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Lightroom Web Overview

Lesson 5 from: Lightroom Desktop for the Photo Enthusiast

Jared Platt

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5. Lightroom Web Overview

Learn how to access your images you have in Lightroom on the web through any internet connected computer.
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Lightroom Web Overview

now there's one more place that we can see our images inside of the Lightroom ecosystem. And that is on the web itself. Because remember every image that I took from a card and I put onto my computer, I put into my ipad, went directly up to the cloud. And so now I've got this whole pot of images in the cloud as well. I might have it on other devices, but I have it in the cloud and that means that anywhere I am, as long as I have access to the web and a computer, I can look at my photos. So if I happen to be traveling and I don't have access to my ipad, my iphone or my laptop, I can still go to an internet cafe or to the hotel computer and I can just go to uh lightroom dot adobe dot com. And when I go there, this is what I'm going to see. So I'm at Lightroom dot adobe dot com and notice that all of my albums, just like the album's inside of Lightroom on my desktop, you'll see that all of that exists here. So, I'm just going to show you the similarities here. So, as you look at Lightroom...

on the web, you'll see that I have all of the same general things. Now. It's a little bit pared down. It's not quite exactly the same, but it's close, but all of my albums exist, even my shared albums, you'll notice that I can even make albums so I can create an album here on the web, I can create a folder. So if I just simply click create an album and call it a test and put it inside of our little album folder we've been working on. Um it just created a test album which will then end up inside of Lightroom here. So you can see that that test album just popped in to Light room because we made it here on the web. And then if I happened to be sorting because I wanted to find some images, I was on the road and I had access to somebody's computer. So now I can just simply grab an image and drag it into that test folder or that test album and it copied those photos. And now that image will now be added to the test and look if I come back here there it is, it's inside of Lightroom on my desktop and it would also be inside of my ipad as well. So it's everywhere because it's all one big ecosystem. Now. Not only are there the options for organizing inside of your albums area, but also if you click on any particular image, you can also edit that image. So if you click on the edit over on the right hand side of the web, it takes a little longer because obviously you have to work with your bandwidth and your internet speeds. But look at this, all of the adjustments that I have available inside of Lightroom are available up in the cloud as well. So if I want to do a quick edit on something, I can do that on a regular uh web machine anywhere. So it doesn't matter if it's a pc or Mac. All I have to do is have access to a web browser and go to lightroom dot adobe dot com. I can edit my images, I can crop my images and I can share my images and if I click on any particular image, I have the ability to start it to flag it to reject it. I can add comments or hearts to it down here in the bottom left hand corner, I can add information to it on the right hand side along with keywords and I can see if there are any comments that have been left about that image on various places on the web. I can also uh crop that image. I can adjust that image with all of the same raw adjustments because the raw images up in the cloud um and I can share that image by giving people a link to the image. And finally, if I'm looking for a particular image, I can simply go to the same search options that I have inside of Lightroom desktop and Lightroom Mobile and I can type in a search criteria or I can use the filter to find specific images. So Lightroom on the web, although it's a little bit pared down, it doesn't have access to absolutely every tool. It is a really great portal to go and find your images to a just a quick image or to simply share an image that you wanted to share. But more importantly, Lightroom on the web is a portal to add your photos to the ecosystem. So if you, if you look up in the top left hand corner of Lightroom on the web, you'll see a button that says add photos. If I click on that, I simply either select them from the computer, I happen to be on or drag them into that little area and just take the images from my disk that I shot yesterday, go to a computer, whether it's a friends or whether it's an internet cafe or it could be the computer at the at the hotel and I can upload my photos for safe keeping, I can still keep the car just in case. So now I have a copy with me in my photo bag and then I have a copy on the internet that is being transferred to all of my other devices. If I have a computer at home that's on it's going to be transferring down to that computer at home and saving it on a local hard drive. So now I have one in the cloud and I have one at home on a local hard drive and it's going to all my devices and I have the one in my card while I'm shooting. And so this is a fantastic fail safe. It's just a portal. It's, it's not super robust, it doesn't have every possible tool, but it is a great way to save yourself if you need to get some photos up to the cloud and back them up immediately. And that is Lightroom Web.

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Thoroughly enjoyed your class, have learned so much about how take my Ipad to another level, now can't wait to put it all into practise!

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