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Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Lesson 17 of 52

Day 2 Pre-Show Banter

Laura Shoe

Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Laura Shoe

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17. Day 2 Pre-Show Banter


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Day 1

1 Pre-Show Banter 07:02 2 9:00 am - Introduction: Why Lightroom®? 13:23 3 The Lightroom Library Catalog 16:42 4 Staying Organized 15:00 5 Backing Up Your Library 11:12 6 Importing Your Photos 34:20 7 Preferences & Settings 28:57
8 Settings Q&A 10:49 9 Reorganizing Files and Folders 33:25 10 Using Views and Labels to Evaluate Photos 45:00 11 Filtering and Stacking Photos 13:37 12 Assigning and Managing Keywords 31:42 13 Keywording Q&A 12:43 14 The Metadata Panel 14:38 15 Searching for Photos 20:54 16 Creating a Collection 15:25

Day 2

17 Day 2 Pre-Show Banter 09:09 18 The Map Module: Assigning Locations 43:33 19 The Develop Module 11:37 20 Fixing Your Photos: Histograms and Cropping 22:02 21 Fixing Your Photos: Spot Removal Tool 33:25 22 11:30 am - Upgrading to Lightroom® 4 12:14 23 11:45 am - Basic Developing in Lightroom® 3 & 4 21:29 24 Basic Developing Part 2 19:43 25 Color Adjustments 23:36 26 Tone Curve Panel 18:59 27 Making Subtle Adjustments 13:22 28 Lens Corrections 10:54 29 Local Adjustments: Partial B&W 13:03 30 Local Adjustments: Portrait Touch Up 26:05 31 Additional Local Adjustments 09:55 32 Graduated Filter 24:24 33 Bonus: Day 3 Preview 01:19

Day 3

34 Day 3 Pre-Show Banter 12:44 35 Bonus: Recap of the Develop Module 08:44 36 Virtual Copies 08:58 37 B&W and Creative Effects 20:50 38 Noise Reduction 12:23 39 Sharpening 18:33 40 Sharpening for Portraits 08:46 41 Syncing Changes to Multiple Photos 17:53 42 Autosync 21:09 43 Creating and Using Presets 15:53 44 11:45 am - Lightroom® and Photoshop 22:49 45 Sharing Your Work 08:42 46 Exporting for Web 16:59 47 Exporting for Print 26:06 48 Workflow Recap 40:50 49 Thanks + Credits 07:02 50 3:00 pm - Lightroom® 4: Publishing 20:52 51 3:30 pm - Lightroom® 4: Video Editing 12:38 52 3:45 pm - Lightroom® 4: Book Module 19:36

Lesson Info

Day 2 Pre-Show Banter

Hello, Internet. We are back for light room for fundamentals with Laura Shoe light room. Laura and I'm Natalia Dato here with Kenna. Good morning. Good morning. How are you doing this morning? I'm great. Good. Well, we're excited to have you. This is Day two of Natalia being on screen with planning. Laura, are you doing this morning? I'm doing fabulous. Thank you. It's great to be back for day two, and I'm looking forward to another information pack section session. Cool. What are we gonna be doing today? Well, we cover the library module yesterday, So that was the heavy lifting. You know, we kind of chugged our way up the hill on the roller coaster, and today we're gonna have ah, really fun, exhilarating ride down. We're going to start out in the map module for a little bit so I can show you the power of this new light room for feature. And why? Why? You really should care about it, how it's gonna help you. And then we're going to spend most of the day in the develop module. So fixing...

and enhancing our photos. And of course, that's the sexy part of light room right. That's the fun part, and I'm looking forward to it. Cool. So we're going to do about another 10 minutes of banter checking our audio and sound. Let us know in the chat room if you can hear us and see us. And so we're gonna reintroduce our lovely, energetic students here. We had a lot of fun with you guys yesterday, so of excited to have you back again. So let's start with you and talk about, um I'm sorry. Uh, and just tell us again your name where you're from your twitter handle. If you have one. Wanna tell that to everyone and then a little bit of an ah ha's Teoh. What? Your favorite thing that you learned yesterday without a problem. I'm Daniel Dunlap. I'm from Omaha, Nebraska. Full time wedding photographer. Um, you can follow me on Twitter at Daniel Dunlap. Um, my ah ha moment yesterday was, um, the key wording and how that really works with the hierarchy. And I think that's gonna be really beneficial for me. Awesome. I'm Sarah Burgess. I live in Seattle, and I think one of the key things I learned yesterday was that you can click on the border of a photo to make sure that only one photo is selected in light room. That's a big deal on my Twitter handle is photo. Sara, if you want to follow me, perfect example of ah, very important lesson Seems so simple. So critical. I'm Trudy Montgomery, and my Twitter hander handle is Trudy. Mont G. Uh, and my ah ha moment was that little spray can. I had no idea what that was. Have never played with it. Now you could paint graffiti on all your photos. Hi, guys. My name's Nicole Connor. I'm from Wenatchee. And as a full time wedding and senior photographer, my ah ha moment yesterday was definitely smart collections. Really? It's gonna change the way I at it and and organized my my photos and my images, so thank you. Awesome. So I'm glad that, you know, we've only got to have the audience for the You guys have gotten something out of it. They actually came back today. So you came back for more punishment. So I'm very grateful, Teoh. And of course, you've been your all been a great audience. Hi, My name is Laurie. Ana Marie with Floriana Marie Photography, and you can follow me it Laureano Marie on Twitter. Um, but I think my ah ha moment yesterday waas, um, if you delete your photos off of your hard drive than they're no longer in light room And, um, I felt kind of stupid when I figured that out, but, um, I'm really glad I did. You were the rest of the world. Good morning. I'm Sarah the nonstop and happy to be back here for day two. Yesterday my had a lot of ah ha moments yesterday. It was extremely helpful. But I think a big one for me was figuring out how to re link the question marks when I got those from in my catalogs. And also the copyright information was really helpful to me, too. So thank you. Yeah, I think near users they don't have much trouble with the develop module. I mean, yes, you're gonna learn a lot today in terms of how to do a better job of fixing enhancing your photos. But it's the library module that's not intuitive. And that really trips up newer users and those question marks all over files and folders. That's very typical. You know, And that that happened to me in the beginning until I understood it. So I'm glad that that that was cleared up a little bit. Hi, I'm win from Seattle. Um, my ah ha moment was really the whole thing, but ah, lot of file management collections. The navigator, even the folders is simple as that should have been. I've always been confused by it, so Yeah, great. Great to know. Good to hear. Hey, I'm Neil, David and Neil with an N I A l l um I am on Twitter at Neil David and on the web. Neil david dot com. And I had a bunch. Ah ha. Moments, Aziz. Well, I think smart collections and searching, um, with metadata attributes and wiggling things down, um was kind of some of the more powerful things that I think I got out of yesterday in terms of going forward and organizing my work and being fast about, you know, organizing things and even editing down and making portfolios. And the whole nine. It was really That was really big for me. Good to hear. Particularly important for professionals trying to process tons and tons of images and, um time is money. Yeah, Hi. I'm Lesley Saber, and I can be found at sabre shots dot com. I teach photography, and I am a fine art photographer as well. Um, in digital and film, if I can use the f word here today, I scan my film images and, like toe, use them in light room and Photoshopped My ah ha moment had to do with the compare view in the survey view and to be able to quickly choose side by side images and decide where similar images can be selected and then just move on with my life. Um, I'm James McDaniel. Um, you've done on Twitter at James mcdaniel dot com photography enthusiast and ah, vintage found film project curator Um, I my ah ha moment yesterday was all about speed Between the keyboard shortcuts for all of the activities and the expanding on the compare view and not surveyed, you think you have the survey view and all the keyboard shortcuts has taken something that for me used to be quite a laborious process on, you know, now I feel like I'm zooming along, doing things for five times faster, with the keyboard being being being being being able to go through and prostituted that initial pass on a shoot so much more effectively and get onto the fun stuff. So and that's why I'm looking forward to today, great to hear it's going to hear that we have such a mix of different takeaways and covering everything I think I covered. So thank you did a great job way have folks joining us from all over the world, and we're asking for what were your ah ha moments? So we're gonna read some of those off and we have, um, but Cooper she from the nether He says, Good evening From the Netherlands. My greatest learning moment was the nested keywords He's been clicking all the time, and there's someone else in the chat room who says that, too, So congested keywords are a big hit. Greetings from the Dominican Republic to Becca, says hers was also the paint. Can we have Rhode Island? It's 6 p.m. In Paris right now. Bonjour way have Ernie in Panama. Let's see what's going on in the lounge. We have de doughnuts, Alexandra Rose from Greece Way. That should be a game this morning I e the name and everybody has to guess where that person is from the and they're looking forward to more harm. Moments today on from Israel. Social on. Uh, not Narendra is from Germany. Welcome, Larry says from Guam. We have Poland, Joanna Santiago, Chile, Chile, on and Lakeland, Florida.

Class Description

Learn the fundamentals of Adobe® Lightroom® in three days. This workshop concentrates on the Library, Map and Develop modules where you organize, edit, and fix and enhance your photos and videos. Learn how to import and organize your photos and videos; evaluate and assign keywords, map location and other information to them; find them, and fix and enhance them. Learn how to work more efficiently by working on multiple photos at once and using presets. Learn how to create jpeg and other copies of your photos to share with others, how to email directly from Lightroom®, and how to upload photos directly to Facebook and other services. Finally, get an overview of all that is new in Lightroom® 4.


Miguel Lecuyer

Great workshop! New to Lightroom and found it very helpful. Saved me a couple hundred dollars and time by not taking an evening LR class. Creative Live workshops match my learning style perfectly. Laura is awesome! My only complaint is maybe Laura can use a PC next time which is what she seems more comfortable using. Her shortcut mix-ups on a Mac were making me a bit dizzy :)

a Creativelive Student

I cannot express enough how impressed I was with Laura and this class. I learned more in the 3 days of this workshop than I did in all 6 weeks of a class I took online that cost three times as much. I left not only impressed by the class but MOST importantly - refreshed and energized to put my new knowledge to use! Thank you for that!!!

a Creativelive Student

Very impressive. After watching about 2 hours of this I decided I had to purchase the download. Even after purchasing, I found it so interesting and informative that I kept watching live!