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9:00 am - Intro to Lightroom 5

My purpose in terms of our time together these three days is to show you how to think like adobe photoshopped light room, and dobby has done a good job in naming it photo shopped light room because it really is, you know, beautifully integrated in with photo shop, but they've made light room so powerful the great thing is is that you're going to be needing photo shop much, much less it's still essential for work flow. We're going to be talking about photo shop integration all during these three days, but in terms of the vast majority of photographers work, ninety five percent of your work should all be done in like rome. There's no reason for you to ever go into photo shopped for levels or curves, or color or black and white conversion or tenting or vignette ing even now, with our new advanced healing brush. Ah, huge amount of your retouching is going to now be done in light room. So it's an amazing time to be heavy access to this digital darkroom. So that's, what we're going to be wor...

king on during all three days here think of this as a photographic summer camp is what I'm doing it. You know are a cooking class what we're going to be doing is going through a bunch of recipes thie emphasis of the class we could easily do if this was a month long class we could do like room soup to nuts but we're not we don't have that and because my emphasis here is on optimizing, enhancing and retouching that's what we're gonna focus on of course that's all going to be and what they called to develop module so that will be exciting we'll touch on some of the things related to the library we're also going to be dealing with the book module and the slideshow module now one of the great things in the new light room five is this ability to actually do some video optimizing and even come editing, so to speak using the slideshow module which is really, really cool start off this morning show you some of the new things that you can do with that, but in fact that's what we're going to jump into right now is go through some of the brand new features and light one five because I know that's one of the the main topics that people are you know um interested in is let me quit through some of these things is what you can do with it and especially since adobe now is doing this whole new thing with the creative cloud that's also another aspect of um of light room is one do I need like five and to do I need for shops, sisi and where does this all fit in? If I'm going to get the cloud, should I buy light room shattered by? It is a separate item of sure I subscribed to it is part of the cloud, so when we just cover that really briefly I'm going toe put a few little samples up here a little slide show example up here and play that it's got no music on it, but there's a few images that you might as well go back and forth between me. You don't need to hear me yakking. Um, but first off is like one five significantly different from light one for absolutely, positively mind bendingly awesome! It'll pay for itself the first job that you use it with there's no, no, don't even hesitate. Um and I'd say the same thing about forty shops sisi, you are going to be using both of those you can if you don't need the entire creative suite. The creative cloud the new creative cloud suite of don't be applications adobe has its thatyou khun dio nine nine nine a month for a single app so photoshopped whether you you know, by photoshopped um a cz part of the subscription to the entire cloud, or you just subscribe to an individual application don't hesitate and again, if you are going to be using to amore applications, the entire creative cloud is kind of a no brainer. But even if you just got photo shop a cz a single app as part of the cloud, you get twenty gigabytes of cloud storage you get be hand subscription adobes sharing site you get their training site, you get a ton of stuff as part of that ninety nine a month. So you know again, I think that's great and definitely don't hesitate getting like one five if you are brand new or haven't bought light room five, you can always download a thirty day free trial so right now go to adobe dot com and just go ahead and download it for this class. I would recommend that you don't try and follow along during the class, because I'm going to be going pretty quick with all that we've got to cover. So with that in mind, what I do is not have a pad of paper and just, you know, be making notes in terms of things that are appropriate for you.

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Lightroom 5. Master the tools needed to enhance, refine and even retouch your images using quick and easy non-destructive image adjustments! From glamour skin softening, to eye and teeth enhancing, to skin color unifying and special effects like luscious high key black & whites, selective hand tinting, cross-processing and even changing depth of field, there are incredibly powerful features in Lightroom that allow a huge amount of the polishing of your photographs to be done right there, without ever having to go into Photoshop!

Learn how to create magic presets and perform syncing tricks to quickly apply these optimizations and enhancements to multiple images (and now video!) all at once to dramatically increase your productivity. You'll leave this course knowing how to cut your processing time in half and craft even more stunning, creative, and profitable images at the same time.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5