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11:30 am - Upgrading to Lightroom® 4

Lesson 22 from: Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Laura Shoe

11:30 am - Upgrading to Lightroom® 4

Lesson 22 from: Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Laura Shoe

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22. 11:30 am - Upgrading to Lightroom® 4


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11:30 am - Upgrading to Lightroom® 4


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11:30 am - Upgrading to Lightroom® 4

now I realized as I was going through these tools that I haven't yet talked about how to update photos from Lightning three. The late room for accidentally skipped that topic. It really doesn't matter, because what I've just done applies regardless of whether you're working on the photo in light from three or light before or you've updated from lighten three or later for. So let's go back a little bit and let's talk about that topic. And once we do that, we'll be ready to start plugging our way down through the basics panel. So I'm gonna go to this photo here, and I need to set this example up for you. So I actually have a snapshot recorded here of my work in light room three. So you can see that this is what it would look like as I upgrade toe light room for So for those of you that are upgrading when you upgrade your light room three catalogue and light from three will automatically do that. Light Room four will automatically do that. When you look at your photos in the develop modul...

e, you're going to see this exclamation point here in the bottom right corner. That's telling you. Hey, you're using the light room three technology with the photo at this point because you're using the light room three technology. If you look at the basics panel, you're going to see the old sliders. Now, I haven't talked about the new sliders, but light room four technology doesn't have recovery and fill light, for example, so you're still kind of locked into the light room. Three technology. If you want to update to use the new technology to have the new sliders, all of the new controls you're going to click on this exclamation point and it's gonna kind of warn you that you will be updating the photo. You can click on this review changes before and after to see how the translation process goes. Basically, light room looks at the light room. Three. Math behind The work that you've done translates is into light room for technology and slider math and does the best job it can to make your photo look the same as it goes from light from three to light room for, But it doesn't do a perfect job, so let's take a look at it here so I'm gonna review changes before and after I'm gonna click on update. I'm not gonna click update all filmstrip photos and I'm gonna emphasize that again when I click on update. And so my photo on the left here is before meaning as I had it in light room three. Over here on the right was the translation of my work in toe light room for So it didn't do a perfect job. Okay, the sliders air very different in light room for in light before I don't have recovery and fill light. I have highlights shadows, whites and blacks. They work so differently that the translation is not perfect. Okay, now, this does not mean don't update your photos. Um, it does not mean that the light room for technology is not as good as the lightning. Through technology, it's much better. But you want to make a conscious decision when you're updating your photos knowing that you may have to do a little bit more work with those photos to get them optimize. So let's take the scenario. I'm just gonna do control a command Z to undo, and I'm gonna get out of this before and after mode by clicking down here on the single frame square here. You could also type why, and I'll go more into before and after. So I'm back to just upgrading my light room catalogue. I've got exclamation points. I'm in the light from three technology. Now the question is, do I want to update this photo or not? If I'm done working on the photo, then I would just leave it as it iss Just ignore the exclamation point. There's no need to create more work for myself by that imperfecta. Translation. But if this is a photo that I want to do more work on that, I still have a choice. I can continue to work on it using the light room three sliders, not clicking on the exclamation point to update it. So if I don't again, I'll have the old light room, three basic panel sliders. I also will not have access to some of light room fours and new features the red, green and blue in the tone curve for people who know what that is at this point, the white balance features and other new features in the adjustment brush. But I could still if I want to do more work on this photo, consciously decide to continue to use the light room three methodology and not update this photo. In fact, with a photo like this, if I want to spend more time on it, I would, in fact update it. So I would click on the exclamation point. I would update it, and I would work it from here. Now, the reason why I would do that if this is a photo I care about is that I can get a lot more out of this photo with the light room for technology than I can with the light room three technology. So in the snapshots panel here, I'm gonna show you this was the best. Just gonna hit. Why? To turn off before and after. This was the best I could do. Using the basics panel in light room three. Now, before I started working on this photo, let me go back. We reset this photo. This was the photo as it looked out of the camera. Okay, so I have some dates. I have detail here, but very, very dark. The best I could do in light room three using the basics panel. Was this okay? Not bad, right? I've got a lot of detail in here. Looks pretty good. But first, I don't have a much light in the shadows here. As I would like, I couldn't get any further with the basics panel. I maxed out all of my sliders here in light from three. Now, if I go to 2000 and 12 here in my snapshots and I show you the best that I could do in light room for I was able to get a lot more detail in the shadows. And if I zoom in on the trees here, let me go back to 2010. So the old way of doing things I didn't have much detail in the clouds here, and I had this odd halo along the trees. That odd halo was was a limitation of recovery and fill light here. So recovery in flight Lightman free were great at the time, but using a lot of them could create these odd halos. And I just was limited in the amount of detail I could get in the highlights. If I go back to the light room four version noticed that I have more detail in the clouds, and I have no odd halo along the trees War detail in the shadows. So it's definitely more powerful. So if it's a photo that you are willing to keep working on, particularly one where you need Teoh get more out of the highlights in the shadows, I wouldn't hesitate to update because the translation is not perfect, though. That is why I don't recommend when you click on the exclamation point toe update all filmstrip photos. The only time I would do that if is if it's a folder of photos that you didn't actually work on in light room three, then you're fine. Just making the translation toe light room before it won't won't change anything because he hadn't done the work, but otherwise do it one photo at a time. Questions on that. Yeah. Is the map available in when you don't update a photo? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm glad to clarify that. So we're just talking about the technology in the develop module? Yeah. See it always access to mapper book or other features. So question from Bruce is, can you make a virtual copy of a 2010 method and change the virtual copy to light room four. Engine. Absolutely. So I was gonna hold out on you guys and virtual copies. But put Hucko hadn't show you. If you want to different versions of a photo, you don't have to duplicate the file itself on your hard drive. But you can simply right clicks. Let me go ahead. We'll make this. So this is my light room three version. I can right click on that photo and say, Create virtual coffee and down in the filmstrip here you'll see that I now have two different copies, the original and then the virtual copy has this turned up page corner. So that's what tells me it's the virtual copy. I could take the virtual copy, and I could update that and work on that. So that's definitely definitely an option for the question from S M. C. L re Sorry about that. Uh, will light on three presets need to be changed for light for and will there be some wonky? There's definitely can be so presets. Just save settings and if your preset includes basic panel adjustments, so if it included recovery and fill light exposure and brightness. It will. It will not work effectively in light before and will have to be updated. So a lot of a lot of companies that sell presets have had to do, you know, do work toe update and issue issue updated sets of presets. So what takes the place of sorry of the fill light? I don't know for getting up, you know, I'm going to actually work photos through the new basic panel, so you'll you'll see at that point, um, you know how to use thes sliders and how they differ. I'm gonna show how toe work through the basic panel with the light from three version and the light room for version. Since we have kind of both audiences here. But I have to say that at first it was hard for me to get used to, and I wasn't convinced that it was better. And I was kind of annoyed that they were changing shaking up my world. But it's really for the better, You know, it's definitely worth getting used to. Okay. Okay. The last thing I want to show you regarding this is how you can specifically change the process version. Now The process version is what I've been referring to as the light room three technology versus the light room for technology. Technically, they call it the process version. So we have processed version 2012 for light room four and then process version 2010 for light room three. Now, you can consciously or specifically change it. Gonna get out of before and after mode here. I just find it distracting. And I'm going to school all the way down on the right hand side, here to the camera calibration panel, and I'm gonna I can change it here on this top line. So I have 2012. I have 2010 here. I could even go back toe light room to with 2003 but I don't think I'm gonna need to do that. So, um so that's where you can specifically change it. OK, Now, as you go back and forth, it's not going to re translate your work. It's just gonna change just that one setting. Okay, so there's only one translation that happens as you go from 2010 to 2012. It doesn't re translate if you go back to 2010 but you can always go back in history to before you did your update

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Miguel Lecuyer

Great workshop! New to Lightroom and found it very helpful. Saved me a couple hundred dollars and time by not taking an evening LR class. Creative Live workshops match my learning style perfectly. Laura is awesome! My only complaint is maybe Laura can use a PC next time which is what she seems more comfortable using. Her shortcut mix-ups on a Mac were making me a bit dizzy :)

a Creativelive Student

I cannot express enough how impressed I was with Laura and this class. I learned more in the 3 days of this workshop than I did in all 6 weeks of a class I took online that cost three times as much. I left not only impressed by the class but MOST importantly - refreshed and energized to put my new knowledge to use! Thank you for that!!!

a Creativelive Student

Excellent workshop bar none. I learned more about Lightroom than I did from any other tutorial/workshp that I previously encountered. Thanks Laura!

Student Work