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Picking Winners

Lesson 7 from: Lightroom CC: Essential Training

Mark Wallace

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7. Picking Winners

How do you choose the best images from your photoshoot? Mark demonstrates how to use flag and star ratings to pick your best shots. Mark then walks through the Adobe Sensei “Choose Best Photos” feature.
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Lesson Info

Picking Winners

let's learn how we can pick winners and rank those winners. And so this is useful if you have a bunch of photos of a certain event or maybe a family vacation or something and you just, you don't want to throw away anything you but you don't want to see everything all the time. Maybe you want to say, I just want to see my top five or just the ones that show this person or whatever. And so you can um choose, you can pick winners and then you can also rank them. Now you do that with checkboxes and stars and you can use these anyway that you want, you don't have to do it the way that I'm showing you, you can create your own system. But let me just show you one way to do it. So over in lightroom we're gonna go and we're gonna go to our workshop files that we created and we're gonna go to Karissa, that album that we created. Now this is popping up up here because when I clicked on Karissa it is automatically throwing that into our filter. And so I'll show you what this is a little bit later ...

on. So I'm just gonna click off that. Don't worry about what that is just yet. We're gonna get there. So we have these images of Karissa and we want to figure out which ones. Let's choose two pictures. So we've got 353 images of her standing up. We have three headshots. Now, what we want to do is we want to pick the best one of each. So what I can do is I can go in here and double click see the first one, the second one and the third one. Okay I like this 3rd 1. How do I pick that? Well we have at the bottom we have a little flag that has a check mark flag that has an X. Through it. So there's either nothing which is what we have right now or picked flag. So we can click on that and it has a little white flag or we can have a rejected flag or nothing at all. If I click again it goes away. So again you can only have one of three things nothing picked and rejected. And so by default everything is nothing. They're just images. The rejected ones are ones that probably you want to throw in your trash. Get rid of them, never see them again. And then the picks are the ones that maybe you want to print out or show in your portfolio or in your slide shows, things like that. So it can only be trash or rejected, nothing or picked. So those are the three things. Now there is a shortcut key for this. If you see an image that you like, you can hit Z and that will pick it hit Z again. It will it will just pick it. So to unpick it, you have to hit the key, you unflagging. So Z is picked or flagged, you is unpicked. So that's how you do that. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna use that shortcut key, we're gonna go in here. I like this picture, so I'm gonna pick it. I'm gonna hit X. Means E. For pick or you can click on this little flag. So Z. Or click on the flag. And of these three, let's take a look. We have 123. I like the first one, so I'm gonna hit Z. I'm gonna pick that one. And now we have two images that have been picked. Now these flags only show up by the way, if you're in the second grid view here. So this first grid view, you won't see the flags. You have to go to the second grid view to see those flags. Okay, um we can, later on we can filter our albums by the pics. I'll show you that in a little bit. But first let's go to a different folder. This is one that you don't have, but I do on my desk and this is and that should not show up. It's a little crazy bug in lightroom. That happens when that shows up. I'll explain that later. So we have lydia Sparks. Okay, And I think it would be fun to rate these. So we have a bunch of images here. Now some of these I've already picked. So let me show you how you can filter these by pick up here? There's a little funnel and it's saying how do you want to filter this? I can click on the pic flag and it's only going to show me the files that I have picked. I've got a bunch of files that I've picked here. So which ones are the best? Well underneath each of these images, we have stars And I can rank these between one and stars. So I'll open this one double click that. And that's not so great. She looks like she's uh not having a great day. So I'll rank that two stars. And you can use the the numbers on your keyboard, 1234 and five To rank those 1 - five. So I'm gonna rank this one, I'll go to the next one. Oh I like that one. I'll rank that 1-5. I'll go to this one that's a three. I go to this one. I like that, that's a five. And so you can go through and you can rate these however you want. Maybe one means it's no good five means, prints, three means it can mean whatever you want it to mean. And so it's up to you to determine what each star means. But then later if you go back, I'm gonna go back to my view. My grid view here. If I want to say I want to see all the stuff that I've rated five stars. So I've clicked picked. So I've seen all the ones I've picked. and then up here I'm going to click on five stars and now it's only showing me things that I have picked And that are five stars. And so it's a it's a pretty cool feature to rate and rank and pick images. And this is very, very useful if you have many, many photos like this. We have in all photos, 2000 something photos. Which ones are the best ones? Well I can just say show me the ones that I've picked. And now this is only showing me the images that I thought were worthy of flagging and saying these are good photos. So it's just a great way to sort and rate files and images so that you can get to them quickly later. Now there's another thing that is really sort of fun. It's only available on the web version. So I'm now in my google chrome browser. You can see I'm in a browser now, not on the desktop. What if I want adobe sensei to figure out what my best photos are. So what I'll do is I have this this photo shoot I did here with Nikki and there's just tons of images here and I just don't, I can't figure out what's the best one because I'm too tired or whatever. I can go to the right hand side, there's this little ellipsis here. If I click on that, then I get this little option right here, choose best photos. If I click on that, it's sort of fun. Um, there are some options. What's the quality threshold? I want my, I want these to be really good I guess. Uh they just have to be okay. I guess that's how that slider works. I'm not sure what adobe is thinking there, but I'll say, hey, I want these to be really good. Show me the really, really good ones. I can ignore my ratings or I can use my ratings or hide photos with ratings. I'm gonna ignore my ratings. I just wanna see what adobe thinks my best photos are. I'm going to go all the way over to hire. You can emphasize photos with people. So maybe you have a bunch of photos, some of them are scenic and some are portraits. You can choose, you want more people photos or less people photos. And so adobe thinks these are my three best photos. I think that is not a good photo at all. It's sort of a fun thing to look through here and see what Adobe thinks is good. And of course this is artificial intelligence. This is a computer figuring out what's happening. It's like Watson playing jeopardy. It's sort of what's happening here. If I go, let's go to all photos and so in all photos you can't do this because you have to be in an album or you have to be, Yeah, you have to be in an album to use the find best photos feature. Let's just try it again, choose best photos And and this one it thinks that the best photo is of the sheep heads and the laundry. So I don't agree with adobes choice there, but it is something that's sort of fun and if you're trying to figure out what's the best thing sometimes going in and letting the machine figure it out for you is a fun way to do it. It's also fun when I was playing around with that, I was just going through a bunch of albums and having adobe guests for me and choose. And I was like, oh yeah, that was a pretty good picture, I didn't think of that. And uh so it's fun. Try it out. It might not be accurate, but it is maybe it'll be accurate in a few years as the machine learns more and more. Okay, next, we need to learn about filtering images. I gave you a little preview in this session, but let's dive in and a deeper dive. Next session

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Susan H

What a great class! I've started & stopped a few Lightroom classes up until now, but generally gotten bored, confused or felt I needed to step away to learn something else like Adobe Bridge first. Mark is a great instructor, engaging, specific & very clear with his explanations. I finally feel confident to play in Lightroom instead of feeling constantly overwhelmed by what I don't know!! Awesome! Thank you, Mark, you've also inspired me to dream about travelling again now the world is opening back up :)

Robin Spencer

I'm glad I bought this course. It was very basic but just what I wanted. My plan was to see if Lightroom could replace my current Lightroom Classic. Some of Lightroom functions are fantastic it looks like many of the functions I use with Lightroom Classic are just not there. So in short Mark answered many of my questions.

Glenn Pierce

Excellent fundamentals course on Lightroom! I really enjoyed Mark's teaching style which is easy to follow and very relaxed :-)

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