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Day 3 Pre-Show

Hello internet and welcome toe light room one o one with professor platt professor jarrod plot were so excited that you're here with us today on created life my name is mallory mcdonald and I will be your host here along with jim kentucky how are you this morning, jim? Very well thank you malory good morning, internet good morning we're going to do about ten minutes of pre show to check our audio and video so please join us in the chat room and let us know your name and where you're joining us from what you're excited about learning today maybe things that you practice last night we'd love to hear from you and also give you an internet shout out um we're so happy to have you back in jared how are you this morning? I'm doing great yeah yeah thursday trying to keep the voice alive but doing fantastic like how well match on that zidan yeah, we tend to do that. I don't know what memos going around but great minds mr really good as well as think like ok along with jared we have our in studi...

o audience here today and if you guys want to just go around, introduce yourselves and let us know where we can find you online good winning my name's power thomas and I'm an aspiring feed for talk foot andi I write a third quirky food lifestyle interior design photography block called mirror mirror, which is memory dot typepad dot com on just I was wondering whether I should be doing like in one o one because I've been using it for about the last two years on I am so glad I've been doing this course I have not so much as it's amazing! Hi, I'm maria plus kit and you could find me online at under me world um on twitter and I also have ah blogged about my vegetarian cookbook on hunger may veg on block spot dot com I am patty stokes and I'm a portrait and event photographer and I dabble in fine art photography, which is a topic in range finder magazine this month or next month. Oh yes, I saw her assistants and are issuing whatever they put lots of texture why is it that with fine our photography what always had to put texture on it? Why can't why can't a photograph be fine? Are if it doesn't look like a painting I don't understand is photography not good enough? I just I'm just carrying it's a matter of your perspective, I guess it's an interesting topic and I was just talking to a friend who she didn't matter phd on julia cameron at oxford and she's talking about how she was one of the first women photographers and that concept of how are you it's because it's a newer art form I feel like that might be part of its historical enough our long standing in that kind of well, you know they're they're actually the great photographer whose who was a magnum photographer said he's more of a journalist or whatever, but he would I when I was going to college, I studied the history of photography and so he was having studying under bill j who's this amazing historian of photography you get to meet all sorts of amazing people and david hearn was one of the friends, so we'd have breakfast with him and one day we're sitting around the breakfast table and he says, you know, I don't know why photographers have had I had tried so hard to be accepted as artists because photography is far more important than art in every way, shape and form politically, socially, economically it's it's more important than art and so why we've tried to be classified as artists as opposed to taking our own brand and saying we're photographers and that in itself is good enough. It's an interesting question why why we try so hard to be artists when photography in itself is an amazing thing? Why don't we just seek to be called photographers as opposed to hardest? I don't know, I don't know what that term is what's so luring out the term of art or artists so it means you struggle and eat nothing and get paid nothing time cut yours all right? I mean, you know, contrite that's that's what? You are that's I want I want to be a struggling artist I don't know I guess there's some kind of I guess it's some kind of feeling of importance and you know, altruism to be an artist needs me she makes you feel good, you can't get picked on we're not actually picking on you were picking on sort of the topic could be a very tough life subject here where you can find me at patty stokes photography on facebook that'll guide you to my website and twitter and I'm looking forward to day three learned a lot in the past couple of days incredible amount of information the power presets I mean, if something stuck in my mind when I left here yesterday, it was just, you know, from the templates to the presets and just the managing of that and how you do it is just incredible you and I were talking last night it's like it's going to like, increase my workflow timei means going triple and I'm just, you know, triple my productivity were decreases so in trouble, my productivity, so I'm looking forward to using it more thank you yeah, that can't be understated enough the importance of using presets and automation in your process so well we uh common being here at creative live that we were chatting last night about how so many instructors bring an emotional game jared and I feel like I feel like we need you to kind of bring a little bit more of an emotional game like tears didn't make right you've got to make us cry is that what how do you hold on that let me let me see if I could conjure it up here yeah okay you want to cry but I'm gonna tell you a sad sad story when I was four years old my brothers cut my finger off that's right they cut it off cut two fingers off say look you khun here screwed in a missing I am missing the tip of a finger just like that that was four years old it wasn't malicious but I was in a playpen and I was playing I guess I was the driver of the plane or something and I had my hands holding on to where the hinges were and then they went to raise the wings or something and and it cut my fingers off and the two older is they're so scared they run and they hide stuff and so it was the the youngest brother I'm four and my oldest the brother right all older than me he was like three years older than me so he's what seven he's the one that takes me into my mom and and I tell my mom pin it back on oh so did it make you cry that's just that's really that's that is a sad story but uh wearing a pin in it but I hope you're crying you know, trying you're inhuman well, four year old girl I can't believe you're not crying people laughing out you're laughing horrible well thank you for bringing it light room to an emotional you know what's interesting about this finger them is that gerry g illness has the same finger missing right at the same wow. So that's the one thing I have in common with jerry gilman's you are our digit actually I I can't use this hand to like count things because my wife always gives me a hard time that I'm only like that's two in a thirty two thirds you know on and you know, this is means I love you in sign language right? The I l here and then you know but anyway, so that means I love you. So if I mistakenly say that she's like uh because it's only part of well only kind of love you so pretty good I will want to maybe happier story happier story about hearing about a little bit about your trip coming up oh budapest I am very happy about budapest it's going to be fun we're going to go up there for a week but the class in budapest will be four days. So it's september eleventh through fourteenth. I think you arrive on a sunday and you leave on a saturday or something like that, but we spend four days of intense work flow and photography training, so anybody who comes september eleven through fourteenth, four days with me, we're going to be talking about workflow photography workflow talk about history graham's shooting tio get the best out of your post production on dh in general it's a great opportunity for someone to just have me personally be able to go through work flow issues and an answer specific questions and design work flows for them and and it's just it's just going to be a four day conversation about photography and workflow and getting things done and decides that you're in budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in the world with great food and travel, we even go to vienna one day, so it's going to super super fund on dh if people register before april twenty first, they get two hundred dollars off the registration on dh that's, that's, budapest masterclass dot com also. Well, I think jim and I have decided that you need to chazz, I need to chat you didn't shut hoes and hungry oh, I need to chat you telling me that we need to switch you needed to introduce your workshop and defense. You could get a sitting to the side. Yeah, everywhere I go, we're walking around in this area is shooting and you're like. And what do you think about that? That's? Great. So I have well have creative, live. Just follow me, how's, that I'll bet the people in the booth does the crew want to come to budapest, okay, you need all of it. Yes, yes, yes. I got thumbs up in the window. That was awesome. Well, we are running low on time, but we have shadows from everywhere from hawaii to new york. Tio, romania, all over the world. So, shanghai, thank you so much. Everyone for joining us. Anyone in budapest? I haven't seen bitter past, but we'll keep our eyes. Where are you, booth? I'm coming. Let us know what you did with that. It is time to officially start light room when I went with professor jarrod platt.

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Join Jared as he takes you through every single module in Lightroom! Learn everything from importing to exporting and everything in-between. You'll learn to edit, organize and share your photos.

Started using Lightroom last year but you just can't get the hang of it, or you bought it but it's still on the shelf because you're afraid of new software? Maybe you've only heard about Lightroom and you're not sure how it works or why you need it. Or you've been using it for a few years, but you've only been using a few very basic modules and you haven't ventured out to discover its full capabilities. Whatever your situation is, you need Lightroom 101 with The Lightroom Professor, Jared Platt. With Jared's simple, direct and entertaining approach to teaching and his vast knowledge of Lightroom, you will be using Lightroom to the fullest capacity in no time. Don't spend months or years discovering Lightroom—spend three days with Jared and learn everything you need to know!

If you took Jared's Ultimate Lightroom Workflow class on creativeLIVE, you learned the workflow surrounding Lightroom. Now it's time to learn the nuts and bolts of every option and every slider and become a master at using the most powerful and simple photo tool ever built.

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