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Lighting with Constant Light

Lesson 16 of 18

Lighting Setup: Translum Silhouettes

Mark Wallace

Lighting with Constant Light

Mark Wallace

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16. Lighting Setup: Translum Silhouettes
Mark combines a translucent material with a Fresnel backlight to capture silhouettes of our model. Mark changes the look of the silhouettes by changing the focus, distance, and light modifiers on the key light.

Lesson Info

Lighting Setup: Translum Silhouettes

we're going to use the amazing even distribution of light from a Fresnel lens to create some awesome silhouettes. So right back here, I have some material, it's called trans loom. It's a translucent material that's used for shooting all kinds of stuff. You can shoot through it to defuse things for shooting like glass bottles and product shots and things like that. It's got different uh texture, so light, medium and heavy. This is a medium translucent so you can't really see it right now. But this is transparent so I can see my hand through this. It doesn't show up on video. But what I'm going to do is behind this trans loom, Theresa's back there. Theresa poke your hand out and say hello. So Theresa's back there. There she is. And also back there we have a large Uh a final Lin. So this is our force of 500. I'm gonna turn the front lights off and now I'm gonna turn this guy on and you can see that I can focus this light. So really, really focused. So we get this this hard light on Theres...

a with sort of a son look. But if I zoom this uh Colonel lends out, this is one of the nice things about this. It gives us nice even illumination. I also have my barn doors on here to block how the light is falling. So we could make some interesting things maybe like this or like this or like that. We can do all kinds of things with this trans loom and our nice for nell in. So I'm just gonna pull this out about like that. That looks pretty good. This is very, very simple setup. Now. The other thing that's important to note is the distance between the trans loom and the light. So if Teresa's really close notices a really really defined shadows, you can see exactly what's happening there. She's really, really close. If she moves back what will happen. So she's moving back and forth there when she's doing that, you can see how those shadows on the trans loom get blurry or they get clear. And so depending on the kind of look you want with your silhouettes, you can change things up, you can even have maybe Teresa take a couple steps away from the trans loom so she's away, look as she gets bigger, take a couple steps closer to the trans loom, it makes it look smaller. Walk toward the light please just like four or five steps, just walk toward the light. She looks like she's being a giant and then come back so you can really play with this and get all kinds of different effects shooting. This is very straightforward. We're going to point the camera at that and meet her and take a shot. So I'm going to turn on my tethered capture here, make sure everything's set to go. So that is good. My cameras on. Okay, so I'm gonna zip over here and we have once again, the camera's not connecting. Let me try that one more time. My tethered capture is acting up today. So let's do tethered capture on together capture. Start tethered capture. Okay looking for the camera cameras on boom. There it is. Okay so now we have my camera connected to the uh computers so you can see what's happening. So I'm gonna do is first I'm just gonna meet her this light and this is tricky because we want it to be very silhouette. E. So I'm gonna under expose just about to stop. So I'm shooting at F. Four at I. S. 0. 100 a shutter speed of 200. And I'm gonna shoot vertical portrait. So I'm gonna have you yeah take your head back just like that. Give me a couple of things so take your arm away from your arm on your back. There you go, just like there you go, that's what I want. Stop right there and bring your arms your elbows forward a little bit more and put your head your hands right on the top of your head. There you go. Excellent. It's like that bam now we can look in light room and we're getting exactly what we wanted to get. We're getting all these really cool effects. I'll turn off the tethered uh tether bar so you can see but it's just so simple to create something that looks really awesome. And so I like that shot right there. That's the one I think I would pick. I could even go into the develop module, pop that out, turn it into a black and white photo and so it is even more of a silhouette and we are done. That's all there is to it that is using trans loom for shooting in the background. I know I'm in the dark but not for long. I'm gonna turn on the lights. There we go. So that's using trans loom to create some interesting effects. I think it's something you can play with. This stuff isn't very expensive but just one light. We only use one light that final to create that lighting setup but we have still more to come.

Class Description


  • Shape light using specific light fixtures and modifiers
  • Understand the different types of LED lights and the benefits of each
  • Freeze motion to create stunning action photos
  • Mix RGB light to create interesting color effects
  • Work with different light modifiers to get the exact look you want
  • Create lighting setups that fit your style


For years constant lights have been reserved for video and film production only. But things have changed dramatically in a short amount of time. Using state-of-the-art LED lights, you can create stunning portraits, freeze motion, and create video content. You no longer need two lighting systems.

In this class, Mark Wallace explains the different types of constant light, uses hands-on demonstrations to show you how to control light, and creates many of his favorite lighting styles.

Mark explains the different types of light fixtures and light modifiers to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your lights. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to create interesting portraits and videos using LED lights.


  • Beginner to Intermediate portrait photographers
  • Anyone looking to use constant light for still photography as well as video
  • Photographers looking to expand their creative horizons by using new tools


Adobe Photoshop CC 2021
Adobe Lightroom Classic 2021


Mark Wallace is a photographer based in the United States. Best known for his web-based video series Digital Photography One on One and Exploring Photography sponsored by Adorama.

Millions of people have watched Mark’s videos on YouTube, and the numbers continue to grow. Mark has a solid social media following on Facebook and Twitter, where he spends time with viewers and workshop attendees.

In 2014, Mark left the United States to embark on a 2-year worldwide adventure. He visited 28 countries and captured thousands of unique photographs across the globe.

In 2016 Mark decided to give up planes, trains, and automobiles and is now exploring the world on his motorcycle.

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Alessandro Zugno

This is a very useful class for who want to start shooting video or photo with constant light. Creative Live should make more class on videography.