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Smart Guides and Aligning Objects


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Smart Guides and Aligning Objects

If I ever need a layout items, which is a huge deal, some of our assets right here that I was going to pull in, right? So we can pull in a couple of these assets. Okay, let's, there they are. There's those three assets, in fact, I will just bring them right down here. Any time you need a lineup. Items, check this out. You can actually turn on and show smart guides. Right? So if I want to move these around, or if I need to create, say, a duplicate of an object and I want them to be spaced evenly, check this out. I want to make these say, three different icons. I'll jump in here, and typically, what I would do is I would like, ok, like, do a click and drag right like that. And then you click and drag again. And this is how I'd major I jumped in to be like, ok, I use the marquis tool unlike, ok, that's how far off I am right? Amateur hour. I should not be doing that right. But check this out. I'm undoing that I'm gonna turn on smart guides. And now when I dragged this out says, ok, you're...

twenty two pixels from its friend, okay, great. Drag it out, thinking, oh, look, you're twenty two pixels from you, which is twenty two from the other guy. He's smart guides win aligning objects is exactly how I want to work, and it works for everything. By the way, now that I have it turned on, I can jump in and, you know, do what I need to do in these situations and it's always going to be up. In fact, I got a I got one minute, and I want to answer any questions you guys might have as I start to position those last elements in here because have any any questions at all? As I rushed through this, no. Well, that means I must have done my job. So thank you so much, there's. More I'd like to talk about, but in general, you can see how I can really get into this. Even if I hold down the command key. It, uh, should give me the position from the edges again. Smart guides.

Class Description

Adobe® Photoshop® is a powerful graphic design tool. You can use it to layout websites, make posters, and produce design elements. Learn all about the features tailored for graphic design and how to use them in Learning Design in Adobe® Photoshop®.

Paul Trani will cover setting up files, creating graphics, adding fonts, and managing all your layers and assets so making updates is easy. Paul will demonstrate pro tips that will help you make great designs and feel like an expert.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2