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Lesson 14 from: Lightroom Desktop for the Photo Enthusiast

Jared Platt

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14. Geometry

Learn how to get perfectly parallel and perpendicular lines in your photos for better photo compositions and how to fix perspective issues in Lightroom.

Lesson Info


now the final panel. Inside of the Global editing area. Inside of lightroom is the geometry panel. And that is simply to remove things like vanishing points when you're looking up at the building and the building kind of uh kind of goes like this and so it's wider at the bottom and it's smaller tops. You got that vanishing point happening and if you want to straighten it um it would be very difficult without some kind of controls. So inside of lightroom you have a lot of different controls, You can change the distortion, that's the bowing of the lens, you can change the vertical options, see how I'm changing vertical versus horizontal. I can go this way with it, I'm really just able to play, I can rotate the image, I can change the aspect ratio so that it's much more skinny and tall or very long. Um I can change the scale of the image. I can even shift it to the left or to the right. So there's a lot that I can do to this image to change the way it feels and the way it's stretched. Alt...

hough all of that is really bizarre to me and I can't imagine doing it but you might need to um So I'm gonna go back up here and I'm going to right click and reset the geometry and I'm going to do the one thing that I love in the geometry tool which is the guided upright, so I'm gonna click on guided upright and I'm just going to go find and I have four guides that I can set two vertical and two horizontal. So I'm going to set my guides based on hard lines that I think should be either parallel or perpendicular. So the first one that I see here is this actual girder. So I'm gonna grab this girder here and you see how it already kind of figured out. Okay, I know that that needs to be a vertical line. And then I'm gonna go over here to these girders and I'm gonna say that right there needs to be a vertical line. So I'm clicking like that and see that reset again. So now it knows that this vertical line in this vertical line need to to be parallel to each other. So now I'm going to say, well what's the perpendicular line? That's this one, This line that comes across the top of the penn station, I'm going to make sure that that one is level and it did it again, it reconfigured it again. And then the last line that I see is this line here on the actual platform. So I'm going to click here and go like this and boom. And now I have four and it is a very straight photograph and the person looks just fine. So now I'm gonna put away my geometry tool, don't need it anymore, that's perfectly geometrically square. And so now I'm going to go to the crop tool and the crop tool is just below the edit. So here's the edit tool and then here's the crop tool. So now I'm gonna go to the crop tool and I'm just gonna crop out whatever this backpack and person are here, I don't need them and I'm just gonna kind of play around with that edge until I like I like it about there and then I want his shoes in it. So I'm bringing those up there and right now I'm actually in a fixed aspect ratio so you can see that it's only following the original crop, but I could say custom crop and then it will allow me to do whatever I want to this crop, which is actually a great way to go. So I would prefer to be able to crop it exactly the way I want to crop it rather than having to follow some arbitrary paper size. So I'm gonna stick with that, I think that's the perfect crop. So now I'm just going to turn off the crop tool and then that is my perfect documentary image. I love it. Um and the most important thing about this image to me was all of those square lines. So I love all the lines that I needed to make them square and perpendicular to each other and parallel to each other. And the guided upright allows me to do that. So anytime you have something that has that kind of line in it when the design of the photograph is really based in lines, make sure you go to the guided upright tool inside of the geometry pain because that's going to allow you to do that and and it's available on your phone, on your ipad and on the desktop. So make sure you use it because it really makes an image quite a bit better than it normally would be.

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Jean McMillan

Thoroughly enjoyed your class, have learned so much about how take my Ipad to another level, now can't wait to put it all into practise!

Red Tulip

Sometimes it's hard to know what the instructor is pointing to so it's easy to get confused. Better job is needed in explaining what you are pointing to.

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