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Day 2 Wrap-Up

All right, so you guys we want to thank you guys out there because it's just about that time for joining us today with light room essentials with lisa snider so I want to thank you guys out there just great having your energy here in the classroom and lisa thank you to you yeah let's take let's talk about tomorrow tiny little teaser were be creating tomorrow the's are two photo books that I created with light room and had them printed they are not expensive at all light room's going to calculate the cost as you're building the books and they're absolutely beautiful so we've got soft cover books that we can make hardcover books that we can make and they're just absolutely gorgeous in my opinion so we can create some really amazing books, which is great for client samples great for clients as well, you know, trying to get more business and having, you know, a sellable product in your business, so we're going to create these beautiful photo boats tomorrow we're also going to be creating w...

eb galleries we're going to be creating slide shows. We're going to be saving slide shows that you can use on your website. We're goingto look at the top of the morning, we're taking a look at how to swap between light room and photoshopped and build a couple of collages over and photoshopped remember you can't combine images here in light room that will do a little exposure combining over in photo shop as well that we trigger straight from light room so we're going to also be in the print module. We're gonna look at creating some custom print layouts for you to create picture packages as well as contact sheets, and we'll also take a look at how you can add your own logo. Teo each page of one of these books, teo brand these things a little bit further in the text that you see on these books actually came from light room, so we're gonna take just a a little bit of time to talk about, you know, good typographer, the skills team awesome there were rather, if you could, if you view in the chaplain's asking about the photo shop options going back and forth and then also the web web and print options within light room so super excited about that on the chat rooms are really just complimentary about a lot of these details, just saying, oh my goodness, my mind is lynn I'd never need that these details were possible within light room, so it's really exciting on dh, christine says this is incredible! I was using light room for years and never really understood masking until now, josie will says, I've you use like room for a couple of years as well but I always find that with lisa there so many more things to learn she is great and then h truth says really enjoying it even using light room for ages theme here taught me so much I didn't know so it's kind of exciting you know lisa really is I mean, I know yesterday we know we started out doing some stuff for beginners, but we have a lot of really experienced light room users and you're always in every class of creative life you have your magic hat and you reach in and you pull something else out and it's just we that's why we appreciate having you here you know, year after year because you just you you have you bring that to the table because you guys light room is probably one of the most powerful one stop shops for doing not only image editing but organization and lisa has mastered it she knows every nook and cranny of this software and she's taking us through on these three days every little corner of light room so you know potentially you might not have been here with us yesterday I learned a ton I know and again tomorrow we've got so much more coming and again, if you haven't been here for all the three days we will be doing a re watch at the end of the day today so we'll re show today but after that, if you want to grab the whole kit and that includes all three days of videos, we break them down into individual really small subject matter so you can just scroll through when she purchased and just choose that one thing that you may want to watch and learn you khun do. So if you purchased the class on top of everything, jay is behind the scenes he's taking notes for you guys, so you don't have to do it on everything that lisa is covering so you will get that compendium will get all the notes for the class all three days of videos. Not for you know, the ninety nine dollars, because that is the normal price. But if you purchase during the live event, it is seventy nine dollars, so you'll see right down there at the bottom of your of your window is a bible on. Go ahead and click it and come back for mohr light room essentials with lisa snider tomorrow here, a creative live nine a m pacific. We will see you then, thanks.

Class Description

Ready to take control of your photo library and actually enjoy image processing? Join best-selling author and image-editing/stock expert Lesa Snider for a comprehensive three-day immersion into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Lesa will cover everything you need to know about importing, managing, and correcting images using Lightroom's non-destructive workspace. You'll learn how to apply global changes to photos, how to target specific areas for more selective changes, and how to apply changes to multiple photos en masse. You'll also learn how to fix skies, retouch portraits, remove sensor spots and other objects, as well as when and how to switch over to Photoshop (or Elements) for more difficult tasks. Lesa will also show you how to sharpen like a pro (with nods to specific settings for submitting stock imagery), export your photos, apply a wide variety of practical effects, share images via social media networks, add location data, build photo books, create sizzling slideshows, customize print layouts, create gorgeous web galleries, and much more.

By the end of this course, you'll be in love with Photoshop Lightroom and you'll have mastered the art of photo management and non-destructive editing.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5