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Live Shoot: Soft Light

Lesson 4 from: Lighting Styles: Working with Soft, Medium and Hard Light

Matthew Jordan Smith

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Lesson Info

4. Live Shoot: Soft Light

Lesson Info

Live Shoot: Soft Light

so we'll start by shooting with a soft light. So we have this beautiful model here. And what have you sit in this chair? We're using a soft box for the shot. So I moved a little bit Video reading again, just to see where we are. Light wise. Why drive a sip of water here? Eight on the nose. Can you go 1/3 over the reading? Perfect. But this right bag there. So the meter tells me f eight and this is what I normally do. I don't want to shoot normal, So I'm gonna shoot 1/3 under what? The light tells me some Oh, exposing by third. So we're using a very soft light. That's nice now, angle. But I also is a big deal when I'm using a soft light or ah, hard light or medium light. The angle still matters now, and soft light is harder to see the light. And very often I've watched my assistance step of soft box. They place it, they're like, Oh, that looks good. Yes, it does. You put salt box anywhere and it looks good. It's soft light, it's soft and you can't see the light. However, when you know e...

xactly the thing you want that like to be, you can raise it up a little bit, bring it down and you find that out by testing your life and figuring out where you want to be. I also found out by testing the light, the angle that I like. So I have my life on a boom, so it's directly over and it's give me softer light because to enhance the softness, the angles, a big deal as well. You see, I had this soft box over two inches. I see more detail in her face, with its a soft box or hard light. You see more, apparently, on a hard light source. But here, by move I like over two feet or two inches, little by little, like more detail in her face, which I don't want a woman's portrait. I want soft and porcelain. We are lovely. That's nice. Beautiful, just like that. Right? Then change my expo here, right there. Can Alec that That's what I want. Beautiful. So the 1st 1 and gave it a little more explosions show you what that looks like being shut on the meter that opened up 1/3. So if beauty portrait's or cosmetic I want this could be coursing and clean now using overexpose it by 1/3. Thanks be cleaner skin that was so beautiful like that. Beautiful other sizes. Nice. Not that about that right there. Bring sure to because a tear that pass it, pass it lovely. The pair. They're beautiful, Beautiful Now, guys, when you're shooting, so you're doing romantic core treats its not just about your life and your camera. It's also in the energy that you give as you're shooting. It's the energy that you give to your subject when you're shooting. When people might. My clients and my assistant, they picket me sometimes because I like to whisper what I'm shooting. But think about that. How do you feel when you heard me whispering as I'm shooting to her actually means to ask you, How did you feel? It's relaxing. It's relaxing. How do you feel when somebody's Oh yeah, that's great. That's so That's amazing. It's a different energy, but if it's a moral magic, sexy, moody shot, it's a different feeling. You are in control of everything. The mood in the room is up to you very often they might be 70 people in the room. When I'm doing a shoot, I want control of the feeling in the room. And sometimes I tell the entire room so that feeling stays consistent as I shoot. And sometimes if people were talking and I'm shooting, I'm talking like this. I'm just right there. That's nice, beautiful talking. I'll stop. Just look at them on. They'll know that missing a word. Okay, we'll be quiet. The killing, my mood, the light sets, the mood, my lighting style and the unity that I give to her as well. Now she's beautiful under any light. She's beautiful, but I want to place my thumbprint on every picture so everybody has their style of light. What's yours? Why do you use that light? Are you using it because all your friends use it? Are using it because it's easy? Or did you make the choice to use that light? Think about that. I think about all the lights that you use. Why are you using it? Why'd you buy that light? That light modifier and how does it fit into your style of light? These need to be clear. Decisions on how you take pictures, your lighting style, your lighting personality. Before I change, I guess you some more. So give you your second. That's lovely. Beautiful. There, there. You know, shooting is like a dance between you and your subject. I love the dance. That's nice. That's nice that it doesn't stand lovely. Good. Okay, Now, also, you may notice that I never looked back here. I also never look at the monitor. What I'm shooting. I have my clients usually around a monitor, and they're focused on that. Once I look at the first image, I know my correct, my exposures. Correct. And I have that all my Angie is now focused on my subject. All the time. I never looked at the back of my camera or the monitor. My clients had a monitor looking at every shot. But the feeling I want that to continue throughout the shoot, I have that all the energy into my lighting style. Now I will make sure I get pulled out the same engine for my client

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a Creativelive Student

Matthew Jordan has such a warmth and charisma. Listening to the guy talk and praising everyone for asking questions makes one sincerely engaged. I can see why people pick him to work with. He's a talented and personable man. Though this is not a hold your hand kind of class, it's really about the options and making your own choices. For someone who has lighting A.D.D. I like that! :)

Gene Tolan

Matthew Jordan Smith is excellent at his craft and also a great teacher. Very clear and concise information wrapped in a passionate presentation. Thank you very much Mr. Jordan!


A fantastic class which gets you thinking about your own lighting style, interaction with models, branding, marketing and gaining a sustainable career. I bought this on a sale and was pleased with the investment.

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