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Lesson 20 from: Lightroom Desktop for the Photo Enthusiast

Jared Platt

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20. Conclusion

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what an amazing way to create to have all of your images ever present right there in front of you and to be able to work on images moments after you've taken them. Um, and burn and dodge and masks stuff right on your phone or on your ipad that it's just incredible what adobe has given us In lightroom. And I and I was there from the very beginning when lightroom classic was just a beta back in 2005. And so every tool they've ever built into the system. Every time they've added a tool. I have just been thrilled and it's been such a ride. But now we have such amazing tools and I hope you've enjoyed this course and I hope it's inspired you to see what you could be doing inside of Lightroom. You could be organizing your images in a way that you could find them at the drop of a hat. You could be backing up your images instantaneously the moment you put them into your system, you could be editing your images with incredibly detailed masks in seconds. You could be finding images just like that...

and sharing them with friends and family and with, with people who are interested in your work. You could be doing all of that right now. You just need to get into light room and get comfortable and start using it because there's so much there for you to use and we haven't even scratched the surface. But that's the amount of time we have until next time. My name is Jared Platt, thank you for joining me on this course and get into light room and play and have fun because photography, it's all about sharing your vision with the world, and lightroom has made that a lot easier. Thanks for joining me.

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Jean McMillan

Thoroughly enjoyed your class, have learned so much about how take my Ipad to another level, now can't wait to put it all into practise!

Red Tulip

Sometimes it's hard to know what the instructor is pointing to so it's easy to get confused. Better job is needed in explaining what you are pointing to.

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