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Day 3 Wrap-Up

What a week, huh? That was terrific. Thank you, lisa. And I think we all have big crushes on light weight so powerful and for, you know, one hundred fifty dollars, full price or right now, it's on sale for one hundred twenty and that's in the intro slides that you'll get. If you purchase the course, we also get the interest lies. I think you get the interest lies if you don't but that's where that marla's but you can just, you know, go onto adobe dot com and they've got big sale signs all over the place, but that sail in january the eleventh. So it's coming up pretty quick. Cool. All right, well, you guys, we want to thank you guys out there on the internet for joining us in this three day workshop. Light room essentials. You guys out there are the reason why we're here doing what we love to do. So thank you for joining us. And, you know, I want to let you guys know that creative, live there are lots of moving parts to make this workshop happened. And we do want to let you know that we...

're aware of the issues regarding the downloading of the pdf on the course page, and so our crack tex are back in the back room, working as hard as they possibly can to make sure that everything that we've promised is going to be available to you guys a s a p and we want to let you know that if the enrollment feature is not fixed today, we will definitely make the pdf available on the course page by tomorrow, so those guys were fantastic. It's amazing what our website khun dio as faras the downloads and the streaming and providing you guys with pds so don't worry, lisa. Shortcuts are coming your way very soon. Now we've been getting some great, great comments. Mallory from the people on our facebook page, could you read a couple of ah couple of kudos release a please, I love teo and see my joy. Yeah, thanks again you guys for posting to thank you on the facebook page it's really fun to see how much, how much everyone is enduring it and hominy people are enjoying it out there all around the world, keisha writes. Lisa, you are amazing, thank you so much. I was so afraid to use light room and you've made it so easy to learn I don't think anyone else could have better, explains the program. On michelle says thank you lisa I've caught some of the last couple of days and your explanation there so straightforward I hade to purchase the course so I could watch the whole three days please write a light room book it would be a great resource all right lisa there wanting a book yeah, I think you and I agree with you guys when I when I think about you know I made myself a little laundry list one thing I want images that mallory's been taking notes for the last two days she wasn't here on day one so she's going to be watching rewatching the day one I believe but she's been taking notes as they go through no tainting everything going down and just making sure that everything is taking care of and like she's been soon furiously three like yeah so my laundry list is everything that lee says covered right all the light room preferences you know she covered the library which I particularly in the particularly needed importing organizing creating catalogs, collections, smart collections and the best workflow practices she covered every single module including the maps making books creating exporting slide shows customizing prince contact sheets water marking creating awesome web galleries shall I go on and on and on right and you know that is all available to you guys with the purchase of the course three days of a huge laundry list of light room pretty much everything from a to z, and that includes a pdf of the entire three day class notes. And, of course, if you purchase the class, you also get the pdf of the shortcuts. Now, all this stuff, everything that I just mentioned is normally available for ninety nine dollars. But you have really just until nine a m pacific time tomorrow to purchase the class at the discounted rate of seventy nine dollars. So if you're a light room user, if you loved even just the last hour of what we've done, this class is going to be well worth your investment. So please consider making that seventy nine dollars investment. And with that that's a wrap, thank you very much.

Class Description

Ready to take control of your photo library and actually enjoy image processing? Join best-selling author and image-editing/stock expert Lesa Snider for a comprehensive three-day immersion into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Lesa will cover everything you need to know about importing, managing, and correcting images using Lightroom's non-destructive workspace. You'll learn how to apply global changes to photos, how to target specific areas for more selective changes, and how to apply changes to multiple photos en masse. You'll also learn how to fix skies, retouch portraits, remove sensor spots and other objects, as well as when and how to switch over to Photoshop (or Elements) for more difficult tasks. Lesa will also show you how to sharpen like a pro (with nods to specific settings for submitting stock imagery), export your photos, apply a wide variety of practical effects, share images via social media networks, add location data, build photo books, create sizzling slideshows, customize print layouts, create gorgeous web galleries, and much more.

By the end of this course, you'll be in love with Photoshop Lightroom and you'll have mastered the art of photo management and non-destructive editing.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5