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Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

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Lens Corrections

Laura Shoe

Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Laura Shoe

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28. Lens Corrections


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1 Pre-Show Banter 07:02 2 9:00 am - Introduction: Why Lightroom®? 13:23 3 The Lightroom Library Catalog 16:42 4 Staying Organized 15:00 5 Backing Up Your Library 11:12 6 Importing Your Photos 34:20 7 Preferences & Settings 28:57
8 Settings Q&A 10:49 9 Reorganizing Files and Folders 33:25 10 Using Views and Labels to Evaluate Photos 45:00 11 Filtering and Stacking Photos 13:37 12 Assigning and Managing Keywords 31:42 13 Keywording Q&A 12:43 14 The Metadata Panel 14:38 15 Searching for Photos 20:54 16 Creating a Collection 15:25

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Lesson Info

Lens Corrections

I wanna work mawr with lens corrections. So I have a wide angle lens that has lots of issues. As I mentioned, it vignettes the corners, it distorts the photos. And if you go if you guys go to this photo, which is number nine, if I zoom in on this photo, you can You may even be able to see it zoomed out if you're If you're a student and you have a good monitor, there's a halo along this edge in the photo. So I'm gonna go ahead and zoom in and you'll see that I have some color fringing along this photo. Now I do. On every single photo I've taken with this lens, this is called chromatic aberration. So the lenses focusing the different color channels at different distances. So I want to fix this. I want to fix all of the issues with this photo. I'm gonna go ahead and go down toe lens corrections. First thing I'm gonna do is zoom out so you can see the beginning of the fixes Go down toe lens corrections. I'll start with by enabling profile corrections. Now on this particular photo. Here's a...

n example of where once I enabled profile corrections. It did not detect that it was my canon lens. Not a problem. I'll just say, Hey, this was a canon. And once it does that, then it's able to read the rest of the metadata and correctly identify this as my 17 to 85 wins, I turned the check box off and on. You'll see that it is fixed. That is the distortion and the vignette ing issues. Now, if I zoom back in, you're going to see that it did not fix the chromatic aberration. I still have this This fringing now in light room four, it would have fixed that are sorry. In light from three, it would have fixed that the chromatic aberration fix was built in to the profile in light room three. You would also have a chromatic aberration slider here so that you could back off or add additional strength to that chromatic aberration fix. You could also in lightning three go to this manual tab right here, and you would have manual sliders to fix it, you know, take charge and fix it yourself rather than using the profile so there would be a red to scion slider here, There would be a, um a blue yellow. I believe that you could slide to fix those light. Room four is different. Light room four took away all of that. It took it almost completely out of our hands. What happened is that's all built into this Remove chromatic aberration. Check box. So when I check it, the issue is gone. Okay, so if you look right along here and I do before, let me see if I could zoom in a little bit Mawr even. Okay, so that's before. And that's after Now there's still a colorless halo along the edge A little bit. Well, you know what? Shooting with a cheap lenses never gonna be is good as shooting with an expensive lens that doesn't have the flaw in the first place. So this is removed the color fringing, but can't completely remove the halo. Now the halo. I have to say you would never have noticed this if I hadn't darkened the blues in the sky so much So if I come back up to the hse l panel, I turned that that darkening of the sky off. Then you wouldn't notice any change at all. It's just that we made a very abrupt change along that issue. So let me go ahead and its new mad a little bit. Come back down to lens corrections. There we go. OK, now, if you don't have, how could, um if you don't have a profile for your lens, that question that came up and you don't want to build a profile for your lens, you can still fix these issues manually, so I'll zoom out. I'll uncheck enable profile corrections, and we can come over to the manual tab to fix the lens vignette ing. I'm going to scroll down here to the Lance Vignette ing section, and I'm gonna use this toe brighten the edges of the photo so manually doing instead of with a profile is a perfectly acceptable solution as well. The midpoint controls how far into the photo that frightening goes Now. I would encourage you not to use this lens been yet ing to put creative vignettes on your photos. There's another tool that's much more powerful for that, and that's the effects panel. So this is for removing an issue that your lenses created, and then, if you have a distortion issue in your photo. Or if you want to create one, you can slide the distortion slider. It's just plain fun, right? I'm gonna reset that. This also has another issue that's not a lens issue. It's a photographer issue and that I took this photo looking up at the building, right? So I have perspective lines bending in now. I think it's kind of cool as it is, but let's go ahead and fix that. Let's take this vertical transform slider and let's just tip the building and I'm looking at the grid, and there is a certain point that I get to keep my mouse here where what I'm trying to do, of course, is get both lines. So the lines on this side of the building and in this side of the building level now there is a point where they both are tipped a little bit to the right, in this case, when they're both tipped in the same direction. That's when I want to use the rotate slider to just rotate them both. So I come to the rotates lighter, and that's because my horizon was not level as I shot the photo. So I could spend a long time fine tuning this. I will put you through that agony. I hit the before and after switch here in the lens Corrections panel. So before light from three, this was something that I always had to go to photo shop for right controller Command T and Photoshopped free transform. And off I'd be the constraint crop button here will crop off this gray. So any time you distort a photo, you depending. While in most cases when you distort a photo, you are gonna lose part of the photo so you can click on this constrained crop and light room will make the crop for you. It makes a crop to cut off the gray and keep the original proportions of the photo. There's nothing to stop you, though, from going into the crop tool and saying, You know what? I don't care about the original proportions. You know, I really want this crop to be a little different than then. You know what light room did so you can take take control of that as well? Questions on this life by Rebecca's asks, Are you losing pixels when you when you use the lens correction profile. You are You're losing pixels because when when we cropped were cropping out pixels. Now, of course, they're still there technically, but But we have a smaller file. Okay, So I may have gone from Let me go ahead. I may have gone from let's make up numbers 2000 by 3000 pixels down to 1500 by 2500 pixels. As I cropped this out there is an alternative so that the photo will stay the same size. So let me actually just reset the going to the crop tool, not seeing the crop tool options because I'm not in it. Okay, here we go. Reset the crop tool. So I have the gray again and I'll go back down toe lens corrections. I could choose instead of cropping. I could choose Teoh, increase the scale that will basically increase the size of what I have remaining to give me the same pixel dimensions as before. So watch what happens is I slide this scale slider. See how it blows everything else up so that I have the same pixel dimensions as I had before. Now when light room is doing that, it's inter plating, meaning it's inventing new information. Any time you make something larger, like Rome has to add more pixels in, it has to basically any point in the photo you think about as it stretches this out. It's gotta fill in with more information. Technically, you could be softening the image some. So you just want to look at it at 100% or want to want to make sure that you haven't done so much enlargement or distortion that you've that you've softened the foot of too much. And a question from John E. If you had fixed the chromatic aberration first and then darken the sky, would that have eliminated the halo to the right of the building? That halo was green when you darkened blue? No, Unfortunately, it doesn't if I turn this off right now, it's the same as if I hadn't done the work. I turn it on. It's just the same as if I done it afterwards, so it's still going to be there. They're just There's no information for It's like it was a yellow fringe. There was no information for light room to know that that should be sky. And to fill that in with blue

Class Description

Learn the fundamentals of Adobe® Lightroom® in three days. This workshop concentrates on the Library, Map and Develop modules where you organize, edit, and fix and enhance your photos and videos. Learn how to import and organize your photos and videos; evaluate and assign keywords, map location and other information to them; find them, and fix and enhance them. Learn how to work more efficiently by working on multiple photos at once and using presets. Learn how to create jpeg and other copies of your photos to share with others, how to email directly from Lightroom®, and how to upload photos directly to Facebook and other services. Finally, get an overview of all that is new in Lightroom® 4.


Miguel Lecuyer

Great workshop! New to Lightroom and found it very helpful. Saved me a couple hundred dollars and time by not taking an evening LR class. Creative Live workshops match my learning style perfectly. Laura is awesome! My only complaint is maybe Laura can use a PC next time which is what she seems more comfortable using. Her shortcut mix-ups on a Mac were making me a bit dizzy :)

a Creativelive Student

I cannot express enough how impressed I was with Laura and this class. I learned more in the 3 days of this workshop than I did in all 6 weeks of a class I took online that cost three times as much. I left not only impressed by the class but MOST importantly - refreshed and energized to put my new knowledge to use! Thank you for that!!!

a Creativelive Student

Excellent workshop bar none. I learned more about Lightroom than I did from any other tutorial/workshp that I previously encountered. Thanks Laura!