changes it there as I click on the about paige you could see that updates there as well so that's why I typically use linked assets and that's what I would do here I would jump in I'd be like ok, I'm going to do another thing I'm gonna open up this piece check this out and this is how I work guys like all have like the navigation psd okay so I have this navigation psd has obviously my navigation right there just showing it to you and I'll start to place that as a linked file so that whole psd is now going to be that linked asset right there in fact I can even just drag it over right there so now when the client comes back and says or the boss or whoever comes back and says oh, you know what that's not supposed to be playlists that's supposed to be artists so I can jump in there and when I make that change you know like that I save it I close it it updates here it updates across all of my pages right linked assets you guys get that right probably the the is it super sexy no is a super useful heck yeah right so that's what I do I'll have those assets external whichever ones I want that are externally convicts total what happens guys if I accidentally like delete or remove this now psd and I open up the file that to using it could give you like the little question mark yeah so so yeah it's still going to keep that asset in there right but you're not going to be able to edit it because it doesn't have it anymore so it actually you're always gonna have that content available in your psd even if it can't find it you just can't edit that logo for instance but it's still going to be in your design because photoshopped keeps a copy of it right all right so we're working on this move this up there we are huh yeah boring that's a little boring right let's get some exciting images in here shall we so this is another thing I do guys it's like you're another pro tip but I have all of these images right and I want to load them all into one psd right because I want to use these images in different ways and really need to find the one I want to use so what I will do is all actually launch bridge some opening up bridge and hear all those assets so I can start to select all those images some like I want to use them all I don't know which one like I'm very indecisive when I design, but over I can take all those images and I can come up here and I say, hey, you know what, load all those files into and just make them various photo shop players because that's what I do, I typically collect all these assets and I have to drag them into the other psd and like, get them all in one place. This just does it for me because I'm not sure what it means having to use, so I'll do this load files into photo shop layers that's been around a while let's go over here and, uh, is something that I used to this day because it just makes life easy for me, okay? It's going through and doing that their various sizes and we'll let it do its magic, but this is usually where I drink my coffee because I can, because typically I would be doing this let's drag this in here and drag that in there, all right, there does not one it names all those layers thie the file name, okay, so there we are, they're all loaded in their great there they are I can click through them all but I want to use some of these images over here so that's when I'd start to decide ok, what image is going to be good for my layout and uh since this is a web layout I can actually cycle doesn't that guy have awesome hair man again is awesome here come on okay, I like her so when is we're gonna move this one up to the top I like her she's actually she's looking a certain direction but now I can kind of come in and pick out a couple of the files that I want to use uh really like this girl mari I kind of have a crush on her I don't think she knows it but I d'oh and I'm just going to drag those over into my layout and always keep that as a backup and a lot of times guys I will take all of these layers and I'll make that new group from layers and I'll just call it photos you know always available to me whenever I want to use it right? So again I kind of have that as a backup but in general I'm kind of back over here and I can start to sort of position this in the place and start to use these the way I want to use them all right? That's that's not bad um this is pretty good I'm going to start re sizing and manipulating things what do you guys do when you know you're going to like, make something small and then larger and you're not sure the size what do you what would you guys normally do with that layer you guys know? Yeah perfect so you'd make it a smart object, right? And this is something every designer should be doing right? Because if I scale this down and then decided I want to scale it back up I'm gonna lose that quality if it's not a smart object so she's actually blurry now because I shrunk her deleted pixels now got to scale it back up bad idea amateur move paul amateur move so what do you do? You right click converted to an object you do that all the time what is this now? It's a separate file so I'll just double click on it and that's my separate file but it's maintains the integrity of that particular photo I'll scale it down because you know I'm not sure the size I wanted but something like that might be what I want okay, so this is not bad I'm going to jump in here. Another thing I'm noticing is that for her particular the way she's looking typically you are read for a website or for most things is going to be the upper left and whether that's based on you know latin that the fact that you read from upper left lower right but you're always looking at the upper left right what's happening you know, she's kind of looking toward that low I don't mind that but I'm actually going to flip her so I'm gonna flip her horizontally so she's kind of looking more at the navigation because that's the next step for the users to kind of get them into the navigation or the content so any time you add a photo of someone be really aware of which direction they're looking, they've done eye tracking studies and they can say where she is looking the first read is going to be the human face second one is going to be like where they're looking it's really interesting and that's what's going to happen in this case the people actual look at her and then they'll look at what she's looking at which is this the knave here in this case but I can put anything there and that's why I like this photo so coming in here I have the navigation that looks pretty good I have this logo I'm going to change it a little bit let's make it all white again since I did that it is going toe update across up across all of my layouts and the next thing I want to do guys is I want to really create who want to create some depth with this all right, I want to create some depth here I think would be really cool if, um, I have maybe her head kind of in front of the play logo, just like they do on magazine covers. Right? So since it's her hair typically this would be somewhat complex to do write the check this out let's do this let's just leave. This is is so this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to go in here and this is something I'm gonna try, guys, because I could jump in there and I can use them, you know, magic wand or the lasso tool and like, whatever, I don't know how you guys were doing it, maybe using magic wand that's probably what you are doing, but check this out any time you have something in focus in the background is blurry, you can use focus area selection, so select what's in focus is what this will do so and this is a very shallow focus, so the background isn't even that blurry, but I'm selecting focus area. I'm I didn't do anything. Guys, I'm not touching anything. It already selected her. I love that. Come on, people did that just happen? We're missing part of her arm hey, let's, bring it back. There's her arm let's bring back our ah thank you thank you but look what he just did it did a pretty darn good job and I could go in and tighten this up any way I want just by selecting a certain areas mainly I'm just concerned about this one area guys but look, I hardly touched anything it did the focus range I can come in here and I can make it select more or less if I want to just by adjusting the slider right but that's all I need to do I wanted to show you how quick this is create a new layer with that mask click ok done and done right? So now we have we have this we have this layer right and then we have the background layer so now all I need to do is like take this play logo and move it behind her hair, right? But look, we're noticing a little bit of an issue look that's not perfect come on, what is what's going on here? Let's fix that it's pretty easy guys I'm selecting that mask I actually could have done this in the previous dialogue but I'm just showing you I can mask this edge or even feather it out more pretty easily actually that's feather is all that that's easy enough but I can jump in and mask edge and use smart radius and start to grab same or of her hair or less of her hair with smart radius but literally I'm just selecting that it did a pretty darn good job I can actually pick up more of that but that I think that looks pretty good overall I don't want to hide the logo too much but that's what I want I want that depth and I can always jump in and paint with black or white to grab more or less of her okay, so there's that there we go this navigation needs to be kind of behind there we go so all in on I'm sort of developing this in the reeds actually certainly see her honestly I how I got to the site I better know that it's play I probably read something that said play that got me here ah lot of times with text you guys probably know this like I can even pull out the a out of play and you will still read that as play so that's why they do that a lot on sort of magazine covers you're going to read that word you're not an idiot you mainly need the first one and you need the last one right? And people do a great job of filling in the blanks I guess that looks pretty good, but since we're talking about fonts and I'm gonna get into fonts now right a zay mentioned because I dio as part of the brief says inspire create play it's like okay let's use that I think that's fun to use in this design so I could just jump back out of my home page you know like why pasted in there right inspire create play is that why there is my texts but we need to make this more fun it's not bad I like actually how clean it is but check this out this is what I want to d'oh and since this is photo shop cc I have access to type kit and everything type kid has to offer so right appear as I open up that front men you add fonts from type kit so that's what? I want to show you next clicking there it's going to open up it's like going to type kit dot com it recognizes me and this is nice because this is why I didn't need to get into fonts too much our earlier because check this out you have different classifications so you start to get familiar with these. In fact, if I want a script von aiken select script it'll sort through all the script fonts you know slab surf is really popular right now but you could start to soar and kind of narrow this down in fact check this out, guys right down here show me the fonts that are recommended for headings aiken select that these air typically going to be maybe more decorative in unique right but maybe not as your body copy and that's what it gives you in fact maybe I want one four headings that has different weights I can jump in and select those from from your heavy clear to your light and now I could go ahead and you know use book mania if I want to so I could sink book mania if I want to right now I'll just turn off that of those weights language support all that good stuff you can really dive into type kit and it will talk all about like the fonts that the popular fonts to use and there's a lot of advice in here in general but I'm gonna go to script for desktop use right I'm gonna use the headings I do like this lest script someone a sink less script right now so it's sinking it to creative cloud guys so check this out I'll go right up over here check this uh given to that under assets it's actually sinking those fonz what did I pick lust script it was not there a second ago it already got sink to my desktop right? So that's typically what I'd want to do if I take this ff market and again I'm gonna sink it really fast let's jump out there ff ff market that was really fast. I can't even scroll to it that fast. But in general that's where I find my fonts and start to sort through what's going to be good for headings and other phones so I don't need to restart photo shop. I'll jump back in here. I'll come in here and shuriken select those different fonts. In fact, let's, minimize this just to show you I could use, like, roll over anyone of these want names and automatically changes, which is nice. This was not available earlier, which this is great. I can sort by the different types. Guys, if I want the bold font type in bold, give me all the bold fonts done, right? Is that not cool? I like that. Uh, show me the type kit. Fonts. The nice thing about these type, kid frances, I'm working amongst with a team that that also has creative cloud. I don't have to worry about giving them the font, right? I'm like you didn't send me the father that no, no, no. You know what? They will open up this psd. If you don't have the font, it will ask you if you want to sink to your desktop, done like that that's awesome, right? That is really cool instead of like you didn't give me the phone can you send it to me and they go no it's a different time when I'm on mackin you're on pc and there's an issue in a way do you own the rights for this far because that's another issue you're giving away somebody else's stuff nonetheless I'm jumping in all select one of the fonts that I've ah lust script regular I love that song personal preference guys that's that's what's going on here personal preference jumping in here I can start to do the same thing with with even this I actually really like what's going on here uh bear with me one second as I jump in and I will take this as I start to take a look this is what I want to do now I want tio you might be familiar with masks so it just created this layer mask ok um let's actually delete that layer mask I will use the quick selection tool because I'm just going to jump in and start to grab say that portion holding down the option key or ah would be the old key on pc but I'm just kind of selecting this this bow and actually will select a little bit of this violin quick selection not a big deal with that selected all jumped out here let's make it a mask if you guys aren't using masks you should be right he has all should be using masks you never wanna write never grabbed the eraser all right, just don't just don't do it because like my pixels air still there this is all I really wanted but everything is still there survive disabled out later mask look, all those pixels air still there so we enable it that's all I really wanted because I wanted for that text the texas on white but I wanted that text to kind of be behind that bow and kind of behind that and I could always clean that up but I'm obviously creating somewhat of a depth deal going on here with even that text, right? Because again based on the same principle I could go ahead and you know, maybe not to be able to see the whole world word that you can actually easily see how that looks next thing is going on here guys, look, I'm starting to lose that eat this is where you want to get into a layer styles super easy all I need to do this is maybe a protest. I could just double click right over here in this white space and that will bring up layer styles because if I want to add a drop shadow to kind of make it pop that's what I want to do, I'm gonna add a layer style coming over here I can add a drop shadow you can see it right there. Welcome. Nineteen. Eighty five is what we have going on here, right? Drops out a lame you just ruined you ruined the myth of this death thing because now you're telling me it's a flat photo by adding this very lame drop shadow, uh, which is why I'm gonna fix that? You did this number ways, but typically what? All this is all just the size, and I'll do something like this. Check this out. We'll just change the blend mode. So when a chain instead of that being black, I wanted to just be thie darker colors of that photo, someone chooses overlay, right? And let me just show you guys can see that it sets it off. Let me actually turn this on and off so you can see what it does. We're not ruining the myth of this being a, you know, ah, flat photo, but it makes that text pop off more right? So honestly, like layer modes are your best friend when it comes to when it when it comes to, you know, designing.

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Adobe® Photoshop® is a powerful graphic design tool. You can use it to layout websites, make posters, and produce design elements. Learn all about the features tailored for graphic design and how to use them in Learning Design in Adobe® Photoshop®.

Paul Trani will cover setting up files, creating graphics, adding fonts, and managing all your layers and assets so making updates is easy. Paul will demonstrate pro tips that will help you make great designs and feel like an expert.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


Andrew Pardue

As an intermediate Photoshop user, this course was very helpful in learning several ways to not only improve my design work but also save a lot of time in the process.