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We are so appreciative of everybody that makes this possible and we just want to give some shout outs to the people that have sponsored this particular workshop. First sponsor I want to think is triple scoop music triple scoop provides music licensing to some of the top photographers and creative professionals in the world. I love this company I use their music all the time so thank you so much trouble scoop music also want to think l r b portfolio he's a plug ins for that provide for all of the photographers and actually as a portfolio website. So this is a very cool plug in for light room by l r b also want to thank craft and vision this is a great resource for e books on photography, vision and beyond. Thank you so much to craft envision as well. And lastly, the person that just gave away our last prize as well x equals and they offer tips on workflow tools and plug ins for light room and photo shop. So please creative live viewers, everyone out there give these sponsors from social...

media love this is how we keep prizes coming to creative lives, so tweet them facebook them just give them some social media love so that everybody can appreciate and get more prizes and gold, all right, moving on with thank you's we also want to thank the creative live audience. And that is you. All of you viewers out there watching from around the world. You guys are what makes creative live work. We would not be here without you. We appreciate you watching from all hours in all places in the world. So once again, we thank you so much and appreciate all that you do for us way love him also. Thank you to the credit five crew. There are so many people working from behind the scenes here. A creative live. We have people passing us questions. We have all the guys in the booth. Everyone at creative live works together to make this happen so huge. Thank you to the creative live crew also want to thank our producers. Amanda engineer, you guys have made this workshop iraq. We really appreciate appreciate you. Love you, ladies, and then last but not least, we want to thank jack davis. Thank you, jack, for everything that you have done here. Accretive live. We really appreciate your workshop and it's been a great three days. I think so. I think you have me. And finally I would really like to thank the in studio audience. You four have been great asking questions, and it has been just amazing, so really appreciate you guys as well. And with that jack I think we'll take it away. Okay, great well thank you again for everybody who is attending both here and away like I said normally closes I would get to this kind of experience was a hands on workshop in the hands on workshop obviously I can work with you know, a dozen a couple dozen people at most at a time and I spend the entire the same amount of time in that environment so for me to be able to spend these days and yet have a reach out to you know, six people knocked a zillion people who are are tuning in for meza blast that come in and be able to share like this in this environment is a kick in the pants as I mentioned before, I'm excited and the gang here at creative life or excited we've got some other classes coming up actually I've got half a dozen that are on in the can or lined up to be in the can for creative live here the one that's coming up I mentioned this before the painting one that is august I think fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth and this is we're going to be covering how to dio painting inside of photo shop for shops yes five six or sisi will work for these situations here and also for those of you who are getting the one click while presets right now almost any version of photo shop can do beautiful things like these water colors are available, so if you did get the one click while presets from wow creative arts dot com you can isa chapter in the end on how to paint in photo shop and all the brushes and textures and patterns associated with that are excuse me are in that supplemental pdf that comes with it. So that is a resource that I want to remind people of and that is basically this right here it's, the one hundred page book that goes through how to use the presets, talks about all those old styles that we got caught up in and how you can use those two automate not only your graphic design work this goes into how to use them and customize them and use them for all sorts of cool stuff but then gives you a resource for ones that even done on photographs, framing and all sorts of trendy things and then it gives your resource for every single out of these nine hundred presets. Each one is visually represented in this one hundred page pdf, so I want to mention that to you giving a good portion of these is the one click well sampler to everybody that's just goes to that facebook page so again you literally get a huge amount of stuff just by showing up but I wanted to mention the painting ones because at the tail end of the book we have this chapter on painting and that is where you can learn how to right now as you wait patiently for the class in august tio do it and it will walk you through what is what and what each brush does, what and the patterns and textures and all the presets so wanted to mention that to you that is part of the one click well product at while creative arts dot com and also back here in light room mentioned you were asking about finding those presets on my page this is the painting class coming up and that is going to be august fourteen through sixteen that three day class the facebook page this is where you once you like it, you'll find this little star here with jack freebies that will take you over to this credibly beautiful page that has the downloads that's where you're going to find the presets we're going to talk about in just a second the's one liking for while presets other pdf so there are some additional painting presets in there again whether you by the class or not so hopefully it's not coming across like I'm selling too much snake oil but I do have things that I do for a living there's the sampler for it and design and storytelling is another pdf from my graphic his own class but you certainly will want to do the preset sampler and my like when four presets because like him for like one five share the same engine he's worked great in light room five they're exactly the same, adding in the light room five presets that will be part of if you purchase the class that we're just finishing up. Now that will include a whole set that are specific to light room five, as well as the's, a good part of the follow along images. Also one thing I added to this page because there was a problem with the creative photography for the soul. So also on that page, you'll actually find the pdf for my creative photography for the sole workshop over on molokai, hawaii, and we do have just a couple of openings for the october workshop, and so you are welcome to do that. I'm doing this now because if I don't do it now, you will when we get to the end, the students here in the classroom have already said that they're going to be jumping on the table and dancing at four o'clock eso I don't anticipate being able to do this this is the wild creative arts site, and this is where you can get the jacks oneclick well photo shop presets, buy that product.

Class Description

Lightroom 5. Master the tools needed to enhance, refine and even retouch your images using quick and easy non-destructive image adjustments! From glamour skin softening, to eye and teeth enhancing, to skin color unifying and special effects like luscious high key black & whites, selective hand tinting, cross-processing and even changing depth of field, there are incredibly powerful features in Lightroom that allow a huge amount of the polishing of your photographs to be done right there, without ever having to go into Photoshop!

Learn how to create magic presets and perform syncing tricks to quickly apply these optimizations and enhancements to multiple images (and now video!) all at once to dramatically increase your productivity. You'll leave this course knowing how to cut your processing time in half and craft even more stunning, creative, and profitable images at the same time.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5