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Day 1 Wrap-Up

You know where dork? So we're saying it's such a fun day we're going to go crazy and light room ueno s so we're in the developed module um all morning and then we'll talk about the print module and then we'll talk about exporting so pretty much developing and printing and exporting that's that's tomorrow so we'll talk a lot about presets and we'll talk about every slider inside of the developed module that'll be fun so lots of fun slider movement, it's like slip and slide slip and slide tuesday that's we're gonna call it brings way on we're gonna we're gonna have juice boxes in the slip and slide wait well we are going to wrap up the day it's been such a full day thank you so much, jared for everything you brought and are amazing in studio peanut gallery now live models right and expect that today are all right our couch women of course excuse team just sounds bad, doesn't it it's very literal I mean it on ly literally really it is not a derogatory term in any way it is just a literal ...

there are things on dh thank you so much internet for joining us we love having you here and you are the reason that we exist and we're just happy to see you online and chatting and your curiosity and questions been amazing so let's all join together and give jared a huge global creative live round of a plot right on there's always you know, a ton of internet well so I got to read you know, a couple of quotes kerry had mentioned I've been using light room three for about three years can't believe how much of it I have not been utilizing to its full potential that will change immediately thank you so much for such a great segment and daniel jones the most valuable tip for the afternoon exposed photos as bright as you can because more information is stored in the highlights than in the shadows so I mean just I would second that I just a ton of great stuff so thank you a pleasure it was coming in like crazy and great great quotes so lots of compliments going on well to use a cliche time literally is money and I know that personally I wasted so much time know that I'm watching did I've listened to way too many audio books to stretch out and make like room seem a little bit more interest sitting on dh so it's definitely been so awesome to learn all of these workflow techniques and just learning how to develop better habits so that we can save save time and save money and I know that that's beneficial for everyone out there and I'm sure all of you are feeling the same way out there as you're watching jerry teach you congrats this entire course which is three days of of course videos as well as his lunch box forty three sets that jared has created all for one hundred forty nine dollars however if you purchase it during the live events over the next two of today's left you can grab it for ninety nine dollars so definitely scroll down click the buy button also download your you're what we call a snack pack on dh just start saving time and money it's really exciting yeah donald that's not back I'm get it get it uploaded just like george killian will be you know checking all that stuff out tomorrow so I'm really excited and hey if you love today's class with jared and if you may have watched a little bit of photo shop week one of those instructors dave cross is coming back to be with us he is his fantastic and there's really good yeah nothing it's related at all our lovely shoes and it's it's you know it's too too right so he's doing he's doing two to day classes the first is going to be photoshopped automation and productivity and it's going to teach you howto work faster more efficiently and he says it's going to help you make more money so that's you know that's that's a that's a big deal for a lot of photographers and the second course is photoshopped creativity and you're just gonna learn new, innovative ways. Tips and tricks. Tio have photoshopped help. You become a little bit more creative with your photography. So take a look at creative, live dot com slash courses and check out what we've got coming, because there's a lot of a lot of good stuff, not only dave cross, but some amazing classes on dh with that tomorrow, you know, we're back at nine a m pacific time with light room one on one with professor jarrod platt. So thank you all for joining us today. Thanks.

Class Description

Join Jared as he takes you through every single module in Lightroom! Learn everything from importing to exporting and everything in-between. You'll learn to edit, organize and share your photos.

Started using Lightroom last year but you just can't get the hang of it, or you bought it but it's still on the shelf because you're afraid of new software? Maybe you've only heard about Lightroom and you're not sure how it works or why you need it. Or you've been using it for a few years, but you've only been using a few very basic modules and you haven't ventured out to discover its full capabilities. Whatever your situation is, you need Lightroom 101 with The Lightroom Professor, Jared Platt. With Jared's simple, direct and entertaining approach to teaching and his vast knowledge of Lightroom, you will be using Lightroom to the fullest capacity in no time. Don't spend months or years discovering Lightroom—spend three days with Jared and learn everything you need to know!

If you took Jared's Ultimate Lightroom Workflow class on creativeLIVE, you learned the workflow surrounding Lightroom. Now it's time to learn the nuts and bolts of every option and every slider and become a master at using the most powerful and simple photo tool ever built.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 4