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Well I think jared has a few people tio give a shout out to oh well we want to think um me that's important and uh pinhole pro uh shoot not at it fantastic they the only reason I can come out here and work like this is because shoot dot edit is doing a lot of my work at home so I appreciate them the shuttle pro there they're fantastic rpg keys fantastic amazingly powerful keys picked taj again. The only reason I could be out here on the road is because picked taj is answering the calls for my clients who want prints so I don't have to answer those phone calls lin's proto goes fantastic they provide me with lenses all the time and cameras if I want to try out a camera I'll rent one for a week make sure I like it a cr preset manager that's just such a new a cool tool on the market so go check that out if you're on a pc and and pester them and asked them for a mac version because I want the mac version two trouble scoop music we just discussed love him they're fantastic live books man I'l...

l tell you what I went soon as I got a live book site my ceo went through the roof so they're fantastic fantastic business partner maybe I ought to say that there are four things that you need you need quick looks you need like light room you need a camera and you need live books because that's what's going to promote you align album design fantastic group that makes beautiful albums I don't really like making albums so they're the place to go and of course x right keeps me calibrated and that's critical because I am very picky about my color and my and my calibrations as south cicada will attest to that because he's always wanting to follow me because I make sure things are calibrated for him so sal, I'll be watching and I'll hope everything's calibrated so I'll prepare things for you and then when you come everything will work all right awesome and we have even more thank you's to give a huge a huge huge huge thank you to you creative live audience for tuning in and just really participating in the chat rooms and sending amazing questions and quotes and comments we literally would not be here without you and we just love participating in this educational process with you so thank you for taking the time and learning we cannot wait to see where your light room skills go because of tuning in today and over the last two days so thank you for your participation participate patient look and the day really thank you for tuning in and I would also love to think the creative live crew we are going to give a shout out to tyler and william and matt, joanne and lindsay from all of your help, you guys are awesome in helping us produce this amazing content with jared. Also the czech hosts in the backer on the back and have been amazing. And jared platt, thank you so much for just bringing your game and your humor and your you're hilarious and just have so much to offer in the world of light room and are truly a master at the software and the internet, uh, echoes my praises for sure, and we've been seeing the chat rooms blowing up with your praise. So thank you so much for coming and for bringing your game to the creative live studio eso with that, I will hand you all back over to jared to wrap up the rest of the light room five and first, I think you're going to share a little bit about your upcoming work shop in budapest. Oh, just a reminder if you feel like taking a trip to the best, most beautiful play that I wouldn't say the most beautiful but it's, one of the most beautiful places in the world join me in budapest on september eleventh to the fourteenth it's a full week, actually at the hotel, with day trips to places like vienna and travel photography. Workflow discussions. We're just gonna have a lot of great time, and you actually get a discount of two hundred dollars off if you book this week. So just goto, budapest, master class, dot com and sign up. So hopefully I'll see a lot of you in budapest, and it sounds like the creative live team wants toe follow along, so live from budapest. So, anyway, come to budapest, have a great time. It will be fantastic and, well, design work flow specifically for you, so it'll be. It'll be fun, and it would be very, very helpful to the to your workflow something.

Class Description

Join Jared as he takes you through every single module in Lightroom! Learn everything from importing to exporting and everything in-between. You'll learn to edit, organize and share your photos.

Started using Lightroom last year but you just can't get the hang of it, or you bought it but it's still on the shelf because you're afraid of new software? Maybe you've only heard about Lightroom and you're not sure how it works or why you need it. Or you've been using it for a few years, but you've only been using a few very basic modules and you haven't ventured out to discover its full capabilities. Whatever your situation is, you need Lightroom 101 with The Lightroom Professor, Jared Platt. With Jared's simple, direct and entertaining approach to teaching and his vast knowledge of Lightroom, you will be using Lightroom to the fullest capacity in no time. Don't spend months or years discovering Lightroom—spend three days with Jared and learn everything you need to know!

If you took Jared's Ultimate Lightroom Workflow class on creativeLIVE, you learned the workflow surrounding Lightroom. Now it's time to learn the nuts and bolts of every option and every slider and become a master at using the most powerful and simple photo tool ever built.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 4