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Demo: In-Studio Posing

Lesson 6 from: Lifestyle Family Photography: Posing and Direction

Elena S Blair

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6. Demo: In-Studio Posing

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Lesson Info

Demo: In-Studio Posing

All right, family, come on in. This family is awesome. They have worked with me before. These kids are, last time I met, I was with this family, baby was inside mama, so it's been a little while. You guys wanna introduce yourselves really quick to everybody? What's your name? Canin. Canin. I'm Sarah. I'm Asher. Okay. This is Ariel, and I'm Levi. All right, so I want to know which one of you would like to come and do one of our standing poses? Come on guys, or I'm gonna pick you. I see you, I see you up here. I'm gonna pick you if you don't do it. Yes! Come on! Come on up here. (applause) Gonna give it to her in case she-- Does she need the mic, I guess? Okay, so what standing pose should we do? Do you wanna do the more basic one, or do you wanna get somebody on the shoulders? What do you think? Shoulders sounds fun. Okay, so let's come over here, like in this light- area and then I'll show, I'll make adjustments. So I want you to act like we just got here to the sessi...

on and you're gonna arrange them. I'll just stand with you so that they can hear you. Okay, go ahead. Okay. Is it Caden? Canin. Canin, Canin, can I have you get on Dad's shoulders? Get on Daddy's shoulders? Do you wanna get on Dad's shoulders? [Curly Brunet Woman] Alright, good job buddy! You gonna hop up? Okay, that's right, perfect, okay It'll be fun, huh? [Curly Brunet Woman] Get in there, get in there. Oh, right, oh yeah That's how you would do it, you gotta touch people, remember, that's my biggest thing. So, I'll have you stand-- You can touch me, it's okay-- You're perfectly fine there, maybe a little bit tilted here, and then Mom, I'm gonna have you, actually face him, you're like, I've done this before, I know what to do. So come towards him, get really close. It's gonna be very intimate, and you are doing a great job, and I'm gonna have you come right in here, and you can stand right on Dad's hip there, and I'm gonna have you bring this hand down on his shoulder. [Curly Brunet Woman] Nice. Perfect. That was great, alright, see she learned. Okay, so I'm (audio glitch). Okay, you can sit down (audio glitch). (applause) You guys are awesome, I'm gonna just turn them so that you can see them a little bit, so we're gonna turn like this. She did perfect, just about, I'm gonna have Mom come closer, and actually face him, like that, and you come out this way just a little bit buddy, like this, beep, beep, beep, and then hold on to Daddy so he doesn't get away, okay, I know he's gonna try and run. Can you hold his hands, so he doesn't run away, can you get it, he's gonna run away. And then we'll-- Okay, so that's just like that. Now what I would tell them to do is, I'm gonna take a couple pictures that you can see. This is a completely unrealistic scenario. I would never be with this light thing. So don't ask me about light, because I can't help you there. So, I want you again, Sarah, to face him right there, and I want you two to kiss, okay. (camera shutter) Perfect (laughter) Okay, again, go ahead and kiss, so then see how you can get in here and really get these moments that are happening right here, like and her. Canin, can you give Momma a kiss from up there? Can you give Mom a kiss? (camera shutter) Good job, perfect. (camera shutter) Perfect, okay, alright, does anybody have any questions about that? Good job you guys, you did great! Okay, nice work, family, I know this is a lot. Okay, who's gonna come up now, and do another pose? I gotta get a few more of you. I'm gonna- yes! Come on up, (applause) Alright, do you want to do a standing or a sitting? Let's try a sitting one. Okay, she's gonna try a sitting pose. Hi, I'm Sarah, it's good to meet y'all. Hello Hi, Sarah. Okay, Dad, let's have you sit comfortably on the ground, however you're comfortable. She listened. (laughter) Can you guys see them okay? Yeah, okay. Good job, okay, and then Mom, I'm gonna have you come sit at an angle right here by Dad, kind of lean your back (mumbles) great. So, Dad, put your arm around Mom, perfect, Okay, which one's Canin? Me. You're Canin, okay, great, can I have you come sit right in your dad's lap, and then, is it Asher, yeah, let me have you come sit right on the other side of Dad, right there, perfect. [Curly Brunet Woman] Good job, Buddy. Okay, and everybody look right-- [Curly Brunet Woman] Well actually, look at each other, don't look right at me, so Canin can you look at your brother? Awesome. Good job, perfect, okay, so what I would do to fix this, right away, is pay attention to little things like this, see how Dad's arm is, up like that? So I would just come and tell him to do this, so just right there, and then Asher, you look great, but I wanna see you better, okay Buddy? Can you actually sit on Dad's lap, do you think? Can you sit? So put him on that leg over there, Canin on your left leg, yeah, here we go, just like that. And if you can sit up, I know you're holding yourself up, but I want you to put your arm around these guys like this okay, and then, lean back, Canin, lean back. So one thing that happens a lot of times, is you wanna make sure Mom and Dad's heads are visible, that would be it, (mumbles), can't you. Okay, perfect, good job, you can probably sit down. Alright, so now, go ahead and look at each other, don't look at me, and Dad, I want you to just snuggle right in to one of your boys, it doesn't matter which one. (camera shutter) And see I feel like I'm gonna trip on this. So all the moments that are happening, right in this pose, you can get all of that. (camera shutter) Look at your Daddy, look and see if Daddy has buggers, can you see? (camera shutter) Good job, perfect, from all different angles now, one thing that's fun to do when you're here, is you can say, let's tickle the kids. Should we tickle them? (laughter) Yeah, they're really ticklish. (laughter) (camera shutter) [Curly Brunet Woman] Perfect. (laughter) That made me slide off! It did make you slide off, good job, Buddy! [Curly Brunet Woman] Nice, you guys, you guys are doing amazing. Okay, so who would like to try another pose. We're gonna get one more up here. Okay, they're great, this family is doing so well. Okay, do you want to do a sitting or standing? Okay, if we were going to try the lay down, right, that was your next. Yeah, that's next. Okay, So, I'm going to have you little boys just sit up for a second. We're gonna give Mom room, here on Dad's lap, and if she's comfortable, you can just keep holding her, if she feels safe, she's so cute. Take a step up here guys, right next to Daddy's leg. We're gonna give Mom a spot, look, do you feel like this a pillow for Mom? I don't know about it, let's try. Perfect, I love it, hey, how do you feel about walking behind Dad, right here, what do you think? What do you think about that? Amazing, can you just-- Yeah, what do you think about that? Come in this spot Pal, and can you hold Baby's hand? (whispers) And then, what do you think about sitting right here on Daddy's lap, what do you think? Okay, okay, okay. Perfect, look at that, she did great! (applause) That's amazing, and I like how she put the big brothers, so this is like what I was saying, you know you can add children, so families have more children than what I have showed you, and you can just put them around the family. And so, coming in to shoot this, this is kind of a funky angle, but-- So guys, don't look at me, go ahead and look at each other. Asher, can you look at Momma? Can you give Momma a kiss Asher? (camera shutter) Can you giver her a kiss? (camera shutter) (laughter) Good job, perfect, hi you, hi. Asher, you wanna give Ariel a kiss? I knew that, ah good job, good job, perfect. Now you look at him, and just kinda-- (camera shutter) Good job, perfect. Can you get her to lay down on you, do you think? You wanna lay down on Momma? (camera shutter) Perfect, perfect, alright, so you can get a ton of images really fast in these poses, if you just move around and if you're not afraid to tell them to move. Well, I can do a couple more poses if you guys would like to see me do a couple more poses with them? Okay, alright family, so let's do, one of my favorite things to show people is how to do a laying down pose, I know this is a hard floor, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Okay, does that sound good? Alright, so Dad, go ahead and lay down right here, with your head kind of like this, okay? Let's start with you. Right here. Yep. Actually kind of turn so your feet are that way. Alright, it's okay, they're fine. And then Sarah, come on over, so put your arm out. And you're gonna- they're good. Get in there? Yep. Get in there, I think they're okay. And when I do it, like out in the grass, or wherever, we're doing it like this but. Bring your body right next to him. Alright guys, come on, we're gonna pile on here, okay? So one of you is gonna come over here on Daddy. And you, oh you're both gonna get on him? (laughter) That's right, you come over here with Momma. Ready, (playful sound) and you're gonna lay right next to Momma like this, like here lay down on you (mumbles) Put your hand, yeah, just like that. Alright, perfect you guys. People ask me how I get this pose a lot. This is how I do it, okay. Great, now Mom and Dad look at each other, don't look at me. (camera shutter) Good job, perfect. Asher, can you look at your sister? Can you look at her? (camera shutter) Love it, perfect. (camera shutter) Perfect. Alright, good job, guys. (laughter) Nice work, family. Okay, let's try another-- (applause) Give them a hand, I know I'm making them do a workout here, and I am really fast, but like I said you have to be fast. They aren't gonna sit around and wait for you. I mean, these guys are being amazing, but in five minutes, they might be like, I'm done, I can't do this. Okay, so let's try another standing pose. So what I wanna do is get you to come stand right here and you to come a little bit closer to Dad, and let's give Ariel to Daddy, if she's alright with that. Yeah, she's cool with that, okay. Now which one of you wants to hold Momma's hand? Okay, op, okay, Canin, you come over this way for a minute. Okay, and he's gonna stand right in front. Face each other, okay, and then I want you to actually take a step out like this. I like the variation when he's kind of out like that. (laughter) And then Mom and Dad, give each other a kiss. (laughter) Aren't they cute, amazing, perfect. (camera shutter) Good job, guys. (camera shutter) (laughter) Are they getting you? (camera shutter) You see yourself popping up on there. (laughter) Good work, you guys, amazing, I love it. (laughter) Okay, nice work you guys. Alright, so another fun pose to do with Mom and Dad, like I said, I like to romanticize life with kids, I know that sounds crazy but-- So I'm gonna give Little One to Momma again. Okay, and so I'm gonna have Mom stand right in front of him. You're gonna stand behind her, and then I want you to put one arm around her, like this, okay, I'm gonna bring your hair up. You guys, I want you to come in and give Mom and Dad a big hug, can you come give them a big squeeze? Perfect, now Sarah and Daddy, look right up at each other. Okay, so kind of look up at Dad. She's like, oh, it's a cozy spot. You two, look right, look right up at him, and maybe give a little kiss from there. Try not to kill myself here. (camera shutter) Perfect, guys, good job. (camera shutter) Love that, and again, you can get all these little cuties in here (laughter). Sweetheart, (mumbles), she's so cute. And see how he-- what I like about when you place them is they will move a little bit, that's fine, that's okay. But where it starts is with you and then they get to infuse it with their own personality, which is super fun, and it's kind of spunky, and I love it, I love when they do that. Okay, so let's try the one where-- Let's try getting them, Mom and Dad, so okay, boys, come back here with me for a second. Okay, so Mom and Dad are gonna come stand right about here, alright. Beautiful Momma, okay, now you two face each other. Now I want you to just wrap your arms around her, just give her a big hug, as if you were gonna hang out, and you guys, can you guys stand here and you can jump up and down 20 times, okay. (laughter) Ready, go. (stomping) Now you two look at each other, Mom and Dad. Give each other a big kiss. (camera shutter) Perfect, (laughter) so cute, amazing, so cute you guys. Alright, I think this is good, I think that's enough poses for them.

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Kristen Anderson

I would recommend it because it shatters a few misconceptions about building a lifestyle photography business that a newcomer like me battles on a daily basis. So much information on the internet and just so much of it is false and should even apply. But we do, we waste our time and resources on pursuing phantom myths about the business and we suffer. Our families suffer. Elena addresses some of those misconceptions here and gives you some tips and models to follow to help navigate as a new start up business. She made me feel like my passion for this is not misplaced and to keep going. This isn't an all encompassing tutorial on everything you need to have a successful business. If you are looking for that, you won't find it...and heaven help you if that's your goal. But, it does do what it says it will do. Help you learn and understand the necessity of posing in a lifestyle shoot and implement poses that will put you and your families at ease and on the path to a successful session. I'd definitely recommend it for it's price point. It was very useful.


Elena Blair is a talented, positive and creative teacher. She is a great communicator, and builds you up as the student to be proud of where you are as an artist, while at the same time, motivating and inspiring you to take it to the next level. It was really neat to get a front row seat to her process. She is very energetic, and offers a refreshing perspective on how to run a session and a business. Awesome class! I can't wait to see what she does next!

fbuser 4acdd96d

Excellent course and great teacher. I love how clear and conscience she is. I also appreciate how she gives specific examples of her work, and step by step instructions on how she sets everything up. There are so many tips that I will be incorporating. I would highly recommend this course.

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