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Creating a Website

So let's, come back over here to the library and let's treat a website of our flowers. So with the collection active let's, go ahead and click the web module if you have one photo selected in that collection and that's what's going to be populated into your just the default template that it that it uses let's, go ahead and pop open our film strip at the bottom here if you I don't have all of the if you didn't have all the photos selected or if you had, if you had no photos selected, then when you come in here to the web module, they would populate automatically. But since I had one photo selected, only one photo popped into the web site, but all you have to do to make it populate from everything that was in that collection is just coming out here to the poppet menu underneath the template and choose all filmstrip photos and immediately they populate into your web gallery. Okay, so now let's press the tacky to bring our panel's back, and we've got a lot of the same looking settings on t...

he right hand side, but where are our templates? There are a few over here, this is the layout style, so you're basically telling light room, you know what kind of layout do I want to on a flash on h e mail it's center and you can find more of these online but the templates are going to be over here on the left hand side above your collections and as you point your mouse cursor to the different templates, you're going to see a preview in the preview panel so you don't actually have click it apply it you can get an idea what it's gonna look like in any of the templates that have this little if at the bottom left that's a flash site I am not a flash fan in any way you know why? Because for search engine search engines can't see inside of flash unless you go to all the trouble to create an extra file that really contains all the information that is fully searchable if you just stick with eight shamil I think there's a time and a place for flash and you know what it is when it's teaching me how to put together a bookcase that I bought at ikea that is a perfect opportunity tio watch a flash animation, you know, instructional, but for something like a photo gallery I wouldn't do that I would I would want to take advantage of because why are you posting a photo gallery on the web anyway? Your wanting to be found a lot of people have their flash plug ins turned off in their browsers there aren't even going to see your fancy shmancy flash site if they've got that turned off and my husband has his turned off, and when he encounters a flash site, he gets ticked off and most often time he leaves the site he doesn't bother to click the load plug in, but he just bailed on it, so I would not, in my personal opinion, do what you want, but I would not use a flash site for my photo gallery, but nevertheless, you do have a bunch of different templates over here, and these are slightly customizable not a whole lot but slightly customizable, but you can you can purchase more online in the fat there is a website let's see if I can get to in the ah history I was looking at it last night, I'll find it and get it to you, but john neck uh, works for adobe, and he had a block post recently about this amazing, really amazing template that's available for free and I can't remember off the top of my head with the darn thing is called, but I will add it to the workbook that we get with this class and it's ah it's, a fabulous template it's really a plug in and, uh, you download it for free, install it into the light room and what it allows you to do is it has for my understanding of it is your client has like check boxes or radio buttons and they can choose the photos that they want to order prints and then that information is tied into your email information that you can enter over here within the the light rooms a web module so it's kind of like an automated really complicated way for youto post proofs and then have the client going to be able to easily check check, check, check, check I want these and then an email it automatically triggered to you it's really something I want to say it's true pointy are you dash p o aunty or something like that but I will find out and get that information and to you so let's just take a minute here to discuss what we can customize over here on the right hand side I mean super super easy so for this one we might call this one now a flower's what's the collection title and I'm pressing tab to jump from one field to the other and automatically I can see my changes here you know bridge usedto have this capability and boy howdy did people pitch a royal fit when well photoshopped used to have it tio uh to be able to create web gallery asian bridge that went away and photoshopped cc creating web galleries and bridge and people scream to the highest heavens but you know what it had the same kind of settings over here on the right hand side, but every time you would make a change to the setting, there was a preview button over here and you'd have to click it and you'd have to wait for it to, like preview the whole website before you would see any of your changes take place. It really was very clunky, I understand why dont we got rid of it way better do it in something like this, and if you have a membership to the creative cloud, then you've got light room right here, so enter my contact information of the contact information with this particular template is appearing down here at the bottom left right there. So what I like to do in that area since I don't put watermarks on my images and why don't I? Because they're so small that I'm not worried about them being stolen, but what I do is in the contact info field I press option g, can you give me that little coffee? Right symbol? So now this is really a male to lynx what's gonna trigger an email, but it's, like I've got my copy right notification right down there and you could put anything you want down there, I could put, you know, copyright two thousand thirteen, but I just like putting that we'll see down there now the next field down lets you enter your email address, but you have to leave that mail to tag there. You can't delete that. So what you would do to customize that is on ly customized, you know the user at information so that's where we would tie lisa at photo. Lisa dot com if you don't leave that male two in the colon, it won't work. If you put a space between the colon and the first letter of your e mail address, it won't work either, so just leave that and only fill in from the ride of the colon and don't put any spaces in any of that. We have the opportunity to add an identity plate here that is being pulled for our top left graphic and you feel noticed as I mouse over at my cursor turns into a hand that's because I've entered my real website. You are all right there. So now this is a link two photo lisa dot home, you can control your color palette, so I mean, this is pretty self explanatory. I want to save just a few minutes for questions we've got text, colors changed, text color, just click this link right here and you get that same color picker that we've been looking at. So you can lighten it up a little bit please don't use white text on a solid black background it'll make people's eyes believe they won't want to stay on your website very long. She's a really light greens did. If you're tempted to go with a black background uh, detail text that's like supporting text background what do you want the background color to be? We can change it to black if we want really make your colors and your image is pop off the page. What color do you want the sales to be? Those that's these guys right here. What do you want the color to change on? Roll over. We can handle that right here. Uh, these grid lines that's what? This is talking about numbers. Do you want that little slightly transparent number to be visible in the sales? If you're using these templates for client proofs and you probably want to leave those on so they might set yeah, I want that number three image, but you can also turn on all kinds of labels down in the image info panel. So if you want to turn on captions yeah. Captions here we are again, those air coming from the metadata panel in the library or you can set this to be any then you could send it to be a file name and that information is going to appear the bottom of each image so that the client can say, hey, I want image number you know, nine zero, five, six and here's where you can set the quality so you know somewhere around seventy or eighty is going to be really nice quality these are going to be j pegs you can set your metadata information he could turn on water marking I'm gonna turn that off you can turn on another round of sharpening for the web that's a good idea and down here at the bottom these air your upload setting so this is where you actually put in the ftp information for your website in light room in this situation is gonna handle the uploading all by itself so let's cruise back up here see if there's anything else that we need to see here you can turn on photo borders and that's the border around the photo thumbnail themselves turn it off, turn it on here you can control uh your enlargement pages. I wish this said enlargement page because that's what it is this is where you set the size of your enlargement I would never ever, ever go over eight hundred pixels here in any circumstance if you are attempted, if you are a serious fine artist like my friend bert monroy that does that does photo realistic illustrations in photo shop and his images are so detailed his pieces of art that it does him no good to really post anything at a small size because you've got to be able to see into it. So what he does is he uses a plugin called zoom if I as e o o m I f wine it's available it's built into photoshopped and what it does is it tiles your image so that when people click the enlargement page they choose a quadrant of the image or actually when they're viewing the image to zoom into it they click somewhere on the image in there seeing a zoom of one quadrant of it so they never get a full zoom in any given time there are only seeing the full zoom of a piece at a time so there's nothing to steal. So uh if you need to post really big images on on the the weather and I would do it that way not with this control but this is where you can control the size of your enlargements and you see you can pump him all the way up to two thousand some odd pixels, but I wouldn't do that and if you do need to post them for any reason over eight hundred than do be sure to add a watermark to that and I might center the watermarks that would be really hard to clone out but you can either use the size slider over here or you can double click that dimension in his type in six hundred, which is what I usually do and that's about it over here. So I'm going to go ahead and change my background back to what it was. I think it was that one and see if there's anything else we need to sit now here while you're in the preview, you can click through to the other pages everything's being generated so these air live links I can go previous I can go next solarium is writing all that all that html. If I want to see an image, I can just single click it and now I'm looking at what the enlargement page would look like and see there's, my file name that we turned on somebody come down there and turn that off. But that's where you can handle that image info and that is about it. So I'm gonna go ahead and look at my film strip o you can also let's go back to the index page so index gets you back to the home home page. What if I want to re order these flowers? Click in drag from the film strip see outskated over so that's very handy so if I want this image to be over here I could just click and dragon in the film strip to where I wanted to appear on the index page and that lets you rearrange them so let's go ahead in collapse that and everything looks good to me we can go ahead and publish the sucker it's updating over here so now we can say go ahead and upload another thing that you probably need to know if you want to take some of these images out, just click and delete them right click them from the film strip and you can say removed from collection and that will take him out of your web gallery as well. So I'll just delete a few these so we don't sit around forever toe wait for this thing, but you'll be really shops at how quickly it can do its thing, so we'll take out these guys. So what are the takeaways here? Watch where you are in the, uh, source panel over on the left you know, where are you? Are you in the collection? Are you in a folder on your hard drive? Remember to right click on everything in light room if you can't find a command right, click on it remember that you can set presets for absolutely everything hopefully that will be and if I think we've got a fast internet connection here so let's, just go ahead and upload remember that you can preset the program to within an inch of its life precepts for everything naming conventions, metadata all that can be grouped together into an import preset. Remember the ikan set developed settings. Remember that you can set pieces and parts of a technique that you create over and over as an individual develop setting as well as the entire technique. So let's, say, for example, you wanted to make a black and white. You could set a preset for that with your specific mix by using the black and white panel in the developed module, and then you might want to add a split tune will you could add a preset for the black and white bit and then at a preset for the split tone bit, or you could create a preset that includes all of those steps the black and white bit and the split tongue bit. Remember that everything you do in light room can be undone. Remember that if you want to send your images to photo, shop or photoshopped elements and have them come back into light room that you have to trigger that from light room itself, remember that most of the output projects that you will need to do with your photography can be done right here in light room, you can set up custom prints like we looked at today books. You can even make a digital output, so with your slide shows and your web galleries, remember to give yourself permission. Teo. Forgive yourself for not having good naming conventions and good key word inhabits in the past. It's a brand new year we're really early into it, just start now. Create new habits. We looked on monday at howto, uh, how to see there's, a there's, a smart collection already made in light room of howto gather up images that don't have keywords. Give yourself thirty minutes a week, start going in there and adding them. Don't be upset with yourself that you haven't done this stuff already and just have fun shooting. And I hope that this week that you have fallen in love with light room, half a cz muchas I am, I just can't tell you how enjoyable the program is to you, so thank you guys for hanging out with me all week.

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Ready to take control of your photo library and actually enjoy image processing? Join best-selling author and image-editing/stock expert Lesa Snider for a comprehensive three-day immersion into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Lesa will cover everything you need to know about importing, managing, and correcting images using Lightroom's non-destructive workspace. You'll learn how to apply global changes to photos, how to target specific areas for more selective changes, and how to apply changes to multiple photos en masse. You'll also learn how to fix skies, retouch portraits, remove sensor spots and other objects, as well as when and how to switch over to Photoshop (or Elements) for more difficult tasks. Lesa will also show you how to sharpen like a pro (with nods to specific settings for submitting stock imagery), export your photos, apply a wide variety of practical effects, share images via social media networks, add location data, build photo books, create sizzling slideshows, customize print layouts, create gorgeous web galleries, and much more.

By the end of this course, you'll be in love with Photoshop Lightroom and you'll have mastered the art of photo management and non-destructive editing.

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