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Posing Formulas

Lesson 4 from: Lifestyle Family Photography: Posing and Direction

Elena S Blair

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4. Posing Formulas

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Lesson Info

Posing Formulas

Okay so we're gonna get into the posing formulas. It has taken me a long time to teach posing because I never wanted to give just a visual guide. I see a lot of that, like I was saying, I see a lot where it's just here's a pose that I did, isn't it amazing, it's a mom and two kids. And you're like, okay, that looks great, how did that work? I wanted it to be broken down. I wanted it to be something actionable, and so that's what we're gonna get into today. Okay I'm gonna give you like step one, step two, step three, so that you can actually take this information and do something with it. Okay so before we start though, I want you to know that you should make each pose your own. So I would be a bad teacher if I wanted you to go out and be just like me. That's definitely never my goal. Don't get too much into your head about these poses. If it's not working and you have to change something when you actually get out to try it, do that. Okay this is supposed to be your vision, and so you u...

se these as a jumping off point, you use this instruction as a place to start. So I want you to consider each pose a base. So do the pose and then mess it up, mess it up so that it works for you, so that you're infusing it with the family's personality and with your own artistic vision, okay. So don't get too much into your head. Maximize each pose. So what I mean by this is children are fast. My sessions last like 45 minutes to an hour. When people say oh my session's like two hours long, like really, your kids are not as rowdy as mine. They can't handle very long. So with one pose, I try to get a lot of different images from that pose. And usually I get about 10. So here's just a quick example. This is a you know a pose that I was doing, and I probably ended up with like five different shots, but there's just another angle from the exact same pose where you don't have to move the family at all. Because what you want is to make it as stress-free as you can for your family and yield as many images as you can out of each pose.

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Kristen Anderson

I would recommend it because it shatters a few misconceptions about building a lifestyle photography business that a newcomer like me battles on a daily basis. So much information on the internet and just so much of it is false and should even apply. But we do, we waste our time and resources on pursuing phantom myths about the business and we suffer. Our families suffer. Elena addresses some of those misconceptions here and gives you some tips and models to follow to help navigate as a new start up business. She made me feel like my passion for this is not misplaced and to keep going. This isn't an all encompassing tutorial on everything you need to have a successful business. If you are looking for that, you won't find it...and heaven help you if that's your goal. But, it does do what it says it will do. Help you learn and understand the necessity of posing in a lifestyle shoot and implement poses that will put you and your families at ease and on the path to a successful session. I'd definitely recommend it for it's price point. It was very useful.


Elena Blair is a talented, positive and creative teacher. She is a great communicator, and builds you up as the student to be proud of where you are as an artist, while at the same time, motivating and inspiring you to take it to the next level. It was really neat to get a front row seat to her process. She is very energetic, and offers a refreshing perspective on how to run a session and a business. Awesome class! I can't wait to see what she does next!

fbuser 4acdd96d

Excellent course and great teacher. I love how clear and conscience she is. I also appreciate how she gives specific examples of her work, and step by step instructions on how she sets everything up. There are so many tips that I will be incorporating. I would highly recommend this course.

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