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Lesson 42 from: Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Laura Shoe

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42. Autosync


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So let's go on Toe Auto Sync. We're gonna work on a group of photos at once. I'm going to do G for grid, and I'm gonna go into our studio shoot. Where is our studio shoot? Our studio shoot has question marks on it. So this, I'm sure has happened to you at home, so I'm not gonna panic. So light room has lost track of my my folder here. I have a question mark here. The question is, where did that shoot go? So I must have moved it or deleted it outside of light room. So what I'm gonna dio is I'm gonna right click on the folder. I'm gonna say, fine missing folder and light room, saying I'm not going to find it for you. You're gonna find it for me. So and now I have to find it, So let me see. Okay, So what happened was I was the class example on Thursday, I moved that folder to my desktop outside of light room, so light room lost track of it, so I'm gonna say here it iss say choose and light room says OK. No problem. It now shows it exactly where it is hopefully here on the desktop, and her...

e it is with the question work. So I did that on purpose. I want to remind you guys, you know, touch and go occasionally, but Okay, so let me go ahead and scroll down. We're gonna work on this last group of photos of the Creative Live Gang. Now, why do they have question marks on them? Still, let me go ahead. Now I want to go look at this folder in Finder or Windows Explorer to see where those photos are to see his light room still can't find them. So I just want to jump out the Windows Explorer finder with this folder showing. So there's a shortcut for that. And it And what are the 1st 2 words of that? Alright, right. Click, show and finder or showing Explorer and light room simply opened up a window with this folder showing. So now I'm trying to figure out where the heck are those photos? So the photos are here, they've just 30. They're not in this sub folder that it thinks they're in. So here's what I'm gonna dio. I'm going to go to the to the first photo The first photo is number 10 here will select number 10. I'm gonna What I'm gonna do is have a locate one photo, and then it will find the rest of the photos, and I'm gonna click on the question Mark. Say locate. That was number 10. So here it is. Number 10. Select that question. Mark is gone. Gone. All right. And now they're all gone. So we had to basically tell light from exactly where the files were. They weren't in the folder that I thought they were in. So I'm sure you guys have learned from this and no, and this afternoon are gonna be cleaning up all your own question marks. So I'm gonna go ahead and select all of these creative live gang studio shots, and I'm gonna go d for developed. I'm gonna work on all of these photos at the same time. If I click in inside the thumbnails, you'll see that there were standing in the same location so I can do a lot of work on them. Um, altogether. What I would do in this case is select the typical photo to start with. So I'm clicking inside the thumbnail on the photo that I want to look at as I'm working on them. And I think actually, I'll go with this one here. Now, I may not be able to do all of the work on all of the photos together, but I'm gonna start with that, and then I'll get into the individual, um, the individual photo work so all of these photos can can be cropped in, so I'm gonna click on the crop tool. Oh, no. Wait a minute. Wait, wait, Sorry. Back up. What I need to do is tell light room that I want to work on all these photos at once. Right now, it assumes that I only want to work on the 1st 1 and then maybe I'll sink my changes to the other. So the secret to working on all of them at once is next to the sink button to hit this switch to turn on auto sync. Now, if you're still back on light room to I don't believe you have a switch here. You have to hold down. I believe it's the alter the option key and click on sink to change it. Auto sync, but light room three and light before you actually have a switch. Now that I'm in auto sync mode, whatever I do is going to affect all of the photos. So just to prove that to you, I'm gonna go into the basic panel and I'm going to reduce the exposure by five stops. You see how all all of these photos have changed? Now, now I'm gonna do controller Command Z toe undo, and we'll do some some more work. So I'm gonna go into the crop tool, and I'm just gonna go ahead and crop in the top in the bottom here. Now, this particular one has has some wires, but I think they all can probably be cropped in now, Even while I'm in the crop tool here, I can click inside the thumbnails on the other ones just to make sure that it's gonna work for them as well. Again, I could stop the auto sync process and work on individual ones, but we'll get the groups the group worked on first and then I'll put away the crop tool, come down to the basic panel, and let's set the white balance for this. These Siris of photos Now the white backdrop is should be neutral. Um, Laurey skirt might be neutral. I'm not sure, but let's see what we can do with the eyedropper tool. So as I talked about yesterday, the eyedropper tool allows you to sample in a neutral, whiter and neutral gray or what should be neutral, white or neutral gray and will adjust the white balance of the entire photo to make that neutral. I'm kind of curious. What's gonna happen is I click in various areas. I'm gonna click in the white to the left here, and it warms it up a little. I'm gonna do Controller Command Z. I'm gonna click in this magenta color cast over here because it would be nice to correct for that. It does a pretty good job, but they turned a little bit green. Um, So what I'm gonna do is accept that because I like how it got rid of the color caste. But I am gonna come over to the 10 slider and just back off on that that green just a little bit. Maybe back off on the yellow, just a little bit as well. I could continue to Fidesz that, but we'll call that done? We've set the white balance for the entire group of photos. Now I've got a bump up the exposure just a tiny bit. And otherwise it's looking pretty good. I want to get more light into the right hand side of this photo, and if I look at all the other photos, they all have that issue that that there's not as much light on that right hand side. But otherwise, if I click on any of these photos and I hit the backslash key, I can see the before in the after. You can toggle the before and the after on and off four after, So let's actually, um, I want to do some local work, right? I want to get the right hand side of those photos taken care of. But before I do that, I have to go out of auto sync mode to do that and show you a trick. So but the auto sync process, just to summarize, you just select the photos. Click on a representative, one to work on and you work, and that's all that's all there is to it. When you're done, you have to remember to turn off Auto Sync. This this always causes me issues. And maybe it's just because maybe I'm showing my age and that I just don't remember these things, and I get myself into trouble. You want to remember to turn off Auto Sync? The reason you want to turn off Auto Sync is it's so easy to have a selection of photos from something else you were doing. You, uh, sorry, I'm a PC user. So occasionally I'm hitting the PC commands rather than Mac commands. It's so easy to have I'm doing click control, click or command click to select multiple photos. It's so easy to have a selection in the filmstrip and not realize it and not realize that you're still in auto sync mode. And as you're working on one photo, you're in fact changing a whole bunch of other photos in the filmstrip. So I try to be really disciplined and say, OK, I'm done working on this group of photos. I'm gonna turn off Auto Sync before I go do anything else at all. General questions on Auto Sync Before I get into the issue of local adjustments with sinking auto sync, there is a question from Shasta is sorry is Auto Sync selecting the first image or during the adjustments to the group will at once Auto Sync does the adjustments to the entire group at once sink will sink. Does the adjustment to whatever one you see in the main preview window, then you have to manually, actually go look, go use sink to copy them over to the other ones. And the question. Another question from Shasta. Can you undo the adjustments done in Auto Sync? Definitely. So in this scenario is that happened to me often where it for gets turned off Auto Sync and I'm I'm messing up a bunch of photos I didn't realize. First, if I've just made the mistake, I can always do control or command Z to undo. That will undo that auto sync step on all of those photos I can also, if I discover later that I've quote ruined a photo, I can always reset that photo or I can go back in history toe. Undo that work. So it's not the end of the world. It's really an inconvenience, something I noticed that was very cool when you do the auto sync. The history of each of the photos is intact. So you've got that complete history for all the changes that you made embedded in all you know, eight or so the photos here. So if you want to do the same stuff to most of them and then undo or roll back on just one of them to a particular point, then it seems really easy to do that. That is a great point. That is an advantage. Your right of auto Sync over Sink Sink just simply has a step in history. That said, it's synchronized the settings, whereas Auto Sync will show you each step. Exactly. So that's great Good for bringing that up. Laura Sam Cox from Colorado asks Disorder sink ever turn off by itself, perhaps when switching to library mode or is Auto Sync? And is the auto Sync setting remembered even when leavin, leaving and restarting leg room? I believe that it's always set that once it's on, it's on. I could take the time to close it, reopen it, But that's my belief. People try that out for themselves. Exactly. Report back to us on that one. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, And what's even more deceptive about it. It's not deceptive. It's It's right there in front of us. But let me just select these photos and go into auto sync mode. And let's say that I actually did want to work on these three photos together. So I'm gonna tone down the color by bringing down vibrance and, well, we'll just convert into black and white will just slide it all to the left. So I've converted these three photos to Black and White, and now I go on to the next photo to work on so not thes three anymore. But the next one in the filmstrip light room because I only have one photo selected doesn't show me sink or auto sync down here. It only shows me sinker auto sync when I have multiple photos selected, so I could be fooled to think that I don't have auto sync on here. But if I now select these three photos, I do have Auto Sync still turned on. So it remembers that so you know again, just the last step. Turn it off, then go to your next photo or group of photos. Yep. Can you do an auto sync like making a virtual copies. So could you almost, like, take a whole collection, make a virtual copy and make all those virtual copies black white? That makes sense. You could do that in two steps you could take. Let's go G for grid. You could take several photos, right click, say, create virtual copies and then select those virtual copies and work on them and auto sync So the virtual copy process would not be part of the auto sync process. It would be something you do first, but you can. When I talked about virtual copies, I didn't mention that you can select several photos and make virtual copies of them all. Um, in this in this way, one more quick clarification from MJ Seattle Can you use Auto Sync for other basic changes as well? For example, Lou Minutes, you sharpen Yes, yes, you can use auto sake, for it's like trying to see if I remember there any exceptions. But to the best of my recollection, you could use the Auto Sync for all of your develop work. Okay, except the adjustment brush, and I believe the graduated filter. But I contest that here will test that here. So if I'm in the develop module and I have these photos selected, and I do want to be an auto sync mode. I'm just continuing to work. Let me get all of the continuing to work. All of these. If I want to use the adjustment brush, let me go ahead and click on this photo here. Let's say I'm concerned about this top right corner here, so I go into the adjustment brush. I'm in auto sync mode. I scroll up, double click on the word effect, and I go with positive exposure and I'm gonna go too far. I want to make this really obvious. And I fixed this area and I look at other photos. It has not fixed those other photos. So the adjustment brush does not work in auto sync mode. I see some looks of disappointment, you know, um, so let me go ahead and delete this adjustment brush pin. Now, let's try the graduated filter, because if I could just bring some light into the right hand side of the photo, maybe that would be good enough. So I go into the graduated filter and I've also got Let's just start out with positive four out exposure, and I want to affect the right side of the photo, so I'm gonna click a drag inward here. So I covered that in detail yesterday, and we'll go to other photos here, and it's also not applying. Okay, So local changes you can't do in auto sync mode, but you can sink them. Okay, so all is not lost. So I'm gonna do I'm gonna delete this. Go back to the photo that I just right here. I'm gonna delete this pin and we'll start over with a different approach. So to work, this group of photos, I selected them all and did whatever I could in auto sync mode to work the whole group. Now I'm gonna turn off Auto Sync by clicking back on this switch. I've still got them all selected. I'm going to select the 1st 1 though, and I'm gonna work even though I have a whole bunch of photos selected here. Even though even though I have a whole bunch of photo selected here because I'm not in auto sync mode, I'm actually Onley working on the 1st 1 Okay? It's just like I only had one selected. So let's Go ahead now with this photo and go into the graduated filter and add some light on the right side. Here, let's bring this down a little bit and bring it over. I can't get a perfect answer here, but I'm trying to avoid the adjustment brush. There we go. Ok, Alright. So I've added some light into the right hand side on this one photo, if I click on the other is nothing has happened because I'm not an auto sync motive on Lee worked on that one photo. But with this photo active with this photo showing the one that I worked on, I'm gonna click on the Sync button. I'm gonna say checking on and I'm gonna think about what? What setting do I want to apply now across all of these photos? Well, in this case, it's the graduated filter work that I did click synchronize. And now we'll see each one of these additional photos if I hit the before in the after. You'll see that now each one of these additional photos has that graduated filter work applied. Now, was it a perfect answer in this case? No, You know, I may have to in fact, do local work. You can sink adjustment brush work so I could used the adjustment brush to brighten up this right hand side. The problem is, it's hard to copy that work over to the other photos because the people have moved. So I'm not going to get a good placement of the adjustment brush work when I copy it over to the other photos. That's why I was trying to get away with using the graduated filter, because at least it will be a general right hand side rather than a particular shape around a person. Yeah, questions. So you had previously done, due to the auto Sync a bunch of steps on all the previous photos on DSO. Now you make one change to that photo and do a sink to copy that that great. Does it just stack that graduated filter on top of the changes in the others? Or what if you had gone to that one, made some other changes, would reduce the overall exposure by two stops and then sink. Would it like what does it add to or replace the previous auto sync work? It depends on your choice in the sink dialogue. So I had worked on this one. I graduated filter. I clicked on sink. Now, if and it's asking me well, of all the changes you could have made to that one photo, which ones do you want? A copy over. If I had not been thinking and I said, well, everything, then I would have been wiping out, you know, other settings. So you always want to be careful in here that there be conscious of what you're copying over. So that's why, in this case, I was conservative by saying check non, um, and just chose the graduated filter work.

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Miguel Lecuyer

Great workshop! New to Lightroom and found it very helpful. Saved me a couple hundred dollars and time by not taking an evening LR class. Creative Live workshops match my learning style perfectly. Laura is awesome! My only complaint is maybe Laura can use a PC next time which is what she seems more comfortable using. Her shortcut mix-ups on a Mac were making me a bit dizzy :)

a Creativelive Student

I cannot express enough how impressed I was with Laura and this class. I learned more in the 3 days of this workshop than I did in all 6 weeks of a class I took online that cost three times as much. I left not only impressed by the class but MOST importantly - refreshed and energized to put my new knowledge to use! Thank you for that!!!

a Creativelive Student

Excellent workshop bar none. I learned more about Lightroom than I did from any other tutorial/workshp that I previously encountered. Thanks Laura!

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