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Design in Adobe® Photoshop®: Layout Grids

I kind of wanted to start you know with an actual project so here it is it's like ok I get this creative brief whatever I meet with a client like ok, I need a website and I need some print materials right? So that's what I want you to do and it's for this play campaign it's like going to be this big music thing where a whole you know, music destination we have some artists signed we need you to promote these artists but it needs to be fun because obviously the play is actually the name of the campaign right? So make it fun the theme is to like inspire create play so that's pretty easy if I got this job in my inbox I'd be like yeah it is on such a fun thing toward with right but that's all I know uh I happen to have so the look I happen to have the logo and some assets but this is an ideological file new I will jump right in and I will sit down uh let's get comfortable, shall we? All right, so let's do twelve eighty by eight hundred. Obviously we have all these different templates and g...

ives may or may not know we update these a lot so you can get into mobile on ap design if you're looking just for a quick template I'm basically going with like a web size like this click ok done and done and this is typically what people will do this is what they will do they will start here and they're like, you know, pull out the rulers and they're like, ok, I'm making a website design it's going to be an eight column layout so you start dragging out the rulers like this guy got to drag that out, drag that out you know and you have to kind of go through this mess of doing all of that if you're making a grid based layout which is great to dio she don't need to do that so I'm hitting undo all you really need to dio interview you can create a new guide layout ok, so a lot of times everything is sort of based on a grid I can say hey, make that eight column lay out hopefully guys khun see that? Ok, so you get a certain number of columns certain number of rows right and even given him margin down at the bottom if I want to or on excuse me on all sides, right? That's brand new people don't know about that because you're busy dragging out all these guides tow line up things but I can jump in there at that just like that click ok and obviously anything I withdraw khun b aa easily kind of snap to those guides right? So that's what's that's what's happening there so that's, one easy way to get started let's, just actually do this. Take that away. I'm going to bringing in and actually let me just draw something really fast, just like I was doing a second ago. I couldn't jump in and, uh, any asset that I have created, if this is going to be my logo or whatever in the upper left, and I want to align things with it, I can have that items selected, and then I couldn't do a new guide from shape. Ok, so say, hey, you know, I need the line things up to next to photos all the time. I could say he and make all those various guides. And now, with that done, I can start to add, say, for instance, my navigation, because I have that guide already set up right? So easy ways to just kind of get you in it and eliminate the boring work, if you will, setting that up.

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Adobe® Photoshop® is a powerful graphic design tool. You can use it to layout websites, make posters, and produce design elements. Learn all about the features tailored for graphic design and how to use them in Learning Design in Adobe® Photoshop®.

Paul Trani will cover setting up files, creating graphics, adding fonts, and managing all your layers and assets so making updates is easy. Paul will demonstrate pro tips that will help you make great designs and feel like an expert.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


Andrew Pardue

As an intermediate Photoshop user, this course was very helpful in learning several ways to not only improve my design work but also save a lot of time in the process.