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Exporting and Sharing Images

We're going to start out by just doing a alcohol it a one off export? We can do that with multiple images or single images, exporting them for use in other places, so this is how we can take our we'll go ahead and go back to you light rain will say this just for fun to have it in our our library, so if you select multiple images and you process them all in light room in their raw images, if you wantto hand them off to somebody else, send them to sign him to a client, so client finals preparing them for your website, that kind of thing, we can export them, and that will translate the raw information and bake it in to a j peg that you can then send off to other people send off to an online lab like in picks dot com to have it printed, sent to your graphic designer, et cetera, et cetera, since your client and so on. So for the next little while, we're gonna be talking about getting your images out of light room for use in other spots, so we're going to export them using the export dialogu...

e, and then when we finished with that, we're going to talk about setting up export presets using light rooms, publish services, and we can also export photo straight to facebook straight to flicker. Straight just smugmug. If we need you guys are using smugmug as a web hosting service, you can export images there you can export images to be hands and this is an on ly exporting. But it's also uploading and there's a lot of reasons that you'd want to do that. But let's, go ahead and start off with just a, uh a more simple export. So let's say, for example, you want to export this image right here for printing it your online lap. So let's, go ahead and click the export button, and if we selected multiple images, it would export all of them. So we'll go and do that just for fun. So click export and you get this handy dialog box that allows you to do several different things. So let's just in the moment, talking about the's options that we have here. So we're not not not gonna worry about saving your own pre set at this point, but we can talk about all these options, and as you can see on the left hand side, you've got some pre sets built in. Do you want to burn full size j pegs to dvd for archive? My room's got a preset for that? Do you want to export your files to adobes standardized digital negative format? In my humble opinion best use for archival situations then you can choose dmg we talked a lot about that on monday do you want to export several files to email? You don't want to be sending around these big honkin raw files dio and so on and so forth and appear from the poppet menu the very top you can choose exactly what we're exporting for, so we'll just say exports a hard drive if you pick cd or dvd uh your computer will start looking for an actual cd or dvd drive it'll start prompting you to put a disc in and I actually well I have a slot on my machine it doesn't have a drive in there anymore because I took it out to put in another ssd drive highly recommend that so let's just say hard drive right here so the first thing is we have to tell light room where the heck we want it to put the images so I like to choose a specific folder I don't ever have these exported j pegs or whatever they're going to be end up in the same folders my originals, I just dont you could totally fine, but I always haven't go to another folders helps me keep track of them, you know which ones I've exported and light room will even track what twins even exported to when we start doing this under published services so we're going to choose export to a specific folder and uses for this might be too post images on your web site to send off for stock photography, etcetera, so we're just going to go ahead and choose a specific folder after you've chosen a specific folder, you can have it go into a sub folder, so we'll call this one test do you want to rename your files in the file renaming section you can if you like? I don't tend to do that, but if you want to add some kind of custom named to that to let you know that that has been exported such a cz final or or proof, then you can have access to that very same naming preset menu that we've seen several times here during this class and you can also edit to create your own custom export file name you know you might you might let it roll with the file name and then put it e x after it that way you know when you're looking at those files that that's been exported, but since I'm putting them in a whole nother folder, I'm just going to leave them with their original name file settings what do you want to do with the file? What kind of file format do you want it to be? If you're going to the web it's going to be a j peg if you're exporting, this is a psd to hand off to another designer they need you would do you no psd because in design and cork express, both page layout programs can re psd if you're sending it some online printers, they may require a tiff file instead or basically whomever you're giving the final two you ask them what they want there if you're doing a specific thing to it. So but most often j peg like in picks dot com once j pegs stock photography services want j pegs at the highest quality, so we can choose j peg, now we can choose our color space. What are we doing with it? Are we going to the web, then choose s rgb? Otherwise I would probably stick with either adobe rg beer pro photo rgb limit file size this is a fabulous, fabulous setting right here because let's say that you're exporting files for your website and they can't exceed a certain file size, then if you turn that on, he don't even have to worry since you've done your cropping here in light room, you don't have to worry about using this next section would be re sizing your images to fit in a certain pixel dimensions ok, but we'll turn that offer for the moment quality setting with a j peg I say that eighty is good for emailing eighty is really good for everything posting on your website, emailing what it's not good for a stock photography if you're submitting this to stock, you want to pump that quality all the way up to a hundred cause you want the highest quality j peg that's possible from that raw file? Or if your camera shooting j peg from that j peg file, it is a bit harry when you take a j pig, which is a los e file format because it's has compression going on to make the false eyes smaller. If you go from the original j peg that your camera shot and you save another j peg from that, but you choose one hundred as your quality setting, you're not going to be able to see that much difference between those two files. There will be a tiny bit of quality loss when you open a j peg and save it as another j pig. But as long as you remember to set that quality setting at one hundred, you're, you're not gonna be able to see it, and neither is probably neither is the inspector for the stock photography service, either. But just do you remember if you want a super duper, high quality j peg let's, say, printing at an online lab. You would wantto pump that up to one hundred to send off to either in pics or your local camera store if you use them as a printer whomever uses a printer but for email and every other usage if you want a really great high quality then I choose eighty personally do you want to resize the image if you are going to the web with this so let's say we were so I do eighties quality and I sure wouldn't put a big honking image up on the web because that's that's an invitation to get smashed by evil doers so you can tell that room to resize it and you have all kinds of different options right here in so far as exact with in height I like to use the long edge okay, so honestly I don't pay that much attention when I'm using this dialog box to export to if I have selected landscape orientation pictures or portrait orientation. So when I'm re sizing, I don't want to end up with sloppy job images by setting a specific width and height because it'll make it that no matter what it isthe so I like to choose longish because I usually know my biggest dimensions I don't ever post anything over the web on the web is over like tendered by six hundred and more often than not it's six hundred by something else so we could just put six hundred pixels right in there now resolution in this case would matter unless you're sending it to olympics because in picks, dot com is online lab doesn't give it you know what about what resolution your image is that this wants pixel dimensions, because it's printer's manage resolution, and it handles the resolution according to what size you tell it, you want to print that image, and if you don't have enough pixels to make them small enough to be that physical size that you know eleven by seventeen or whatever that you want, then you get a little exclamation point in the inn pick software itself online that lets you know that this file may not print at high quality because you don't have enough pixels to make them small enough to get that physical size that you're requesting. So if you're sending this off to olympics, I don't care about resolution, but if you're sending it to somewhere else, that does care about resolution, that they're not going to change it for you, then that would be important to set that here. But if you're going to the web just in her seventy two, or don't enter anything at all because on the web, anything online or on screen, their viewing on a monitor or ah projector or a tv screen like this is the pixel dimensions that manner not the resolution because it's my monitor on this laptop is the projector in the conference room where is the tv screen here that's setting resolution the video driver of those devices not you over here and light room saying I want this to be three hundred pixels per inch you know it's whatever that monitors set to use what's going to happen so it's just the pixel dimensions that matter most to you the next section down is for sharpening uh this is fantastic so this is an additional round of sharpening to what you've done in the light room develop module we covered that the end of the day yesterday so when I'm it depends on where I'm sending this image whether I turn this on or off if I sending it to the web and I'm downsizing at absolutely I turn on sharpening because just the act of making the image smaller is going to soften it so you could turn on sharpening for that and then what you do you get access to this poppet menu and it asked you okay what do you want me to sharpen four for the screen are you gonna send it off for you panning off to somebody he's going to print it on that paper or you're going to prison on glossy paper slightly different amounts of sharpening different kinds of sharp meant going on there and then you can set it how much standard lower hi metadata what do you want to ride what you want to send along with this file I just let it roll with all of it that's gonna capture all of your key words all of your copyright information all of that good stuff but if for whatever reason the on ly wanted to include your copyright and contact information and remember we did this on monday when we set up a metadata template and we filled in the copyright and the creator sections that's where that's coming in so depends on what you want to do with that. Some people like to remove the location information because if if you've got a stalker out there you might want to do that because they can they can find this image and they can tell exactly where you've been if the image has location data in it so that means you're shooting with a gps enabled camera or you've gone over here in light room and you've, uh investigated the map module and you've assigned location data manually water marking do you want a watermark on this image or not? If you're going to your website or you're handing it off somebody else who's gonna post it on their website you might want to include a watermark and what you turned that on you get to choose between what kind of water mark would you liketo add and and it watermarks you consent a preset from here so the simple watermark is simply going to be a copyright symbol and your name and where is it going to get your name from the copyright and creator information that you entered in the metadata and I'll show you how to go back and do that if you didn't set it up on import but that's where that information would come from or if you have a set up other water marks, you can access them here you can edit your water marks look, this is a watermarked editor so I can see exactly what that water merced gonna look like clearly I've changed my name and looking all the formatting options that you get just the plano, texas this is in the watermark preset editor in export dialog box in light room crazy, huh? I can tell it to center the watermark if I want I guess going to update her preview, but nevertheless you've got a few editing options here, but you can also tell ah light room to use a graphic instead, so if you've got a logo that you've prepared, you can bring that in and do that and you've got no opacity slider right here, so if you've saved your logo as a png file, then you can go bring that in and then use this opacity slider and the png file just mean that you've got transparency around it so that your water mark is going to completely cover up the whole image, that you'll see the image through any transparent areas, and you can tell it to be proportional or to fit it to a certain size. And where on the image do you want that watermark to go by using this tiny little icon here called the anchor? Then you can rotate it, so if you've brought in your logo and your logo needs to be rotated, then you can handle all of that right here. Really amazing, to be honest with you when we get over to the web gallery later on this afternoon, you're going to see me not adding water marks to the images I post on the web. Why? Because I'm posting them so darn small nobody's going to steal in any way in the water where it can be really distracting so I would encourage you to spend a moment thinking about where the image is going. Is it likely to be stolen? What size are you letting it, you know, leave the nast at? Does it need a watermark? Does it not? In some instances, it may not in summit may so just spend a moment thinking about doing this? We're gonna have a watermark, you know where we shout, not live a fear based life. And then you can say save and that will allow you to create a custom preset of this water mark that you can access any time you want to hear. You also get to tell light room what to do after it's finished exporting your images I've got mindset to do nothing or you could take all of these actions you could show it in the finder of your operating system. I could have these exported images pop open in photo shop, cc I could have them pop open in my secondary editor that we set up through the priests, the preferences external editor section or I could open in the whole other case I have another application let's say in design or what have you dream weaver anything or I could even trigger a set of actions and I have created in photo shop so let's say, I'm creating an e book and I want these images to go into that e book and I've processed them in light room sonam innit export um and then maybe I want to trigger set of actions and photoshopped that applies a feather or a softened edge or an outline or some other kind of of technique to those images and preparation for putting them in that e book or that other thing or whatever it is just trying to give you some examples, but you can trigger a set of photo shop actions that you set up over there from right here within this export dialogue so incredibly powerful stuff right here, but I have my saturday nothing, and then you just click export and there they go, whether you've selected single image in light room or multiple images in light room so it's very, very, very, very handy if you find yourself in putting these settings over and over and over and then go ahead and add them is a preset. This is one of the only places in light room that you don't create the preset from a poppet menu, and I don't know why just for the sake of consistency that the option isn't up here because that's where it is everywhere else in the whole program but oddly enough here in the export dialogue, you have to click the ad buttoned down there at the bottom left so after you get all that set up, if you're going to use those same settings again, go ahead and click add give it a meaningful name and then you've got it hanging around. You don't have to try to remember what size images you're supposed to be posting on your blogged or your company's website or what have you so that's one way to export another way to export toss in a quick from the internet, people were wondering, can you do exporting through the developed module or do you need to be in the library what to do the export I believe you need to be in the library certainly needs to be in the library to be able to select more than one image okay, good good question thank you. Okay so now let's take a look at a different way teo export your images in this panel you're going to find at the bottom left of the interface when you're in the library module and it's called published services and it is the best thing since sliced bread you are not going to believe what you can do with this I'm going to spend just a few moments going through what I have created for you over here and then we're going to step through creating some of it together but this is going to blow your mind so what I've got over here is I have several presets now these two presets three presets actually or built in so you can see that I've got hard drive preset so that means the final export is going to the hard drive somewhere wherever I specify this preset right here will send the final export to be hands which is adobes didn't start out as adobe they bought it it's a really wonderful collaborative online community so you can upload photos, videos, audio files whatever your artwork, whatever form and exist in if it can be played looked at or listen, teo, you can upload it to be hands and it's a community over there, so I don't remember how many millions but it's over a million, and you can get feedback. It's a nice collaborative tool so you can you can either get feedback from all of humanity that's on behan ce, or you can set the file teo on ly be accessible to a circle of trusted friends or colleagues, and then they would be the ones that could give you feedback on it. So, it's a really nice thing for just getting suggestions and opinions on your work. Facebook we all know what the great facebook is and flicker. Probably everybody knows what flicker is another photo sharing site now, just because I only have four presets here and these thes big rectangles, those air the priest says, if I collapse them, that will illustrate that I've really only got four presets in there, but you see that there's a button down here that says find more services online, so there are oodles and gobs of destinations, if he will, that you can set up and plug in teo light room right here in one of them I mentioned earlier, which is smugmug, so if you're using smugmug, it's, magma, dot com, teo manage to have website hosting and they have some beautiful beautiful website templates then you can download the smugmug plenty in and have it available right here in light room which is really incredible now y'all maybe kind of excited about this but let me really get you excited about it so let's go ahead and expand these guys you'll notice that underneath the rectangular preset I've got another line of text so here under my hard drive preset I've got website features photos sir on photo lisa dot com I have a bar photos across the top and I upload specific photos to be featured in those slots and they rotate in and now it's kind of kind of like my right angular gallery as I drag photos from the library onto this preset they stack up in this you could think of it as a cue when I'm ready I hit published and they go where they're going to go wherever I've sent them so let's take a peek at that I'm gonna go ahead and click on the pre set that I have created here now what we're seeing are two different set actions and I can feel some people freaking out already we've got published photos so this is light room saying hey lisa as you requested I took these for pictures and I published them I exported them with your presets where well to the hard drive like you asked me to great if any point I go in there and I make a change to one of these files in the developed module, if I come back to this preset light room says, hey, lisa, I see that you have modified that file. Would you care to republish it? Can you even imagine this is outrageous? So not only is it an export preset it's tracking which ones you put where and if you changed him? This is mind blowing. I couldn't believe it when I started using this, so I can see if I've changed any of those featured photos on my website, and I can re publish it now in this case, since I've set it up to the destination to be the hard drive, they're not automatically going on the web, but they are here in ba hance they are here in the facebook preset if you change any photo that you've published with the published services panel, light room keeps track of that, and it lets you know and asks you if you would like to re publish them. This is outrageous feature for productivity, so we're not going to go on facebook and actually look att thes, but if you go to facebook and you go tio these air on both my fan page in my personal page, you'll see there's a full on album. Of these photos so what I did was when I first published this I didn't have a picture else make my thumbnails a little larger. What happened at that concert is this is george kahanamoku he's the grammy winning slack guitars that we like to go see his daughter had just gotten married and he invited her up on stage for an impromptu hula dance to his guitar playing so happy smiling, you know, daughter happy smiling daddy, well, what I what I had for gotten was that I had a cute shot of them together right here after she finished her dance, but I hadn't included this one in that original facebook album, so all I did was went back to the library, grab this shot dragged and dropped it onto that facebook album that I created and uploaded right here in light room and it published it didn't have to publish the whole album just published the new one and then just imagine the power of this you want to go in to make a slight change? You think who I should have had vinnie into that one that would look better in that particular situation, then you just make the change in light room sees that you changed it and gives you the opportunity to send it on out the updated version this is great for using with clients can you imagine setting up a client presets right here to goto specific hard drive folders and you seeing if you've changed a file in order to no to resend it to that person I mean really incredible another cool thing is that when you're dealing with b hands, I'll go ahead make my film nails hold it smaller ke more shortcuts work here to mine assigned to make them smaller plus sign to make them larger in the ba hands community people we talked about earlier people can comment on your work you can see those comments right here in light room it's insane so we're going toe click and image and then come over here on the right hand side and we're still in the library module you've got a comment panel so give that a click and I can he see here that the kind michael banks said it be nice to see another version of this and if you don't like it, it doesn't come out well you always have the original why I loved egil have more people in the band's community commented on my photos well, you can see that right here in light room by clicking the refresh button so let's give that a click and see if I've got any more comments apparently I do jim below most leave it alone it's perfect, but on the other hand, since I know it's raw play with it as day process takes nine seconds, doris forces looks good. I think I bring up the color a little bit and then she's given me a link tow, tow her website. And marcy kreiner says, I love it as it is because I was trying to decide is this image right here, which we talked about yesterday, taken with the amazing cannon five day mark three from lens protego dot com it was dark outside. That was the tiniest sliver of light. So I always like to say that not only will that particular camera shoot and low light, it shoots in pitch black dark, so I was trying to decide if I wanted to add a split tone to this or maybe, you know, do some other creative treatment cause I was a little bit self conscious about the noise that I had going on because you're going to get some noise, far less noise with that particular camera than any other camera, I think on the planet, but so I wanted a little feedback, and I got it through the hands, and I can see all those comments right here in light room. So be hands is one of the value adds to create a cloud membership, and you get it whether or not you have a full creative crowd membership or a single app membership so if you have subscribed to onley, indesign or only photo shop, you still get the ability to collaborate with this behan's community online. So to get to that, you're gonna have a little cloud icon in your menu bar up here. I'm hiding my minibar icons with a third party program called bartender menu bartender so you just hides and so doesn't clutter up the screen. So here's your creative cloud uh, icon right here said to go to the behan's community, we would just click b hands so I can subscribe to people. I follow people, other people's work, maybe photography or design that inspiring to me on the ba hands community, I can also see my work if you click on that little button right there. I can see what I have uploaded, how many views I've had, how many appreciation is I've got, the pictures should be showing up right there, real sure while they're not, and I can see the works in progress, which really should be these images that we're seeing right here, but for whatever reason, I'm not seeing him, but you will.

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Lesa will cover everything you need to know about importing, managing, and correcting images using Lightroom's non-destructive workspace. You'll learn how to apply global changes to photos, how to target specific areas for more selective changes, and how to apply changes to multiple photos en masse. You'll also learn how to fix skies, retouch portraits, remove sensor spots and other objects, as well as when and how to switch over to Photoshop (or Elements) for more difficult tasks. Lesa will also show you how to sharpen like a pro (with nods to specific settings for submitting stock imagery), export your photos, apply a wide variety of practical effects, share images via social media networks, add location data, build photo books, create sizzling slideshows, customize print layouts, create gorgeous web galleries, and much more.

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