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Lifestyle Family Photography: Posing and Direction

Lesson 3 of 7

Three Keys to Posing Success


Lifestyle Family Photography: Posing and Direction

Lesson 3 of 7

Three Keys to Posing Success


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Three Keys to Posing Success

[Female Presenter] So we're going to get into posing. So a few keys to posing success that I want to go over before we start getting into the actual posing instruction. So first and foremost you have to be relatable. So connection is going to start with you, the photographer. And that could be, that feels like a lot of pressure when you're first starting. Just like when I started this talk, I wanted you to know a little bit about me, so I'm not just like this person up here that you have nothing to relate to up here talking. You have to be relatable. I only do about two to three sessions a week because I put a lot of energy into each session. I spend quite a bit of time before I actually even get my camera out. Going face-to-face with every child. Our models that are coming in today, I went and talked to them today. Face-to-face. Really letting them know that I care about who they are as humans. Dad. I really work to get on Dad's good side because we all know that it's the mom who usua...

lly hires us, right? And so, (laughs) but you have to be relatable. You have to work really hard, put your best self out there, and it could be a lot of energy, but it's totally worth it. You're going to have to touch your subjects. So this one's sort of makes people uncomfortable. I know. I'm not someone who has a personal bubble, unfortunately for my clients. But for you this might seem crazy, but you have to touch your subjects, and you kind of have to touch them a lot. So they're expecting you to be in control. And sometimes when you know what you want, and you put them where you want them, it's just not working. If you're just constantly, like, trying to figure out, and tell 'em it's not going to happen. You just have to get up and move people. Show them. Sometimes, I'm like, put your head like this, and I'll actually move their head. Or I'll get in there and be Mom. And I'm like, no I really want you to stand like this and Dad's like, hey. And, you know, (laughter) But I do. I really touch my subjects a lot. I think that you have to. So you're going to have to talk to your subjects, too. Now, where are my introverts in here? I'm sure we have a few. Maybe? A couple? One back there, okay. So lots of encouragement. And this is, I'm going to tell you about a friend of mine who's super introverted who does all of these things, but you have to constantly tell them what you want them to do. Like in this one, for example. Squeeze your baby. Push, pull her in closer. Pull her in closer. And just stay right there, stay right there. I want you to really breathe her in. Kiss her cheek. You look so good, oh my gosh, Momma. You look amazing. The scenery is beautiful. You're daughter is perfect. Constantly. They need it. They need that instruction. Okay, you've gotta fill the silence. Okay. So my introverted friends out there, the thing is I have a friend that I've shot with who is very introverted and super quiet. And she does all of these things. She just does it in a quieter way. So it still has to happen. You still have to do it.

Class Description

Posing and guiding is an art form. Lifestyle Family Photography has gained a lot of popularity in the industry. What many don't understand is that quite a bit of posing goes into that lifestyle look. When you step into a lifestyle family session you need to have go to poses and the ability to guide your families into genuine emotion and interactions, all while keeping the session under control. During this posing class Elena will teach you what it takes to execute emotive family posing as well as give you step by step instruction for some of her favorite family poses. You will learn exactly what to do and say to create artistic and connected family poses.


Kristen Anderson

I would recommend it because it shatters a few misconceptions about building a lifestyle photography business that a newcomer like me battles on a daily basis. So much information on the internet and just so much of it is false and should even apply. But we do, we waste our time and resources on pursuing phantom myths about the business and we suffer. Our families suffer. Elena addresses some of those misconceptions here and gives you some tips and models to follow to help navigate as a new start up business. She made me feel like my passion for this is not misplaced and to keep going. This isn't an all encompassing tutorial on everything you need to have a successful business. If you are looking for that, you won't find it...and heaven help you if that's your goal. But, it does do what it says it will do. Help you learn and understand the necessity of posing in a lifestyle shoot and implement poses that will put you and your families at ease and on the path to a successful session. I'd definitely recommend it for it's price point. It was very useful.


Elena Blair is a talented, positive and creative teacher. She is a great communicator, and builds you up as the student to be proud of where you are as an artist, while at the same time, motivating and inspiring you to take it to the next level. It was really neat to get a front row seat to her process. She is very energetic, and offers a refreshing perspective on how to run a session and a business. Awesome class! I can't wait to see what she does next!

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Excellent course and great teacher. I love how clear and conscience she is. I also appreciate how she gives specific examples of her work, and step by step instructions on how she sets everything up. There are so many tips that I will be incorporating. I would highly recommend this course.

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