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Keywording Q&A

Lesson 13 from: Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Laura Shoe

Keywording Q&A

Lesson 13 from: Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Laura Shoe

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13. Keywording Q&A

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Lesson Info

Keywording Q&A

We've got some coming in from the internet. First got from Sam Cox categories such as Pano hdr macro. Jimmy PBM says animals mammals. Of course. That's Yeah, absolutely. Of a question from Bill McNair. Can a keyword B in two key word groups at once? Yes, it can. Yes, just like that. We had the name. Example. Victoria, The name versus Victoria location. All right. Now, I want to point out one more detail on this, because I I'm sorry. Was there another question? Yeah. Yeah. On the Victoria name versus Victoria location. There's still only one key word. So it can be in two keyword groups. Right? But then, if you type it and just look up, Victoria, you're gonna find a mix of both the people and the location that you do a search on Victoria. Yes, absolutely. So you need to narrow down your search further than that. Absolutely. And you'll see how to do that to happen and condition in your search and just a little bit. Yeah, Thanks. Okay. A couple more or another question, uh, from London. Is...

there a way to sort the keywords in the key wording panel? They only sort alphabetically now. I mean, I work around, of course, is to include numbers in front of the you know the letter. So your most important category could be 00 space location, you know, space people to force a different order. Okay, if you have a long list and you want to find a keyword, not find photos with a key where that's something else, but find a keyword. Then at the top of the key word list, there's this filter keywords box. So if I'm trying to find a camera, if it was portrait or portrait that I used and I want to find those as soon as I start typing here, it's going to start narrowing down the keywords in the list to get me to what I'm looking for again. That's different than certain. Different than searching for photos that have keywords. Now, the last little detail I want to show you is I told you to ignore some some settings, but I wanted to come back to it. So with this photo selected, we have all of these keywords. Associate ID. Now, for some people, it's important what keywords get exported when you make copies. And when you when you send out copies to people, you have a choice of whether to strip the metadata at that point. But there are some key words that are meaningful, and then they're meaningless. Keywords location. Here as a cured in itself, it's not very meaningful it all. So if you want to What you can dio if that you know if that level of detail matters to you when you're thinking about exporting copies down here in the keyword list panel, we can find the location, keyword and right click on it and say at it to get back into that dialogue we had when we created it. When I said Just leave the boxes, checked it. We'll talk about it later, and you can uncheck include on export to to filter out these keywords that really don't have a meaning on your photos themselves. What's that? Oh yeah, that doesn't affect the keywords underneath. No, no. And there's still that location is still assigned to the photo. It's just it won't be included on Let me go ahead. And so I unchecked include on export and I'll say it it when I come up to key wording here. It's still here. Okay says if I'm blocking your view here. But it still says location as a key word. But now if I click on the drop down here next to keyword to eggs and I actually say, Well, just show me the ones that will export location is no longer there. So now I just have British Columbia. I mean, all of them except location. But all of them are still assigned. Yeah, and I mean, a lot of us don't really care what cures air getting export in which art. But for some, I know it is important. Okay, so that's, I think, includes. Let's see, it's break time at this point, right? Okay, so that wraps up the key wording section. The next section will finish out the day with a little bit on adding mawr metadata to your photos, things like titles and captions. And then we'll get into searching for your photos and grouping your photos into collections and smart collections. So could we just take a couple more questions? Absolutely. Where we get a break while we're still in this section. A question from George Joel. How are synonyms? Use can you, for instance, use them toe localize keywords? I'm not sure what he means by localized, but since Okay, so synonyms would be other terms that you want to be able to search for your photos based on, but you don't need them to be official keywords. So, for example, if you, um, working two languages and you may have your keywords be the English version, and then you can assign sin, um, as the Spanish version. So let me go ahead and take this foot. Let me see. Um, I need to zoom out here. I'm a little fried at the moment. Let me go back to a keyword list and let me choose this keyword here garden. So we have the keyword garden when we create that keyword or any, or we, uh, my brain take a break a couple minutes ago. So let me edit this keyword. So I have the key word garden. I'm gonna edit the keyword tag. I also didn't talk about the synonyms box. So that's what the question is about the synonyms box inside the keyword tech so I could put in here. I think this is This is this garden in Spanish. Thanks. So, um, hardening. Okay. So that so? That way, if in light room I'm searching, I could search based on the synonym, just like I could. The key word. But the synonyms will not be exported, so they're really kind of the internal there for internal use. So I'm Manning asks if you delete a location. Will the sub keywords be deleted? So you're saying if I actually delete this location Keyword? Yeah, by delete location. Yes. It contains additional keywords, which will also be deleted. Okay, then there were a couple of questions about importing and exporting keywords. Is that possible? That's absolutely possible. So if you like this idea of higher and higher people keywords and you also are committed to keyword in your photos, it really could be a good idea to sit down with a word document and excel document any you know, any kind of word processor, document or spreadsheet document, and plan out your keywords and then import that keyword list into light room. So to do that, you would let me see here. No, it's not what you do it. So you would create it out in excel or word. for example, you'd save it as a text document. And later on, when you import it is going to recognize the tabs or this. You know the tab delimited file, and you could come up to, Let's see, where is it? Here. Metadata in the menu bar import keywords and specify that text file so it won't take it Excel file or a word document, but it will take a text file. You can. Also, if you create a hierarchy, you can go to metadata export keywords and put it up on the Web for sale right there are you know, you could buy a key wordless out on the Web. A couple that come to mind. There's controlled vocabulary dot com has a very extensive list of hierarchical keywords. I think Seth Resnick, a d 65 dot com, also has, ah, a keyword list that you can buy an important light room on G. W. Carpentry asks. Can you merge? Keywords, Meaning If you had portrait and portrait's, Can you merge all the portrait key portrait's keywords into portrait instead? Definitely. So that's something that we all have, right, So here, yeah, I don't think that you guys in class had this year. But I can demonstrate it. Um, upside zoomed out of the room. Point this PC user using a Mac. Okay, so I have abstract, and I have abstracts. Well, I really want to merge those into one. So by the way, I have a blood post out there on think it's fall cleaning, and it goes into a lot of these cleanup type things in light room. And I think keyword list is one of the ones I mentioned there. There may be a post specifically on this, but I want to. First, I need to choose which one I want to keep. So I'm gonna keep abstracts with the plural abstracts, and I'm gonna get rid off the singular abstract. So what I need to do is go to the photos that have this incorrect keyword assigned, assigned them the correct keyword and then get rid of the bad one. So a quick way to go to photos that have a particular keyword assigned is when I hover over a key where you see this arrow that comes up here. So if I click on that arrow, I'm gonna zoom out before I do it, but that's where I'm clicking. If I click on that arrow, it opens up a filter. Actually, not seeing it as you would. So I'm gonna go save you Show Filter bar. I'm gonna get into this filter bar in depth, but that's a short cut. Is it to a filter on just that keyword. So now I'm seeing the three photos that have the singular abstract keyword that I need to make plural so I'll select these three photos, so click, shift, click, And then over here, the order I do this in is important. I need to first give it, give them the correct key word. I could go to the key wording panel and type it in. But since I mean the keyword list, you get to see that you know another way to assign keywords, which is simply by putting a check in the box here. So now I have assigned abstracts to these three key three photos. All four of them now have abstracts, and now I can take this one off. Okay, I can uncheck this one now. These photos don't have that key word. They disappeared from this filter because we're on Lee looking at photos that have this keyword. And now I can right click on it and delete it. So just just one more time. Really quickly. Here, let me see if I have another one. If I don't, I won't take up your time. But Okay, so I have metal. Let me say none on the filter bar will get into that later. But right here I have metal and metal's. So I want metal singular. So I'm gonna go to photos that have the wrong keyword. Click on this arrow soon. Back out so you can see that I went to them. Select them. Come back over here. Give them the correct key word. Take off the bad keyword and then delete the bad keyword here in the list. Right. Click the late and then none on the library filter bar to turn off that search on just that keyword

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Ratings and Reviews

Miguel Lecuyer

Great workshop! New to Lightroom and found it very helpful. Saved me a couple hundred dollars and time by not taking an evening LR class. Creative Live workshops match my learning style perfectly. Laura is awesome! My only complaint is maybe Laura can use a PC next time which is what she seems more comfortable using. Her shortcut mix-ups on a Mac were making me a bit dizzy :)

a Creativelive Student

I cannot express enough how impressed I was with Laura and this class. I learned more in the 3 days of this workshop than I did in all 6 weeks of a class I took online that cost three times as much. I left not only impressed by the class but MOST importantly - refreshed and energized to put my new knowledge to use! Thank you for that!!!

a Creativelive Student

Excellent workshop bar none. I learned more about Lightroom than I did from any other tutorial/workshp that I previously encountered. Thanks Laura!

Student Work