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Day 1 Pre-Show

Internet and welcome to creative live it's time to get set for another year of the best world class internet education around we're here with excited to kick off the new year with lisa snyder's light room essentials my name is jim get tetchy and I'm going to be your host today for this three day workshop we're really excited again here a creative life to bring you another year of amazing classes now if you haven't heard, we're going to be broadcasting twenty four seven so just like watching tv you can watch classes and workshops any time you like whether you're anywhere around the entire world now we have five new channels broadcasting education this year we have our photo and video channel we have art and design, music and audio maker and craft and business and money now some workshops will be live just like this class today but then other channels will be broadcasting ah lot of workshops from our course catalog now as always, you can purchase any time access to these classes so you c...

an watch exactly what you want to watch when you want to watch it on your very own schedule so with that I'm excited to introduce our star for the day lisa snyder hello lisa I'm very well thank you how was your holiday? My holiday was fantastic I got to get to texas to see my mom yeah and I got a crazy good birthday or not birthday present. Christmas present from my husband. You want to hear what it is? One here, one here, one here, one here. Well, I'm a metal head. Music wise. I love all the osborne and my husband got me box seats at the hollywood bowl to see black sabbath in april. I'm so excited, that's fantastic. And you also just went to maui. So I'm seizing your beautiful work. And we're going to be hearing a lot about that thing's neck a few days, right? Yeah, yeah. The good folks at linz protego. Dotcom set me up with a cannon mark or canon five d mark three with a two hundred millimeter l siri's lens and a fabulous macro linz and I just had a ball shooting, so we're going to be looking at a lot of those pictures throughout this week. Fantastic. Thank you, lisa. Now you guys again, I wanna welcome you out there on the internet to our workshop here today. Light room essentials. Now, along with you guys, we also have an in studio audience, so we're going to meet them. But please go in tow our chat rooms and let us know where you're watching from. And what your name is so I can give you a shout out so joe let's go ahead start with you if you guys can introduce yourselves let us know where you're from and what your name is and where we can find you on the internet please ah my name is joan ours you can find me at joe no photo dot com j o e and o p h o t o um instagram jonah photo twitter joe no photo um thirty four years old from philadelphia recently moved to seattle about a month ago um big light room fan so I'm really excited for this course awesome okay great, my name is greg guymon I'm retired orthodontist here in the seattle area and I had a lifelong interest in photography um you can find me on facebook gregory guymon great, thanks great and for you guys greg is a first time student here a creative lives so we're really excited to have him here and as you guys know, please go to our website and check out our opportunities for upcoming classes where you guys could be like reagan come right down here to the studio and join us live, so please go ahead and check that out, all right hi everybody, I'm jenny neal I'm a freelance writer and editor and I recently merged my business with my husband mike russell he's mike russell photography esso I have relied on him quite a bit for helping me out when I needed photography work for content marketing or any of the articles I've written on an editorial basis and it's time for me to learn to do this for myself so that's why I'm here you can find me online at jenny neil j a n n y n e I double l dot com and spell my name the same way and you'll find me on google plus and twitter as well hi I'm heather and I own an online jewelry boutique and I take photos of my jewelry and so I've been playing around with light room for about three to six months and I still have a lot to learn so I'm excited to be here and hopefully learn how to tweak it definitely the right place thanks heather and I want to say good morning out there tio you guys who are in our chat rooms good morning teo oj vest from carolina saying looking forward to another year of creative live addiction we have jack p epps ps who says hi from taiwan we have kelsey from albany georgia we have barbara from portugal but watching from maryland eso again another another year of people all over the world joining us right here in the classroom it's pretty cool and lisa you guys do a ton of traveling so you guys get a chance to teo to really scour the world and really have your your your focus on travel and seeing what's out there it must be very exciting. Yeah, it really is and it's so nice to have people from all over the planet tune in and join us makes the planet for a very, very small so let's talk a little bit about what we're going to be doing as faras the level of person that's going to learn from this workshop. Is this for beginners intermediate or advanced let's? Let's shut about that a bit? Well, that's, good question thank you, jim at first it's going to seem like it's for beginners, but for you advanced light room users out there, I would hope that you stick with us because we're going to learn so many keyboard shortcuts and so many tips and tricks that I'm really confident that you're going to pick up all kinds of things even today when we're going to be spending most of our time talking about what you can do with light room versus what you can do with photo shop or photoshopped element getting your pictures onto onto your computer into light room, how it works, you know, how does light room do what it does and they were going to go into rating and sorting and filtering and I promise you I could even make that part fun s o if your seasons like dream pro, I do hope that you'll stick with us because there's going to be a lot of stuff for you, too, but really for everybody. You're gonna fall in love with light room if you're not already in love with it, I promise you that sounds great. Now, lisa, you guys, I want to let you know that on our course page you can enroll for this class for free it's really easy to do, you'll cnn rule button. You just go ahead and click on that. And if you do so, you will get access to a pt athletes. Could you talk to us about that? Pdf that's free with enrollment, please. Yeah, it's, just a one page pdf of my favorite keyboard shortcuts. Ones that I use every day all day long in my room. So that's going to be really handy for you. Fantastic! And we're also providing with purchase this class compendium that's going to cover basically so you don't have to take notes and e I believe your husband jay is going to be working on that for us. Is that correct? Yeah, and elves and fairies is coming together to make that work, captain.

Class Description

Ready to take control of your photo library and actually enjoy image processing? Join best-selling author and image-editing/stock expert Lesa Snider for a comprehensive three-day immersion into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Lesa will cover everything you need to know about importing, managing, and correcting images using Lightroom's non-destructive workspace. You'll learn how to apply global changes to photos, how to target specific areas for more selective changes, and how to apply changes to multiple photos en masse. You'll also learn how to fix skies, retouch portraits, remove sensor spots and other objects, as well as when and how to switch over to Photoshop (or Elements) for more difficult tasks. Lesa will also show you how to sharpen like a pro (with nods to specific settings for submitting stock imagery), export your photos, apply a wide variety of practical effects, share images via social media networks, add location data, build photo books, create sizzling slideshows, customize print layouts, create gorgeous web galleries, and much more.

By the end of this course, you'll be in love with Photoshop Lightroom and you'll have mastered the art of photo management and non-destructive editing.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5