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Day 2 Pre-Show

Hello internet and welcome to day two a white room one at one with professor jarrod platt on creative live my name is mallory mcdonald and I will be your host today along with jim kentucky how are you this morning? Very well good morning good morning internet we're so happy you're here internet and we also we have in the studio jared how are you doing running I'm fantastic I'm ready to go develop module today so it's going to be a fun time you guys all awake ready to go on our in studio audience how are you guys? I'm I am I'm an aspiring food photographer I write blogged cord mira mira and memory dot typepad dot com which is a bit of food with photography but of interior design a bit of just anything that's in my head on dh very excited today for the developed module and that's why I spend missed my time in light room and it's really interested to hear everything that john has to say I am really and I really enjoyed the classes that I have learned a ton um outside of class I have ah bl...

awg at anger may veg dot black spot dot com on dh I'm hoping to learn more about the develop module to maybe do a bit of editing for at the ton of photos that so thanks I am patty stokes I'm a portrait photographer I do some events and some fine art looking forward to today really looking forward today I spent a lot of time a swell and the develop module so I'm sure I've missed a lot so looking forward to learning a little bit more you have a question what do we call it a fine art is there something other than this's their rough art were like not good like you know it's fine are it's the rial refined but greedy art but you know what is likely? The others like three d art but I don't know what the eyes besides find our pop art pop art but is that not fine? Are absolutely is in my book okay? I'm just my fine art photography is a little finer but I kind of like that concept so maybe I'll get into gritty art it was like ghetto are and then fire harder is there like you know a hillbilly are just not sure what it is a very good question strange just leaning back in his chair like tell me students what is fine art and what is the meaning of life? Isn't there a number for that the meaning of life is like forty two forty two is that is that what it is? It's forty two forty two is the meaning of life a correct I just just so we'll be allowed you know that? Oh yes yeah douglas adams I think is let's just invited us with that information so it brought to you by doug with back in the day you know it was you know, in the cup back in the olden days uh you're right it was commercial art and versus finer but I think that now I think right don't you think it's really emerged well I think that at least people who do commercial I think they're fine artists I know that everybody in college that when I was teaching and when I was in college everybody thought they were a fine artist that doesn't make them that way by the way just because you think you do find our doesn't mean actually do find out it's a reality check seem that I've seen some mighty non final that's gate well we're chatting a little bit before we started about uh you are upcoming trip where are you headed I am going to budapest yeah on and everybody else should go to budapest to it's awesome it's ah it's a budapest master class and so that's the actual low that the addresses budapest master class dot com and uh it's four days of work flow and photography in budapest we actually go to vienna for it um and we are in this amazing hotel and this amazing city and the entrance to the class gets you all your food in your hotel and you just got to get there so it's is fantastic opportunity and they're going to give two hundred dollars off registration if people registered by april twenty first. So that's pretty cool too, but it's four days we travel around, we shoot together, we discuss workflow, it's like four days of intense one on one workflow photography advice we'll talk about shooting and getting the best shots for your workflow and we'll talk about it your specific workflow issues and design work flows for you and and mostly just walk around and chat about photography and the things that we all love to chat about. So it's going to be fantastic, I'm I'm thrilled so that's in september, so we could be taken a peek at the students catalogs and telling them about their lives. Yes, I will, I will actually I will actually look into the crystal ball, right? And yeah, so though actually when they register all haven't send me stuff, so I'll know them before they get there, it will be fantastic will be ableto like, I'll get there and I'll know, ok, you have a problem with that, sir, you have, you know, so I'll be able to tell where the problems are, dr knuckles in, we'll have couch sessions, right, so the doctor is in right now, doctors and so it's it's fantasy people join us from all over the world and it would be interesting to know if we have any students out there from budapest so if you are out there head to our chat rooms and let us know that you're joining us and you should get the word out with all of you well you know the exciting thing about that is that with all these all the people that I come to know through creative live all over the world in fact I got an email from our cowboy and uh and uh where was he? He was in by the way I got an email from the cowboy and divine so if he's watching again lou howdy doody you don't need any so far by cowboy chimed in yesterday but anyway so it's great because I'll be on that side of the world now so there's so many people that always you know like call me ari mailing from spain whatever hey when you coming to spain so I'm closer now to all of those places so if you're in that side of the world it's very easy to get to me so awesome. Well, I would love to read off we again we have all of you joining us from all over the world and it's really fun to see where you're joining us from, so if you have it yet definitely leave your name and where you're joining us from and what you're excited even what you're excited to learn today from jared and jim and I would love to give you a a little internet shot up to start out let's see we have here okay, so I want to say hi to todd from australia whose tod great to have you back he's in so many classes so thanks for supporting creative life we love to have you in there yes it's fun tohave regulars especially in the lounge I know you guys uh I love to shoot the breeze. Betty is here in seattle a local always great to have a local as well come check us out some time, buddy. We got abby wine who again is back we got paula paula mass high from mexico and yacoub from poland yaacob did I say that correctly? I hope excellent. And we have o b from atlanta she says hello from atlanta love your energy um jay pulling jer from michigan we got lori hi from new hampshire and we got vw greetings from aruba jealous jealous of your sunshine? Um let's hear we have mike from montana and gypsy from vancouver island welcome like that mike from mountain mike from montana. Very so there was a gypsy there's a gypsy from where gypsy be from vancouver island way got angel speed ah high from bolivia, south america all right and bolder baby photographer from boulder, colorado welcome. And natasha from russia, russia. Well, thank you all so, so much for joining us. And we just love love, international component of creative live. And we're just so excited to learn more from jared plot today and share this learning experience with you.

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Join Jared as he takes you through every single module in Lightroom! Learn everything from importing to exporting and everything in-between. You'll learn to edit, organize and share your photos.

Started using Lightroom last year but you just can't get the hang of it, or you bought it but it's still on the shelf because you're afraid of new software? Maybe you've only heard about Lightroom and you're not sure how it works or why you need it. Or you've been using it for a few years, but you've only been using a few very basic modules and you haven't ventured out to discover its full capabilities. Whatever your situation is, you need Lightroom 101 with The Lightroom Professor, Jared Platt. With Jared's simple, direct and entertaining approach to teaching and his vast knowledge of Lightroom, you will be using Lightroom to the fullest capacity in no time. Don't spend months or years discovering Lightroom—spend three days with Jared and learn everything you need to know!

If you took Jared's Ultimate Lightroom Workflow class on creativeLIVE, you learned the workflow surrounding Lightroom. Now it's time to learn the nuts and bolts of every option and every slider and become a master at using the most powerful and simple photo tool ever built.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 4