Light Painting

Lesson 2/19 - Pre-Show Banter


Light Painting


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Pre-Show Banter

Hello, internet welcome to creative live today we're here with ben wilmore and we're doing a workshop on light painting. Very excited about today, folks, this is our pre show banter, so we're checking our video and our audio. Please let us know in the chat rooms and everything is going smoothly for you. My name is susan rodrick, and this is kind of classroom. Good morning, everyone. How are you today? Great. Right. Last night it was super fun was very cool. You guys are going to be seeing and hearing a lot more about that. And how are you today, mr ben wilmore? I'm doing great. Just my brain is trying to figure out how it's not used to doing like painting in the morning is evil activity. So it's a little confused. This is a live work shop in the morning. Doing like painting is a little bit challenging, but we'll work it out. Well, we yeah. Okay, cool. All right, we're going to introduce you to our in studio audience. So why don't we start with you? And we'll just go around if you'd jus...

t introduce yourself. That would be great. My name is melissa, and my website is pure whimsy photo and my twitter handle is at pure whimsy photo hi, I'm nina hardwick my website is neena broderick witches and I n a h a r w I c k dot com of course and my twitter handles the same thing my name uh busy today going friend what today's it's a hara my twitter handle is jul eight two nine seven seven I know that sounds easy you guys might recognize your car she was actually she tried out for our thank you co host host so you might recognize her from our chat hosts workshop that we had auditions auditions thank and he wrapped it you didn't think it was iris and when my website is iris to like dot com I rise to you m u k dot com uh hi, I'm michael my twitter handle is at emmi webber to four that's a w e b as in boy are for all right well let's just take a second tio let you know then where people are joining us from all around the world we've got a steinbach canada also saw saskatchewan and I just love saying that word malaria is from norway and we have someone from the philippines it's midnight in the philippines dae jin good night good place to be like painting right now that's a light dinner right there that's true germany, berkeley, augusta, maine all over the place and harris is from okinawa

Class Description

You can create amazing images with light painting, and Ben Willmore is going to show you how! Making light trails, highlighting parts of your image, crazy spiral effects--all the fun secrets of light painting will be yours in this special 1-day workshop! Ben will show you how to use everyday light sources to make striking images, as this is a technique that doesn't require a lot of equipment. If you have a tripod and a flashlight, you can light paint, and Ben is going to show you how!



Really cool class so far. Just wanted something to get some inspiration and this is fun class but it's gonna force you to exercise. I don't work for creative live but I don't have to say that the quality of the few classes I've just started in photography is very good. I once was a professional photographer and I've taken lots of live classes and I feel the value of these is good. I am looking forward to watching the Clay Blackmore class.


This course was a lot of fun and the instructor was an excellent teacher. I was able to go out and start light painting right away. Highly recommend this class if you are interested in this type of photography.