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Lesson 1 from: Lightroom Desktop for the Photo Enthusiast

Jared Platt

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1. Introduction

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Hi, my name is Jared Platt and this is Lightroom desktop for the photo enthusiast. I am your guide into all things Lightroom. Now there are actually two versions of Lightroom, there's Lightroom Classic, which is the original version of Lightroom. It is a kind of a professional level photo editor program. It's really amazing and it's got lots of capabilities, but there's a new version of Lightroom called Lightroom desktop, which also includes a lot of other versions of Lightroom And from here on out throughout this entire course we're gonna call it Lightroom. So there's Lightroom Classic and there's Light room and we are going to be discussing Lightroom exclusively in this class. Now this class is for every level of photographer, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner photographer or if you're a professional photographer. Light room itself is an amazing tool. It's something that allows you to not only organize your images and back up your images so that you're always safe, but it also a...

llows you to find them at the drop of a hat. It allows you to adjust them and do some amazing work with them, including stuff that you would think you would have to go to Photoshop to do. And then it also allows you to find those images and share those images really quickly with anyone anywhere anytime. In fact, we're going to show you how you can access your photos, not only on your phone, also on your tablet and on your computer. So no matter what device you happen to be on, whether it's your computer or your mobile device. I'm going to show you how to add images, organize your images, edit your images, find your images and share your images anywhere, anytime, anyplace. And that's what we're gonna do here in this course today, So let's get started.

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Jean McMillan

Thoroughly enjoyed your class, have learned so much about how take my Ipad to another level, now can't wait to put it all into practise!

Red Tulip

Sometimes it's hard to know what the instructor is pointing to so it's easy to get confused. Better job is needed in explaining what you are pointing to.

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