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So we're coming back to our photo shoot this family photo shoot that we were working on before, and we want to make a slide show. So there again we need to share our images as much as possible, and one of the ways to share images that's very important is the concept of the slide show and a slide show is not just a hokey thing to do, it's not just something that you do because you your client's expected, or whatever there's actually a really good reason for having slide show, and the reason is, is that music is a conduit to the soul has the ability to speak to you faster than any other artistic medium. If you think about all of the things that you do in your life and the things you pay attention to and they aren't that you consume in your life, think about the most powerful messages you get, and all of them are music. You will never respond to a photograph. The way you respond to music, music, you get goose bumps and you feel it in your soul and it gets you pumped up for the football ga...

me or it gets you when you're sad, it helps to pull that sadness out of you, or when you're mad, it helps toe get you matter or helped tow. You know it music has the ability to pull emotions out of you and to put emotions into you like no other medium has and so if you have the ability to tie images to music, you're able to then elevate your art or your photographs by kind of piggybacking or hitching on to the coattails of the music actually using music to help elevate what you're doing and that's why when you when you make a movie there's music in it because on its own the movie is ok but with the music suddenly the emotions or even hotter and higher and better and bigger because the music is driving that emotion so music is critical to helping too enhance the product that we're creating. So when I want to get people excited about images, I want music involved and whether that's when they're in the studio and I'm talking to him or whether it's when I first showing the images to the clients I want music involved in that process as much as possible because that's what's going to get them hooked to those images is that music that's involved and that's why I always present a slide show to my clients so whether it's a kid's portrait or whether it's a family portrait or ah or wedding whatever happens to be there's always going to be music involved because that helps to draw if you think about the way the trailer for this class was put together the intro trailer that was really funky cool music that was brought to you by triple scoop and uh it made this class all I think it was great, it was awesome and when I saw that trailer was like, that is cool I'm excited to be at that class and I was the one teaching it so it was a good thing I was excited to be here, but but it it draws us in so music is critical to that so that's why we make a slide show so we're going to go into the slide show module now and we're going to create a slide show with music so that we have something fun tow share with clients now there are a lot of ways to make slide shows so you could use an emoto you could use you could use show it webb if you're on the pc or actually showed well, well, actually do it pc or mac s o u khun you khun send it off to a service that makes a slide show for you. You can actually use aperture for a slide show it's a really powerful slideshow program, but if you're in light room and you don't want to go somewhere else, you can make a slide show here it's very basic it's very simple but it's still just a cz important and so we're going to use the slide show module inside of light room to show you how to make a slide show in light room. Now, I actually don't use the slide show program are the slideshow module for the final slide show because I want to do a little extra stuff to it, but I always use the slide show module for on location slide shows, because it's, so simple to get it done and then play the slide show. So but the sideshow module is powerful enough to make a really nice slide show and it's getting a little bit better in light room five. So there's there's some cool things that will come in the next segment? We'll show you how that works, so let's go to the slide show module, but first we have to collect all of our images, so again, you know, and you'll see that there's a little a slide show, ma jor a slide show is presented inside of your collections area it's just a collection, but it's a slide show collection. And so right now we have thirty a images in the slide show. If I wanted to make a new one, I would find the images that I'm interested in by using the library filter, and once I found those images highlight all of them. Go up to the top of the collections area and hit the plus button and create a new collection, so in this case we could say kids slide show in salt flats okay, so that's going to be the name of the collection and we're going we can include virtual copies like we did with the book or we can just include the original images in there we'll just include the original images and hit create so now we have a collection that we're going to use for this slide show once we have that collection made, then we go to the slide show module and these are the images is there going to be used inside of the slide show? We can always in the grid module, especially once we're in a collection and here's an interesting distinction that we haven't mentioned yet but it's very worthwhile mentioning if I'm in a set of folders so if I click on this on the family portrait here and I grab an image and I try and move it like this, see how it's moving back and forth the only reason I can do that is because I'm in a folder one specific folder if you have multiple folders that you're looking at like let's say I click on the entire jobs and I try and move so now I'm looking at multiple folders I'm looking at all these jobs watch what happens it won't let me move it see I go like that and it puts it back and it says no you can't move it because you're looking at multiple folders so if you have all of your images in one folder than that's fine you can move them around and position but if you don't if they're in multiple folders you can go in and create a collection because the collection can always be moved around so once you're in a collection because it's virtual I can move and reposition my photos anyway I like until they they're in the right order, which is great because when you're making a slide show sometimes you want to change the organization of the slide show like let's say you want to put this image here this little sunset image I think is great so I'm going to move that to the last of the slide show so that will be the final slide that we play so before you've got the collection made and before you make your slide show you're going to start moving images around so that they make the most amount of sense when you create the final slideshow so that's how we would create our slide shows by simply organizing the image so that they'll be exactly the way you want them to be during the slide show itself so I can just move them around until I'm happy with where they are once I have them organized, then I can create my slide show. So let's, go back to the slide show there in the organization I want, and now we'll start using the slide show program. So are the module. So, again, you have your preview over here, you have access to all of your again templates. So once you set up a slide show the way you like it, then you need to make that a template, and I only have one or two have three specific slide shows that I use and that's pretty much it. S o in this case, we're going to just use a full screen slide show is just going to play full screen. Um, so you can see that our images air, not zooming to fill the frame. If I clicked on zoomed to fill that's what happens it it enlarges that to be a cz why it is possible, but interestingly enough, you can take it, and you can reposition it and go to the next slide and reposition that one and go to the next slide, and it will remember those positions for the slide show. So if you wanted to do a sixteen by nine slide show that was all full frame images, you could zoom to fill and then move things around so that they were the way one and then you just have slides that were full sixteen by nine you know the entire the entire window but in our case we don't want to do that we will actually want to show our images full crop came so we also construct the border so if there's going to be for instance, if I was using a white background uh I would want to stroke the border so that I could see the edge of the images or if I'm using a black background and I want to stroke the border just in case I have, you know, something that's you know, I don't have anything in here this really dark, but if I had a really dark image, then I would want to be able to stroke the border so that you could see the edge of the frame where it was kind of total black so that didn't look like it was a broken frame of some sort so you could stroke the border as well, but in our case we're going to go to a full screen with no with no borders, okay, so here's all your options you've got zoomed to fill, you got stroke border you've also got cast a shadow so you could have a drop shadow behind every image if you wanted a swell which I'm not going to do but that's very possible you just click on here and you would change the opacity and all of those types of things the same way you would make some kind of a drop shadow on text and photo shop um you can show the guidelines or not um and you can also create a kind of this is this would be your margin so everything is going to run within those margins so if you want to create a margin to avoid, you know we don't really have that problem anymore remember back when we had tvs and you would make a movie and you never knew how far the tv was going to bend how and it would always crop your you know, you remember that right? So you'd make a full screen thing and then like it there was a safe zone on a tv because you never knew now there's no safe zone because there it's just the images there just I love the fact that we no longer have those old crappy tvs that's wonderful okay identity play if you click on an identity plate that is going to remain on your slide show the whole time this identity play is basically it's like you just took a logo and like a piece of paper and stuck it on the tv and it's going to stay there the whole time no matter what slide is up it's going to be there okay, so it's just a consistent logo that sits there, so for some reason you wanted to have your logo on the bottom right hand corner like a little circle with your name on it or whatever you could do that and remember you can create an identity plate and edit it and inside there you can use a graphic identity plate yousa png and you can stick whatever logo you want don't just sit there on the slide show, but that's the identity plate water marking is on the image. Okay, so identity plates go on the entire screen or on the entire photo water marking goes on the image, so if you do water marking on the image, say that see how that is going to be a logo there and every time an image comes up it will have a logo on it, which I think is also very annoying, so I wouldn't want to do that either, okay, but it's there just in case you need to you could also put in the star rabies so that when it shows he could show the client how much you like this image sometimes there's some silly options and I just don't I'm not sure why we have that, but if you'd like stars you can put stars on there and then everybody will know how much you really like it so word e I really don't like this one too much because you're kind of ugly or whatever I'm not no sir, so text overlays so if we want to add text onto our, uh on to things that with this will tell us what kind of like whether it's high opacity or low opacity and what what the font is, so I'm not sure exactly why we want to do that, but again that's available as well. So you have the option for your text overlays here so like, uh, I don't know what it's not giving me any options, but anyway, so it maybe never even used the text over anyway. Well, text or allies, those are the options if you happen to be using a text over life, I've never used them so backdrop, so if we're going into the backdrop, this is an interesting option because you can take an image so let's take hopes let's, let's turn on the background image and dragged this image into there and now I've got a backdrop, but you don't obviously don't want that to be really, you know, bright, so you would tip pull it down like that see that? So now I've got like this little backdrop to all of my photos and that's going to stay the whole time that's just going to be there you can also do a background color if you want and notice that it's going over the top of it so it can be a black background color it could be a white color or you could making a blue color and so now you got see how it's overlaying over the top of that so you have the option to put that color over that actually looks better than just having it like that so it's kind of you know happy and pretty or whatever but what I would choose in this instance I would choose something that's more of a landscape or more of you know, if it's for a wedding maybe you could do you know like flowers or you could do you know something like that so that it doesn't get in the way of the photograph for me I'm I don't think I would ever really have a need for this but it's there on day of course if you turn off the background image you still can do the background colors you could have black, white, green blue whatever you want for the background color I'm you'll find that I'm extremely simple because for me presenting image is all about the image itself so I don't like anything to get in the way of the image so here we are at the interest green in the ending screen these are your book ends this is how you start and end the slide show so we can create an intro screen and we changed the identity plate simply by editing typing in here will type in here salt picnic so there is salt picnic and then we can change the scale of the size of that right now like that so there's salt picnic and that's going to be the first thing they see so you've created an intro screen so it doesn't start with an image it starts with the title and then you're going to go to all your images and you can override the color, by the way so it's you know it's white now, but you can change the color too, you know off wider or you could change the color toe you know, pink or whatever you want it to be. So in our case we want to be white, so there's salt picnic and then at the end we're going to add an identity plate there too, but this time we're going to put our name platt photography and we'll highlight it change the font and again I'm going to put some spaces in between the letters because I like that turning style that extra turning and I'm going to increase the size of it so that's going to play at the very end now we go down to the soundtrack, we're going to choose the soundtrack turn it on and go find the selected music in our case I chose a song and put it on my desktop it's just an mp three player this is jay I don't know how to say his last name me me garage mig garrard anyway so he's a triple scoop music artist and I love I love the music especially for this a slide show so we're going to use that music so I had select music choose j's song and hit choose and now that's going to play it tells me that the duration is three minutes and thirty nine seconds I have the option of actually matching so fit to the music so I click on that it's going to make all of the slides two seconds and not a two point nine seconds with a two point six second fade and that gives me an idea of how long that's it knows the song is this long so the net allocates the right amount of time to each slide so that's good doesn't have the kind of beat fitting to the beat type of thing that like aperture has or that an emoto has so it's more simple it's just going to follow that same two minutes two point or two point nine seconds per slide so it's it's so much more simple and you can also you have two options you can either you khun in the fate in transition you khun transition through each other so it's a it's a cross fade or you can do a color so faint through color and then you're gonna fade through the color black so it's going to go black and then come back up. So you have those two options. I actually prefer having a famed through black that's the way I mostly do it, but in this case let's do it it's kind of a slower song, so we'll do accross fake. You can also tell it to do it in random order, or you can have it do it in the order that it's presented here. Now, when I'm doing a slide show for the client online, I want to tell a story, and so I'm going to show the the entire portrait shooter the wedding as it as it happened. However, when I'm at the wedding itself because I'm doing the same thing at the wedding, I go in at the images, choose twenty or thirty and put him in the slideshow module and hit play, and then I take this and put it somewhere, and I also have a published service that I'd drag all of my images to the published service, published it to the ipad and hand the ipad to the bride and groom so that the ipad is the bride and groom, they can sit and cuddle up there at their head table and look at the images, they don't have to go and sit with the crowd and watch this, and then this goes over by, you know, the bar or somewhere, you know that people can congregate and watch it. And so that's going to be there the crowds version of the slide show, but there's an intimate version on the ipad that the bride and groom khun look through. So the, uh when I do that, though, I want the slide show in random and there's a reason for that. When you're showing your images to a bunch of people that are coming and going, you don't want them to have to sit through the whole thing, right? And and and not only do you not want him, but you want them to not know what they're seeing next so that they keep coming back because it keeps it seems random, it seems like things are coming in and out, so it looks like there are more pictures than there are, so I only have twenty pictures that I'm showing them at the wedding, but because they're randomized and they keep popping in and out with different, they don't know, and so they come back and they're like oh, I haven't seen that one yet, and then all maybe that's a different one, and so they it looks like there's mohr images, and they don't end up comparing one image to the other, and they're not looking for a sequence, so they're not as they're not as critical about the slide show, so I'm just showing them random images. S o I prefer to have a random order at the wedding itself so that people just come over and see random pictures coming up and that's more entertaining, too them okay, so random picture order is useful at the wedding, not useful when you're creating the timeline for sharing the images in the end. Okay, so on then, of course, at the wedding I wanted to repeat, but if I'm making a slide show t present them to a client I don't want to repeat on ben, of course, you want to prepare the previous in advance so that when you start the slide, show it, it prepares him before it runs it, because if it doesn't, then you, if it hasn't built the one for one preview for that slide show, when that image comes up, it might be pixelated because it hasn't prepared it, and then you would hit play, and if you have play it's going to start so I'm gonna I'm gonna actually hit play right now just so that you can see what's going to happen and we're not set up for audio right right here but when I hit play so it doesn't that quickly all right? And then I escaped and we're out of it so that quickly I can have a slide show literally the process is this I come here, I highlight the ones that I want to work on with the for the slide show I adjust them and once they're done I hit goto the slide show and I hit play on then my assistant runs out puts this on the table on dh then we're we're good to go and then I had to take the ipad personally to the bride and groom and then they're watching it. Okay, now if I want to share this online all I need to go to the left and I can export it as a pdf so as a presentation pdf or I can export as a video if I exported as a video it's going to ask me where I want to put it and how big I want it and those are my options so ten adp is for your high definition full resolution tv if you're going to do it for the web than you would choose one of these options down here however I go on video and so I'm always going to do ten adp and send that to video and that video is going to play it and they'll scale it down to whatever size the viewers looking at is the viewers on an ipad or an iphone, they'll scale it too that if the viewer wants to see the hd version they'll give him the hd version kind so I give I give venue of the full file so if you go to a platter ta graffiti dot com and you look at any of my slide shows on there under the multimedia menu all of those were created and sent to video and they're playing there now most of those are not prepared I'm just going to say or not prepared inside of light room because I prefer being able to time the slides to the music, which I can't do in in light room, but you could certainly create exactly what I'm doing online just without the timing inside of light room light room five also allows you to do video inside your slide show so you can have a video and throw video in there and it'll play and then cross fade to the video and then cross fade out so that's an advancement in sight of light room five so we'll show you that in a minute, so let's look at a slide show that we've created from light room force slideshow module so rather than waiting for youto having you wait for us to export it, we exported it right at lunch and so we're going to play it now so that is a slide show straight out of light room and absolutely good enough for any client yeah, it doesn't have the bells and whistles it doesn't have the ability to do, you know time to the beat of the music, but it is a beautiful slideshow that could be presented and it's straight out of light room with no necessary intervention by any other program just uploaded to them. You are youtube, whoever you're sharing and you're, you're on your way, so when it comes to efficiency, the purpose of light room is to get you through things quickly so there is enough in there are enough modules and options and in light room to get stuff out like that you could make a book you could make slide shows you can print things you khun really if all you had was light room, you could run a successful photo business with nothing else just like room and it's what? One hundred forty nine dollars now I think that's what it costs so for one hundred forty nine dollars plus the price of your camera, you have everything that you need to run a successful well and quickbooks that's it that's what you need that's all you need to run everything else can be sent out to somewhere else to do you know, if you really needed retouching, you could have someone else do it. They're probably better at it than you are anyway, so most things can be unlikely. So that's a slide show one so you do have some convinced viewers I just thought you should know and the children that a few people are like I would book you for shoes? Yeah, so I was I was hired based on a slide show, so and you? I can't stress it enough there's so many times where people think they need this and they need that they and they've got to retouch this and they've got to make this perfect and in actuality, if you could if you could do it in light room, if that's all you have, you could absolutely run a very successful business straight out of light room and he wouldn't need anything else you don't need toe I mean it's, nice to know photo shop and it's nice tone photoshopped, but you don't absolutely have to have it so lightning was pretty powerful and that's, that slide show is straight out of lighter now if you wanted to do a little bit maurine the slide show, you could like, for instance, notice that there was no afterwards that usually I will after that after it says after the last slide goes out then I'll bring up trip well scoops information and song by and and type out the person's name and courtesy of triple scoop and stuff like that but I couldn't do that in this because there's only one exit slide show uh so I could only put my logo on there that's all I could do so if you wanted to put more slides on there you can absolutely that from lighter that's where you would come into the book module or into the print module and simply create another slide so in this case we would go to the page set up and we would create a sixteen by nine print basically and in rather than having a print we would just not choose any images for are our page just get rid of the images on the page so we had to go to a custom page and we'll get rid of all of these images and now we can change the papers color see where where is our paper color background color background car where you think it's down at the bottom where are you there page color right there click on that make it black because that's our slide shows black and then we'll take our identity plate and will change that toe white and that will move that into the center will double click it and type in uh triple schoop music thanks whatever whatever you want whatever you want to say in those slides we just made a slide were going to then print that slide to a file so once we've once we've made something we'll print it to the file then we'll use that as a slide you could even make slides with items on it so you could take this and you could you know, thanks to triple scoop music move that to here make a slide and then you could send that out as a file and then just send it when you print it out to a file, print it into the slide show folder that you're creating and then when you do that go go back into the library module and synchronized that folder so you just simply go to the entire job so because you've saved all of these slides into that folder, then just go and right click that folder and say synchronize the folder and it will look for any new images there in that folder which you've just created a slide images and it will pull them in and then when you go back to your slide show module, you can start dragging those into the slide show that makes sense so you have the ability to create additional slides inside of light room if you choose to buy just simply creating in the print module and then bringing him back in so again, you can you got to think outside the box when you get to that point because they don't have those options, but for a simple slide show, you can do it a lot inside of light room, so you don't have to go out and get some other slideshow program you're probably getting into this right now, but I has cookies asks his question, or her question is from the cook from the cookie jar, they said in the video, and the sledges have the same developed settings as the photos, so you're I think you're opening up and talking about the developed settings in the videos. I know I'm not sure I understand that in the video, in the sledges have the same develop settings as the fittest. Can you edit the color, I think, is what they're asking in the video at all, yes, s oh yeah, if you were, if you were in a slide show and you and you got to a point in the slide show, you're like, oh, uh, that image needs to be different, then you can just double click that image well, I guess just click on it and then go to the developed module and adjust it and then come back to the slide show, and it will be adjusted so yeah, you can go back and forth the same weight and that's the same with the book module to if you're in the book module and you've got to him and just stay on the facing page and you say, oh, well, this one would look better if it was adjusted toe look like that one you can then highlight that and go back to the developed module and adjusted to match and then go back to the so yeah, you can go back and forth all day long and it will show what you've done and that's the other thing is that remember when we made the slide show when we made that collection, we have the option to either create a virtual copy or keep the original copy in it if you're using the original copy, anything you do to that one image will change what's in the slide show if on the other hand, you make a virtual copy than your slide show has its own independent virtual copy of that so it's not you can adjust the images the original images much is like and it's not changing your slide show images you're sideshow just won't get adjusted as a result I think though what house cookies was asking was more if you can change the color, can you do any video editing editing within light room to make it match the color of the oh for video absolutely yeah there's there's limited controls but it's actually pretty powerful and you want to cover mohr slideshow questions before moving into video arguing yeah yeah keep keep them coming because I still haven't found e so okay so as far as exporting there's a handful of exporting possibilities for the slide shows on dh sarah in new york city I would like to do burned to disc burn those videos to disk or burn it to dvd or I dvd other multiple exporting future well, you're going to export different sizes and then you'll burn them yourself okay if she's looking for a way to like make a dvd the best place to go for that adobe has a dvd authoring software that will do that for you or you could go teo I think I'd dvd would do that for you so that's where you goes to one of those tow author it she's having a bit of trouble using a light room created slide show in I dvd so she said that it wasn't working for some reason with the light room sideshow I don't I e no experience right? Okay, so I don't make dvds I put them on video and then people can use them because quite frankly I think dvd is a dying breed anyway and so I don't want to put my don't want to put anything into that and so to me venial and youtube and online delivery is the best way to go because your client my client can download it from video, I give them the option to download it and then they can put it on there you're their ipad because that's where they're going to see in this ipad and I t v and all those types of things, I think that a dvd is a ridiculous thing it is any any spinning medium today is is ridiculous, it's just it's worthless, and so I'm I am on the I'm trying to be on the forefront. I don't give dvds, by the way, when, when, when someone buys that d a disk of high resolution images, they don't get a dvd, they get a usb thumb drive because I don't know what to do with the spinning. I don't even have a I have a cd player on my computer on either mike have no cd player, dvd burner, I can't even make him, they're gone, they're gone so when? When companies like apple stop even putting him on there, you know it's over and it's time to just because I remember when they apple stopped making the three and a half inch flocking dr fins on, and I was like, what I'm going to dio I can't put the diskin there anymore and that's when I should have recognized right then and there that it was time to go to dvds and cds right? It's time folks, dvds air over over ok, so speaking to which I have a question asking will you go right to video at the wedding when you want to show it on the ipad or do you have another way to show it on the ipad? I don't show a slideshow on the ipad ok, sorry I take the images and put them in the public service and then synchronize the ipad because it the published service puts it in the picture folders right? Perfect and then I sink and I just plug in the ipad it synchronizes all the images to that and and by the way we actually went over this on photoshopped week so there's an entire thing on sharing photos and this whole thing is outlined in there great actually show doing it, but I'm just putting the images on the ipad and then I'm handing it to the client and they just swipe through the images or aiken turn on the slide show option on me that the ipad has a slideshow option on it you just click it and they've got a slide show so yeah there's no there's no showing the slide show in a oh dot movie form at the wedding it's after the wedding that that happens so um so right now I'm looking for this type of movie and so this is actually a good opportunity for us to find something so we're missing something here on all of our photographs and so we go to the library filter and look for all any searchable field contains all and we're going to type that in and there's no match, so somehow we've lost a movie somewhere if I if I'm just looking for dot, somehow the movies aren't there anymore. I know the movie's aaron light room five, and since we're actually going to light room five in the next section, guess what we're doing? We're killing white room for, like, faras done, and we're going to light room five, but by everybody wave divide a light room for and we're coming into light from five and really there's not a lot of difference in what I'm going to show you between foreign five, so I feel safe about being able to show you what's in light room forty five, so we're going to go to all photographs here and I'm going to look for my movies, so I'm going to go to meta data file type c there's my videos right there, so I'm going to go down to a video down further down here they're so this is the video that I want to play for you because it's hilarious ready here we go way so so that one's electric and this one's not and it doesn't work it all anyway and so I'm photographing this, but we've got a video of it was hilarious all right, okay, so but what you don't see in the video I've already clipped the video I've cut the video inside of light room, so if you if you're a little looking at a video inside of light room so in the grid you see the video and you can see that it's a video because it's got like, a little time signature right there that tells you how long the video is and you can scrub through it see how I'm doing this as I do it, let me increase the size of my thumbnail seer and I will back slash key by the way, the backs last key will remove the library filter the library filter is still going to be on, but I'm going to hide it so see, I'm hiding it, bringing in hiding it so I'm going to go here and I could see aiken scrubbed through my videos just like this. So anything I can look at all of my videos just like this say scrubbed through so I know this is the one I want to do because it's scrubbed through click on it double click it that brings it into the viewer and when I'm viewing it this little sprocket here this little, uh, circle with the sprockets on it gear, I guess click on it and now you've got the whole timeline of that video and notice that the videos showing that much, but the full video starts here and I can increase the video but watch what happens soon as soon as he crosses the line there I come in that so it's, he crosses the line and then I come in and set up so I can't have that in the little video that I'm gonna create, so I just back it out until I get to there and then I'm going to cut it, so I just grabbed the edges of this, so I just grabbed this and I move it until I want to stop and really I just want him to come to a right about there and then we're going to we're going to get rid of it was come to the end of it and then here, aiken, aiken, do the front side of it too, so see that shadow? I don't want that shadow in there, so that's like a parent walking away, so they're now that's where the parents out of the way and so now I zoom in there, so now I've got that full video right there that's the video, okay? So now that I'm done with it, I can click on the gear again, and it will hide that now, for all intensive purposes, this is what my video looks like and the rest of it's gone, okay, if I export the video, this is going to export clipped, or I can export the entire file it's up to me now, the question is, how do I get so I had this, but it looked like this see that that's what it looked like originally that's, the original video, but because I'm putting that warm filter on the pictures themselves that air going out, I also want that warm filter on the video that's going to go out because the video is going to be the I want the video to be on the last portion of the actual slide show, so I'm going to go back to the grid, and I'm going to look at this image are this video and I'm going to if I wanted to do it to this video here, this is how you do it. So you go into the developed, you can't go into the development module, I'm sorry you you can't adjust a video in the developed module, you go into the grid, but you have to come into the quick develop module, ok, and that's, where you're gonna just things all right so you can adjust through the quick development you'll notice that there's certain things you can adjust in certain things you can't adjust ok if you want to go in and adjust something in the developed module and get kind of subtle nuances or whatever but these are the things that you can adjust on video can adjust temperature tent you can adjust exposure contrast whites, blacks and vibrance and saturation those are the things that you can control inside of videos inside of light room so if I'm going to do that I can double click this in there this video click on the gear again and this time I'll actually don't have to click on the gear click on this little this frame thing and I click capture frame when icloud capture the frame it creates a j peg so now if I go back you'll see that I have a movie and a j peg but I'm sorting by only movies so hold on I've got a I've got to pull down my library filter and I've gotta look for all file types okay so now I've got all file types and one of those see how I've got a j peg here I go into the develop module I can work on that j peg I can change the exposure I can change the highlights I can change the blacks in the white and I can change the claire I can't clarity doesn't work, I can change the vibrant so I get more blues in there and then I can change the temperature and the tent so I can do all sorts of funky stuff to this whatever I want to do to it and if that's what I wanted to do to this image, then what I would do is I go back to the grid and now I've got a j peg and a video if I click on the j peg and shift, click to the video now I'm highlighting both of them, but the primary selection let me close this so you can see it all together, so the primary selection is the j peg secondary selection is the movie, then I go to sink settings and I'm in the library mode click on sing settings and you can see what I'm allowed to synchronize I'm allowed to synchronize white white balance the basic tones without the highlights and shadows the tone curve so I can do tone curves that's really useful aiken do color treatment, I could do color saturation, vibrance and even the color adjustments like you know, the hs l curves that we're working on, you can even do those and the split toning as well as camera calibration so there's quite a bit of stuff that I can do and I hit synchronize, and now my video gets those on it so here we go, wait for it and boom! So now we have the video has that same look to it so I was adjusting the video by adjusting and j peg now it looks like in light room five we have the ability as well to adjust literally on the fly here the video itself but not in the developed module just in the this module here, the library module. Okay, so that's how I was able to get this on it because I d saturated the image and then I warmed warmed it up with the split tony, which is able to be used here. So now once I've got this cut the way the way to go about using video then is too bring all your video into light room and go through and scrub and find the things that you want to use. And once you've got things you want to use, go ahead and clip so you come in here, choose the portions that you want and clip them. Once you've cut them so that you're only using from here to here and you've done your basic adjustments on them, then you export them as finished videos, and then you can just simply put them together inside of any video editing software you want or in photo shop if you have photo shop, see a six they're being off the videos on csx, so if we go to see a six I can actually edit this inside of c s six I hit grid, right? Click it at it and oh it's not going to let me do that hold on, let me open c s six so if I open light room, says six and I export that video and I'll just I'm just going to grab any video eso let's go and search for those videos because I don't want to waste our time exporting big videos so let's actually let's, just take our slideshow that we made so here's the pictures, movies, there's our salt lake picnic, and so if we open this inside of photo shop, see that timeline that occurs so now you can simply grab images, are videos and drag them into the timeline and start cutting your video here see that we're watching the video right there so that's the video I can hit play so you can actually cut your videos and the beauty of using photo shopped for image editing. Our video editing is that you can also add your adjustment layers over the top of it that's pretty cool so you can take an adjustment layers, say a curve and throw it over the top of it, and so now that curves over the top of that video and I'm able to adjust the video with my standard photo shop curves so if I want to play around with the color, I can go in here to the green and play with that over the blues play with that with the reds play with that so I have a pretty serious curve over the top of this video so pretty impressive I could even I can even add a burn layer over the top of it so I can come in here now with my brush with my burn brush and do a burn over the oh well, I guess it can I can make the burn, but I can't I can't paint over the top of it scratch that, but you can do any kind of adjustment layer, which means that you can do a burn on an adjustment layer you just can't do it with a burned dodge layer so you would create a burn layer by simply creating a curve and then bring it down like this and then you would choose what portions of that to show with a mask so you had mask it in and in her out. So now that you've got that mask, see that mask down there if you take if you change an entire mask to black, so take the paint, the paint filler tool there, the paint bucket and you're you're selecting that mask down here click on the entire frame and now because it's a black mask, it hides all of your adjustments. Then you come in with a brush and you're going toe paint that back out, so we'll take our brush and just were on black still turn that toe white and aiken aiken burn that mountain and sam burning that mountain and then aiken, if I go back to black, I can paint out his face so that he's his faces and getting god isn't being adjusted by that by that by that curve layer. So anyway, that there's a lot of power to the ability to edit a photo or a video inside of photo shop because its tools that, you know rather than some program you don't understand. And so I really not a video editor, and so if I want to cut something quickly, my preference is just too cut the actual frames what I want to show. So to cut the actual video right here because it's just it's a familiar program choose the in and out points once I'm done, export those and then just bring him in and lamb side by side inside of this timeline, and then I've got my video, okay, plus I can use all of the familiar tools that I have on adjusting them now that's definitely not the video editors dream because they've got really cool software that works really well and I think that creative live just finished a final cut pro x and that's clearly a better system for editing than photo shop itself, but for those of us who aren't video editors and we just want to work on some short little videos uh photo shop is a tool, you know? And so you can just throw your image or your videos in there and cut them so if you're not working on final cut or if you're not working on premiere because there's a complicated and you're not a video editor, this is the way to go, so but it all starts here in reviewing those those videos and there there's no way I'm going to be reviewing videos anywhere else than light room because just simple to see it simple the double click it, play it, cut it, send it out so the promo video that we did for uh for this class for like one on one I reviewed all of my video clips inside of light room I adjusted in light room, I exported it and sent them to creative life and then they put him together because that's what they do and they're good at it but that but the review process was all done inside of light room okay, so you have the ability to do video inside of light room as well and now inside of and since we're going toe light room five at the turn of the break I'm going to show you the first cool thing inside of light room and that is that when you do a slide show I'm going to take this slide this video now and added so I'm gonna take that video and I'm going toe hold on I'm gonna grab it by the frame or actually by the picture there we go and I'm gonna glad grab it and put it in the salt lake picnic and now when I go there I'm putting this at the very end of my slideshow so then when I start the slide show and I get to the end of the slide show and we're just going to hit play what'll happen so we get it we're at the end of the slide show and it's going to fade to the next one and the next one and then as if so it's fading through these and then when it gets to the final one instead of a slide it's going to be oh one morning go how many more do I have to go hold on it's coming soon it should becoming raising say here it comes I hope this is it so that now you have video inside of your side and that's hilarious to end a slideshow on you know just like this video others ridiculousness is going on in that great I mean that's beautiful so but that's all a result of light room five so now you can actually take little video clips, take photos throwem altogether in your in your in your collection and make a slide show and send it out and really will take you no time whatsoever because you can do all the adjustment for the video inside of white room you can make the cut inside of light room and then you're done so I'm all about efficiency and time and that's pretty efficient for making a slide show and now it's pretty powerful because you can actually have video in there as well so and I think it will only get better so but just from white room beta five that's what we've got is the ability to actually throw video clips in there and adjust them on the fly as well. So that's pretty powerful what do you do when clients asked for the video clips or the movie files themselves to you decline the request or what do you say I'll give him the video clips that I will I want to give them but I'm again I'm not a video company so there is no expectation of video so in fact you know the filming is more for my purposes not for theirs and so and they understand that I'm not making a video for them so generally speaking, they're just gonna want this slide show with the video and the clips that I'm putting in it that's what they want so cool well we have a a lot of curiosity in the chat rooms way well we're ready for questions and then move on to the next segment we're going back tio slide shows better shots would like to know how do you add or can you add more than one song for a longer slideshow? Not in light room no and that's again light room is a very basic slide show program it's it's it's just it's just basic and so you just have to be aware of that there is a way I mean you could add two songs toe one file you know if you wanted to extend it but but light room is is very basic so a lot of people were along the same lines a lot of people were asking its let's hear here's one jenna morishima says jared cities is light room slideshow for on location such is but a different application for the final stretch of presentation could you share which application he uses for more polished so I use aperture appetite aperture apple's apertures a fantastic slideshow program it's really great it does really beautiful simple slide shows but with a lot of power and you can also do the ken burns effects and all that kind of stuff but I'm I'm not I'm not a big fan of all the moving and whatever and an emoto is a great tool for those people who are, you know, really interested in all the movement, but right now they don't have a simplified version of an emoto andi, I've talked to him about it and hopefully they're coming up with a really simple version they have some they call simp simple but there's that they're not so, so hopefully they'll come out with a simple version and if they're listening, get one because there's a lot of people that don't want the craziness s o they would be a good option once the simple was actually instituted but apertures fantastic! It really is a powerful program, and if you buy it on the app store it's only like seventy something bucks so that's a really inexpensive slideshow program and it does really great work so that's where I do my slide shows except for on location when I'm doing on location it's straight out of of light room so cool and just one sassy girl wants to know do you have a ballpark time that you like to keep your slide shows at or a max time? You never go over one song because knowing the songs are three minutes and thirty seconds for a reason because no one has any more attention span than that if that if that yeah, you know, I mean there's a lot of songs that air to forty, and those were the most popular songs, you know? So I remember when I was growing up, like the cure would do songs that were, like eight minutes long or something, so we had longer attention spends back then, but we don't anymore so it's, like, you know, three o five is like that it's, the topple length movie. So anyway, I just keep it under one song, and I actually try and hit the end of the song so that I get that beautiful, like, at the very end, I can use the last pit on the symbol, or the what are the hang on the piano or whatever, to then fade to my platform ta graffiti, you know, so it's it's kind of fun to play with the end of the song, so I try and utilize the song, and and like I said, I'm using the song is an engine to make you love the photos. I'm using it as a way of you to connect you to the photographs, because music is so powerful, and so not only do I want the ability, tio get to the beat of the music, but I also want the ability to play with the end and and and play with the way the song fades out and also the photos fade out saying, you know, I utilize that so it feels like one big package adding the song and it's automatically calculated they fade in between so that if you add something like the video at the end you guessed it doesn't recalculate over right you would calculate it again, right? Yeah, each time so you have a timeline full of photos or videos and then you push the but then it will re calculate the length of each one. Now the thing about doing a slide show rather than exporting a slide show the thing about doing a live slide show is that when you hit play it's going to start from whatever photo you're connected to so if you're on this photo here it's going to start here and but it starts in the song and it's not accurate, you know so the songs on its own track it's not finding that portion of the song so you would want to start from here and then go through so if on the other hand you turn it on to repeat so it's constantly repeating and random or whatever, then it will just keep playing that song over and over again and it'll keep playing the photos over and over again so whereas if you export the video it's going time it and lock it in

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