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So we left off with discussing the public services that are at the bottom left side of the interface in the library module in these published services are incredibly powerful because not only can you use them, too. Q images to be exported according to your pre sets to say your hard drive, but she can also export and upload them to some of adobes partners, such as behan's, the collaborative website community or collaborative online community. Rather a facebook as well a ce flicker and that's, not all of the of the plug ins that you can have in here, it's, just the three or four that are automatically in the program when you install it. So if you want to find more plugin such as maybe you smug mug to publish your websites, then you can click, find more services online, or you can go to smugmug dot com and download that plug in, but that's to say that there are a bunch of them. These are just the ones that are already built in. So what we're gonna do is take a look at how to create a new ...

preset for our hard drive, and you could use this for exporting finals for clients. You could use this for preparing images to submit to a stock photography company like tolia dot com or I stock photo dot com you could also use this to prepare images for publishing on your own website. No light room does have a web module that we're gonna look at the end of the day, but this is for publishing two sites that you have not created through light room, and so for example, I use it myself to create this one thiss bar of images that appears the top of my website that swaps out like a little slide show, but I used my room teo export the images that I want teo put on this featured bar here and it exports them and then they just go into a certain folder on my hard drive and then when I'm ready to upload those into my content management system for my website on somebody, I ask it's a droop a ll he's triple for my website, then they're right there in that folder ready for mi tio upload so is really is a timesaving process. So here we are back over in light room to create a new public service really it's an export preset you could get a couple of different things. You could either click a little plus button next to public services, you get the same menu if you control click on each individual service, if you will and what's the service well is the rectangular button right here, so if I collapse the service is clicking their little flippy triangle. Then you can see these are the services here. So let's say we want to create a new hard drive preset. And the difference between creating an export preset in this area is that light room is going to track which photos you export to that service. And if you've changed them in the developed module in light room and if you have changed them, it offers you the ability to republish them. Great, great thing! I just still can't believe it does what it does. Okay, so let's, create a new hard drive preset for let's. Say, stock photography so let's, go ahead in control, click or right. Click on the service. So we're just gonna have this good of the hard drive. We would choose the hard drive service and we can say create another published service fee. A hard drive it's the same thing as clicking the plus sign here in saying create published folder. Ok, so six in one hand, half dozen in the other. So let's create a published folder and this published folder. It really is going to create another one of these guys down here. So I already have one set up for my website featured photos so let's make another one called stock. See, I also have the option right here to set this is a target collection, but we'll do that here in a little bit we looked at that right before break, but we'll look at it again in a second so go ahead and click fi eight and now I can control how those expert presets your handled so let's go ahead and edit that published folder so that you can see it appeared down here at the bottom left of my screen so let's go ahead and well was supposed to happen is when I choose to create published folder right here we're supposed to get the export sitting, but that's not happening right here. So let's, try tio going to the publishing manager, which is really just the export dialog box, but with a little bit of a different name. All right, so this see what happens here so we're going to go ahead and double click right here and say stock okay, we'll call the stock news so it doesn't get confused with that one over there, okay, so now we should get the ability to change the export location. I wonder if I just have to click add right there via service all right, this is fun starting the new stoppard in teo there you okay, here we are with our stock version too ex were folder, so now we get the opportunity to set up all those settings like we did in the export dialog box earlier we were just we were just exporting like one offs our multiple images, but in a way that we wouldn't repeat over and over and over again so we don't have to worry about creating a preset for that, so over here we can set it to go to specific folder, so I'm going to go ahead and leave what specific folder and let's choose choose and we'll come over here to my pictures folder that's where I want to keep all of my images you can keep your square viewed like, and I'm going to make a folder called for stock, but I'm a naming in such a way that it's going to appear at the top of my folder list here someone addie bullet by pressing option or all ate and were going to call this one stock. I like to do that to make folders appear at the top of the list frequently use folders so that I could just find them really quickly when I'm in a dialog box like this, so go ahead and click create here we go so that's the folder that light room's gonna use to send these images to now we get the opportunity to use a sub folder here so on your own in your own studio, you might use this to determine which stock agency you want to send those photos, too, because there's several eleven, then there's nothing keeping you submitting to several of them if you've not signed an exclusivity agreement with any one of them. So in this one, I could have, uh, a folder for I stock photo, or if you're setting the set for clients, you might have portrait's, if you like, shoot different types of photos for the same clients, you might have head shots or portrait's or sporting events, so you might have your main folder, be client name, and then within that, you know, other ways to categorize the types of images that you're exporting for them. If you need to keep them separate for any reason, just giving you ideas of what you might wanna have a sub folder inside of your main folder, okay? And now we get the opportunity to rename the files if we'd like. We talked a little bit about that earlier here's, that same naming preset that we get, and you can choose the edit button to edit that if you'd like. When I'm sending files, tio, my pre set that I already have for my featured photos of the top of the website, I add a p ill to the end of the final name I keep the original file name and then I just add a pl on the end of that lets me know totally so so that must have already went up is a featured photos, so I'm not going to re add that one, so you'll come up with your own naming preset, and when she gets this set up exactly like you want, then you can come back up here to the top of that dialogue, the poppet menu and that's how you can say that as a new preset so for stock, I would just leave the image name as it is because the stock photography company is going to change it when you submit it, so whatever they're naming scheme, and so you really don't have to worry about that a whole lot, so I'll go ahead and click canceled there, so we're not going to rename the files at all, and we don't have to worry about any overriding taking place because we're not leaving them in the same folder. We're exporting them to a specific folder that is not the original folder and where these photos living light room so we can keep cruising down here and we talked a little bit about the file settings earlier if we are going to submit these for soccer, you are sending them off to a client, then you're gonna choose j peg you're going to turn off the limit file size teo and you're gonna bump the quality all the way it up to one hundred, and if you're submitting for stock, then you want to leave them in that pro photo rgb color space because that gives you more colors for stock and maybe for client she might wanna set the resolution, but for stock, you don't have to because people who are buying the pixel dimensions and the designers who are down any stock or making them whatever size they want through their resolution measurement in their own software, so we can either turn on or turn off re sizing to fit and again, if you want teo not have to worry about landscape orientation versus portrait orientation, and you do want to resize, and you want to make sure to choose that either long edge or shortage, and then used inter the biggest dimensionally biggest dimension you want that toe havin light room will take care of the other dimension for you automatically now few arson in these off to a client and do you think that client's gonna be printing them on your own? If you provide that let's say you burn these two dvd or what have you to give that to the client and you would want to set the resolution for them to print their own images so I would just turn on set the largest dimension that you want them to be and then it's probably pump that up to about three hundred that way so your client doesn't have to worry if they print anything that it's gonna look good if they have their own printer at home hopefully they're having you do in the printing and you're having an online lab doing in your mark king in it and you're making a little bit of money off that alright, so for sharp any you can choose if you know which preset you want to use, you can choose that here and then here again you've got your metadata the even enter and I promised I would show you how to do that. We talked about it on monday in thie import dialog box, but just so you know where it is well, look at that right after we get this dialog box and you can choose to add a watermark if you're submitting these to a stock service for you sending into a client, you're gonna want to leave that off and then all we do is make sure we've got our name right and we click save and then we've got our preset right there so at this point we can come back teo any of our images up here and we can drag and drop them into the folder or better yet we can set that folder is a target collection, so right, click it or control, click it right here and then shoes set as target collection. Now it gets a little plus son beside of it, and this allows you to quickly, either with the glorious paint can tool that we've been having so much fun using loaded up, live target collection. You can't just spray across the images in your library that you want to add to that, or you can tap the bee key b for a better way to add images to your collection. Here are your export preset, so now we can come back up here and enter another let's, see which folders should be pick another collection rather let's, choose our sunsets collection, and if we want to just use the keyboard shortcut, we could just click to activate the photo and tap the bee key and that's going to add it to your target collection, which at this moment is that export preset that we just made and, you know it went into the target collection, because now that photo has a little circle at the top right of that, you can also just click the little circle that appears as you point your cursor at any of those thumbnails, or the most fun way to do anything in light room is to use that paint can can that lives at the very bottom of your interface right here and actually looks like a paint can so that's helpful. Go ahead and click it, and then scoot over to the pop it many to its right and that's where you can load it with a specific attributes to apply to the images that you spray that pointed at. So go ahead and choose target collection. Whoever came up with this tool at adobe was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. So then we could just either single click or we can click and drag teo, add those images to our target collection. So now we can come back down here to that preset, and if we take a look at it just by clicking at it right here, I can see all of those images in light room says, hey, I got new photos to publish. Would you like me to publish them? And we're all gonna remember to look up in our daily lives because that published button can be really difficult spot, because you would assume that it's down here, there is one down here, but it's also up there, okay? So now when we're ready for that to actually happen, we can click publish, and we'll go ahead and do that and let it run so another brilliant thing about light room is that you can give it multiple tasks and it'll just process them in the background so we don't have to wait for this to finish we could come up here and we could be doing anything else that we want we could be in the apartment paint can away we could be in the developed module we could be fixing exposure we could be doing anything we want plow that task is completing itself we could even give it multiple tasks we could set up multiple exports at the same time we don't have to wait until it's finished you can have a book that's uploading to blurb you could have a web gallery that's uploading to your website and exporting if you have all these tasks going on simultaneously in light room and you'll just see a little status bar for each task stack up right up here for this the branding is in light room so that's really really handy so it should be finished so let's go see if it did what we said that it should do let's right click or control click on that pre set and then from here we can say go to published folder and that will take us to that folder that we created on her hard drive and I can see in here that I have all of those images so pretty handy stuff right there and again if I'm in that expert preset and I make any kind of change let's say aye click to activate that photo and we tap d to go into the develop module and we make a change in any way will come down here and try to do something uh fairly significant so we can see it let's go to the hs l panel endless click illuminates and let's click that targeted adjustment tool and let's see if we can affect our sky here not a whole lot and we'll add a little edge vignette just so we can see something different with the image now let's tap the geeky to go back to the library in light room is alerting us that we have changed that photo and offers to republish it for us now your next question will be well what if you don't want to republish it? You don't want light room to keep squawking it it's not gonna squawk at you but if you don't want it to show as needing to be published then we can right click onyx remember right right clicking is a great way to learn where command is in light room because it's right click happy so if we write click on it or control click on it if you don't have a two button mouse then come all the way down here to nearly the bottom and we've got an option to mark as up to date so if you do that then light room understands that you don't want to re publish that photo and you don't see it sitting there in that republished section so I figured out what happened overhearing I want to know what it was when I did in control clicking your right clicking on that service right there creating another published folder is creating a different destination with the exact same presets so to create a completely new one I had to go to the publishing manager think like ad that's what it was but again we hear it creative live and to please and we like to trot you through troubleshooting steps question at least are those files now on the hard drive or they j peg are still in their raw format they're j pegs and why're they j pegs because great question if I controller right click on that service and I can come in here to edit settings which is a great thing to know where to find down here under file settings I had lightning change them to j peg so that's why they became a j pig had I wanted to keep them in raw format for for whatever reason for example my husband and I had a corner cello photography great place great place for headshots in any kind of photography just a wonderful couple fabulously talented when we decided which portrait's we wanted to purchase john sent me they're all files so I bet you a million bucks that this is how he did it he came in here and created he has a client export preset made like this that probably goes into specific you know folder for clients and he has some folders his client names and he chose as original that way he sent me the raw files because he knows that I know what to do with raw files and I might want to go in there and you know, tweaks and stuff and I did so that's how you can do that so if you want to export the raws for a situation like that then you would do skews original from that format poppet menu great question any other questions on that part of it the public services and again there are slew of these that are available I'm not going to click that button because there might be advertising on that side no not going to do that but go ahead and click it at home and you will find a nice list of what all is available for download and if there's a service that that you're using like smugmug that's not readily apparent that they have ah plug in for that just do a google search for it type in the name of the thing you know for example smugmug light room and you'll get information back on that and you can find it and download it and install it all right lisa ready for a couple quick questions here great so my role asks when you altar and re publish a photo on facebook or smugmug etcetera doesn't replace the original or doesn't out a new one that's a great question on all of those services it replaces the original thank you and another question donovan I love the publishing services they said thank you lisa just tell us if it I just published a facebook to my personal page but can I also published my photo or business page negative negative awful yeah we were talking about there and during break from the research that I've done it seems to be a limitation of facebook's a p I not so much a limitation of light room itself but you can only published to a personal page as faras I can see so I myself have a personal facebook page and the fan page so what I do is I go ahead and let it published to the personal page and then from the personal page I can share it out share that album out to the fan page so you can manage it there there may be some other kind of plug in that would allow you to do that once you install it in light room but I don't know of one but that's another great opportunity for a google search but from what I've seen it can't be done from inside light room thank you all right, so now let's continue with setting up an identity plate and then designing our first photo book so this is your reward for going through all the organization and all of the developed module changes you finally get to output your images so let's go ahead and take a look at how I branded light room and this is important to show you because this identity plate which is what it's called can be used in these other modules in the way you find it is on a mac it's in the light room menu I didn t plates set up on a pc I believe it's going to be under the edit menu when you choose that command this is the dialogue that you see so we've got the ability to set up custom settings here and save him is a preset which is very handy so you can either stylized plain text as your identity plate or you can use a graphical I didn't need plate, so if you've got a logo that you've prepared, I will say that it gets a bit dicey if you've got a very vertical oriented logo here that's why I don't use my logo because mine's very vertical that was done by dc comics by the way, my little bee witch girl in a camera I know some artists they're so dc actually had to bless it because they're exclusives that was neat so I'm just going to use regular old text here in light room and this is a great typography tip for you any time you're at a loss as to how to brand something I don't care what your studio's named what your company's name unless it's a really, really long name, but you can use this kind of all lower case pairing six type next to thin tight it always works it always works keep that in your bag of tricks for anything that he need to brand if you don't have a logo during the graphic design for everyone class that we did here it creative live we did a live logo design from one of our studio audience participants and it was a lot of fun it's just so easy to design with text, but this is a tried and true fail safe formatting lesson that you this remember forever. So what I've got here is I chose one fun family, which is myriad pro, so you would just type in your text and then you would pick the font family make sure to highlight works just like a word processor, so pick your font family so I went and chose mary approach that's one of my favorite funds this is just a nice to go to fund that has a lot of styles built in styles into by styles I mean bold and I talic and light and condensed and extended and etcetera etcetera so choose myriad pro if you've got it then you can come back in here and take a part of the business name and make it bold take the rest of it and make it light and it always works it always looks good brother okay, so that's all there is to creating custom identity plate and once you get that set up then you can save as so I can call this one but elisa regular and click okay and from that point on that's going to show up right here so it's a great thing to do for branding so that could be anything if you are tempted to put a logo in there that does not have the girl and your light room is visible in the public then it's not going to do a whole lot of good to have just a logo with no you are ill because then how are people going to find you? So I would be tempted to just put a website there if your logo doesn't include you know the aerial because really you wanted people to find you a bit of branding so they can find where you are so that's how you do that now let's go ahead and and again that's light room identity plates set up or on a pc that's under the edit and you

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Lesa will cover everything you need to know about importing, managing, and correcting images using Lightroom's non-destructive workspace. You'll learn how to apply global changes to photos, how to target specific areas for more selective changes, and how to apply changes to multiple photos en masse. You'll also learn how to fix skies, retouch portraits, remove sensor spots and other objects, as well as when and how to switch over to Photoshop (or Elements) for more difficult tasks. Lesa will also show you how to sharpen like a pro (with nods to specific settings for submitting stock imagery), export your photos, apply a wide variety of practical effects, share images via social media networks, add location data, build photo books, create sizzling slideshows, customize print layouts, create gorgeous web galleries, and much more.

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